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What I thought Race to the Edge S4 would be: Pokemon dragons, Hiccup getting his ass beat, bye bye Heather, Toothless is a pure bby.

What Race to the Edge S4 actually was: Amazing moments in parenting with Stoick the Vast, somehow giving a damn about Throk now, Hiccstrid sucking more face than my mind can possibly comprehend, Toothless is a pure bby.

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Now I'm kinda curious. Why can't you see Fiona and Scourge together?(Neither can I. But probably for a different reason then yours :P) You don't really have to answer if you don't want to. I just like hearing the reasoning behind stuff like this. Nice to hear how other people see characters.

Okay,I was waiting for this question. I’m going to say what I think (yeah you read right MY opinion, NOT EVERYONE will have the same ideas so don’t throw hate on me) ((also English it’s not my language so, sorry if I make mistakes))

First of all we have to know who are we talking about, Fiona Fox (Gal that was first good, then bad then good again… oh no, she was evil all along, need to keep that in mind) and Scourge (”Sonic’s evil twin” who was born in a twisted world and had to grow up without attention or love, what made him the villain he’s now). I can see how people blindly ship them because they are cannon on the comics and they kinda get along and work well together, I thought that too, for a long time. Then I was re-reading Sonic Universe to remember the good old times and I saw this line:

This… THIS. I realized Fiona’s true intentions, she wasn’t there to help her loved one, she was there to get him and finish their job, some job for Dr. Finitevus that we never got to see because SOMEONE… *coff*kenpenders*coff*

We know Fiona’s past, she can’t trust anyone.

This is why I belive that she’s just using Scourge as backup for her plans, he’s really powerful and she’s not stupid, being his girl allows her to get close and manipulate him. Here’s an example of how Fiona can change Scourge’s mind when she wants to get something:

She’s not trying to help him, she’s just telling him to do what was part of her plan to begin with. This reminds me to mention the fact that Scourge alone did all that stuff, think how Fiona might feel knowing that she can use him for different works.

To finish with her, we’re talking about Fiona… I can’t see her really loving anyone as far as the comic’s stories went with her development. Sorry if there are some Fiona fans, I’m not saying she’s a bad character, well she’s… You know what I mean.

And about Scourge… Well…

 He’s clearly attracted to her, there’s no doubt of that. But I’m talking about a character better developed and with more personality (in my opinion) For me he’s just too cool to be with her. And we saw how he’s easily manipulated, I find funny the way he thinks he knows or controls everything and obviously that’s not the case.

 Now, knowing how Fiona feels I can’t stand people saying this

I get the part of “they’re evil” but I don’t care. Sally and Sonic have a proper relationship, they get along, they respect and trust each other, you can see the love between the two (Sorry Sonamy fans, I’m talking about Archie Comics and it’s cannon) You can’t say that it’s the same relationship but evil, even with their personalities the should be able to show more love, all their interactions are calling each other “babe” and hugging with an edgy pose. This may be because the short time we got with the characters, they’re not the protagonists so I get that it’s not the same

This are my reasons why I can’t ship them (and some more, but this is too long already) and I get kinda annoyed when people say they are a great couple when they’re just… Together. 

Okay, that’s it. I said it.

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your inbox is probably flooding with the same idea asks, but the handbook confirmed shiro and keith's ages (i haven't seen the rest, so i won't say much) and antis can just... save it tbh. i'd always feel bad or scared for shipping sheith and now i don't feel guilty about it at all?? it's such a relief to be able to ship whatever you want without all these toxic fans shoving their opinions down your throat, y'know? anyway-- hope your day is going well, i really admire you and your blog <33


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I know we're all are on tony defend squad but wdy think about Steve? I know in the mcu he's a shit but in other universes? And about Chris Evans? You don't have to answer ofc but I just wanted ur insight on this, I like the stuff u post :)





From a lot of what I post, you would probably think I dislike Steve. Honestly, right now I’m going through EXTREME STARKQUILL/GUARDIANS FUCKING OFF INTO SPACE WITH TONY/ BITTER TONY moods, and so…

There’s a lot of shade being thrown in Steve’s direction.

