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i’ve tried to stay silent on this whole thing and i always try to avoid the chris antis because i can’t be bothered with them most of the time but this has gone way too far and i’ve had enough and this is all i’m saying on it.

this is dedicated to EVERYONE who is dragging chris wood and calling him a homophobe because of a quote that is going round that has been taking out of context and failed to actually post the whole quote. WATCH the video before calling him out because i’ve seen and spoken to so many people who have “cancelled” chris wood just because of the quote that is going round and then when i’ve showed them the video they’ve said “oh… he didn’t do anything wrong”
did he say the quote that’s going round? YES. but was that all he said? NO. he said it in a sarcastic tone and then said it was sarcasm (with the intention to be sarcastic when he said it, not just say something shitty and then blame it on sarcasm or say it was a joke) it was OBVIOUSLY sarcasm, he OBVIOUSLY disagrees with what he said which is why he said it SARCASTICALLY, he was mocking the fact that some people actually think they have the right to tell people what their sexualities are. You are ALL agreeing with him. his point is still valid just because it was done sarcastically.

he didn’t interrupt katie at all and she actually laughed at the comment (again, watch the video, that’s just a fact) and then she later made the same point that he had previously made except she didn’t do it in a sarcastic way. they both made exactly the same point!!

as for the song video… people saying shit like chris was singing along or laughing his ass off, WATCH THE VIDEO (not the one above but it’s the recap video on MTV’s youtube, idk if some of y'all know that seeing as most of you haven’t even seen the video you’re just going on what people say) which isn’t fair because this fandom is BIASED to hating everything chris does and have since he first appeared on SG.

chris was THE ONLY cast member to not laugh during the song. THE ONLY one. katie laughed (she was in fact laughing her ass off that she was practically crying), david laughed, odette laughed, mehcad was singing along and obviously it was jeremy and melissa who sang the song. he looked uncomfortable for the whole part of the song about supercorp.

if you want to hate chris just because you hate him or because he doesn’t hate karamel or because he said once that mon-el was a good guy or because he sang (along with most of the cast) a song about daxam, if you really want to hate him because of any of those reasons then just fucking own up to it. don’t call him homophobic because you think that justifies hating him more than the reasons listed above.

i’m not going to make this about why chris shouldn’t even be hated because that’s a whole other thing. ive tried again and again with people and at the end of the day people just want to hate chris. i’ve actually seen people ADMIT that chris didn’t really do anything wrong but “oh well i’ve never liked the guy” so let’s post this out of context quote and call him a homophobe so everyone who isn’t in the sg fandom hates him with us

also to all the people i’m blatantly going to have coming at me i am NOT saying anything about the other cast members or what happened with the song this is solely about chris and what actually happened, and the video proves it so this isn’t for a fight.

I really want a sterek 10 Things I Hate About You AU where Stiles is the super smart but socially awkward and abrasive step-brother of the beautiful Allison Argent. 

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Scott is head-over-heels in love with Allison but Chris and the Sheriff (yes, they’re together and the best dads in the world) have a rule that Allison is only allowed to date when Stiles does. So, Isaac comes up with the brilliant idea of getting someone equally as awkward and abrasive: Derek Hale.

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(All of this drama could have been avoided if Scott had talked to Stiles about his crush on Allison, Stiles would have talked to his dads and convinced them to lift the dating rule; no drama. But clearly, Scott and Isaac didn’t think it through.)

At first, Stiles is suspicious and isn’t interested at all; he constantly turns down Derek’s attempts at flirting, thinking they’re practical jokes and set ups for pranks, but then over time Derek begins to break down his walls and Stiles breaks down Derek’s.

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Stiles begins to fall in love with Derek and Derek with Stiles, but it all falls apart when the conspiracy to get Derek to date Stiles so Scott can get with Allison is unveiled.Stiles, brokenhearted and betrayed runs away and Derek has to prove that he actually does like Stiles.

