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Hannigram S4 That moment when you’ve been happily married (for 2 years) to a man who knows how to make you shut up

Anyone ever have the feeling of “I want to write the thing! I’m excited to write the thing!” but then you’re physically too tired to write the thing so you wind up writing it in your head instead?

And then when you do have the energy to write, you’re just “naaaah. I already wrote the thing in my head, I don’t wanna do it again.”

This season has not been perfect - nor is it over - but yesterday I lost an opportunity to succeed because i lost a battle against my mind. I got on the line wanting to do everything i could for my team despite our disadvantages, but about 400m into the race, i doubted every little part of myself and hit a wall. i let my brain destroy everything i’ve worked for. i got caught up in self pity and i felt bad for myself.
the amount of workouts i’ve missed this season due to nagging injuries, my scant mileage, the adaptations i had to make in a brand new program 3,000 miles away from home. my lack of focus due to my extremely challenging graduate program. Everything hit me at once and i felt like i was physically dragging those doubts around the course.

i am here. i am thriving. i’m the healthiest i’ve ever been. i look stronger, i feel stronger. my lack of mileage is only a disadvantage if i see it that way. i’m still competing against women who run 70+ mile weeks, i’m competing against women who train at altitude, i’m competing after 7 stress injuries. i belong here. and i need to fully understand and appreciate the opportunity i have to truly flourish - in two weeks at regionals and into track season.

i’m never going to feel bad for myself again. That gets me nowhere. i’m here. i’m fighting. i’m proud of myself.

Feeling pretty under the weather today so not much for updates on my end! I found this sketch in my files so I tinkered with it a little bit. I’m thinking it’s part of the Twilight Princess au i have? Link in modern clothes is so cute ah.

 Man I miss drawing my aus ;-; 

Sometimes I wonder what Narcissa and Andromeda thought of Sirius picking on Snape while at Hogwarts. Of course, they were probably gone by the worst of it (Andromeda being there for perhaps only a year), but it’s hard to believe that they would’ve missed it entirely.

I’d like to think some Slytherins cared about Snape’s well being, even if only because he was a part of their house, but these two interest me especially because it was their COUSIN who was bullying Snape. But they almost definitely knew of Sirius’s home life, too, which throws a different spin in things.

I just… this is such a fascinating and unexplored dynamic.


“Miss Quill is a part to die for. She’s morally ambiguous but strangely likeable. I didn’t want her to be too arch.  I wanted her to feel real, and yet not real!  That was the challenge.  Finding just where to pitch it.”–Katherine Kelly

So…. this is a journey in the first part of the game, in comic strip form :D (how surpising)  

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I always stayed. I stayed and stayed and stayed and even when I left, I came back. I always came back, because you once said that if we were ever to part ways then you knew that it would be me who would be the one to leave, and I didn’t want to prove you right. I too knew that you would never walk away from me, and I thought I owed you for that. I was so blind, for thinking that the reason for that was that you loved me too much. You never leave just because you have absolutely nobody else, you stay because you are out of choices.

incodiac  asked:

Strange Magic or Digimon?

I’m so not surprised that you ask this my dear. XP

Well, I won’t decide, mostly not because I can’t, butI don’t want to. I love them both for too different reasons to really find a reason to choose which of those I like more.

Digimon is my whole child-, teenage- and Young-Adulthood. It shaped a lot of the person I am today and gave me the first sparks of creativity that I have now. It supported my love for Dragons, Robots and other Monsters (also had my first crushes in that show), gave me things to dream about and the opportunity to meet so many great people who became my best friends for a long time. I also meet my boyfriend (points to Incodiac) because of our mutual love for Digimon. I had a lot of moments with Digimon where I laughed, where I cried and where I was just amazed. 
Sadly the fandom isn’t such a nice one, especially when you belong to those who mostly watch the show for the humans and not the Digimon. Luckily I’m in a little group of German fans who are all very tolerate and where I can enjoy being a fan. We even met once in a big group meeting and it was such a great day to be together with like-minded people.
Currently the Digimon franchise is not after my taste, at least when it comes to she anime (and I mean both Applimonsters and Tri.)
Still my love for this franchise will never die.

