don't want your drink

if you ever have kids stop drinking. if you ever have kids stop drinking. if you ever have kids stop drinking. if you ever have kids stop drinking. if you ever have kids stop drinking. if you ever have kids stop drinking.

don’t drink if you have kids, don’t drink around kids, don’t normalize alcohol around kids

     you  are  trying .  you  are  moving  forward  despite  all  odds  and  all  the  negative  thoughts .  even  if  you’re  hurting ,  you’re  persevering .  and  that’s  what  matters .  you  may  feel  weak  at  times ,  but  you  are  so  strong .  you’re  here ,  you’re  alive ,  you’re  loved .  your  thoughts  are  not  you ,  and  it’s  okay  to  fall  apart  a  little  as  long  as  you  push  yourself  to  get  up  again .   ♥

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Never trust a man who gets offended(!) when you don't want him to pay for your meal/drinks. They will say it's a "gentlemanly" generosity, but they always expect something in return. Or at least they want to display some kind of power game in front of the waiter/waitress/everyone around.


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Thank you for your post on alcohol normalization. I don't want to drink because I already have enough trouble acting like a normal person (I'm, as they say, on the spectrum), and I know I'll do/say unintentionally harmful or embarrassing things when under influence. But when I tell people that, they tell me to relax, that everyone has trouble acting normal all the time, even though they *know* that's not what I mean. It makes me extremely uncomfortable when they try to push my boundaries for me.

I feel you!  My impulse control is sub par to say the least, and I don’t want to think what I’d be like if I took a depressant that actively lowers inhibitions.  At best, I’d lose all my friends, and at worst, I’d probably wind up in jail.

Don’t let anyone push you!  You decide your boundaries, and you decide what makes you feel comfortable.  Stay safe, mon ami.  <3

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Sombra and s/o go to the bar. and Sombra just gets. Incredibly drunk. Crazily drunk. like "Sombra no you don't need to kick that guy he doesn't want your drink" kind of drunk.

You just raised an eyebrow as Sombra took another shot, sipping at your own sweet drink. She was starting to sway slightly in her seat and squinted at the man sitting a few tables over. You realised what she was thinking as she tightened her grip on the bottle.

“He isn’t going to take your drink,” you sighed and she just got up.

“Sombra, no,” you said, trying to stop her, “There’s no reason to kick him.”

As you grabbed her wrist she threw herself into your arms, immediately struck with affection for you. You just patted her back as she told you that she loves you.

“Okay,” you said and gently started pulling her to the door, throwing money down on the counter for the bartender, “We’re going home, you’re gonna feel this in the morning.”

i am…….frustrated

no, you know what, I still can’t believe I got called a protestant on my own blog.

call me a heretic and I’ll laugh and uncomfortably cop to a little bit of heresy, the same old lines of dissent between liberal laity and the magisterium that have existed for decades.

cafeteria catholic? absolutely, you’ve got me there, there’s no two ways about it.

there’s even a bunch of Latin phrases you could sling at me and I’d shrug and accept, because ‘subversiva hierarchiae’ won’t ever sound not cool.

but protestant????

“Where did you… get this?”

Steven found Jasper’s cloak, and a few other things, while they were cleaning up the ship fragments. He wasn’t sure if he should have kept it, but it seems to help Peridot feel a little more secure, so he’s glad he held on to it.

You Assume, I’ll be the Ass

During a presentation, a senior technology leader proudly showed us how high in his google search his own project was.

“But,” the entire audience of librarians whispered under their breaths, “of course your own work shows up high in your search results…you visit it a lot and google has learned to guess that it’s what you want to see.”

The audience fidgeted awkwardly. “Did he somehow fail to know that google did this, in spite of his senior position and supposed expertise in technology?” The audience sits on its hands and bites its lip. “Let’s not mention it and hope this presentation ends soon. The second hand embarrassment is literally killing us.”


Once I was at a party and a friend of mine complained loudly that google was so full of porn he could barely find anything else. “Everything I search for, all it gives me is porn.”

“Friend,” I said, because I am absolutely that girl. “Google knows what you’ve looked for before and uses that information to shape your search results. What you’re telling us is that you use Google to search for porn. A lot.”

“Oh,” he said. “Well. This is embarrassing.”

“Yes,” I said. “Do you want another drink?”

He did.

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You also sip your drink, enjoying the warmth of it almost as much as the taste. You look up at him, a calm feeling washed over you.

“Well.. Not much! Uh… The only major thing that really happened during my "hibernation” as I’ve taken to calling it, was that half-way through I suddenly started feeling very very sick, and I was rather violently ill for a few days. It cleared up within a week or two, but that’s it. Did anything happen with you?“

You take another sip of your drink, feeling glad that you hadn’t been sick in the wintery months.