don't wait

You will rot
for the boy
whose love once filled books
and poems
and lines
upon lines
upon lines

of passion.

You will rot
for his apologies
for his text message
for his 2am phone call
when his words
are slurring
and swerving
down the road
into a head-on collision of

I’m sorry.

You will rot
waiting for the magnificent explosion
that will amount
to an amazing symphony of


And in the end,
you will rot

if you wait
for him.

—  Michelle K., Rotten.

I don’t understand why people wait so much…
You wait the all year for New Year’s eve so you can make all that stupid promises;
You wait 18 years so you can start “leaving” and party like a crazy and then you will miss the times when having fun was inviting your closest friends and eat candy all day;
You wait until go to college and work to “create” a family, when you don’t give the right value to your own family;
You wait 18 years for your drive license, when you should enjoy every time that your parents said: “ei lets just drive for somewhere” ;
You wait until you lost your parents to remember and appreciate all the things they teach you and did for you;
You wait until you lost the love of your life to tell him you love him;
You wait until you are in pain and dying to appreciate the beautiful world we live in;

Just… Don’t wait…. One day you will regret it…. This is your life so appreciate every second of it…
Be happy

—  My deep mind