Strange Magic is a whole other thing. It is the first movie with a romance that I REALLY liked, where so many stereotypes where destroyed and I finally had a female character (Marianne) that I could identify with so good. (Only had that once, funnily in Digimon) Both the main characters character traits, fears and problems speak so deeply to me, it’s kinda scary.
And the movie as whole has opened my mind towards romances in general. I’m very anti-romantic (like Bog and Marianne, heh), but after the movie I started to enjoy (good) romances and I actually started to care and think more about my previous OTPs. It also boosted my affinity towards music and writing critics about other movies and shows, since Strange Magic is a great movie to write critiques about. It is special, has it’s strength and weaknesses and you need to look deeper into it to get a grasp of the movie as whole. 
It also made my improve my writing so much! I haven’t written much in the past, but this movie inspired me so much that I couldn’t stop myself. Over the whole year I wrote and read stories for that movie my english also got so much better, much more than a year in school. xD
Oh and the fandom. One of the best parts is the fandom. It is indeed small, but it is full of nice, supportive and talented people. You get welcomed so warmly and you just find the best friends in them. (Big hug towards @magically-strange and @noprimroses) Whenever you have questions or headcanons to share, someone will reply with joy and good advice. The people are also very supportive when it comes to your personal problems and you will always find someone who is more than willing to listen to you. This fandom has such strong family vibes and is a safe place for everyone who had a rough day. It’s simply beautiful.

So what can I say in the end?
I love Digimon for the childhood, dreams and friends it gave me.
I love Strange Magic for opening my mind towards so many great things and improve myself in different ways and also for the lovely fandom.
In the end I really don’t want to choose.


happy girls!!

To be honest, all I want in life is a DVD stage recording of Harry Potter and the Cursed Child with the original cast and that’s all. I don’t really care anymore, I just want to see the play so bad it hurts.

I’ve been wanting a new hobby for a while. In college I originally was majoring in Electrical Engineering and I really enjoyed making DIY electronics, but I eventually changed to Computer Science, and I stopped doing that. A part of me still misses doing that, but I haven’t been able to think of anything worth making that I wouldn’t be better off just buying, especially because I have the disposable income to buy it.

Today I remembered that a while ago I had considered making some wood furniture. At the time I lived in an apartment. I didn’t have anywhere to set up shop, and I didn’t have space to put anything I might make. But NOW? I HAVE A GARAGE. I have a good size bit of unspent allowance, and I can think of at least 5 pieces of furniture I would replace if I could eventually custom make things that aren’t terrible/sketchy.

It’s a hobby with physical results, which I hadn’t realized was something I had been looking for until I found it, and it was suddenly clear that I had been longing for it.

I am so excited. The first thing I make is gonna be a work bench. :D ^_^ aaaaaaaa. I can’t wait to get home.

Catching Feelings - Part 3

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A/N: Warning: Contains smutty sex and swearing and shit. 

‘Four missed calls, three text messages and two voice mails.,’ Hyunjung says as she takes in the screen of her phone. ‘He wants to know if you’re coming tonight…’

‘Really?’ You reply nonchalantly, ignoring her embedded question intentionally.

‘Heck, I want to know if you’re coming tonight.’ Her eyes follow you as you stand, a simple robe wrapped around your near naked body as you flick through your closet in an attempt for something decent to wear.

‘Not sure…’ Your response is clipped, your tone short.

‘Come on, Y/n. It’s something really important to me. Jay drama aside, I need you to be there. This is what I’ve been working towards since we were kids.’ You let out a soft sigh, turning to take in Hyunjung’s pleading expression as she sat cross legged on your bed. You knew how important tonight was to her. Not only was it her birthday, it was the release of her first EP.

‘Hyunie… you know I love you, but this whole thing where I hang out with your work mates clearly hasn’t panned out very well.,’ You pause, brushing over the details of how truly awkward your relationship with Jay had become. You’d not even talked to him since the party two weeks ago, despite the numerous invitations to meet up he’d sent you. ‘You know I support you one hundred percent in this, and there is no one prouder of you than I am. But I really, really can’t see myself spending the evening in the same room as Jay without ruining it for you.’

‘It’s not about you. It’s about me. I’m asking for you to put it aside for one night. Please, Y/n.’ Your eyes met hers, and you knew that she had a point. You really couldn’t say no.

Nervously, you fidget with the short black dress that had been chosen for you by Hyunjung, the sequins glittering under the canopy of lights strung across the outdoor rooftop. You’d never been to the private venue before, but Hyunjung had told you to wear something nice, because the party was bound to be legendary. Her styling had left you self conscious - the skirt much shorter than you’d remembered it being the last time you wore it, the material clinging tightly in what she claimed were all the right places. You’d made the awkward decision to come alone, instantly regretting it as soon as you made your entrance. Hyungjung wasn’t here yet, and you hadn’t been able to spot anyone you recognized in the hoard of already present bodies. You huddle quietly towards the open bar, your heels clicking against the wooden floor. You rest your clutch on the bench top, waiting a few moments before your hand signaled to the bartender. His eye catches yours, taking in the signal, before turning to serve someone else who was approaching from the other side. You sigh deeply, your shoulders sagging slightly with disappointment. A sharp whistle spikes the air from behind you, and the bartender turns, his attention instantly falling back to you.