But listen. Okay. I LOVE STEVE. I DO. I mean MCU Steve is, in my opinion, a very wobbly character, who could have been done so much more in-depth and meaningfully than what we got.

 Like, for starters, his relationship with Tony is just. What. Where are the sly sex jokes and secret passwords @? All we got was Steve being a bit of a prick to him as soon as he laid eyes on the guy, and then a continuation of that, manifesting itself through judgment and lack of trust. which is completely OOC for the Steve we know and love.

Secondly, the whole Civil War argument was just turned into Saving Bucky Barnes, The Saga- which is totally not what happened in the comics at all, and made everything he did and said so shallow, because we knew he was just fighting for his bestie. 

But yeah I mean aside from occasional moments (CATWS I thought did a pretty good job overall with him), I… I gotta say MCU Steve Is Not For Me. 


BURIED SOMEWHERE. UNDERNEATH THE BITTERNESS AND ANGER THAT RESIDES FROM CIVIL WAR, HE IS SUCH A GOOD BOY. i think it’s just… it’s very difficult to really place a specific set of characteristics for him, purely because of that fact that every writer does him differently. Some (hey Nick) write him like utter shit and make me want to burn out my retinas- some write him in what I consider to be perfectly in character (hey AA writers). 

I mean AA Steve is my dad. End of. He’s number one. You don’t get better than AA Steve. 

(Plus he and Tony are just. married. so that sweetens the deal a lot)

But like I said, it’s all about personal preference. Some are gonna be reading this like ???? Steve was perfectly in character in CW wdym???? and some are gonna be relating a lot. But for me, the Steve I know and love is the guy who believes in his team- the guy who is sly and dry-witted and unconditionally selfless. 

And who fuckin treats Tony like he deserves. But whatever.

so like i said- AA Steve is the winner for me, purely because he’s very consistent and pretty much ticks off everything I just listed a few seconds ago. Comic Steve- when not a nazi- is, as far as i gathered, a pretty cool dude? Although I don’t read comics with him, he seems to have his head screwed on straight. MCU Steve is Very Much Average And Inconsistent, plus he highkey mistreated Tony, which is a Large Offence for me, not to mention OOC.


*raises hand* Question. Why….does the CW always seem to want to ship established female protagonists with new character white boys? Nothing aginst Julian and everything aginst Mon-El, but why has the CW ripped Kara and Caitlin away from other pairings to put them with the…morally grey new guys? Kara had James and Caitlin had Cisco, [the latter in a more platonic sense]. I thought Cait was supposed to have, for lack of a better phrase, a boy-free-year? Why are they pushing her towards Julian? I’m…not a fan of that. Let her stand on her own. She’s already got a family there to catch her when she falls. 


Feel free to prove me wrong because I really don’t want to see it this way. It’s just how it looked to me and I couldn’t help but put every move into this kind of light.
Now, I’m going to get a lot of hate for this but hear me out.
Uma and Harry have a toxic relationship.

Don’t romanticize him falling to her every whim, because that is not healthy. She uses him as her lap dog, she uses him as a body guard and she even uses him as a punching bag when she’s upset after the sword fight toward the end.

I’m sure in some way she does care about him. Yes, she does save him instead of going after Mal and yes, I’m sure if she had won, he would have benefited in some way, but that does not mean the way they interact is a healthy way to express that.
All of his opinions are based on what she says and how she behaves, that’s the behavior of a henchman not a love interest.
Don’t get me wrong, I can understand why she would act this way. It’s what she was taught and how she grew up. She just doesn’t know any differently. But, it’s just hard for me to separate the reasoning from the morality of it.

