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Once Upon A Time ♔ second generation

Live so that when your children think of fairness, caring and integrity, they think of you.


4x06: Family Business

100 times captain swan made me cry: #29


Lingerie and Emma Frost

Rogue never cared about fancy underwear. Beyond the cute, matching sets she’d buy that made her feel put together, back when no one got to see anything, it felt pretty pointless to give it any thought beyond practicality. Even after she started having sex, it still wasn’t relevant, because, usually, she’d go from fully clothed to ass naked at the speed of light. When she finally gave lingerie consideration she went to Victoria’s Secret, and kept going for years without giving it a second thought. 

When Emma Frost finds out, she’s appalled. Utterly unimpressed, she stares at the rhinestone-infested, cheap-lace covered, tacky-jewel-tone-colored abominable pieces she owns and decides that Remy Lebeau must have really loved the woman if he went along with those. The White Queen will not have that and takes her to La Perla and Agent Provocateur. Because, Rogue, you do not put bumper stickers on a Bugatti

Rogue doesn’t know much of textiles, fabrics, or designers, but even she can’t help but notice the difference, or her appreciation and awe at the obvious artistry that goes into the craft of premium chantilly lace, the decadent, rich velvet trimming, and the beautiful, delicate, beadwork some of these pieces have. It strikes her as utterly decadent and is, if only for half a second, kinda mortified at the though that she, had essentially, worn generic for a man like Gambit, because, ‘Oh God, she’d been feeding a chef LeanCousine the entire time’. Then, she remembers he’s Remy and he’d like her in a trash bag, and promptly gets over it. 

She tries on her favourite in all the boutique. A beautiful Agent Provocateur set of beautiful sheer black tulle, with black velvet piping, and black and dark ruby coloured tiny beads embroidered through the bra. The tulle is utterly transparent, and wearing it, it looks like scarlet-beaded, black-lined flowers are tattooed all over her bosom. She’s absolutely in love with the whole thing. Emma loves it on her ‘Good eye. Beyonce wore that bra under the mustard yellow Roberto Cavalli she wore in Lemonade’. Rogue Doesn’t know what she’s talking about, but she doesn’t care. She feels like a Bond Girl in it. Mainly, though, its the subtle, almost unnoticeable twinkling of red the beading glints with when the light hits, that she likes the most, it reminds her of-AND she sees the price tag. The three-piece-set cannot be a pound in weight, and at just shy of a thousand bucks, it’s still on the mid-range price at the store. She decides its a lovely store, with lovely underwear, and she gets it, really. She’s not lacking in money, but for her, it’s just too much. She walks out without a problem, but she’d be lying if she didn’t admit that putting the set back in its place, made her ache in the place in her heart where her very real, pure, feminine frivolity inhabited.

A dejected Emma gives up, sighs, and rolls her eyes ‘Ugh, just go to For Love & Lemons dot com and click on SKIVVIES. Knock yourself out with those, if real craftsmanship offends your modest sensibilities’. Rogue does not get what Emma was scoffing all about when she enters the website. Sure, it’s nowhere near as sophisticated, she guesses, but it’s still beautiful in a whimsical sort of way, with the tiny flowers and adorable motifs. It looks something a wood fairy might wear in bed. Besides, each piece is, at least, a hundred bucks cheaper, and though still expensive, it’s reasonable, or at the very least, justifiable. Plus, their pieces have the whole transparency-thing she saw in the more expensive stores, and she loved that. She gets two sets: The first, sheer, nude tulle, blush velvet trimmed, underwired, high-waisted, with cut-outs, and embroidered white blossoms that strategically cover the tips of her breastskindof. The second is a more to the point, basic black, lacy, and strappy. Both bras she could wear with high-waisted jeans, and under a bomber, she figures. Win-Win, really.

Rogue never cared about fancy underwear, but she does now, and kinda loves and owes Emma for it. She decides she most certainly loves her when, not much later, she’s delivered a gift, a pale pink box with black, smooth-textured lettering, wrapped up in the signature black silk bow, and finds the ridiculously expensive three-piece-set she had spotted at the store that had immediately put a special someone’s eyes at the forefront of her mind.

That last set DOES glint red in the light up close and personal and looks killer with high-waisted black trousers and a structured blazer.

Oh, and Queen B did wear the bra.

i was peeling some apples and remembered an old wive’s tale about an apple peel and true love. and then thanksgiving happened. the shipping parts are mostly implied/offscreen, there’s just not much in the way of ‘fic about {character}’.