‘I believe the lady was first.’ Jay’s smooth voice carries from over your shoulder. Your cheeks warm as the attention of the near patrons refocus on you due his commanding presence, the strong smell of his cologne overwhelming you as he steps closer despite you not turning to see him.

‘Yes, Mr. Park.’ The bartender bows swiftly, abandoning the customer he was making his way towards.

‘I’m just letting you know that this is a very special friend of mine. I’d be very disappointed if she was ignored.,’ His hand comes to rest delicately on your shoulder, his fingers subtly grazing the bare skin of your arm. ‘Give her whatever drink she wants, all night.’

‘You know what, it’s fine. I don’t want a drink anymore.,’ You shake yourself free from his grip, dusting your shoulder with your hand to get him to release you. You turn, and he steps in front of you to pause your movement. Your eyes settle on his face for the first time in weeks, the hurt he’d felt at being ignored spreading between you thickly. ‘This was such a stupid idea.’ You shake your head as you mutter to yourself, breaking the eye contact between you both as you step around him, making a beeline for the door you’d entered moments before. Your heels click as you carry yourself, your head held tall, through the entrance and out to the quieter area of the lobby.

‘Y/n, stop, please. Just let me talk.’ His voice echos through the air as you continue towards the lift.

‘Jay, I don’t want to hear it.,’ You turn on your heel, barking your words out dramatically. ‘What part of that don’t you understand? I don’t want to talk with you. I don’t want to wake up to seven missed calls every morning. I don’t want to have to ignore the twelve texts a day you’ve been sending me. I just wish we’d never even started this whole messed up thing and I could pretend you didn’t exist.’ Your words cut him dramatically. You can see his body physically tense, pausing in it’s movement towards you. His face drops, the impact your words were having on him displaying on his face.

‘Shit.,’ He huffs out an intake of air, his face contorting in a mangled shape as his hands reach up to ruffle his own hair. ‘Okay. Okay, I’ll let you go.’ The deflation in his voice causes you to pause, his final admission of defeat rendering him utterly exposed to you.

‘Jay…’ You pause, the hurt you’ve caused him flooding you with an intense guilt. You knew he’d been in a bad shape, but it wasn’t until now that the weight of the situation dawns on you.

‘No, it’s fine.,’ He croaks, waving his hand dismissively in an attempt to remain cool. ‘I get it.’ His hands shift into the pockets of his jacket, his shoulders shrugging against his ears.

‘We can talk.’ You stand, separated from him by space, your body tense.

‘No… you don’t want to. I understand that now.’ He says sheepishly, turning slowly on his heel to walk back towards the party.

‘It’s not that I don’t want to… It’s that I’m scared of what I’m going to say.’ It slips out of your mouth before you can stop it, the admission you’d been denying yourself for so long. Jay pauses, his head twisting to cast his gaze back over his shoulder towards you.

‘It’s that bad, is it? I know I fucked up… Yell at me, swear, scream… say whatever you want. Anything has to be better than leaving me feeling this guilty.’

‘I’m not going to scream at you. I’m not even mad at you, Jay.,’ You sigh deeply, your own hands coming up to cover your forehead. ‘I’m mad at myself for falling for you. Jesus.’ His entire body turns, coming to look at you, the admission not lost and only serving to increase the intensity in the hallway. The elevator door opens, an already buzzed Seonghwa stumbling through the door, a girl latched onto his arm. The interruption punctuates the tension, and Seonghwa’s half laugh dies as his eyes fall on you, before flicking to Jay quickly.

‘Hey!,’ He attempts in a fake cheer. ‘Y/n, I’m glad you came!’ His arms open wide to envelop you in a half hug, earning a huffing whine from the girl behind him.

‘Hey, Seonghwa.’ You mumble shyly into him.

‘Y/n, let’s go… I know where we can talk.’ Jay interrupts tensely.

‘Talk? What are you talking about?’ Seonghwa asks curiously, taking in Jay’s loose stance. You notice a subtle shift in his demeanor, your confession having lifted a significant weight off his chest.

