don't want to be a stalker

  • Draco: Why is Potter everywhere I go, I never want to see him and his shitty green eyes and stupid messy hair and his jawline which is too sharp...
  • Pansy: Draco you've been stalking him for the past week
  • Draco: I don't know what you're talking about Pansy *Binoculars and Potter's timetable fall out of his pocket*
  • Pansy: Right, whatever you say Draco
  • Jesse: I ordered you tickets to Ed's show off the internet, they are at will call.
  • Louis: I could have called Ed and gotten backstage passes?
  • Jesse: These are section 105 row Y. Not even a suite! Really wanted to drive home the "every lad" image and have you sit in the middle of the crowd with no security.
  • Louis: Are you fuckin kidding me.
  • Jesse: What was that? I was texting the stalkers to give them a heads up.
  • Louis: Please don't.
  • Jesse: Remember that time you and Eleanor walked out the front door of the venue at your own concert? Be sure to do that at this one, too. Bonus points if the stalkers see you outside smoking and "accidentally" run into you and Eleanor.
  • Louis: [lays down in the road]
  • Jesse: You're welcome. :)))))))))

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I've been out all day. Can you pls tell me what happened in this damn fandom today?

- Louis and Elk got papped, they look like they hate each other, she looks awful

- Harry got papped, thousands of pics with stalkers

- Harry got a Jackson, Arlo, and bee tattoo (bee might not be 100% confirmed, but it’s like 98% sure)

- Larry is real 

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I feel so bad for him - it was bound to escalate at one point given the utter disrespect he's been shown, and given his own character - I just don't understand why he doesn't fly with security or fly privately or even first class? I get he has to be seen, but they're literally risking his safety. This time it was a photog that tried to provoke him and he succeeded because there was noone to calm him down, but imagine if it had been someone wanting to hurt him? Noone could've stopped them then :(

But like he goes unseen when he wants to, this was clearly not the case, and like full offence to everyone involved he gets stalked, stalkers get used to push stupid fucking agenda, paps are called all the time, there are so many stalkers surrounding louis and being encouraged by shitty team that it’s unbelievable but he doesn’t have a bodyguard with him in situations like these, esp considering daniel went with him and danielle everywhere? or w hat

australian nsw north coast gothic
  • the pacific highway is constantly upgrading. the roadworks never end. the road stretches into the distance, quiet. there are no workers, but the machines still dig.
  • you log into facebook. people you may know has updated. a girl is friends with your cousin. your cousin is friends with your boss. your boss is friends with the girl’s brother. they all live three hours away. they all know who you are. you do not know them.
  • Grafton is inland, but there is nothing to the east. do not ask what is there, only pray you will never find out.
  • city people ask you where you’re from. you tell them the name of your town. they have never heard of it. neither have you.
  • the villages on the coast brag about the beach. you visit, once. the ground is covered in sand. seagulls tear hot chips from your fingers.the people are covered in sand too. none of them wear shoes. there is a vacancy in their eyes.
  • don’t linger too long at the Taree service center. everybody is dressed in yellow and red. the town is yellow and red. yellow and red sponsors the town. yellow and red owns the town. yellow and red is the town. Taree is McDonalds.
  • the islands off the coast are empty. only one has a lighthouse. we say nobody lives there. we know that it blinks at night.
  • choosing a university is difficult, even with your regional points. you could brave the cold winters of Armidale, or escape to the drunk paradise of the Gold Coast. quick, you only have 3 seconds to decide, or Lismore will be your only option.
  • Mullumbimby doesn’t exist. Iggy Azalea never grew up there. The beaches were beautiful, but it couldn’t escape the shame. Mullumbimby doesn’t exist.
  • the Great Dividing Range looms over you. waterfall way is the only way up to Dorrigo. your parents warn you never to go west alone.
  • state of origin night, and all the houses are painted blue. all the faces are painted blue. except for the children. they don maroon. they have never known victory.
  • your local shopping centre has no escalators, if you even have one at all. you buy your clothes from target country. unless you live in Coffs Harbour. in that case, good luck.
  • it’s July, and the hipsters, goths, indie girls, and tired dads swarm up the highway. they ask you for directions. splendour, they say. it’s in the grass. you only nod blankly. there is no splendour here. only mud, and rain.
  • there’s a roundabout in the middle of the highway. and a 40km school zone. this is the main route between Brisbane and Sydney. only the strong will survive Urunga to Nambucca.
  • Russell Crowe’s house in Nana Glen is empty. he only ventures home to visit his parents. there is nobody living there, but that doesn’t stop the sightings.
  • You visit Casino for Beef Week. You see the Beef Queen crowned. You clap, as the cows surround the regent. All hail the queen of beef.
  • you wait at your local bus stop, for the once-a-day service. it never comes. it was never going to.
  • working a shift at your local bowling club, you notice the customers ageing. they age, and you are afraid. everyone is old. they all order chicken schnitzel. you must send them to Port Macquarie. it is the only place for them.
  • everybody loves the big banana. you are proud of the big banana. everybody wants to visit the big banana. nobody wants to leave the big banana. nobody is allowed to leave the big banana. everybody want to stay at the big banana. everybody must stay at the big banana. it’s a whole bunch of fun.
  • you moved to the north coast when you were young. you know your way around. it becomes your home. soon, you forget any other places exist. you stop visiting Brisbane or Sydney. you have never been further north than byron bay, never past the nymboida, you are scared to step foot in forster-tuncurry. you were born on the north coast.

