don't vote for any of them

[sees anime award stuff]

eh, it’s not important. there’s no actual weight to winning any of thes–

[sees yoi beat out mp100 for best animation]

are you fucking shitting me

I was rereading the election arc recently and noticed something. when Nanika heals Gon, there’s this massive energy spilling out, enough that the more powerful/influential Hunters still stuck in an auditorium trying to vote someone off the island on the next chairman can feel it. and there’s Illumi’s bloodlust but w/e

and when Nanika does her thing for Killua’s wish, we get this reaction from Mizaistom, Cheadle, and Pariston

none of them have any idea what that was, and it’s worrying. for good reason–Nanika is ridiculously powerful, especially if she’s from the Dark Continent. even Pariston doesn’t know what’s going on.

but compare this with Ging’s reaction:

that’s more worried than he’s been all arc. Ging’s pretty unflappable, and he looks pretty flapped to me. and I don’t think that’s a face of someone who doesn’t know what they’re dealing with. I think Ging knows what they’re sensing, and not just ‘something BIG just happened’ or ‘something (or nothing) just healed Gon’. I think Ging recognizes the Ai power spike.

I don’t know if Ging’s been to the Dark Continent yet (he says he hasn’t been, I think? haven’t reread that part of Dark Continent in a while) but he’s already plenty experienced in the weird powerful stuff coming out of there. more than anyone else that felt it at the Association by far. and it’s probably here he decides to go through with going on the expedition. I don’t know what, but I’d bet when Pariston says this the next chapter

Ging has a pretty good idea what just healed Gon. he’d bet on it working. Pariston doesn’t know what it is, but knows Ging does. and, as he tells Cheadle, he trusts Ging as an enemy, and Ging trusted Killua.

I’m probably overthinking this. but now I’ve got more questions than answers. does Ging know about Nanika? would he have been associated with whatever brought an Ai back from the Dark Continent? does this have something to do with Don Freecss? 

what do you know Ging and how do you know it

chrunchyroll’s anime awards are just a popularity poll with a fancy name not a panel of qualified judges that give out any meaningful awards yes mp100 had amazing animation which is why i initially voted for it before i rewatched yoi episode 1 and voted for it effectively canceling my vote out and yes one of yoi’s biggest problems is inconsistency and when you take budget distribution and time constraints into account that’s not at all surprising and speaking of the latter we’ll see how much stuff will be fixed for the dvd release
plus we can’t ignore the fact that yoi and mp100 are completely different things mp100’s characters have a simpler or rather more minimalistic design and it deals with supernatural fights which combined with the first point allows the show to use more special effects and be more stylistic? than yoi which tries to portray ice skating as realistically as possible so let me stress again that these shows are different with a different style and a different goal aka apples and oranges but nevertheless that doesn’t mean we can’t argue about which show rose to the task better to which id say mob but im still 100% ready to defend yoi because of the the reasons listed above + it was animated by a smaller studio and correct me if im wrong but mob was already popular before getting an anime adaptation while yoi was a new project and a very risky one at that which brings us back to the budget issue
as for my personal opinion i think that episode 1 was fucking gorgeous and everyone can feel free to disagree with that but it’s what initially drew me in to the show and ive been in love with it ever since i love the style switches whether it’s to chibis and funny faces or the eros story or guang hong’s fs programs and i also adore how makkachin’s movements were animated even when the only thing that was moving on him was his tail it was still incredibly endearing to me

Shit America, I feel bad for you. It’s looking more and more like Trump is gonna get the Republican nomination… Like he could potentially become president. That’s fucking terrifying.

He hasn’t really said anything about his platform.. he says “I’m gonna be great about women’s health! The Mexicans are gonna build a wall and they’re gonna be happy about it! I’m gonna take the jobs back from China!”

Like what the fuck are you talking about?

These moron republicans think he’s so great because he’s just so charismatic and energetic, and really just knows how to make people like him.

But listen, you know who else was was really charismatic and people loved and followed, but also spewed bullshit? Hitler.

Don’t vote for Trump. Just don’t.


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Did….did he just win £50 by mansplaining the job of the Prime Minister….TO THE PRIME MINISTER?

My jimmies are rustled

Soo this entire Shorty Awards thing - which I’m not too familiar with (as with any award show, don’t follow them that much), but I’ve been seeing tweets from Mark and Jack and, while it’s obviously super humble and kind of them to tell us not to vote for them but for Game Grumps, something about that just… bothers me.

And this isn’t just about them - it’s about anyone who says similar stuff. I’ve always found it very (dare I say) annoying when people say “don’t vote for me, vote for ____, they deserve it more!” Like isn’t the whole point of award shows that the people aka fans choose who deserves what? Now, I’m a fan of all three - Mark, Jack and GG, I watch them all religiously and if it was up to me I’d want all of them to win the exact same awards because I feel like they all put in equal amounts of effort into their content. 

It just bothers me that Mark and Jack don’t consider their effort and work as valuable as someone else’s. I understand that they’re humble and wouldn’t go around asking people to vote for them, but I just don’t think they should be underestimating themselves like that.

Fans should vote for whoever they think deserves to win. I’m sure there are some fans of Mark/Jack who don’t watch GG, what are they supposed to do when they see them tweet about how they shouldn’t vote for them but for GG? It’s just a very unnecessary thing to say to your or anyone else’s fans. 

And, I was just thinking this but as it turns out GG did actually tweet that we shouldn’t vote for them but for Mark. I don’t know if they were saying it sarcastically or as a joke because he said it first but - in the end, should we just not vote for anyone because apparently no one feels that they’re worth it?

Plus, whenever any YouTuber achieves or wins something, it’s like a win for the entire community. So I mean, in the end, these award things shouldn’t even be that big of a deal…

Anyhoo, hope y’all are having a great day! Love you. <3