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Always use protection.
  • Alby: I've been hearing some rumours about boys developing feelings for Y/N, now I just want to make it clear that Y/N is off limits for now.
  • Newt: What?
  • Gally: That's not fair!
  • Minho: Wait, for now? So when will she be available?
  • Alby: When and if the box ever sends up condoms and birth control pills.
  • Newt: ...
  • Gally: ....
  • Minho: ....
  • Alby: Don't give me that look! You're all shuckfaces already, I don't want Shuck faced babies running around here!
  • Minho: Yes, but what if we find out we're the only humans left! And we need to repopulate the world?
  • Alby: Oh? So you're telling me Gorillas put us here? And send us supplies every week?
  • Minho: I'd prefer to say aliens.
  • Newt: Minho stop talking.
  • Minho: Do you, or do you not want to get laid some day?

ponderinghowell  asked:

Question. Does Phil top or bottom?

I’ve always seen Phil as the top since his manly cordless hammer drill days
(Dan has admitted that he is a bottom anyways X’D)

Has anyone ever thought about this? An aftg Maze Runner AU. Hear me out. (This could contain spoilers from Maze Runner)

  • When the solar flares hit the Earth, the Moriyamas and everyone who works for them lose all their power. Which is why when a terrible desease, the Flare,  spreads all over the world and kills everyone who’s not immune, they take over Wicked (World in Catastrophe, Killzone Experiment Department).
  • They start looking for children, immunes and not, who will eventually be tested to find a cure. 
  • One of them is the son of Nathan and Mary Wesninski, who work in the facility. 
  • Nathan tortures Nathaniel until he’s forced to change his name into Neil and agree to take part in the project. 

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honestly most fiction portrayals of university fail to show how intense registering for courses can me

i am screaming internally as there’s only one spot left in a class i really want, my registration isn’t for another 20 mins and there’s another wave of students before me in five minutes

Gally Cares
  • Y/N: You know Gally, I'm starting to think that you don't want Thomas going into the maze because deep down, you're concerned about his well being!
  • Gally: I don't mind suicides Y/N, but suicide bombing I have a problem with.

Thominho Hunger Games AU:
Minho looked at Thomas, a serious expression on his face. ‘If I don’t see you on the other side,’ he said in a sappy voice, ‘remember that I love you.’ Snickering at Thomas’s eyeroll, he tipped the berries into his mouth.

happy birthday thomineho


And, Thomas admitted to himself, kind of cool. His mind craved to know what kind of technology could be behind it all.

“Yeah, jacked up is right. Come on.” Minho got up with a grunt and put on his backpack. “Better get as much of the Maze run as we can. With our new decorated sky, maybe other weird things have happened out there. We’ll tell Newt and Alby about this tonight. Don’t know how it helps, but at least we know now where the shuck Grievers go.” 

“And probably where they come from,” Thomas said as he took one last look at the hidden doorway. “The Griever Hole.”