Allison tries to comfort her step-brother, but can only do so much. And, when all hope is lost, Stiles finds Derek standing in his front yard, soaking wet but come to tell him the truth: yes, he was paid to take Stiles out, but none of it was pretend, all emotions he had for Stiles were genuine.

They start again and go out on a proper date.

I have a theory..

A while back, during book 3, I came up with a theory, but since it was still pretty early into the Freshman/Sophomore series, it just looked like a coincidence I think not, but now that we’ve got 5 books, I’m starting to notice a pattern, and I can’t be the only one.

On the cover of book 1, we have Chris and MC. On the cover of book 2, we have MC by herself. On the cover of book 3, we have Kaitlyn and MC. Book 4 doesn’t matter right now cuz it was just an interlude. On the cover of book 5, we have Zig and MC.

I don’t think anyone has forgotten the cringeworthy “dispute” between Chris, Becca and our MC. Putting everything aside, we all know Chris is the one MC had the most trouble with in book 1.

Initially, I thought James was on the cover of book 2, why? idk, may have had something to do with that Christmas special. And since I thought it was James on the cover of book 2, I also thought James was the one MC had the most trouble with. My MC was dating James so therefor his storyline was more present and interesting to me lmao. But I still clearly remember MC getting blamed by Kaitlyn for outing herself. Tbh I don’t quite remember why Chris and MC were fighting but it happened.

I’m sure we can all still remember the fights with Kaitlyn and her band in book 3. Like I don’t even need to explain this one, do I?

Like I mentioned above, book 4 doesn’t really matter, as it was just an interlude.

Now, book 5, there Zig and MC. Every time a LI was featured on the cover, MC’s relationship/friendship was tested to the point of breaking and to the point of me hating them but I digress. Taking everything said above into consideration, I fear for whatever is coming for Zig and MC.


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Happy Pride Month!! Some Until Dawn Babies and my LGBT+ headcanons

(Pansexual Jess, Demisexual Emily, Lesbian Beth, Bisexual Sam, Gay Josh, Nonbinary Ashley, Trans Chris, Polysexual Mike, Queer Matt)

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Bonus Hannah:

(Sorry Hannah, but you’r a good ally at least)

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Okay, so I’ve been away from this page for a bit, because I’m too lazy to have a main page, but there are a few things I’d like to address with the recent Supergirl ‘Scandal’.

First off, the Supergirl ‘fandom’ is the nastiest ‘fandom’ I have ever encountered. Please note I am using quotation marks, because if you were a ‘fan’, you wouldn’t be acting like this. I’ve watched the video a few times to see what others saw, and honestly I don’t see it. What I see is a group of people, who have done multiple interviews goofing off, and joking around. That song was NOT planned. Have you ever done something spur of the moment (Of course not, everyone is perfect, right??) I know I can’t be the only one when I say this, but when I am goofing off with my friends I’ve said STUPID things. I’m human. I make mistakes. I regret it, I learn, and I move on. That is what being an adult is. I notice a lot of the fans are young, and while that is nothing to be ashamed of, there is a difference when you’re young, and being older and understanding this. How many people have used the term ‘That is so you know what’, or ‘What a R word.’ FYI that word is just as damaging, but I am sure a ton of people say it. They were having fun, goofing off, and didn’t really think before they spoke. They are human, and make mistakes.

What I have seen in the ‘fandom’ completely disgusts me. I’ve seen death threats (Melissa was found dead in Miami, or Melissa, Chris, and Jeremy were murdered in San Diego) First off, what the fuck is wrong with you people? I’ll be blunt, I may get hate, and that is okay. What they did was unfair, and it was wrong, but it wasn’t done out of malice. Malice is posting things like that, tagging Melissa in a comment about her marriage which frankly is NONE of our business. Who knows what went down on their marriage, but the fact that Blake didn’t move to Vancouver with her, and SHE was the one that filed and requested her last name to be changed speaks volumes to me. There is more to that story than we know, and its none of our business, and tagging her in that is disgusting. It is purposely hurtful, and taking things too far.

