don't use the word gay like that

this ended up being a lena del rey with @llamavillana

“Feet don’t fail me now, take me to the kara´s arms
Oh my heart it breaks every step that i take,
But they are open up the gates and tell me,
I’m in Daxam
Come and take a walk on the gay side,
Let me kiss you hard on the pouring rain
You like your Luthors gay,
Choose your last words this is the last time cause,
Kara and I,
We were born to fuck”

The Creators of Yuri on Ice
  • Episode one: let's make the gay really subtle and not distract from the story line
  • Episode two: Just make the opening a little gayer and have Viktor touch Yuri a bunch, but in a teasing flirting way. We don't want to go overboard
  • Episode four: Let's just straight up have Viktor ask to be Yuri's lover. That should get everyone on the same page
  • Episode seven: Make them kiss ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
  • Episode nine: They're still??? not??? convinced??? After that? Ok, so this time do like a really big dramatic airport scene where they run at each other and Yuri uses the same words as a proposal to ask Viktor to stay with him. But still keep it subtle. We're going For sub-context here to let the audience figure it out.

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Don't average kids just discover their straight more easily than gay kids discover they aren't straight anyway? Most gay kids spend their childhood years assuming their gay crushes are just thinking someone is cool, mostly because they have a mom and dad, so that means they wanna imitate their parents to a degree as part of regular child development. Then during or after puberty, the difference between liking someone a lot and being attracted to them becomes too distinct to be ignored. That's h

did macklemore kill them before they could finish this ask 

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So I'm a lesbian, and I have two friends who have both ID'd as bisexual for many years now. Both of them have recently come out to tell me that they aren't attracted sexually or romantically to women, but both still want to ID as bisexual, and they said they don't want to leave the community. I would never try and make them feel bad about this, but some part of me is really bothered when they make gay jokes or say they're gay, but they've told me they don't like girls. any words of advice?

This is tough. Are they attracted to non-binary people or those that fall outside the gender binary? cause they could still call themselves Bisexual if so. but if not, them doing that harms Bisexuals and the Sapphic community at large. Id explain to them how it harms the wlw community as nicely as you can. ID'ing as Bi without being Bi isn’t cool. Especially as a Bisexual that boasts Bisexuals, fights stigma, and tries to make us as seen as legitimate and valid as possible this doesn’t help our cause and certainly doesn’t make other queer women feel safe in their own identity. But i don’t know them. So my scope is limited.

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follow up to the last anon imagine tho allura's like "lesbian? That's the prettiest name I've ever heard!!!" She incorporates it into her title "Hello, I am Allura, lesbian princess of Altea," the paladins don't have the heart to tell her that's not exactly how you would use the word but other alien species have no clue what it means. They think it's some sort of title and diplomacy has never gone smoother. ("She's not just a princess, she's a /lesbian/ princess! She must be really powerful!!")

im gonna cry i LOVE this, l o l

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"transvestite" is so insulting. no one can stop you from hating trans people but if you hate a group that slurs have been used against, you don't get to use those slurs. like it doesn't matter if you think transgender people are lgbt or whatever but you have to be pretty disgusting to refer to a group of people by the slur some of us will be called while being subjected to hate crimes. trans women get fucking murdered while having that word thrown at them.

M’dude. Do you know anything about gay history? The term “transgender” and even the concept of it is a pretty modern invention. Back in the 60′s, when Stonewall happened, there were transvestites and transsexuals. That’s what the “T” that was eventually added to LGB stood for. Marsha P. Johnson and Sylvia Rivera? They were transvestites. 

Therefore I was using “transvestite” in its historical context. Unlike the rest of tumblr I’m not going to attempt to erase gay history. 

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Hello I was just wondering. I've seen a lot on the Asexual tags the Jughead is ace, but the writer said he is gay. I've also been told that saying he is ace is trying to erase the fact that he was one of he first gay characters 60-something years ago. Personally, I don't know much about the character. From what I've seen I think he's. Ace but I'm just wondering what you're options are ❤️❤️

There’s like not a thing true thing about this that’s true. The writer said aro ace, the comic outright uses the word asexual. Jughead was never labeled as gay. He was not the first rep in the series. Kevin was. The “gay coding” was queer coding in that he doesn’t like woman. Which isn’t even true because there’s a series there he married and has a kid and it’s coded as demiromantic.