99 Prompts
  • + this was inspired highly on the lovely @sentence-fragments post “101 fluffy prompts” so, thank you <3
  • + these prompts are tailored to be written in the reader's point of view OR the character's point of view.
  • YOU AND I:
  • 001: "One day I'll sing you to sleep, and you'll wake up in love with me."
  • 002: "If only you knew who I am, maybe... maybe you'll love me like I love you."
  • 003: "We're just two poor kids, from a really rich city. Isn't that a pity?"
  • 004: "(You/I) come in, with mud on (your/my) face, holding a dozen roses. Shouldn't (I/you) be suspicious?"
  • 005: "Just please, please hold me so I won't fall apart."
  • 006: "You don't even know my name, and you're suddenly in love with me?"
  • 007: "I would appreciate it if you would stop taking my breath away whenever you walk by. I kinda need my breath."
  • 008: "You stupid, adorable idiot."
  • 009: "Can you help me with my homework? I figure since you're smart you know what you're doing."
  • 010: "You're fixing me in a way that no one else could."
  • 011: "Please don't leave me when I'm this weak. Please."
  • 012: "You're fluffy, like a pillow... or a well-written fanfic."
  • 013: "I'll make you know love again."
  • 014: "Aren't we passed 'hello'?"
  • 015: "Kiss me as if we'll never see each other again."
  • 016: "I know you, I walked with you once upon a dream."
  • 017: "You make me sane again."
  • 018: "Wise men say only fools rush in. But I can't help falling in love with you."
  • 019: "Stay with me. Please, if you'll leave me tomorrow and never come back, stay one more night."
  • 020: "Take my hand. Take my whole life, too because I can't help it that I'm madly in love with you."
  • 021: "We're such opposites, and I couldn't be more attracted to you."
  • 022: "Can you sing to me until I fall asleep?"
  • 023: "I'm tired of being alone. Don't let me go."
  • 024: "You're just jealous because you're the little spoon."
  • 025: "You're cute when you're pouty and jealous."
  • 026: "She doesn't deserve you. That should be me."
  • 027: "You're sitting there, oblivious at the bar, when (she's/he's) sleeping around and you're just letting this all happen?!"
  • 028: "Number one: stop feeling sorry for yourself and get out of that loveless relationship."
  • 029: "I never meant to get attached. Now that I am, I'm trapped."
  • 030: "Can't you see that I'm the one who understands you?"
  • 031: "(He/She) won't love you like I would."
  • 032: "(He's/She's) an idiot for letting someone like you go."
  • 033: "I have loved you since we were fifteen. You just never noticed."
  • 034: "While you were chasing her, you were oblivious that I was struggling to get your attention."
  • 035: "It's like you casted a spell on me. And from the start, I was hooked."
  • 036: "The thought of you with (her/him) makes me want to vomit, just saying."
  • 037: "If you want to keep me then you better treat me like a damn princess."
  • 038: "This superficial love shit got me going crazy."
  • 039: "If you like (her/him), go for it. Just stop stringing me along."
  • 040: "You're such an idiot, you've been chasing for the right person when I've been standing here all along."
  • 041: "I think I know (he/she) doesn't love me. That's why I mess around."
  • 042: "I don't want to marry someone who broke me on the inside."
  • 043: "I keep falling for your fool's gold."
  • 044: "I thought it was supposed to be you. That you'd be the one to save me."
  • 045: "You're not the person who gets to be in my happily ever after."
  • 046: "It's sad because I still love you even though you're with (her/him)."
  • 047: "I'm not your side piece. If anything, you're my side piece."
  • 048: "After all these years of not apologizing, you're on your knees begging for my help? After all you did?"
  • 049: "And if one day, you wake up and realize you want to be with me again, you better be ready to slay a dragon to win me back."
  • 050: "I trusted you and you abused that trust. That's not right. You can't waltz in here and think everything is okay."
  • 051: "I had a few drinks now and the only thing on my mind is you. It's always you."
  • 052: "I'm not the same (girl/boy) you left broken-hearted two years ago."
  • 053: "You don't get the glory of seeing me cry."
  • 054: "People may call you a hero, but you're a villain in my eyes."
  • 055: "Sorry, I'm all out of love."
  • 056: "You were the best drug my heart got addicted to."
  • 057: "You left me and went on to become bigger and better."
  • 058: "You saved me from death, and now you want to kill me? You had your chance."
  • 059: "No one came when I was about to die. You left me to die."
  • 060: "I am so done, trying to be your number one."
  • 061: "Every little thing you do pisses me off and it makes me mad because it makes me love you more."
  • 062: "You had no trouble tearing me apart and poking holes in my heart."
  • 063: "You accused me of murder and now you want to go out for dinner?!"
  • 064: "No! Stop feeling sorry for yourself again!"
  • 065: "I'm not the damsel in distress anymore! I. Don't. Need. You."
  • 066: "Don't pretend you're sorry. I know you're not."
  • 067: "You stop being sorry three years ago. Stop saying you're sorry."
  • 068: "You. Don't. Own. Me. You never did, never will. People can't own people."
  • 069: "There is not a single bone of humanity in you. You've turned to the monster I feared you were gonna become."
  • 070: "You're terrible. And to think I actually fell in love with you at one point."
  • 071: "You sicken me, you pathetic low life. Stop stalking me and trying to save me."
  • 072: "I can save myself, thank you very much for your unnecessary and unwanted help."
  • 073: "I don't need you to be happy. I never needed you."
  • 074: "So... you're actually undercover pretending to be a high school (girl/boy)?"
  • 075: "(You/I) just saved (me/you) from a burning fire and now you're asking me out?"
  • 076: "Why are my clothes on fire? Why aren't your clothes on fire?"
  • 077: "What crawled in your pants and made you a fuck(boy/girl)?"
  • 078: "You're sick? I'll be over with lemonade in five."
  • 079: "Stop hiding in the bathtub and eating pizza."
  • 080: "So my dog is a robot that you've been using to spy on me?"
  • 081: "Explain to me why you are covered in marshmallow fluff and Nutella."
  • 082: "Don't tell me you're filling up water balloons with hot tea again and throwing them at your enemies."
  • 083: "(You're/ I'm) (my/your) little sister, so naturally a cold-crazed psychopath man is gonna want to make (you/me) his bride."
  • 084: "Did you just ride on a horse all the way to my house to ask me out?"
  • 085: "Why the hell did you just kick me in the (boob/nuts)?"
  • 086: "You're like a little, shiny potato chip."
  • 087: "Can I dance spontaneously in the rain now?"
  • 088: "Stop using my tooth brush to brush your hair."
  • 089: "What song do you want me to play while you throw up?"
  • 090: "You smell like burps and giggles."
  • 091: "Can you stop rubbing butter over yourself for a minute and listen to me?"
  • 092: "Stop running around the place screaming that you want to be Blue Ivy. We're at a grocery store."
  • 093: "Can you stop hitting me in the butt with a water bottle?"
  • 094: "So you called me over because you poured hot sauce in your hair?"
  • 095: "Am I the first person to tell you that you cannot rap? Because if I am, I'm surprised."
  • 096: "I don't want to know why you're dressed as a banana."
  • 097: "Please don't tell me I just fell into dog poop."
  • 098: "I'm calling you Captain Savage Worm."
  • 099: "You're just an adorable kitten in a way too tight jumpsuit."
Thomas makes song edits
  • Thomas: Hey there Newtie, what's it like in New York City? You're a thousand miles away but you can FaceTime me those titties
  • Newt: There's something seriously wrong with you
  • Thomas: Summer lovin' had me a blast. Summer lovin' a dick in my ass
  • Newt: Honestly, I'm a bit concerned
  • Thomas: Who run the world? Gays! Who run the world? Gays!
  • Newt: That's a bit biased, don't ya think?
  • Thomas: I'm coming out! I want the world to know that I'm a big homo
  • Newt: Noted
  • Thomas: My anaconda don't want none unless you're 18, hun!
  • Newt: Hey! I may look young but that was just rude!
  • Thomas: Tick tock on the clock wish you'd suck on my cock
  • Newt: You're offensive
  • Thomas: You love it
  • Newt: It would be appreciated if you would stop
  • Thomas: Don't lie to yourself. You love my vulgar mouth
  • Newt: Okay I know where this is going and we're gonna quit while we're ahead

Minho looked at Thomas, a serious expression on his face. “If I don’t see you on the other side,” he said in a sappy voice, “remember that I love you.”

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