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Why don't we have any fanfictions expanding on the special where Sangwoo works in the clothing store? I really want an au where Bum is hanging around the store a lot to spy on the handsome clerk who was so nice to him, and Sangwoo notices, and gets annoyed at first because he was only doing his job, and doesn't want a guy stalker, but then starts to enjoy the attention over time, as it strokes his ego how this guy seems to be so infatuated with him, and starts becoming interested in Bum too.

Fanfic writers write this

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Why can I only ask public I wanna ask stupid stuff without people finding me I don't want followers or stalkers m8

I had to deactivate the anon asks  because some people can be cruel when they have the power of hiding their identities on internet.

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Don't these stalker fans know that they all follow the same pattern & it's super easy to ID them. You've "met" multiple 1D members or gotten special access to numerous events, you tweet the day of how you want to meet X member, you then just happen to meet that member of 1D that day, your stalker friends tweet their congrats, once you get hate you claim it was all luck and stop sending me hate, your stalker friends tweet "so and so deserves to meet X member of 1D". She checked all those off.

i mean, the people doing this clearly lack self awareness in the first place so it’s no surprise they’re completely clueless about how transparent their behaviour is.

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Personally, I just really want killing stalking to end with Bum coming to the realisation that he don't need Seungbae to save him or Sangwoo to kill anyone. I want Bum to straight up just leave those two to duke it out or kill eachother, while he walks off into the sunset armed with the knowledge of both a killer and a stalker, using it to become a far better murderer then Sangwoo ever was.

YOOOO! I really wouldn’t mind this ending. Imagine Bum coming from such abuse and manipulation, and when he finally gain independence and control of his life he rises up like a phoenix from the ashes.

Damn I just got a bit emotional.

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I know sams a celebrity and all and it's expected fans want to meet him. But not sure how I feel knowing they had a long couple weeks and so much traveling to plot out when he'd arrive to try to meet him? Sometimes I wish they could just have the peace of being left alone. Clearly sam doesn't mind, he said he'd meet these fans. I don't know... maybe it's not such a big deal?

Imagine if it had been shippers who had tracked his plane and turned up to the airport to meet him? The whole fandom would have erupted and hunted us down for being stalkers. Just saying. 

the signs when they're crushing
  • check venus sign, rising sign, and lilith moon.
  • Taurus: *lowkey stalks*
  • Gemini: obviously stalks and sends asks 24/7, mostly on anon
  • Cancer: admires from afar and stays friends
  • Leo: tells all of their friends and talks to their crush. sends a lot of snapchats.
  • Virgo: they don't crush on many people, but when they do, they let them know
  • Libra: thinks about them all the time and wonders what their crush thinks of them, etc.
  • Scorpio: even better stalker than taurus. swiftly glides through their crushes' instagram page and doesn't screw up. go scorpio
  • Sagittarius: lmao they told their crush. they're dating now.
  • Capricorn: is obsessing over their crush and talking about them to friends and scREAMING ABOUT THEM AND GETTING MORE EXCITED "OMG WHAT IF THEY LIKE ME OH GOD HELP"
  • Aquarius: very good at hiding their feelings. wants to tell their crush but is slightly unsure.
  • Pisces: thinks about scenarios that could happen with their crush and sometimes gets emotional about it. wants to tell their crush they like them but is worried they'll turn them down and pisces will be alone.