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Sonja, please can you also make a list of things that were fine before but now aren't in the fandom? Like how it was ok to criticise Lou T for spoiling Harry's hair when he was in 1D but it isn't now. Or how it was ok for many larries to not want to support Louis cos of James Arthur, the girlband but if people don't want to buy Harry's album cause they aren't comfortable with Sony it isn't ok. Or how it was ok to criticise the team for the womaniser image when Harry was in 1D but it isn't now.

this is going to sound cynical but i feel like you can’t criticize anything anymore period. unless your opinion is ‘solo harry is the second coming of jesus and the azoffs are our eternal saviours’ you’re basically … not allowed to have an opinion.

and it’s ridiculous because 1) a lot of the ‘negative’ opinions people are expressing are ones of genuine concern and 2) nobody is perfect and to pretend otherwise is just baffling. there have been hiccups and issues with the solo harry roll out. people are allowed to say they’re not a fan of the branding/image that his team is going with. that doesn’t mean you hate harry it means you *gasp* are expressing an opinion about a product (which is what harry stylesTM is btw) that you are being sold.

dragging louis’ team at the end of last year/beginning of this year became a professional sport in the fandom. niall got tons of flack and backlash in the fandom for still using simon jones/his modest golf thing. liam hasn’t even released anything yet and i’m already seeing people jumping down his throat for a potential migos collab. and don’t even get me started on how zayn’s been dragged by the fandom at large.

why is it totally fine to criticize the professional decisions and teams of the other  guys but not harry’s team? why have so many people turned into the same aggressively nasty solo harries they used to mock?

it’s totally fine if people do love harry’s solo roll out and have no issues with it. that’s great i’m glad they’re enjoying every aspect of this and have no qualms with anything.

but people are allowed to have issues with how things are unfolding and to express their thoughts without being driven out of the fandom or shamed/bullied.

nobody is ever owed your money and your unwavering loyalty. that includes harry. he has to earn it, and if there are people who aren’t interested in buying, then that’s their right. they don’t have to explain their reasons or justify them to the ~fandom high court~ and it’s ridiculous to act like other bloggers get to dictate what is and is not a valid reason for buying an album.

tl;dr the fandom policing needs to stop and the double standards and hypocrisy are really, really not a good look.

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I don't understand why people are so upset about today's ear biscuits episode. I thought Rhett and Link made it pretty clear last week that they were going to leave eb in the crew's hands while they finish bs2 and have their break. There seems to be more of an outrage this week than last week's episode with alex and I don't get it. This isn't meant to be hateful. People can have opinions either way and it doesn't bother me. I'm just confused.

Hi, Anon. By now, a lot of others have covered this topic more eloquently than I’ll be able to, but I didn’t want you to think I was ignoring you. So, here’s my observations of some of the reasons why people are upset:

1. Some people didn’t know to expect another crew-central episode: In their intro last week to the first Crew Biscuit, Rhett and Link did discuss the fact that we were going to be receiving a “handful of Crew Biscuits” while they worked on Buddy System. Let’s be honest, though, there are many people in the fandom who don’t like Alex and choose not to watch/listen to anything with him in it. That’s a valid choice. But, if this led to them not watching/listening to R&L’s intro to the episode, they might not have known to expect another crew episode this week. I believe it came as a shock to some.

2. The Topic of this week’s Crew Biscuit: The initial Crew Biscuit episode was Stevie interviewing Alex. Link said in the intro that through the upcoming episodes, “You’re gonna gain insight into the lives of the people that we work with” (at the 2:50 mark). If you listened to/watched Alex’s interview, you probably did gain some insights about him (I did). Stevie and Alex both made references to future Crew Biscuit interviews. So, I assumed (as did others) that we could expect a similar format in the coming weeks. This seemed like the logical expectation, and would allow people to curate their listening/watching experience. (Don’t like a crew member? Cool. Don’t watch their Crew Biscuit.) Now, admittedly, I haven’t listened to this week’s episode, so I could be wrong, but it doesn’t seem like it’s going to follow that format. The way the topic is presented in the thumbnail seems less like an insight into the lives of Lizzie and Ellie, and more like clickbait. And, yes, people can decide not to watch it, but when you’re expecting one thing and get something else, it can be upsetting.

