don't wanna go near it


Wanted to do some more Steven Universe fanart since I don’t do enough, so the gang’s heading out for some beach time! AW YE >:V 

so I hadn’t been for a couple of years but I went to London Comic Con over the weekend! I took this photo around 2pm when I was seriously considering throwing my cosplay into the river because the belts are fucking annoying man oh my god

anyway I had a load of fun! I did a full day of panels, seeing Jeremy Shada’s band perform and then running and waiting over an hour for a photo with him but it was so much fun and can’t wait to probably do it all again in October!

  • Lucy: Kara, you can fly anywhere in the solar system, but only I can take you to heaven. ;)
  • Kara: I don't believe in heaven?
  • Lena: It's a good thing you got freeze breath because I feel so hot looking at you
  • Kara: Oh that's bad! do you want me to take you to the hospital?
  • Cat: I think my clothes might have Kryptonite, wanna take them off me?
  • Kara: Um I think Alex would be better, I don't wanna go near Kryptonite
  • Alex: OMFG Kara you're an idiot