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How would Genji deal with his s/o's ex that has been stalking them for over a month? Either in a fic or hc, I don't mind

(If this is happening to you please feel free to message me and you can talk to me!!!)

  • When you confide in him that you have a stalker, he immediately jumps into super-protective mode.
  • He’ll ask you if you want him to go with you everywhere.
  • He’ll also ask for the person’s name that’s stalking you.
  • If you choose not to tell him, he’ll be okay with it. He’ll still keep a close eye out for anybody that looks shady.
  • If you do tell him, he’ll confront that person immediately.
  • Probably going to threat bodily harm against them.
  • Will purposefully use his cybernetic enhancements to appear even more threatening than normal.
  • Isn’t afraid to actually make somebody disappear if they don’t heed his warnings

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i'm sorry i keep asking for acronym clarifications-- what's a REG? (sounds like another terf-subset i also don't want on my blog/in my life?)

Hi REG stalkers - did I mention I have an IP logger? Leave me alone. I see you, I see where you come here from. Leave me alone.

REG is a neoacronym - Reactionary Exclusionist Gatekeepers. This refers to the anti-ace gatekeepers, the “nb isn’t real” folks, the “THE ONLY 4 LETTERS ARE LGBT AND THAT HAS ALWAYS BEEN THE CASE” folks, “you have to have sga to be bi,” etc.

It started out as a way to find an acronym for the anti-ace brigade, and as we discussed the widening damage and their widening targets, a better acronym was needed. REG it is - Reactionary, a reaction to the long history of inclusion within the community… And the rest is self explanatory, I think.

(And before some rando pops up - no, the term “gatekeeper” isn’t “a trans thing,” it’s a centuries old term, calm down.)

So I mean you’re not wrong, but tbh i think TERFs are a subset of REGs. REGs certainly all use the same recycled arguments over and over.

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I DONT KNOW WHAT STALKER!KYLO IS BUT I NEED IT. But maybe don't make him SUPER CREEPY stalkerish? this is literally the most vague request ever i'm so sorry

So imma hit you with some gentle stalker!kylo that ISNT A MODERN AU! Because I cant find any and I want some.
•Kylo just casually knowing where your quarters on the ship are
•Kylo also just casually knowing your ENTIRE BACKGROUND and bringing it up nonchalantly in conversation. (“Yes, Y/N, I’m aware of your affinity for pickles.”)
(Idk about that one actually)
•Using his brain thingy to check in on your via thoughts… all. The. Time. (He just wants to make sure you’re ok! Also wants to know if you’re thinking about him (which you are) )
(Also: brain thingy? Ok, S.)
•He likes to randomly show up in your room to discuss… things…. (he actually just likes your room. It’s homely compared to his. Lived in. He doesn’t know why, probably something to do with the fact that YOU live in there.)
•When he’s waiting for you one day, he riffles through your drawers. (Which drawer, exactly? That’s up to interpretation. (It was your panties drawer.) )
•He stuffs a garment into one of his pockets just as you walk in, and he’s glad he’s wearing his mask still because oh man is he flushed. Can’t stop thinking about the scrap of lace in his pocket.
•One day, when you’re out doing things (he knows this, knows you won’t be back for a few hours at least.) he sneaks into your room. And jacks off on your bed, face stuffed into your pillow to muffle his moans.

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Imagine that your bff is Charlie and you met the boys for the first time in a bar . Ever since that night you're head over heals in love with (Sam or Dean) and you don't know about the monsters the lurk around.

Sure, hope you like it!

Originally posted by mockingbbird

The Talk

Pairing- DeanxReader. CharliexReader. Sam
Words number- 1400


You don’t even know why you thought it would be a great idea, going out with your stalker? What were you even thinking.

Here you were sitting in the bar with this dude that followed you around and lurked everywhere you went

Just amazing isn’t it?
Now he was talking about boring stuff and sure yeah, he was a nice guy. But you didn’t want nice! You were done with nice. Nice guys don’t let you have fun, nice guys are just so cliche and right now you wanted more.
Sure thinking about it like that you sounded like a bitch but what could you possibly do?

