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i had an abortion last summer, and i've struggled a lot afterwards. i took an overdose in october bc i just couldn't deal with the guilt and regret. now i'm pregnant again, and i kind of wanted to keep it, but i don't really know the guy at all. when i first told him he took it ok, but he called me later saying if i don't have an abortion he's gonna kill himself. i'm pro choice all the way, but i know how much i grieved last time. i'm gonna have a life on my conscience no matter what i do???

Do what YOU want or need to do. I’m here to support you whatever you decide, and if you need to talk I’ll be a sounding board. Best wishes, anon. ❤

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Your game helped me deal with anxiety and a lot of bad shit in my life. I know you probably don't want your personal tumblr to be filled with undertale stuff, but I just genuinely want to thank you and all the people who made undertale. I've made awesome friends because of this game, and it has helped me in so many ways. I'm very happy that you've made it. I play it whenever I'm stressed or sad and it always cheers me up. Thanks again.

That’s excellent to hear. It makes me glad to hear this.

  • Elizabeth I: ohmygodohmygodohmygod-
  • England: um, Eli?
  • Elizabeth I: eep! U-Uh, I mean... y-yes, England...?
  • England: d-did... you mean what you said in your speech today... about marrying me...?
  • Elizabeth I: u-u-u... okay, I can't lie to you... I... I really meant it. I want to protect you, England, with every fiber of my being! I don't want to see you in pain because of what my family did to you! My father, Mary, they all hurt you! I want to make you happy! I want to see you smile again! I don't want to- E-England?? Are you okay?? You're crying...
  • England: o-oh... I'm sorry... I... haven't felt like this in a while...
  • Elizabeth I: ...happy?
  • England: no... loved.

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If you could trade any native Australian creature for any creature banned or otherwise not present in Straya, which would you pick? (In this completely unrealistic hypothetical situation you don't have to worry about either one's impact on the environment or place in the ecosystem. Purely a question of what creature would you like to never deal with again versus a creature that you think would be kinda cool)

Well, I wouldn’t.

As much as I might grumble and mutter about some of out native Aussie animals, I wouldn’t trade them for the world.

Our snakes are deadly, but I can respect that and leave them alone.

Our brushtail possums might be little beasts that like to urinate on everything, but they’re our little beasts.

Magpies might want your eyeballs in Spring, but you’re got to admire their tenacity.

Though if I could introduce any species *coughstegosauruscough*, then I might be tempted to choose the Fizzgig.

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I think they’d fit our aesthetic well.

A Lost Memory

Summary: Newt deals with a loss he believes he can never recover from with firewhiskey.

Request: “I would like angst and angst and tear my heart apart and smash it into the gutters. Regrets and tears and mistakes were made "I never want to see you again” HURT ME"

Word Count: 3,407

Pairing: Newt x Reader

Requested by @red-roses-and-stories (I hope this broke your heart enough) but also tagging @caseoffics @dont-give-a-bother @myrtus-amongst-the-stars @ly–canthrope @benniesgalaxy @thosefantasticbeast2

You run your hand down Newt’s bicep, popping up onto your toes to rest your chin on his shoulder and peer over him to the papers in front of him. “Whatcha doing, babe?”

“Studying the reactive tendencies of various…” he trails off, brow furrowing as the liquid in front of him turns a deep violet shade. “Well, that hardly seems right.”

You giggle and fall back to give him space. “Be careful you don’t let Pickett fall in.”

Newt scarcely appears to process your words, giving you a distracted “hmm” in response.

You roll your eyes and slide under his arm as he scribbles something onto a note. Extending your arm, you let Pickett hop onto your hand. He squeaks away as you draw him to your side.

“Come on, Pickett, we’ll go make supper so someone here doesn’t let us all starve.”

Newt’s eyes crinkle with his smile as he glances up at you. “And who did you say exaggerates the most this morning?”

You stick your tongue out. “I still think you do it more often.”

Newt watches you whisper to Pickett as you walk out, and before he returns to his work, he checks the drawer to make sure the box is still there.

Thunder rumbles, a heavy roll that rattles the rack of vials on the table.