Secondly, I keep noticing how Katie McGrath is worshiped and admired, when she laughed too. She threw her head back laughing. Melissa also spoke positively on Supercorp. I understand the hurt, and frustration, but everyone needs to take a step back. None of this was directed towards a person, and honestly, Supercorp ‘fans’ are known to take things too far. Now I am not lumping everyone in this, but I have seen things. Posts about how Katie and Melissa will date, and how she is only with Chris because she is obsessed with Mon- El, or how  Rahul Kohli was treated which is DISGUSTING. He is an ACTOR doing his job. He got hate, and he even stated it got racial, which makes no sense, because that is just as bad as being homophobic. Katie’s brother was even catfished by Supercorp fans, which is INSANE. Who does that?? This is a TV Show. They are not their characters from what I’ve seen each the cast does pretty great things. Whether you want to admit it or not, Melissa is a voice for women, Chris has his charity to end the stigma against mental health. Jeremy also seems to do a lot, and he apologized and is learning from their mistake.

I want to clarify I am not saying you don’t deserve to be upset. No one can take away your feelings, but lashing out the way everyone has been isn’t the answer, nor is it healthy. Take a step back, because lashing out isn’t the answer. The nastiness within the fandom is terrifying. Why can’t everyone just get along?

So, I’m very close to hitting 6,000 followers! I am unbelievably grateful and never thought this blog would reach even close to this many followers. I wanted to give back. I wanted to celebrate with you guys and I thought moodboards would be a good way to do so! 

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Being a nalu fan doesn’t make you a “follower” lol fuck off. Weren’t you the same person preaching “ship what you want” in a cross tagged post weeks ago?


But in the end, the most important thing to accept, is that no matter how alone you feel, how painful it may be, with the help of those around you, 

you’ll get through this too.

It’s canon that Chris probably periodically texts Danny things he likes about him i.e. soft skin


Danny getting texts throughout the day containing small things about himself that Chris likes. Chris texting Danny about how his butt was in prime form that day. Chris texting Danny that he did a really great job communicating his feelings to the team when things got tight. CHRIS TEXTING DANNY COMPLIMENTS 

I bet Danny just replies with a barrage of sunglasses emoticons like

B)) sweet

B)) haha righteous thanks bud

B)) whhaat haha yknow I try my best dude

because there’s really no reply to that kind of junk and he has to keep himself from getting super flustered. I feel, as awesome as Danny knows he is, he still has a hard time believing it- believing pretty much ANY good thing about him and that’s sad but I RELATE TO IT SO MUCH 

anonymous asked:

I'm the anon that was confused about whether d and C went out. 1st of all, I just wanted to know I it actually happened or if it was like dan and phil where there is "proof" that is pretty much all fake. 2nd of all, I can't just real all of his books like that. I've read one and a half, and I can't read all of them because THEY COST A HELL OF A LOT OF MONEY. And 3rd of all, if you're not prepared to give me proof then don't tell me that it's real.

Anon, I certainly sympathize with your financial situation. I do believe you can borrow them from the library- that is free.

But if you don’t have access to a library, as I said you are welcome to read my blog.  You clearly have an internet connection and I don’t charge.  If you specifically want to read my posts on the books, which give a ton of insight, I tag all of the TLOS ones as “Chris speaks through TLOS”  I just wrote one about one of the most powerful quotes from the book that tells you exactly what I am. To Listen.

I have a ton of other stuff that is directly relevant and on point.

And I haven’t a clue about Dan and Phil.

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OK! The original gif was a little low quality (the giant Gifsoup logo in the corner explains why; not the uploader’s fault at all) so I remade it using the video that kcdarkfire was kind enough to locate for me! Hopefully it looks a little smoother now.

after all when Chris makes faces like that I want to be able to see them as well as I possibly can