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David Boreanaz In, Jim Caviezel Out as Star of CBS' Navy SEAL Drama
In an 11th hour recast, Bones vet David Boreanaz has replaced Person of Interest’s Jim Caviezel as the star of CBS’ Navy SEAL drama pilot, TVLine has confirmed.
By Michael Ausiello

In an 11th hour recast, Bones vet David Boreanaz has replaced Person of Interest‘s Jim Caviezel as the star of CBS’ Navy SEAL drama pilot, TVLine has confirmed.

Written by Justified alum Ben Cavell, the potential series follows the lives of the elite Navy SEALs as they train, plan and execute the most dangerous, high-stakes missions our country can ask. Boreanaz will play Jason, the respected, committed leader of his assault team who’s been through over a dozen deployments, with scars inside and out.

This is very stupid, but I wish someone would make a small otome VN thing based on Takarazuka RetJ, where you play as Juliet, and  make different choices during the masked ball. Dance with different partners. Refuse to dance with anyone, storm back to your room, and face the wrath of the Capulet family later. Tell Romeo that actually you’d rather take things slow. Mistake alcohol for water, get drunk and punch Paris in the face. Sit on the staircase and chat with Mercutio about the meaning of life, come to the conclusion that life doesn’t make any sense. Tell your parents that you can’t marry Paris, because you’re in love with the Prince of Verona. Ask Death and Love why their costumes aren’t white. Dance with Death, decide that he’s not really your type though.

Psycho-Pass Official Profiling 2: Interviews

Here’s all the interviews from the Official Profiling 2 book. (Well, except for the ones with Ling Toshite Shigure, Chelly from EGOIST, and Yugo Kanno. Aka the ones in charge of the music. Sorry about that.) They include the following:

  • Staff – General Director – Motohiro Katsuyuki
  • Cast – Hanazawa Kana (Akane), Fujiwara Keiji (Tougane), Kimura Ryohei (Kamui)
  • Cast – Hanazawa Kana (Akane), Seki Tomokazu (Kougami)
  • Staff – original story concept & screenplay – Urobuchi Gen; 2nd season structure – Ubukata Tow
  • Staff – Director – Shiotani Naoyoshi

Under the cut are a lot of words (almost 13k), but here are the takeaways:

  • Like I theorized way back, Psycho-Pass is not a series with a fixed start-end plot, but a sandbox where only certain elements of the world and certain characters are set in stone. Thus new writers, etc can come in and play with the pieces every single time. Even the staff’s all “there are so many side stories and spinoffs that we’ll leave it up to you to figure out canon” from them.

  • The movie was thought up, planned, and put into production before they ever considered season two. I repeat, the movie was always the priority, and the gears started moving right when they finished s1.
  • Apocalypse Now was a huge inspiration for the movie.
  • Everyone (cast, staff) agrees that if a certain character had been there in s2, the case would have been wrapped up right away and there would have been no s2. (So unbelievably true, but grrrrrr)

  • Shimotsuki Mika is beloved by the staff for the exact same reason that fans dislike her (“she’s what Sibyl thinks a true Inspector is”).
  • Hinakawa was always made to be a foil to other characters (poor boy).

  • If you didn’t know, many of the important staff figures spent a lot of their careers on live action, crime series, etc, and really love Western scifi/crime/etc media, which is one of the reasons why PP feels so different from a typical anime you see nowadays.
  • The recording cast left an empty chair in the studio for you know who during s2, and HanaKana basically said at one point, “Please come back already!”
  • And if nothing else, read the two cast interviews!

Spoilers for s2 and the movie, obviously, under the cut.

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You said you don't want the new generation to be involved in any romance, why is that? I think you have to understand that around their age is when you start to actually take a romantic interest in the opposite (or same) gender. I'm sure I speak for many when I say that I wouldn't mind it. Something that I'm not looking forward to if romance is included is shipping wars. God have mercy. Love your blog But let's just agree to disagree on this one \(^__^)/

I do understand that. I wasn’t saying it’s somehow wrong for them to be involved in romance, but I’m just not interested in it, at all. If there’s gonna be any romance included in later works like the current Boruto manga, I’d much rather they be centred on the canon couples that we already know and love. SasuSaku, NaruHina, ShikaTema, SaiIno and ChojiKarui. I’d much rather have their relationships further explored, and for them to be given more moments than to have anything from the new generation.

shelikeshummingbirds  asked:

Thank you for your reply, you're nice! :D I don't want to see any romance steroline so I avoid tumblr a few days. Can you write a Drabble where Caroline says “you don't have to do this for me”? (Love you and thanks a lot!!!)