3. Calling it an Ear Biscuit: This relates a bit back to the first point of some people not knowing to expect crew, but… Some are upset because of the lack of consistency in naming the episodes. I understand that the episode is labeled as a CB on podcast services, but here’s what I’ve noticed people having a problem with: In the initial video clip of Stevie and Alex last week, Stevie starts it off by saying, “Welcome to Crew Biscuits!” But, the video with Lizzie and Ellie today begins with Ellie saying, “Welcome to Ear Biscuits!” If it’s a Crew Biscuit, call it that and be consistent. (Stevie seemed to recognize the importance of the distinction between an Ear Biscuit and a Crew Biscuit; she even had Alex sign underneath the table instead of on top with regular EB guests.) This isn’t something that will upset everyone, but, again, this is what I’ve observed.

4. Deleting comments: Someone on the crew is deleting comments on the YouTube video that were constructive criticisms (x,x). Had these fans been jerks in their comments, deleting them would be completely justified. But, these comments were simply fans expressing their opinions. It’s not sitting right with some (myself included) that once a criticism reached the top comment spot, it was deleted, even as other criticisms were left, buried further down in the comments. Is whoever deleted the one in the top spot worried that Rhett, Link, or Stevie might read it? (We know they don’t have time to read every comment on every video, but they may see ones at the top.) I was also thinking about what Link said in EB 99 about gaming the YT system. I won’t pretend to have any real knowledge about the way YT algorithms work, but Link did say, “To be clear… liking and commenting on a video feeds in, in ways that we’ve only guessed over the years” (starts around 6:27). If a comment isn’t defamatory, hateful, or harmful, isn’t it to the benefit of Mythical Entertainment for them to leave the comment so more fans are interacting with/about the video? It doesn’t seem like deleting these comments is being done with the best interests of Myth Ent in mind.

Wow… That ended up being longer than I expected. Sorry. I hope that cleared up why some people are upset about it, Anon. 

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I just wanted to stop in and say I think you are absolutely fantastic and I was wondering how you feel about Thomas's new video? I'm kinda torn between excitement and foreboding. Can't wait until Wednesday now. 😁 I think Thomas and Joan and Talyn did a really fantastic job with it though, what about you? (Again you are so fantastic and you don't have to answer any of this, I just think you're really cool and I wanted to hear your opinion on things 😊) -💜🌻

Ok, first of all, this video has killed me and i’m going to be ridiculously jittery until part two comes out. That being said, yes, ti was so goo, and I am super impressed by all the effects.

And second, thank you for the compliments. I’ve been feeling super stressed lately, so seeing your words really means a lot.

But more specific thoughts on the video:

I am really glad we’re seeing Roman begin forced to confront his animosity towards Anxiety. Because I love him, but it needed to happen

We’re going to see Anxiety’s room, which is just yes. Also the clock was cool

Also this was an interesting confirmation that the sides have their own rooms, but that they are seemingly on separate planes of existence, and that possibly until the creation of the mind palace, the only place they could interact was in Thomas’s living room (I might use that in fanfics, but I’m also going to keep with my current set up for a lot of them, since it’s easier to make the sides interact that way)

I love, love that we’re seeing the ways Anxiety affects Thomas beyond just he negative. Because this is something I actually do myself. I go well, yeah anxiety sucks, but at least it’s obsessing over late assignments means I don’t really turn in late assignments.

Also the the laptop, because yes fear does provide reflexes, and the fact that Thomas didn’t check and see f the laptop still worked! I am super paranoid about my laptop breaking, and I think most people would be worried after a fall like that, but there was nothing

Side note: Logically that was probably just an old laptop that isn’t used anymore, but part of me is imagining Talyn lying at Thomas’s feet, going ok I’m ready to catch it when it falls, and that’s just very amusing to me

Also Patton cares about Anxiety awww!

About V possibly having a route...

