don't walk fly

Zoro always comes up with the simplest most absurd ideas that would work if possible but that's a big if.

Sword is cursed: “Throws it up to see if it’ll slice me in pieces”
Is stuck: “let’s cut my legs”
Zoro, we are falling, do something: “Let it to luck”
Handcuffed to Usopp: “One of our arms must go and then Chopper glues it back”
Can’t reach enemy: “I’ll fly to him”

How is he even alive? Amazing.
Zoro is a miracle you guys, pass it on.

I’m going on holiday next week. I thought I’d print my boarding pass off at lunch today, I couldn’t find it on the default printer and I was so confused… then I remembered where I’d printed to last and just about died when I saw the results…