Thanks for the request =) Hope you enjoy it! Sorry its a bit late too…


Walking down the porch steps of the Forbes home, Caroline threw Klaus a grateful smile. He leaned against the hood of his car parked on the road right in front of the lawn, arms and ankles crossed as he waited patiently for her to gather her stuff. She was heading back to Whitmore by the way of Richmond to shop for a party she had planned.

“You don’t have to do this for me, you know. I mean, I’m grateful you rescued me last night, but I don’t expect you to be my personal chauffeur for the day,” she said hesitantly, stopping in front of him and hitching her weekend bag onto her shoulder.

Her car had broken down the night before on her way home from an evening out with her friends. They had all stayed out for a late night but she had plans for an early morning and had excused herself. She was almost halfway home when her car had given in, and even in her vampire state, there was no way she was going to run home and leave her baby by the side of the road for anyone to take.

So she had called Klaus to come pick her up. Her friends were still out and the tow truck had said they would be at least another hour. With no time to waste (mostly because she was tired and it was raining), she had contemplated whether to call the hybrid for over ten minutes before giving in and doing so. Luckily for her, he had been more than happy to help her out.

“Nonsense, love. What are friends for?” Klaus grinned, pushing himself off and taking her bag from her chivalrously before opening the passenger door open for her. Nodding, she slid into his black CUV as he placed her luggage into the trunk.

“You sure you didn’t have any plans?” she asked once they were on the road, breaking the silence they had fallen into. Caroline had found herself watching the way his muscles moved until his clothes as he drove, the taught material of his sleeves or his jeans reacting in time with his body. It was only for a second but once she had caught herself, she mentally shook her head and quickly steered her mind towards something else to focus on; conversation.

“Nothing I can’t rearrange,” he replied nonchalantly, causing her to arch a brow.

“Really? Because it’s going to be a long day and it’ll consist mainly of shopping and probably me being frustratingly bossy,” she pushed tauntingly though all she got in response was a slow dimpled smile and an innocent look.

“I’m sure I can keep myself entertained,” he insisted, turning back to the road with a small chuckle. “Besides, watching you in your element is bound to be interesting.”

Pursing her lips at his comment, she consider it before nodding. “Slightly creepy, but ok,” she relented, smiling slightly as she remembered the favour he was actually doing for her without expecting anything back from her except to be in her company for the day. “And Klaus?” she added, waiting until he hummed in answer to carry on. “Thank you.”

Klaus looked taken aback by her sincerity for a second before cracking a dazzling grin at her. “Of course.”

Laughing, Caroline shook her head at Klaus’ questions. “No, see, that’s the difference between high school and college. Now, most of us are legally able to drink so parties take over proms,” she explained.

They were taking a well deserved break from hours of shopping at a quaint little Italian ristorante for lunch. She was almost done with only a few items for decoration left and she had to admit, Klaus had done well so far. He hadn’t complained once (which is more than she could have said for some of her friends) and had answered honestly anytime she had asked for his opinion on one item or another even if he clearly hadn’t understood the point of Homecoming or the subsequent parties. She appreciated his company, even when he left her for a little while to take phone calls or wandered around the store in interest. If anything, it was enjoyable, much to her surprise.

“Though your planning is as detailed as it was back then,” he complimented her, making her smile shyly.

“Some things doesn’t change,” she brushed off with a simple shrug, taking a sip of the delicious red wine he had chosen for their meal. It complemented her pasta perfectly, and one of the perks of being a vampire was that she could have more than just a glass before feeling tipsy. “But that doesn’t mean you get to crash this event either! Got it? Those things have changed,” she added, pointing her fork at him threateningly.

Swallowing his last bite, Klaus chuckled and laid down his utensils on his plate to hold up his hands in the universal sign of innocence. “Loud and clear,” he said with a smile before digging into the inside pocket of his jacket. “If I can’t be there, however, perhaps I could leave a mark to keep me on your mind.”

Arching a brow when he pushed a small black square across the table towards her, she eyed the jewellery box before catching his eyes in amusement. “Whoa, Klaus, don’t you think we’re moving a little bit too fast?”

“Open it, sweetheart,” he urged her, rolling his eyes at her teasing.

Giggling, Caroline picked up the box to do as he asked (or rather demanded). “Is this where you disappeared to when I was picking out up the beer pong stuff?” she asked, opening the box to reveal a pair of dangling diamond earrings on a long silver chain. “Wow, they’re beautiful. I- I can’t accept these.”

