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I’ve seen a few viktuuri soulmate aus where the soulmate’s initial is on the other’s wrist, and yet I haven’t seen a single fic that deals with how much this would SUCK for poor Katsuki Yuuri. Because the letter V in the Cyrillic alphabet and the letter B in the Roman alphabet look exactly the same.

So poor Yuuri goes through his whole life thinking his soulmate is a westerner whose name starts with B, which is fine right up until Viktor shows up and he realizes these feelings might be a little stronger than just a fanboy crush. So then Yuuri’s feeling terrible and guilty because he’s falling for the wrong person, and Viktor certainly isn’t helping with his flirtiness. And he finally confronts Viktor about it, telling him “I really like you but there’s no way this could work because I want to be with my soulmate and there’s no way you could possibly be them” and showing Viktor his mark.

And Viktor’s so confused. He saw Yuuri’s mark at the banquet, and he’s known ever since he managed to translate his own mark that it’s the first character in Yuuri’s name, so why is Yuuri saying he can’t be Viktor’s soulmate? Viktor says as much, and now Yuuri’s confused because that’s a B, Viktor. And it finally clicks in Viktor’s head that Yuuri doesn’t know Russian, and there’s no reason why he would assume the letter was a Russian V when it looks like a Roman B. So misunderstandings are resolved, laughs and smooches are had, and Yuuri decides to learn Russian because he’d rather not have some nonsense like this happen again.

Anyway if someone would like to write this I would be eternally grateful.

  • me: i love that hikaru sulu is canonically gay and in a loving relationship with his husband. i love that he has a child. i love that the family is depicted in a healthy light, but also not made to be a big deal. i love how star trek has created wonderful representation for east asian gay people everywhere. it's such a beautiful thing, and regardless of how anyone else feels about it, i love it. i don't want this moment to be about anybody else, just about hikaru sulu and how he has nothing to be ashamed of.
  • also me: let kirk and spock kiss!!! let kirk and spock kiss!!! let kirk and spock--

Ok, I don't like to post about this unless I’m clearing it up or trying to help people calm down. This post is just me trying to help people calm down and try to clear it up. So to start everything off these pictures are from today in New Orleans 9/15/16. When I saw this I started to breathe really hard because I was really overwhelmed and was stressed out, and I don't want anybody else going through that so hope this helps. I'm going to start off with Luke and Arzaylea, it shows that they were both there and apparently Luke gave Arzaylea a piggyback ride which I find adorable, AND Luke gave Arzaylea flowers PIC which a fan toke a picture of Luke walking earlier today with the same exact flowers in Arzayleas snapchat PIC. I thought that was really cute and the least dramatic out of all of this. Moving on to Ashton and this mystery girl. We don’t know who it is and there is a rumour saying that they made out on the sidewalk but the girl who said it was half drunk and only toke pictures of them walking but she didn’t take a video of them making out supposedly. Like not saying that you should take a video but why didn't she because she toke lots of other videos of them hanging out but somehow she couldn't take a picture nor a video of them making out. Basically saying that the rumour can be false. Also, there’re people saying that Ashton was also hanging out with another girl at Bye Purples gig LINK  couple days before. Meaning that this can just be a groupie and it can just be a friend. He was I think holding her hand not sure but friends can hold each other’s hand and not be dating. Moving on to Michael and Crystal ugh. Note that Crystal is a 67-year-old grandma and is way older than Michael. She’s like 13 years older, so I'm pretty sure Michael wouldn't date a grandma. There’s a rumour saying that Michael and Crystal were holding hands/kissed/Crystal rubbed Michales back but again no pictures so it’s fake. There's pictures of them walking but no holding hand pictures because “they were holding hands but I didn't get a picture yet I toke pictures of them walking” sounds totally believable -rolls eyes- this goes for that Ashton rumour as well. Now moving on to Calum and SataNia