‘Nothing.’ Jay’s tone suggests a finality that Seonghwa doesn’t want to ignore. He nods, stepping well away from you to allow Jay to come forward, grasping your hand. A tingle runs through your body at his touch. You follow him as he walks you past an elevator to the fire exit, opening the door with a solid push. You glance back at Gray, his dumbfounded expression following you blankly until you too disappear behind the door. It shuts with a heavy click, the complete darkness of the stairwell surrounding you. You feel a weight press you back against the door, hitting it hard, before Jay’s lips dive longingly into your own. The passion behind his mouth is relentless, his teeth grazing against your bottom lip before his tongue slips inside to caress your own. Your breathing stutters as he unexpectedly continues, the power of his advances something you hadn’t even realized you’d missed, pulling your focus from the thoughts swirling around in your brain. He separates from you briefly.

‘Jay, what the fuck?’ You rasp out, slowing yourself to catch your breath. Despite the darkness, you feel his body against yours, his hand reaching overhead, fumbling against the wall next to the door. After a moment, a sound of triumph echos from Jay, his fingers finding what they want. A small click sounds and the stairwell floods with light, the dim drabness of the landing you were on exposed in full view.

‘I’ve missed you.’ He growls as his lips brush against your throat, grazing the softness of your neck with a desperate longing. A sharpness pierces the skin as he sucks harshly, his teeth nipping in a way you knew would leave a mark. Your hands begin moving of their own accord, your fingers trailing their way to the buttons of his shirt, slowly peeling the first one open.

‘Are we doing this?’ You pull back as your hands shift to the second button, lingering teasingly. You felt muddled. Your brain was confused, but the power of his seduction was removing your ability to reason.

‘You’ve fallen for me?’ He questions as his hand slips low on your thigh, his eagerness showing as it creeps it’s way under the hem of your short dress.

‘Mmm.’ You murmur, his second button coming undone with a pop.

‘Then why were you ignoring me?’ His breath caresses against your earlobe as his hand grasps your ass, causing you to squirm, your hips bucking. His apparent erection presses through the pencil thin suit pants into your core.

‘I’m scared, Jay… You’re gone half the time, you’re working nonstop when you are around, you could basically have sex with anyone you want at any given time and I know i’m not pretty enough to compete…’ His hand shifts from molding your ass, moving around to the front, grazing your inner thigh before shifting up between your leg. Despite the words that were spouting from your mouth, your body was betraying you, melting from the heat of Jay’s fumbled touches.

‘There is no competition. I don’t want anyone else, though. I want you, Y/n.,’ He plants a kiss against your chin, his tongue brushing the soft flesh. ‘Do you want me?’ You nod your head subtly, your subconscious ignoring your insecurities.

‘Yes.’ Your mouth releases a breathy moan of consent. His tongue caresses against your neck, hitting the sweet spot of flesh at the base of your throat. You couldn’t deny yourself any longer. ‘Jay, please… Fuck me.’

‘Daddy want’s you so bad, baby girl.,’ His bottom lip drags slowly against the skin of your collarbone as he moves his rosy lips, his hand working to slap against your ass. A sharp sting shakes your body. ‘Take off your panties.’ His voice demands in an erotic growl. He steps slowly away from you, allowing you the space needed to hike up your dress, your fingers hitching their way into your thong to pry them slowly down your legs. They fall onto your heels, and you step out of them, leaving them crushed beneath the thick of the sole of your pumps. As you do so, he fumbles with his belt buckle, his pants slipping low to expose his member, solid with anticipation at what was about to happen. He shoves you roughly against the wall, his hands gliding over your sides to bunch your dress above your hips.

‘Jay, we’re in a stairwell…’

‘I don’t fucking care.,’ His hand wraps around your left leg, tugging it ruthlessly over his hip. His forehead leans to press against you, feeling the flush of breath from his nose. ‘I’ve waited so long to hear you say that. I’m going to take you. I have to. I can’t wait any longer. Okay?’ His breathy urgency burns your core, causing your hips to press forward against him, bucking softly. His erection presses against your folds, sliding over your already swollen clitoris, coating itself in your juices for lubrication. Your hands reach between you to guide Jay to your entrance. This was it. After this moment, there was no turning back. He senses your hesitation, his lust faltering before his lips crash romantically into you, pillowing against your own in delicate whispered kisses.

‘I’m sorry. I’m sorry I fucked up. I didn’t know how to tell you I loved you. I love you, Y/n. I’m sorry.’ You silence him by pushing your hips forward, your hands guiding him into you and allowing him to slowly fill you. You didn’t want to talk about emotions. You wanted a distraction, a focus to prevent the rampant thoughts in your brain. Your eyes close as you feel the familiar pinch of his fullness, the pressure of him against your velvet walls causing your toes to curl.

