don't wanna grow up

Harry Potter books if McGonangall was headmaster instead of Dumbledore

Year 1- “We are NOT hiding a magical item that powerful in a school! This is what Gringotts is for.”

Year 2- “Children are being petrified left and right? We send them home. Immediately. And get me the Aurors on the line. How is this even a debate.”

Year 3- “There are Dementors on the grounds? Yep, children are sent home again. And Severus, stop being racist against werewolves.”

Year 4- “Potter, don’t be ridiculous, this is obviously a plot against you. Sit down, you are not entering this tournament. You are only fourteen, for Merlin’s sake.”

Year 5- “Eat a centaur dick, Dolores.”

Year 6- “Severus, why haven’t you updated your potion textbooks requirements, this was already old when you studied here.”

Year 7- “There’s a war? Children are sent home, obviously. All of them. Yes, you too, Mister Weasley.”