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When I saw those pictures, I'm not gonna lie but I started to panic because Calum and SataNia drama hasn't happened in a while. But that doesn't mean my views and opinions and anything that I have said before has changed. So sadly there’s a pic of them having there arms around each other JUST LIKE months ago in New York. This DOESNT MEAN THAT THEY ARE DATING. THEY ARE CLOSE FRIENDS/BEST FRIENDS. People nowadays even take pictures at this specific time to make it look like the scene was longer so for example when SataNia and Calum put their arms around each other that could have been only for a second or a couple of seconds like how you greet your friends when you meet them, but the person who toke the picture made it seem like they put their arms around each other for like hours and such. And it does look like that in the picture, it looks like they just greeted and Calum looks uninterested as usual and SataNia is like gripping his waist while Calum is lightly putting his hand on her back. AND SataNia and Casey got matching tattoos LINK and to add on to that Casey was with them as well, so it’s Casey and SataNia, not Calum and SataNia. Not to forget that 5sos signed SataNia and her band which wouldn’t make sense if the dated and would mess things up. So all of this Michael and Crystal, Calum and SataNia, and Ashton and random girl is overly dramatic and just friends. To add on to Ashton with the mystery girl, its our first time seeing her with Ashton so we can’t just say they are dating because as of right now they are friends. Just like how Michael and Crystal are friends and Calum and SataNia are friends. It’s just a normal friends night out and here’s some videos of them hanging out 

Video 1

Video 2

Video 3 

you can see that Calum is standing next to his boyfriend Ashton and not SataNia. SataNia is standing next to Casey or infront of him. This was just a friendly friends night out. Hope this calmed things down and helped you calm down if you felt panicked about this. You can always talk to Me about this or anything, not only that but you have these 2 wonderful people as well



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Hope you have a nice day ❤️ XO

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I feel like a blurb about Luke telling you that you're it for him would be freaking cute as hell like you'd be doubting your whole relationship and he'd get all whiny cause you're too blind to see what a gem you are to him so he'd literally nuzzle his face into the crook of your neck and be like "the thing is babe, I don't want anybody else why can't you see that you're it for me" wow omg I'm just gonna end this cause I didn't know how up his ass I was until right now

oH GOD i don’t know if you wanted me to cry but you did such a good job of it :(

You’d both be like sitting on the couch and you’d be leaning your head against the arm, your socked feet resting against his thigh, just kind of watching him watch tv and he’d probably be giggling at like Step Brothers or Spongebob or something dorky and you’d just like, cock your head and you probably didn’t mean to say it out loud but you’d just mumble like, ‘i can’t believe you’re even with me.’ and he’d be totally confused, thinking you meant there with you and not on tour, not like with you so he’d turn to you and grin like, ‘i know, baby, i missed you, ya know?’ and you’d be like ‘no, i mean.. you’re so.. and i’m just?’ and he’d furrow his brow and reach for your hands, pulling you until you’re sitting facing him and he’d turn to you and shuffle closer until he could pull you into his lap, his palms resting against your cheeks and he’d just be like, 'what are you talking about? you’re perfect.’ and you’d roll your eyes cause not half an hour ago he was telling you how annoying it is when you poke his dimple and steal his hoodies and he’d see it in your eyes that you were getting a little overwhelmed and insecure so he’d pull you tighter against him, his arms wrapped around you and his nose running along the column of your neck when he buried his face there and his breath would be warm against your exposed collarbone and he’d just be like, 'i don’t know how many ways i can tell you, baby, i don’t want anyone or anything else. You’re it for me. You’re my Person.’ and you’d roll your eyes again only this time it was to stop yourself from crying because how dumb were you ever doubting it and he’d laugh when he felt you choke out a sigh and mumble, 'i love you, you dork. Even when you’re annoying and steal my hoodies.’ and damn i got carried away too gOOD ONE ANON

The revelation by her mom she’s practically royalty gave me the idea…

can someone pretty please write that au where Lucy is really a princess & Wyatt gets hired as her bodyguard, while Noah is the fiancé they chose for her when she was like 10 but she’s like fuck that shit. Princess of Rittenhouse, princess of a corrupted kingdom is not what she wants & she starts working against them in secret with help from Wyatt & his friend Rufus. She gets more than expected along the way, friends & possibility of love.  

Choose the era as you please, it can be 50′s or 80′s or even now.

Most of the time I’m too shy and embarrassed to post my drawings but today I just felt like posting something.

He was supposed to be holding those funky keyblade guns but I don’t like to challenge myself so now he’s holding air, with his wrong sized fist D:.