He placed a hand over hers to stop her movement halfway when she snapped the box close and slid it back over to him. “Its a gift, Caroline. You don’t have a choice in the matter,” he told her coolly with a lopsided smile, thumb strumming softly over his knuckles. She did her best not to focus on the warmth of his hand or the tenderness of his actions (or the way they sent shivers down her spine or made butterflies appear in her stomach).

“A gift for what? You’re the one doing me a favour today, not the other way around,” she reminded him incredulously, though she knew that, Klaus being Klaus, he didn’t really need a reason and usually never did.

“A gift because I can,” he merely said, giving her his patent boyish smile and proving her right. Pushing her hand back slightly, he let go and leaned back in his seat. “You mentioned earlier how you needed some new earrings for your outfit. I happened to come across these-” She scoffed incredulously at his explanation though he pointedly ignored her and carried on without missing a beat. “-and thought of you.”

“I didn’t know I said that out loud,” Caroline finally replied, taking the box back into her hands and taking another look at them. Her outfit consisted of a sparkly blue and silver dress with matching blue shoes (though she had back ups for all just in case). Either way, the simple and elegant earrings would complete both, if not any, outfits. Offering Klaus a grateful smile, she carefully tucked the box into her purse and nodded. “Thank you. They’ll go perfectly.”

Sighing, Caroline dumped her bags onto the floor as soon as she stepped into her dorm room. “I’m so glad that’s over and done with now. I couldn’t even think about going back,” she groaned, waving a hand to the corner to indicate Klaus could drop the bags he carried there too.

“And here I thought you enjoyed all the planning,” he chuckled dryly, earning himself a half-hearted glare from the blonde.

“I do! Just not the mindless shopping. Its a party, Klaus, not a glamorous ball. A slight difference,” she informed him, taking a quick look around the room and concluded that Elena and Bonnie weren’t back yet. They were due at any moment, and she knew she wouldn’t hear the end of it (probably from her fellow vampire) if they came back to find the Original Hybrid still there.

However, after the day they had shared, Caroline realised there was a small part of her that simply didn’t care. She enjoyed their friendship, or whatever it was there were currently doing. If she was honest, it truly felt like he was courting her, which sounded more likely considering the gentleman Klaus could be with her.

“I’ll take your word for it,” Klaus commented, breaking her out of her thoughts as he laid her weekend bag onto her bed (how he knew which was hers, she had no idea). With a tilted head, he smiled softly and sighed. “I should get going.”

“Ok,” was all she could say in reply with a small nod, noting the empty feeling that overcame her was something akin to disappointment. When he turned to leave, she quickly added, “I’ll walk you out.”

It was only a short distance with conversation flowing between them easily. “Enjoy your evening, love, and your Homecoming week. I shall see you soon.”

“You know, if you want, I could show you the difference,” Caroline said before her brain caught up with her mouth. Being a vampire had done nothing for the filter that should keep her from speaking her mind without thinking sometimes. At his questioning look, she clarified, “Between a party and a ball.”

“Are you inviting me to your party, Caroline?” Klaus asked in amusement as they made their way towards his car.

Just as friends,” she added pointedly with a small nudge as she bumped her shoulder against his to get her words across to him.

Laughing lightly, he ducked his head slightly as he took out his car keys and unlocked the doors. “I would be honoured,” he said earnestly and she could actually see how much he meant it.

“Great! I’ll see you then!” Caroline exclaimed, clapping her hands as he rounded the car to get into the driver’s seat.

Standing on the path, she bit her bottom lip and thought about the day they had had. The shopping trip would never have been as interesting or entertaining by herself, and dare she say it, but had it been anyone else, she highly doubted it would have been as fun.

Deciding to bite the bullet and take a step in the direction Klaus had been waiting for her to do, she stepped forward and tapped on the passenger window. When he rolled it down, she leaned over so she could inform him, “Oh, and just FYI; if you wear that black top of yours and those dark jeans, there might be a chance I won’t let you out of my sight all evening.”

For the first time since she had known him, Klaus looked positively shocked and dumbfounded at her confession. Clearing his throat, he finally seemed to get over it to reply huskily, “I will keep that in mind.”

Caroline threw him a wink before standing up straight and tapping the roof of the car gently. He wound up the window as she headed back towards her dorm, where she waited until she was up the steps to take one final peek over her shoulder. Noticing him still there watching her almost protectively, she gave him a small wave as he started his engine and waited for her to enter the building before eventually driving off.