‘Shhhh, Jay. Just fuck me.,’ You rasp, your hips jutting to cause the friction you so desperately needed. His abs roll slowly against you, waist pumping himself between your legs at a slow, steady pace. Your hands reach to cradle his muscular ass, pulling him deeper into your slickness. ‘Please, Jay. Faster. Please.’ Your voice is a messy of neediness.

‘What’s my name, baby girl?’ His lips are on your collar bone again, teeth grazing against the sensitive skin.

‘Daddy. Please, Daddy. Faster.’ Your words gain you a powerful thrust, your ragged moan echoing off the cold walls of the stairwell as Jay picks up pace. You’d forgotten how easily Jay could pull you apart, coaxing every inch of your body to heightened pleasure.

‘Did Derek fuck you like this, my girl?,’ His mouth presses the words into the curve of your neck. ‘Was his dick as good as mine?’

‘Shut up, Jay.’ You warn.

‘I want to know.’ He slows down, withdrawing himself almost completely from you, the longing ache left causing a delicate whimper to escape you.

‘This is a mood killer, Jay.’ Your annoyance is evident, and you lean forward to peck his lips in an attempt to coax him back to action.

‘Tell me.’ He shifts himself again, dangerously close to leaving you entirely. Before you can talk he rams himself roughly into you, the static contrast causing the vibrations of your moan to mute against his chest as you collapse into him, overcome with pleasure.

‘We didn’t have sex.,’ You whisper into his chest. ‘I haven’t even seen him since that day.’

‘Good.,’ Jay says with satisfaction. ‘Good, baby girl.’ His hip snap against you again, your body punching against the door from his energy. His relentless passion drills into you, your moans spilling out in a desperate pace, echoing eerily in the open space of the stairwell. Your muscles flex tightly around Jay as he continues his rampant pace.

‘Jay, Jesus…’ Your breathing is heavy, your body collapsed into his chest, exposed by his half open suit. He responds to your blasphemy by grasping your other leg, hoisting it quickly around his waist. You manage to grip him tightly, your legs folding around him to pull him closer to you as your back presses against the wall. He continues his steady movements, sliding skillfully inside you. The heat between your legs was blossoming with every new thrust. You don’t hesitate when you feel yourself drawing close to your orgasm, your body relaxing heavily into Jay, who accepts your weight knowingly. A few more strong, deep thrusts and you feel the pleasure smash into you, your whole body shaking. Jay continues thrusting, his pace not relenting, but increasing as you tighten around his thick erection. Shortly after you, he bursts inside you, his warm seed filling you quickly.

‘Shit. Sorry. I couldn’t control myself… I haven’t had sex since the last time with you.,’ He chuckles at his lack of stamina, his reddened cheeks collapsing into the dip in your neck as he drops your legs softly to the floor, sliding himself out of you. He presses his lips into your cheek, and you instantly shy away from his lips. The confusion flashes across his face,his brows furrowing. ‘Are you alright, Y/N?’

‘Yeah… I mean… I just…,’ You stammer, unable to articulate the panic you were feeling through your chest. ‘I don’t know why we just did that.’

‘Because we love each other?,’ His chuckle vibrates lightly against your cheek and his mouth skims across the surface sweetly. ‘Because we’ve both got feeling for each other, and no matter how much we try and deny it, we will always end up like this?’

‘That’s not fair, Jay.,’ Your body shifts, pressuring him to move away from you. You were already feeling the regret. This wasn’t meant to happen. You tug your dress back down your body, adjusting it to  ‘Don’t try and manipulate me like this. This wasn’t what I thought I wanted.’

‘I’m not trying to manipulate you. I’m telling the truth. You’re the one ignoring these feelings, and I have no idea why.,’ His voice is sharp with frustration. ‘Am I not good enough for you? Just give me a chance. I’ll prove I can be.’

‘I can’t, Jay.’ Your voice is thick with heavy emotion as you reach to pull your underwear above your legs, slipping them under your dress. His arm grasps yours.

‘What the fuck was this then?,’ He questions, gesturing between the both of you. ‘I can’t play these games anymore, Y/N. Everything is mixed fucking signals with you. You’re doing my head in.’

‘Then don’t play these games with me. Don’t drag me back everytime I try and leave.’

‘You drag yourself back.,’ Jay’s voice is filled with ferocious heat. ‘If you just stopped fucking leaving, we wouldn’t have this problem.’

‘I won’t this time, Jay.,’ You stutter, your voice breaking due to your lack of confidence. ‘Because you won’t chase me.’ With that, you turn abruptly, your heels striking hard on the concrete floor as you make your exit through the stairwell.

look all I’m saying is that I’ve spent highschool doing two things : crying and kissing my friends and Izuku has the crying part covered so