I just want to say my words about this somewhere else besides twitter… 

What I think is that, according to the story that the game showed us, it doesn’t make sense to create a route for V. This will just ruin the story, it won’t make it any better. The thing is, some people doesn’t care much about the story, they just want to please their feelings but those people who care about the story will not be happy with this (maybe), me included. I certainly may have said that I wanted a route for V to help him and all lol because I was really sad with how things ended up and I liked him but after I put those feelings aside (and played the game again) I saw the story more clearly and came to another conclusion. I would like Unknown to have a route? Yes. But would that make any good to the story? I don’t think so. But V’s route is something it would be far more difficult for me to accept, not that I would never accept it. But, for me, the story ended. I mean, some things are not clear about Rika, V and even Unknown but it’s not crucial things, the story is wrapped up. I really want to know about Saeran after that ending, I want to see how he’s doing and all but a DLC would be enough to show that. Same goes for Rika. V? I don’t think there’s something more to add about him. I would be really disappointed if this mess up the story. I can trust Cheritz though… I think they can surprise me positively with whatever they’re going to release and I’ll leave it at that for now.

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I don't really have friends to tell this to so I'm hoping I can get an opinion from you and your followers. I've been talking to this guy since January,we liked eachother and everything was going great,so I thought. In March he got in a relationship so I stopped the flirting and kept it on a friend level. A week ago he told me he was in love with me. I have strong feelings for him too but I didn't tell him cause I don't want this to be a love triangle. Our friendship is odd now. Idk what to do.

Sis. Love yourself
Word to Beyoncé
If he liked it then he shoulda put a ring on it

Admin Switch!

Admin Paige is going to take a break from posting on this blog for a while and we know you seem to like sending asks and doing those games and things so I’ll be taking over them for a while until Paige wants to come back. They’ll still happen, just with me! Me and Paige have similar opinions over everything but I’m a WinWin stan so expect more of him ^.^

- Admin Beth

I’m gonna say this now to get it out of the way:

If Niall, Louis, and/Liam go to the Dunkirk premiere tomorrow and you hate on or talk shut about them, then you’re shit and you need to sit back. Having an opinion that they shouldn’t/wanting them not to go is one thing, and I get some people’s opinions on it – but using their [possible] appearance, in which they would be SUPPORTING Harry in his first major film, as an excuse to bitch and complain about them will be incredibly uncalled for.

They would be there to support HARRY, nothing else. If it gets turned into a ‘1D reunion’ frenzy, that’s not their fault. If a bunch of people show up for a '1D fandemonium’, that’s not their fault.

IF any of the the other boys show up to support Harry in person, then that’s a good thing. Don’t turn it into something ugly, or petty, or both.

Furthermore, a part of the rumour is that Niall, Louis, and Liam have all been INVITED. Which, if true, would ultimately come down to Harry wanting them there.

Don’t ruin it.

did i literally start a bandstand discourse? can i not say anything on here without getting bashed for my opinion? why is allegiance even in the argument? why are you assuming i’m not representing a “diverse” theatrical production?

i am the granddaughter of a world war ii vet who was awarded the purple heart for his service to his country. don’t assume I’m into bandstand because of the ethnicity of the actors. you don’t know my race. perhaps i didn’t get into allegiance last year was because i wasn’t into musical theatre much at the time. perhaps I’m not into allegiance now, is because it has close ties to my family history that i may not want to remember. don’t you dare assume i don’t know about japanese internment camps. 

Don’t. you. dare

You’re dealing with someone who devotes their free time to studying WWII. I wouldn’t go there if I were you. Have your opinion, yes, but don’t start something over an assumption.

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Hi~ Pottermore have now the quiz to know the Patronus so I wanted to ask you which animal could fit the 104th trainees and veterans in your head (i don't know if there's something already ><)

Hey there! Wow, this is a really awesome question! I hadn’t thought about this before, so I did some research on animal meanings, as well as patronus meanings, are came up with this nifty list for you. You certainly don’t have to agree with what I’ve said, this is simply my opinion. But here you go! (I am also going to cut it with a keep reading, cause we all know how I can never keep these answers short!)

A person’s patronus, according to Pottermore, represents a hidden part of the self that is brought to life in the face of great danger and darkness, taking the form of an animal that represents that dormant inner self. What I’ve done draws more from observable personality traits in these characters, but I’ve tried to dig deeper, to get at something within them that wouldn’t necessarily shine through unless provoked. 


