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Ugh okay but just think about Hagrid going back to his hut and working so hard all night to make a little pink cake, painstakingly trying to make every letter perfect, and shooing Fang away, because “This ‘ere is for little 'Arry. Not so little anymore, though!” He beams through a few tears and is so proud of it as he wraps it up in a box with a ribbon, and can’t even sleep because he’s so excited. I mean HAGRID you guys

this is the only other thing i’ve drawn today and it’s just a sketch but i felt like i needed to share,

so you’re telling me eva mohn doesn’t get a follow up on her self discovery, vilde hellerud doesn’t get to talk about her family and struggles (and her casual racism and ableism tbqh), chris berg doesn’t get to possess more than one (1) personality trait (=which is FUNNY btw), and sana bakkoush doesn’t get to address the microaggressions, misconceptions and/or islamophobia against her even within her own friend group…

but we get to ,,,wrap up,,, noorhelm but NOT in a garbage bag… okay

theres a a key point that Vilde wanted a skinny white girl squad “norske party jenter” from the beginning and now that they’ve fused with the pepsi max girls she has that so its not suprising to me to see her behaviour becoming this bad towards Sana bc that ignorance is just about common here. Shes gets to be like them, she doesn’t want to tolerate something foreign to her when she has the majority of the people around her backing up her eye rolls and tension about Islam. and this is also Sana’s pov and she’s been the target of Vilde’s ignorance since season 1, but we’re just seeing more of it now because this is Sana telling the story

honestly fanon Lotor is awesome with Lance but…also….keith is awesome…hunk is awesome…pidge is awesome…shiro is awesome…LITERALLY ANYONE YOU SHIP WITH LANCE WOULD BE COOL AS LONG AS THEY LOVE AND SUPPORT LANCE. DON’T LET THIS BOY BE IN AN ABUSIVE RELATIONSHIP. LANCE DOES NOT DESERVE THAT.

Manju and Mochi

Street racers!AU

warnings: psychotic like mad hatter, cocky Jinyoung, mentions of killing, strong language, murder, still mafia related, mild smut (pg-14, get a grip, he’s young), you’re emotionless.

You watched the young male walk towards his seat beside you; he didn’t scare you to say the least, rather he fascinated you. Both of you were really silent, predicting every move the other made.

You stayed in the same position for more than half an hour waiting for the professor to dismiss the class, so you could escape Jinyoung’s stare. You hung your head back when the teacher slammed the textbook down the table then dismissed the class.

You rushed out the class, finally getting fresh air until he whispered into your ear, “You look extremely nervous.”

You turned your head to him, just a few inches away from his lips, but you spoke instead, “Don’t try me.”

The hallway was empty by that time of day, and you half expected Jinyoung to walk the same direction you did; however, when you turned back to see if he was delaying his steps–you didn’t see him at all. You retreated back trying to find him, you pulled on every door to inspect.

Lastly, you stood in front of the gym door; it was locked. There were sounds coming from the gym, this time you didn’t hesitate. You scanned for another entrance, but there was none. You pulled out two pins from your hair, pulling the curved metal away from the flat one before taking out the round nub of the pin. Bending the tip of the pin ninety degrees left, you then bent the curved surface resembling it into a handle. You stepped on the other pin, then curving it ninety degrees before inserting it inside the lock.

Your movements halted when you heard someone’s scream from the inside–the cries for help. Proceeding with caution, you put in the second pin moving the pins of the lock upward, the door opened automatically letting you sneak inside. Your eyes caught a glimpse of the scene inside, Jinyoung pointed his gun on a man then his eyes darted to yours.

“Shoot and the alarm goes off.” You threatened as your gaze held him in place. Jinyoung showed you a cocky grin aiming the gun on top of the man’s head, “You’re also part of this, just so you know.”

You smirked, “Be careful with what you wish for, there are things you should be afraid of. Especially since you still feel pain, fear and sympathy.”

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so I’ve been fiddling with photoshop and FINALLY got the brushes to work the way i’ve been wanting to! So for practice last night I drew some Bill and Dipper doodles while watching a friend’s stream XD