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asagao characters as john mulaney quotes
  • Hana: I am very small and I have no money, so you can imagine the kind of stress that I am under.
  • Mai: I don’t have to guess what’s wrong, she comes in the room and she’s like, "My stomach hurts!" and then we can move on from there.
  • PBG: I don't want to be doing what I'm doing either.
  • Jon: I’m really sorry about last night, it’s just that I’m mean and loud. It probably will happen again.
  • Jared: The more you do stuff, the better you get at dealing with how you still fail at it a lot of the time.
  • Satch: Hi, I'm very gay and I'd like a few dollars.
  • Paul: And I know now that I'm definitely never gonna be president. Not unless everybody gets real cool about a bunch of stuff really quickly.
  • Nick: I just listen to everything she says, because before I had a girlfriend, I never had someone who's always standing next to me who can point out obvious things that are happening.
  • Josh: They're like, "Does that work?" I'm like, "It didn't NOT work."
  • Jirard: My vibe is more like, "Hey, you could pour soup in my lap and I'll probably apologize to you."
  • Shane: Anyone who’s seen my dick and met my parents has to die. I can’t have them running around.
  • Ian: I'll keep all my emotions right here, and then one day, I'll die.
  • Luke: You know, for years scientists have wondered: can you make grown men and women weep tears of joy by playing Tom Jones's "It's Not Unusual"?
  • Caddy: Okay, let's go over there and destroy the place.
  • Jeff: By 2029, I'll be drinking moon juice with President Jonathan Taylor Thomas.
  • Wallid: I thank you for laughing, because no one did that day.
  • Jimmy: In terms of instant relief, canceling plans is like heroin.
  • Mimi: Because eighth graders will make fun of you, but in an accurate way.
  • Kakusu: You asked if I brushed my teeth, but I never specified that I did so tonight. If the court reporter reads back my remarks you will see I did not purger myself.
  • Creeps: I went outside as much as Powder from the movie Powder. My children are not going to be playing on grass, they will be up in their rooms playing violent video games and catfishing pedophiles.
  • Shizuka: And I would always think to myself, "How could another person kill someone?" And then I got cheated on, and I was like, "Oh, okay."
Twenty Abduction Starters
  • "Hey, hey, hey, hush, I'm not gonna hurt you, I'm just gonna keep you for myself."
  • "_____, enough. You aren't escaping again. I made sure of it."
  • "I REALLY don't want to punish you, but if you don't stop, I will."
  • "Little one, I know you're confused, but I'M going to be your Mommy/Daddy now."
  • "Shut up! Bad pet, get back in your cage!"
  • "Stop screaming, nobody can hear you but me and the ghosts anyways."
  • "Hmph. You're a fighter. Good, I'll enjoy breaking you."
  • "Here's the deal. I. Own. You."
  • "I'm gonna make your screams echo, baby."
  • "Welcome to your new home."
  • "You'll get used to the handcuffs sooner or later."
  • "I know you're scared, but I won't hurt you. I love you!"
  • "I'm going to count to five,give you a headstart. You have until sunset to escape."
  • "Go on, keep begging."
  • "If you give in, it'll be easier."
  • "If you bite me, I'll muzzle you, pet."
  • "This is going to be a nice weekend, for me, at least. I hope your gag isn't too tight."
  • "You're so cute, struggling like that."
  • "You don't need to cry. It's not like your life was going anywhere before me."
  • "I'm going to give you purpose, to serve me as I deserve."

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Hey, can I get a headcannon where MC and Zen are obviously Both trying to hide a beast but are both rather lovey dovey during the RFA after party. So how would the rest of the RFA react to them and how would they all deal with it? I understand if u don't want to answer but thank u anyways :)

Here’s a silly short one!

During the whole time, Jumin is just busying himself with others and being a good host. He approves of the relationship, but he doesn’t approve of the two of you going as far as possibly living together so quickly. Then again, it’s not his business… But did the two of you have to be practically hanging off of each other, having sex with your eyes? God, he thought it was bad with his Father, but the two of you are almost the same. At least the two of you are happy.