Emma pauses, counting silently to ten before she asks, “Are you sure you don’t want to do this?”

The question comes out a little more exasperated than she’d wanted, but Regina’s hovering. Again. Emma can practically feel her body heat, Regina’s standing so close. There’s a huff and then Emma hears, “No. I have to finish the stuffing.”

“And put the noodles away while you’re at it, lasagna isn’t Thanksgiving food.”

“If we’re making a good meal for everyone to enjoy, we might as well include food that is actually good,” Regina says drily.

“Tell that to the Pilgrims,” Emma retorts, rolling her eyes. She curses under her breath when she accidentally cuts the side of her thumb. Again.

She can almost hear Regina’s eyes rolling. “And there weren’t Jell-o molds or canned cranberry sauces at the first Thanksgiving either, but you’re still insisting on putting those abominations on my table.”

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Strive for five challenge — [1/5] Romantic Ships: Emma Swan & Graham Humbert (Once Upon A Time)

“So you think you can get people to do what you want in that red coat?” “I’m getting you to do what I want right now.”

  • Emma: Regina, come on! Open up.
  • Regina:
  • Emma: I just wanna help. Please open the door.
  • Regina:
  • Emma: Do you wanna' build a snowman?
  • Regina:
  • Emma:
  • Regina: Build a...why would you say that?
  • Emma: I don't know, it just sorta slipped out.
  • Regina: It was completely out of nowhere.
  • Emma: I know.
  • Regina: It's not even cold out now.
  • Emma: I know!
  • Regina: And, even if it was, what makes you think I'd want to--
  • Emma: Can you go back to not talking to me?
  • Hades: Emma and Killian, here's the thing: you go on a True Love quest that will totally parallel your fist adventure together, with lots or romantic moments and pain and the usual epic True Love stuff
  • Hades: and I'll be filming the whole thing
  • Emma: why would you do that? I don't understand
  • Killian: of course you don't
  • Killian: during 3B we all called you Emma Denial Swan
  • Emma: oh shit
  • Hades: luv me pls

A/N: Hello, yes, I’d like a dose of Dark Swan manipulating love to her advantage, thanks.


Touch me, baby, tainted love.


It’s wrong.

Everything is wrong.

The sparkle in her eye, the leather about her shoulders, the still air around them. He wants there to be chaos (he wants it to be like it was, really) her eyes should be as dark as her title, the wind dishevelling her hair, whipping the golden locks like the whipping of his heart. Killian’s heart beats with whip-cracks, each snap one snap too many. The slow, winding lashes of his pulse until the final crack and pound against its cage had once been a sign of hope – and of her – all wrapped up in gentle touches.

But now?

She somehow looks free, and light and that in itself adds a gravity to her presence, as contradictory and strange as it may sound. The harsh lines of her jaw and her cheeks once were soft beneath his worn hand, and now they shine in the dim, dim night stillness making her seem cold and cruel. They are harder than they should be, golden shade and rigid skin around the round of her eyes and their brows.

The curse has been cruel with her, so she is being cruel with it.

Cruel isn’t quite the right word, she looks like Emma – is Emma – and that in itself refutes the word, but – it’s wrong and the problem all at once. She only half looks callous, still looks - and is - far too much like Emma.

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no but seriously

adam and eddy have said that killian’s role is to be supportive

he is there to help emma, to reinforce emma, to take emma’s side, to build her up, to reassure her she is always his first priority, to offer her kind words and comfort, physically and emotionally, when she needs it, to call her on bad habits, to encourage her magic and agency and power, to respect her wishes, to let her have complete control of this relationship with le big bad pirate captain and generally adore her more than anything else ever in this world or any other

if you call yourself an emma stan and don’t want that for her i am confuse

As we’ve been seeing in these past episodes (especially 3x18), Emma’s magic is coming from the emotions she feels towards Killian. So, if Killian stays away from her, like he feels he has to in order to protect her, her magic will not be at its most powerful.EDIT: quotes from a post by a fan, not any official source! I always source official sources.


How people? H O W? What is logic? Where are you getting this idea that Emma’s magic is coming from emotions she feels towards Hook? (And let’s just call him Hook ok, because he’s still looks like a pirate, still talks like a pirate and still lies, cheats and steals like a pirate.)


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