Eren’s patronus is a falcon. Falcon’s are a war-like bird, and symbolizes freedom, intensity, determination, and change. It is thought that the falcon carries a message of transition, of visionary power that leads to a new purpose. Eren is the guiding light of humanity, a new force to help combat the enemy. On top of that, he has a very fierce, independent personality, and doesn’t like to sit still for long. Eren and his falcon are warriors that hate to be caged and long to spared their wings and fly far away. 

Mikasa’s is a panther. The panther is a very powerful animal, as well as a very protective one. It is associated with courage, with banishing one’s fears. It also has a motherly connotation. All of these are things that Mikasa emulates. She’s a powerful fighter and fiercely protective of those she loves. She’s learned to set aside her fears of loneliness and death in order to become the brave soldier she is. And she does exhibit maternal qualities in the way that she cares for Armin and Eren. 

Armin has a rat. Rats do not take no for an answer: they use their innate intelligence and shrewdness to figure things out. They can get themselves out of the tightest spot, owed to a strong ambition, and are very creativity, opportunistic, and resourceful. Rats are also helpful and loving within their community. Armin embodies all of these things. His strategic capabilities are second to none, he uses his mind to get himself out of tough situations, and he’s very kind and helpful among his friends. Armin and his rat share a sharp intelligence that helps them get what they want in life. 

Keep reading

alright i’ve calmed down and i’m probably gonna lose followers for this but just remember that cringe culture is extremely harmful & in the end, it’s just people having fun. let me repeat. it’s just people having fun.

sure, there are aus that are harmful - like as//ylumtale for one, but the majority of aus are just people having fun.

i’ll say it one more time.

it’s just people having fun. it’s not hurting anybody. it’s not inconveniencing you in any way.

let people have fun.  let people create their 700 aus. let people self ship with sans undertale. let people make female ocs. let people who are just starting out drawing make rainbow coloured, sidefringed, warrior cats ocs.

let them have fun.

So I thought long and hard if I wanted to post this, but I figured it wouldn’t really hurt as it is my opinion.

I know I have been absent for a few months, but I’ve still been watching Robron. And I think it’s okay they broke up for now (I don’t agree on the sl, just to clear, cause I agree with everyone else that sucked) But ever since they came back together, I already knew it wasn’t going to last.

Because Aaron has had trust issues towards Robert since the beginning of their relationship and Robert always felt like he had to hide how he really felt because he needed to be strong.

Their relationship was partly built on co-dependency and that’s not a good foundation for any relationship.

I hope right now, now they are not together, they can heal, on their own. That they can learn to love themselves, because they don’t, not really. I hope they can grow as individuals and when they will finally get back together, they will be more stable and more open towards the other than they have been in the past.

Because if there is one thing I never doubted, it’s that these two belong together.