Yoosung is highkey jealous. He’s happy for the both of you, don’t get him wrong, but the way Zen is making those bedroom eyes and suggestive comments he thinks no one can hear- And you’re doing it too??? God, when is he going to get a girlfriend? At least he wouldn’t flaunt around like Zen was…Well, actually…

Jaehee is happy for the both of you, but is mildly worried the whole time that the two of you will do something that will cause the fan forums to be in an uproar. The sly gropes the two of you try to hide aren’t as hidden as you think, and she’s on edge with what may leak out. She has to pull herself together in the long- Did you two just slip into the back? Oh my god.

Seven is laughing the whole time and teasing a sore Yoosung. He’s only a bit jealous, because Mc was adorable, but he’s happy Zen has found someone. Does that mean he’s not holding back on teasing Yoosung, reminding him of his great crossdressing photos? N o. Yoosung might ignore him for a solid day, but it is worth it.


For @4wksoffluff . (Also: sorry I haven’t really been keeping up with the 4 weeks of fluff.) Thanks to @yeahitsmaegan for looking over this and other fics for me!

Summary: Simon is angry at Baz, and things get emotional. An angst-to-fluff snowbaz fic with  slight hurt/comfort.

  Snow’s face is so close to mine and his eyes are narrowed to slits. His nose is nearly touching mine, but it’s not out of affection, rather aggression. He speaks more like he’s spitting, every word like a flame.

“Go to hell, Baz!” he snarls, his eyes no longer soft and watery, a new sharpness taking over them instead.

“Oh, Fuck off, Snow,” I sneer back at him. “You’re the one who started all this. It’s ridiculous, really. I hardly did anything.” I step away from him and gesture at his desk, a disbelieving look on my face. All I did was spell his stuff stuck to his desk. All it will do is complicate his schoolwork until he figures out how to undo it (which won’t be long if he asks Bunce, anyway.). It’s hardly a bother - it’s not like I tried to kill him.

“It doesn’t matter!” He’s moved away and is shouting across the room in a high-pitched voice. It’s whiny, like a small child’s. “You do this kind of thing all the time and I’m sick of it! You’re never nice to me. And I know I’m not the best to you either but at least I don’t spell your stuff to the desk! I even said good morning to you this morning, Baz! Why can’t you be nice to me just once?” He has tears in his eyes now, they’re back to their softer tone. They’re vulnerable. And I want to cry along with him. I want to hug him and tell him I’m sorry and take away his pain. I want to hold him until we both feel better. Because I don’t feel good about this either. It’s not like I enjoy making his life a misery. I love him, but this is what I have to do. It’s what’s expected of me. He’s looking at me with his watery, pleading eyes, and all I want to do is reach out to him, but I stop myself. I can’t. He’d never forgive and then I’d never forgive myself for being so weak. But I do allow myself to say: “I’m sorry, Simon.” And then I can’t stop myself this time. I walk over him, spur of the moment, and he’s just staring at me, tears falling down his cheeks. It’s finally too much for him, and it’s finally too much for me as well. If I just do it this one time, maybe I’ll be fulfilled enough to never do it again. I take him by his back and hug him. I can hear his sniffling as I pull him into my chest, resting my chin atop his head. I say it again.

“I’m sorry, Simon,” I murmur softly. He’s not shoving me off him, and I think I’m crying about an entirely different thing because of it. I touch my nose to his hair, closing my eyes and inhaling his cinnamon/smoke scent. Simon Snow, you beautiful nightmare. He pushes away from me gently after a while, looking up into my eyes.

“Thank you, Baz,”  he says, then gives me a quick kiss on the cheek. All the blood I have in me rushes to my cheeks. Simon. Snow. Just. Kissed. Me. On. The. Cheek. I try not to let my feelings show too much across my face, but then I think ‘Crowley, I’m already bloody crying,’ so I let myself smile and close my eyes as I feel the blush intensify. When I open my eyes, Snow is blushing too. He’s adorable- standing there in the half dark with his golden curls and pink apple cheeks. I kiss him on the cheek.

“I promise never to spell your books to your desk again, Snow,” I tell him. He hugs me again, resting his head on his shoulder.