The heart wants what the heart wants!

“So, Y/n! What do you want to do afterwards in life?” Tyler asked you
“Huh?” You asked unsure, you just wanted to get this date over with

A date in a cheap bar, with sluts and bimbos everywhere. Just want an opportunity to launch themselves at Tyler, not that you cared.

“In life, get married have kids become a housewife!” He smiled and you cringed. Is that all he thought women could do? Sit at home and give birth?
“OH MY GOD Y/N! Are you cheating on me? After everything we went through?” A green eyes man popped right next to your table, a very sexy and handsome might you add
“Umm..I..” you were confused, that guy was a beauty, with his dirty blonde hair and the freckles that attacked his face, his candy apple green eyes
You were in a trance
But you never saw the guy in your life
“HOW COULD YOU?” He said angrily, banging his fist on the table, making Tyler jump a little “I was at home preparing for our three months anniversary and here you are with this asshole?” The stranger glared at Tyler, which made Tyler very uneasy.
Tyler looked at you and the stranger, he coughed awkwardly
“Look man, I think it’s a misunderstanding. I thought Y/n here was single!” Tyler pointed at you and you wanted to roll your eyes “I think I will just leave now, let you two sort it out?” Tyler said as he awkwardly got up and walked away

The stranger was now smirking, winking at you, he took Tyler’s seat
“That was a gift from your friend over there!” He said licking his lips as he pointed behind you
You turned back to see your best friend Charlie approaching you with a very, very tall man.
He looked like Thor
Or maybe better
The man had long brown hair, and his eyes color you couldn’t really say, you don’t even think there is a color name for such a beauty
“Hope I didn’t scare you!” The green eyed man chuckled, his voice was like a melody to your ears
“No..” you said awkwardly, not sure of what you should do
Charlie slid in the seat next to you laughing, as the tall man sat next to the green eyes guy
“You are welcome!” Charlie laughed
“Charlie!” You smiled hugging her “What the hell was that?” You said trying to look angry
“I saved you from a clearly blind date!” Charlie said in her ‘duh!’ Tone
“Hey, kiddo!” The green eyed spoke “it was me who basically saved her!” He smirked
“Where are my manners!” Charlie laughed “Y/n, this is Sam and this is Dean!” She introduced you “guys, this is Y/n! My best friend and second sister!”
“Nice meeting you Y/n!” Dean, the green eyed spoke
“Like wise!” You said shyly
“So what were you doing on a date with that guy? You clearly looked uncomfortable!” Sam, the tall guy laughed
“That obvious, huh?” You smiled
“Well I always told you, you suck a choosing men!” Charlie said as she grabbed your drink and drowned it in one go
“Yeah sure Charlie, her have my drink! No problem you are welcome!” You mumbled rolling your eyes, and you heard Dean chuckle
For some reason you were proud that you could make a man as sexy as him smile

“I like her!” Dean hummed to Charlie pointing at you
“Hey! She is off limits! Go find yourself a bimbo, Dean!” Charlie said protectively and you wanted to strangle her, here you were trying to get Dean’s attention and she was blowing up your chances
“I can defend my own self, thank you very much!” You glared at her and she smiled
“Feisty!” Dean smirked and you blushed a little
“What are you doing here anyway?” You asked Charlie and for a moment you felt the three have a silent conversation between them
“Work!” They all said together and you knew there was something off about them
“Really!?” You said folding your hands in front of you “And what prey tell is the work?” You said looking between them
“Just stuff!” Charlie shrugged
“It’s confidential!” Sam said seriously
“Right!” You scoffed “last I heard, you were flying solo!” You said to Charlie
“And smart!” Dean smirked again
“Well mister, I hope whatever ‘work’ you are doing, Charlie isn’t in danger!” You said seriously “or else I will hunt you down and we will have a little chat!” You said meaning every word
Charlie laughed awkwardly
“She gets carried away!” She laughed
“Last time you had ‘work’ you broke your elbow!” You said annoyed
“Yeah, memories!” She laughed and Sam shook his head in disapproval.

You and the guys and Charlie sat there for the whole night, drinking and laughing.
It was so great and everything was just so right. But the more you drank the more you wanted to jump on the table and kiss the hell out of Dean Winchester.