TLDR: He’s aro ace don’t let assholes waste your time

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Hey, I just wanna ask why you immediately assume ace inclusionists are homophobic? I understand that gay people face far more hardships and such and ace people have it easy by comparison, but I don't find that the idea of considering ace people queer is inherently homophobic. Apologies if this was worded poorly, I'm a fan of your blog and this has just been bugging me

don’t think ace inclusionists are homophobic especially since many are gay anyways.

But The community makes me terribly uncomfortable. mocking the AIDS crisis, claiming that gay people getting more access to resources is “aphobic”, using terms like allosexual, causing useless divides between the gay and bi community, etc.

Just today I saw someone threaten to snap the necks of any LGBT person who doesn’t allow them in their public spaces. And a few months prior, someone exclaimed they hated gay people and ace inclusionists rushed to their defense.

They also have issues with accepting flaws within their community. Instead of acknowledging issues they’d much rather point figures and say “oh yeah well exclusionists _________”. And I was accused of being aphobic and blocked by several su discourse blogs for calling out misogynoir and the unwanted desexualization of a black lesbian.

It’s just. a really bad community. Even if I agreed with them, I would want nothing to do with that community

anonymous asked: is it harmful to bi people? I'm a bi person who uses the term gay; I don't find it harmful to choose that for myself. The pan person who's blog started all this chooses to call themselves gay, and they can, because gay is a term that people can choose to use, just like queer

It’s harmful because it’s literally erasing who you are and calling yourself something else. Gay means people who are exclusively attracted to their own gender. Please don’t steal the only word we have to describe ourselves.

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b/ook of m/ormon is a horribly racist and homophobic show :/ why do you like it lmao....let alone why are you saying that some old white guy from the 19th century is gay

omfg leave me alone

i like book of mormon because it plays off of and makes fun of racism and homophobia AND most everything

it is a show that pushes the limits of what is acceptable in comedy, and attempts to offend all. its horribly offensive, crude, vulgar, whatever word you want to use, and you know what? fuck you. its hilarious.

i think the point of the show, which is to make fun of offensive comedy, goes over a lot of people’s heads. 

additionally, im not sure if you’ve actually seen the show, but i’m not sure were you get the homophobic part (though i see how you could interpret it as racist)? i mean elder mckinley is canonically gay and accepts himself at the end of the show. “turn it off” plays to a dense person as a homophobic song meant to tell gay people to repress their feelings, but to someone who actually has comprehension skills it plays as a hilarious reference to how absolutely ridiculous many churches are in the way of conversion therapy/making gay people repress their feelings.

listen ok, turn it off is a fuckin jam and i, a gay person, love it. it’s easy to get offended by this show but you could easily just unfollow me or blacklist book of mormon or whatever.

as for why im calling joseph smith gay: lmao i was just doing research and i found some info about him wtf

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What did you mean about the cishets wanting to be part of the community?

have you ever seen those ppl that are like, “why should only gay/bi/trans/etc love and lgbtqa be celebrated at pride??? I’m 100% straightcis in every way but my love is beautiful too!!!” that is what I was referring to in the post

it’s also annoying when someone is like “I’m straight but I’m also a sapiosexual demisexual deoxyribonucleicacidsexual, I only want to have sex with smart ppl after I get to know them and also I have a DNA fetish, so I’m queer too” which is just silly, like it’s cool that we have words to describe different experiences but not all of those experiences are inherently “queer,” queerness implies a certain level of persecution beyond “other people may or may not think it’s kinda weird”

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i just don't get why kubo is being so no-homo about this?? like part of the reason why the show is so popular is that it had LGBT representation (or we thought it did or whatever) and that's helped build this huge fanbase, so like i don't get why she's pulling this :// also like that ring scene was clearly romantic and all like ??? im so confused and hurt

BIG SAME me and my friends are all talking about this and we’re so confused. i hate to use this word cause it sounds too dramatic but it feels like we’ve all been backstabbed LOL. Kubo took costume inspiration from real life gay skaters!! and the signs are all there that this is a gay love story and then she pulls this shit?? she needs to be more aware of the impact of this story that SHE has created. you can’t create something one way and then crush everyone’s hopes like that and expect everything to be okay. I’m really hoping the japanese fandom rips her a new one lol

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Hey, just wondering; why do you favour Gay and Trans headcanons over normal ones? Like I only see gay stuff and it's feeling a little... I don't want to say heterophobic but you know what I mean?