“I guess this is a truce, then,” he murmurs.

“Sure Snow,” I say, “a truce.” Because I’m wrapped up in the moment and that’s what I want, a truce. I want it so much. I want to hug Snow without thinking about how my family will probably ask me to poison his scones one day. I agree. Truce. It’s nice. And then he looks up and kisses me with all the confidence I’ve never had to do the same to him. Like it’s no big deal and incredibly important at the same time. I lean into it, placing my hand gently around the back of his neck. The soft-lipped, golden-haired, mole constellated boy I’ve always dreamed of is kissing me, and I want it to be infinite. I want ‘truce’ to be infinitely true.

“Truce,” I mutter, chuckling when we break apart. “Truce.” I kiss him again. I’m in love with him, and he kissed me and called a truce.

why the signs are ignoring you
  • be sure to also look at your moon sign!
  • aries: they aren't usually the first to ignore a person so most of the time they get caught up in things that causes them to ignore unintentionally. so they either really have to disown a person with a burning rage or they could be in a crisis where they're too stubborn to share. but usually they're good at confrontation.
  • taurus: they feel unwelcome and probably hurt. taureans are very intuitive and pick up very easily on bad vibes. they like security and to feel like they are cared about by the people close to them, and when they don't they get discouraged and step down
  • gemini: they're probably dealing with a lot in their own head right now. sometimes geminis take breaks from people when they get too close because they tend to lose themselves and it leads to a lack of fulfillment. if a gemini is ignoring you, you probably aren't the only one.
  • cancer: they go into huge bouts of self pity when they don't feel wanted. ignoring can be used as a technique to actually gain attention from the other person, so that maybe they'll feel like that person needs them again. it's either this, or they feel that their loyalty has been betrayed.
  • leo: they feel like they weren't given the respect they deserve or that they were taken for granted. leos look very intensely into their relationships and find things that make them feel betrayed or cheated on. it didn't go their way.
  • virgo: most likely, they're not so much ignoring you as they are finding other people they click with. virgos can float between people at their leisure. if they're bothered, they will usually make an effort to fix it. chances are, they just completely forgot and it's not personal.
  • libra: they probably are trying to avoid conflict. while libras are masters of compromise, there gets to a point where they realize talking it out won't cure the situation. as air signs, they don't want to be weighed down with too much emotion, so they're probably doing what they think is best and taking on a "new path" to self improvement. usually, they'll give you a heads up, but a lot of times they don't think about it.
  • scorpio: it seems like a scorpio is ignoring you, but no doubt they're still lurking. they try and use it as a weird punishment method but it doesn't last long, and while they're doing it they're still keeping a keen eye on you bc they know what's up. soon enough, they'll bring the problem up and upfront if they haven't already.
  • sagittarius: sags are bored easily. eventually, they'll cut people off if they aren't getting anything from the relationship. they're pretty forgiving and they will have very brief, very occasional times where they'll ignore people that they believe crossed a line in that moment. they can be brutally honest when confronting you about it, but they get over it so quick and expect you to as well. but at a certain point, the sag will give up completely and move on. you won't know what you did and neither will the sag.
  • capricorn: they're being judgmental. although they are usually pretty diplomatic when it comes to other people's opinions, when it comes to certain habits and ways of living that somehow betrays theirs, they're quick to judge. they also have such an ego that if someone attacks it, it changes their entire perception of them.
  • aquarius: they're avoiding something that they feel at fault for. there's probably an emotional conversation that needs to be had, but an aquarius would rather not get into that. they are really good at pulling it off as if they aren't intentionally ignoring you, but they know it's awkward and they would rather not resolve it until you pin them down and ask them directly.
  • pisces: this sign has a tendency to read into their relationships very intensely and find some ulterior motive from the other person whether it be true or not. then, they distance themselves but they want you to notice. they want you to know that you were wrong and that you hurt them.
When you find someone besides me, I hope she doesn’t write too many little paragraphs about you and in fact, I hope she doesn’t write at all. Because you don’t want to have to deal with another girl like me again. And if she writes I’m sure it’ll be all about your blue eyes and how good your arms feel around her waist and I promise you she’ll think too much and get too attached just like I did and I hope for your sake she’s nothing like me because you deserve better and I’m only lucky you didn’t realize that sooner.
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Hi! So as a quick question- do you know many other blogs that don't get really into the discourse about SH? Cos like I recognise there are issues, but I'm having a tough time rn and I look forward to the hour of enjoyment I get from it and just want to keep a positive environment. There's enough stuff going on in my life without seeing every aspect of my escapism bashed constantly(again get there are valid issues, I just can't deal with them)thank you! (And obvs if you can't/won't, don't worry!)