Around 2a.m Sam and Charlie called it a night and went back to their motel rooms and it was just you and Dean. And hell he was just tempting you more and more.

“You know I could beat your ass in this game, I’m just letting you win, out of my kind heart!” Dean said as he took his shot, missing the ball. Apprently you both thought playing pool while drunk is a good idea
“That’s what you said the last two games!” You laughed
“I’m just a gentleman, sweetheart!” Dean laughed and you wanted to record it, so that you could hear it anytime you liked

You dot know how you don’t know when, but one thing lead to another and the next thing you know, you and Dean are stuffed into a bathroom stall and kissing
Your legs wrapped around his waist, his mouth fierce and hot on your skin, sucking at it and leaving his mark, marking his property for the night
Your hands in his hair, tugging at it. And your head thrown back enjoying every second of it.

“Let’s take this to my room.” He moaned on your skin, and even though, you didn’t want to move, the idea of what all he could do to you if he had extra place, was so tempting.
You nodded at him, not trusting to use your own voice, right now.
“Meet me outside, I will pay the bill and come.” He said and you hummed in response .

You got out of the bar, waiting near the car he described for you, it was cold and windy and you missed Dean’s touch.
“Y/n!” A familiar voice called and you turned towards it
“Tyler?” You asked confused
“I need to talk to you!” He said as he grabbed your hand.
You tried to protest, tried pushing him away, but his grin was so hard on you. It like he had some kind of superpowers

Suddenly you found yourself in a dark alley and you were shoved into a wall
“Tyler, are you crazy!” You yelled at him
He closed the gap between you, animalistic sound escaped his mouth and you flinched back
“I thought you would be an easy meal, no social life and a boring job. No one would miss you!” He growled at you “and then that ass shows up and now I have to wait an entire night to have my meal!”
“What the hell are you saying!” You said annoyed
Suddenly he opened his mouth very wide, and very pointed scary teeth erupted from his gum
“What the fuck!?” You shivered, your eyes wide
“I’m a vampire bitch!” He said as he launched himself at your neck
A scream escaped your mouth but before you could feel any pain, Tyler’s head was rolling down the alley

There stood, the man of the hour. Dean Winchester with a machete in his hand, panting tiredly. Sam and Charlie behind him looking worried
And you stood there eyes wide

“So, that was awkward!” Charlie said sheepishly
“What the fuck?” You said freaked out, looking at all the three
“So which one of you is going to give her the talk?” Dean asked as he looked at you, licking his lips.

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Will you ever do one of those meet the artist things?I mean you don't have to draw a picture of urself (I mean I wouldn't really want to do tht either) but I just kind of want to get to know more about u. <3 (sorry if I sound like a weird stalker)

AaaaA! I did! It’s over here! Hope you like! ; O ; /

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I don't mind small talks with customers But when they start asking questions about my life or job, it's a bit much. Had this lady who started asking stuff like how long it took for me to get my job? How many hours do I get? How much do I get paid? I really don't see why I have to share that information. I just changed the subject right then. Am I overreacting? It's weird for customers to ask things like that, right? Am I the only one to feel that way? I can't be.

It’s weird.

I’ve had customers ask that because they want a job or their kids want a job and they are doing research. I’ve also had weird stalkers ask just to get more personal info from me.

If you’re uncomfortable answering then don’t answer.


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Look, Black Hat! I'm not trying to be offensive here, but I don't think you really know how to be caring. I know you want to be nicer to Dr. Flug now. The way you're going about though is what most humans would call creepy. You're acting more like a stalker than a friend.

Fucking… can I give up?

  • Them: What do you think about Ted sneaking into Robin's apartment to have an orchestra playing for her?
  • Me Internally: That was a fucking creeper move. Literally what the fuck. Dude if you don't have a key, you DON'T HAVE PERMISSION TO ENTER THAT SPACE UNLESS OTHERWISE STATED. If I was Robin, I would fear for my safety and security because apparently any random guy can just break in. The orchestra is not the point here. If he really wanted to serenade her or whatever so badly, he could have done it a less stalkerish way. Yeah, that veterinarian was right. NO ONE does that. No one being people who aren't creeps and stalkers. Miss me with that shit. I like romantic, cheesy stuff, but I'm not naive and deluded.
  • Me Externally: I don't really remember that scene, excuse for a sec, I need to go talk to my friend Kayla.