Buddy, I can see you’re trying to be nice so I’m gonna word this as nicely as I possibly can to hopefully teach you rather than all out call you out.

First things first; please don’t use ‘normal’ to say cis/het. That implies that the rest of us aren’t normal, when being anything other than cis/het is perfectly okay and normal.

Now to answer your question. In a world where everything is ‘straight until told otherwise’, can you blame us for wanting to imagine our favourite characters are just as gay as we are? And we like to share that with each other, because this is a safe area where we can do so. You might say ‘but it’s everywhere on tumblr! It’s not fair!’ But like….. it’s not everywhere EVERYWHERE ELSE.

Truthfully I’m not biased toward any headcanons through this blog, I try to remain neutral on every headcanon I receive (unless it’s something disgusting and horrible like Blake being a TERF or something) but if people want to celebrate Gay or Trans Blake then you’re damn right I’ll celebrate with them because it’s nice to see people are able to imagine her as they want and share those thoughts.

TL;DR I don’t favour one over the other, but when pretty much any headcanon I receive that doesn’t specify either of those things is Auto assumed straight/cis I like to share the other headcanons as much as possible.

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lgbt people who don't like the word queer just like to start bullshit. it's an all-encompassing word, and its use as a slur was only ever restricted to gay men (and maybe some times women), but now it means something different. people who don't like the word queer are just jaded butt heads stuck in 2005


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is dyke as hurtful as the f slur? im a Baby Lesbian and I KNOW that the f slur has a very large impact and it seems to be used more than dyke but are they comparable in how terrible they are?? i don't know if this makes sense at all but I always feel like the f slur is worse than dyke even though they're both slurs? maybe I feel this way because I call myself a dyke lovingly and I know that the f slur is not mine to use so it seems worse because I'm less comfortable with it? i don't know

they’re both homophobic/lesbophobic slurs and they’re both harmful, trying to compare them like that is useless.

i know i come across as confident, but it really hurts when i get called a dyke – which is what makes it so much more powerful and important for me to reclaim it. that’s the point – to take the word back for yourself, which it sounds like you’ve already done. and it’s up to gay men and trans women to do the same thing with the f slur. that’s their business.

bottom line: don’t call people slurs without consent, and don’t bother trying to weigh which is worse. doesn’t help anything

Ok I've been banned from every thread just for asking this question. Please don't ban me I'm a socialist.

I’m a socialist and no where has gay rights, black lives matter, or transgender bathrooms been part of my movement as to wanting socialism. It seems that there are many people redefining socialism to fit their standard of accepting the lgbtq community.

The communist manifesto written by Karl Marx States no where in it about this kind of stuff. Socialism is a economic system that is community driven and id really like to know why people are using it as a way to “end racism or sexism” to put it in their words.

Racism and sexism is a personal choice by ignorant people and there is no answer to fixing those things. Socialism isn’t the cure, and capitalism isn’t the cause.

Tons of info about communism

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I have a friend who rather uses homosexual than gay as an identity because for us gay is the slur while homosexual is a neutral word like bisexual, pansexual and asexual. He got dogpiled by the "it's a slur, use gay!" lot and was understandably shaken . I have been messaging every blog I see spreading the only gay is allowed spiel to remind them that homosexual is a slur to some, not all because I don't want anyone else ever having to cry for being labelled as their own slur.

You know what sucks is I had both used on me as slurs, and its a hard thing to bear. But I never once begrudged anyone their personal identity. My discomfort was not an excuse to do that.

The idea that homosexual is a slur is very american, its a much more preferred term in Europe. Words happen differently in different places, and gay has a heavy history of being a slur as well.

People who think their own personal feelings can impose on other’s identities, or that different histories and experiences don’t matter, can go rot tbh. They are not good people, or have been severely miseducated and haven’t examined what they’re screaming bc how they affect the person they’re screaming at doesn’t matter to them.