Monsters Inc. Sentence Meme
  • "There is nothing more toxic or deadly than a human child."
  • "Without scream, we have no power."
  • "It looks like its going to be a perfect day to maybe, hey, just lie in bed, sleep in."
  • "We know the challenge, the window of innocence is shrinking."
  • "We're working for a better tomorrow, today."
  • "We scare because we care."
  • "What can I say? The camera loves me."
  • "You've been jealous of my good looks since the fourth grade, pal."
  • "But its impossible to get a reservation there!"
  • "Shh, shh, shh. Do you hear that? Its the winds of change."
  • "One of these days, I am really going to let you teach that guy a lesson."
  • "I'm watching you. Always watching."
  • "Kids these days. They just don't get scared like they used to."
  • "The company has been in my family for three generations. I would do anything to keep it from going under."
  • "You know, I am so romantic sometimes I think I should just marry myself."
  • "Your stunned silence is very reassuring."
  • "I've had a lot of birthday...well not a lot of birthdays...but this is the best birthday ever."
  • "It is my professional opinion that now is the time to panic!"
  • "Boo!"
  • "We're easy prey, my friend, easy prey."
  • "I always wanted a pet that could kill me."
  • "I'd like to think that, given the circumstances, I have been extremely forgiving up to now."
  • "Loch Ness, Big Foot, the Abominable Snowman. They all got one thing in common, pal. Banishment."
  • "Yeah. It's uh...Bring An Obscure Relative To Work Day."
  • "That is the weirdest thing you have ever said."
  • "The child may have escaped."
  • "You're not supposed to name it. Once you name it, you start getting attached to it."
  • "Now put that thing back where it came from or so help me."
  • "We're rehearsing a scene for the upcoming play called Put That Thing Back Where It Came From or So Help Me."
  • "Last night was one of the worst nights of my entire life, bar none."
  • "How many kids you got in there?"
  • "We're going to get our lives back. The nightmare is over."
  • "First of all, it's cree-tin. If you're going to threaten me, do it properly."
  • "Now that we have her, he is trying to kill us."
  • "This company can't afford any more bad publicity."
  • "We're banished, genius."
  • "Look at that big jerk. Ruined my life, and for what?"
  • "Ever since that kid came in you're ignored everything I've said."
  • "What about me? I'm your pal. I'm your best friend. Don't I matter?"
  • "You and I are a team. Nothing is more important than our friendship."
  • "If you start crying, I'm going to cry, and I'll never get through this."
  • "I'm sorry I wasn't there for ya...but I am now."
  • "What a plan! Simple yet insane!"
  • "Go ahead. Grow up."
  • "I don't believe it...I'm on the cover of a magazine."

Every time I see a post about the MAMAs that says 

“Oh my god do you guys even care about BTS”
“I can’t believe you would let BTS down like this”
“After everything they’ve done for us this is how you repay them”
“Are you even trying anymore”
“If you’re not voting unfollow me”
“If you’re not voting I’m blocking”

Or any variation of, it sickens me. You have no idea what’s going on in people’s lives. America is breaking in two, SKorea is crumbling, there’s crazy earthquakes happening, so many countries are in turmoil, and you are sitting there guilting people because they aren’t voting in an online poll? Seriously?

Look, I know you want BTS to win MAMA awards. So do I, very much. But guilting people isn’t going to do shit. It will actually decrease peoples’ want to vote. How about encouragement for a change? Or how about asking if you can help out? I wonder how many people have seen those posts and just went well fuck this shit. There are so many better methods of going about this. Please just stop. Don’t guilt, help.

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Hank, hopefully you don't hate me for this, but I feel like people bash me because I don't support LGBT ideals. I want to make it clear that I DO NOT dislike the people who identify with this, and I am NOT trans/homophobic. I just have different opinions and don't support the idea. I do however support people's right to think and believe whatever they want. It's just that sometimes people decide to hate me because of what I believe, when all I'm trying to do is express my opinions. Thoughts?

Hello Anon, 

Every society has weird taboos and beliefs. In some places, women can show their breasts, but not their midriffs, for example. In some cultures, it’s OK for men to have sex with other men and in others it isn’t. Now I don’t know what “LGBT ideals” are, but I’m just going to assume that you don’t think people of the same gender should hook up. 

Now, I disagree with a lot of people on a lot of different things. For example, tons of people in America believe that dead people inhabit old houses and that the position of the stars when you were born affects your personality. I think these things are dumb and weird but they don’t hurt anybody or infringe on anyone’s rights, so, I don’t care. I’m not going to hate them for or be frustrated by their weird beliefs.

But the truth of the matter is, your belief that people shouldn’t love the way they do does affect other people. It is, on it’s own, threatening to people who love people of their own gender because you are disapproving of them for something they cannot and do not want to change. And when combined with a national climate that has lots and lots of people actively working to infringe upon the rights of those people, it’s not just an existential threat. 

Your beliefs are threatening to other people. Your beliefs do real harm to real human beings. 

And you’re allowed to have those beliefs, but people are also allowed to hate them and, yes, even you…that’s just an expression of their opinions. I hope that what they hate are your beliefs and not you, and I hope you know that beliefs can change and modify as we come to know more about the world and other people in it. Please don’t harden your heart, be open to the idea that your understanding of the world might change,