yes sure! i am trying to find as many as possible myself lol, for the same reasons……my life is a mountain of crap and i have one good thing in it tbh

these are some of my faves and my go-tos for non-discourse (or at least, limited..and nice content too usually). i followed quite a few people quite recently and im still trying to gauge some people 

also if you don’t have it already, recommend blacklist (through x-kit) - a lot of people are nice and tag their negativity!

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How I discovered one of my gamer pals plays naked.
  • Resto Druid: I am so hungry. Too lazy to cook.
  • Fury Warrior: Than just order some delivery.
  • Resto Druid: No. I'll need to put clothes on if I have to open the door.
  • Frost Mage: So what?
  • Resto Druid: You all know I work in a bank. I deal with all those super important loans that require me to sit in a office and wear stiff suits all day, every day. Once I get home, everything goes! I don't put anything on again until I have go into work again the next day.
  • Frost Mage: Everything?
  • Resto Druid: EVERYTHING!!
  • Blood Death Knight: Are you telling us you're naked? Like right now.
  • Holy Paladin: Babe! Don't ask! I don't want to know!
  • Resto Druid: I have been naked every single time.
  • Enhance Shaman (me): I am not going to say anything, because I'm scared if I insult you, you'll stop healing me.
  • Resto Druid: Good idea. You hear that? You insult me, I'm going to stop healing you!
  • Enhance Shaman (me): NO!! That's not what I meant!
One good thing that came out of this for me

This isn’t even me being negative but more a little bit grateful about it.

Most of fandom doesn’t really believe in Robert. (I mean, that’s okay, it happens sometimes with characters in couples. One of them is always less than.)

I had really fooled myself into believing that both the show and fandom would stand by the character of Robert even if he made terrible choices. I’m not even talking about condoning his actions, calling Robert out on his stupidity/bad choices is a full time job as a fan, but more that when he messed up, he’d get consideration and understanding and yeah, love. 

I spent the majority of my time in fandom, until recent months, really, just wearing what I called my Robert hate deflect suit of armor. Like I would always be aware and could just shrug it off. It was my own fault for not keeping that sucker near by anymore, lol. But I thought it had. I thought yeah people get that he is a mess and an idiot but that ultimately he isn’t worthless. I thought after the abuse story, his growth as a person, SSW, his love for Liv, his attempts to save his brother, and generally being a good person that yes we have arrived. Robert can maybe not always have feel like he trying so hard to be accepted and just be accepted. 

So it was a little shocking (still is a bit but I’ve got the armor back on so it’s becoming less and less sad for me) to see that nope. Robert is still considered garbage. That nothing he has done means anything. That he is a liar and always was. That not one of the amazing things he has done was worth much because he messed up. I mean I’ve actually seen that being said. The hate and the vitriol is sickening to me but it is what it is. 

So I have to be grateful to ED for this story because it reminded me that Robert will never be accepted or loved or protected or cared about the same as Aaron or Adam or Chas or Cain or any other character. I knew that coming in of course but had thought with character growth and Ryan’s amazing characterization that had changed for people. 

It hasn’t. 

And that is totally okay because I think he is just never going to be that character for a lot of people. They’ll like him again, maybe, when he starts acting the way they want, which I mean duh, lol, that makes sense. I just have to remember that always and deal with my constant need to hug him while calling him an idiot. I’ll have to deal with wanting to cry a little at all the effort made by him. I’ll protect him and love him and that’ll have to be enough. 

These are just feelings I’ve been having and I wanted to share them. <3