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Things to know about Killing Stalking

To every story, there are both pros and cons. A story like Killing stalking is no different. Now, Killing Stalking wasn’t a story that I was going to get into, honestly. There were so many bad things that I had heard about it, and so I was shying away from it. However. Today I took the time to sit down and read it, and now I’m here to share my thoughts in an analysis- type thing. Now, of course take my words with a grain of salt, because I’m obviously not the author, so I don’t know the exact details of everything. If you want to continue reading though, everything will be under the cut!

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please unfollow and block me if any of the following apply to you: 

  • you don’t believe biphobia is a real thing that hurts people
  • you think bisexuality is unfortunate and buy into purity politics like “gay is superior to bi”
  • you think bi people currently in ‘het’ relationships are not a part of the lgbt community, because object permanence fails you i guess?
  • you wouldn’t ever date a bisexual simply based on the simple fact that they’re bisexual (and/or you’re white and defend this by making an offensive and invalid comparison to poc not wanting to date white people)
  • you just hate bi people for whatever reason
  • your bi friends’ feelings regarding bi issues don’t matter to you at all
  • thanks 

Kingsley’s snapchat story is the actual cutest thing ever

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School has been keeping me busy and I feel like I can’t draw 


Its now the weekend so I’m going to try and answer all the questions!

Also at 150 followers I’m going to do an event! [rn i’m at like 141ish thank you guys so much!!]

another gross thing i can’t stop thinking about is how u know when u have a crush on someone it’s like all the sudden eVERY TIME u see that person it’s like the best fuckin day even if u just see them in passing or something.

and when u know in advance that you’re gonna see them u just get so FUCKIN STOKED like YES I CAN’T BELIEVE I GET TO SEE MY CRUSH TODAY and it’s even 204398 times better if you’re actually good friends with the person and suspect that maybe they have a crush on you, too.

now just imagine jensen reading scripts and seeing “castiel” and being like hELL FUCKING YES while misha’s on a plane to vancouver thinking D AM N FU CKIN RIG HT

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mmm i get you but i think probably a good number of people who unfollowed you were minors who don't want to follow someone who says they can't be friends? not that you're doing anything wrong, just, no one owes you their follow either

Lol, honestly adults and children are not peers, I’m here to answer questions and shit. But what adults want to befriend children unless they are taking advantage of them. I’m sorry y'all are so upset that my life is completely different than yours and I don’t owe anyone friendship

I guess an update for those that care LOL

This blog isn’t gonna be an only anime/manga blog anymore, I’ll be posting things that I like(WHAT I WANT TO POST!!)and that could be kpop, the things I aesthetically like, some deep shit lol but yea if you still want to follow me cool if you don’t please go ahead but idk I just want to say it and put it out there that


@dark-naruto said: aaarg, sorry it took me so dang long to see this! ahhhh, i see now, tho. i just wasnt sure if i unfollowed w/o meaning to or not! yeah, i think know what you mean abt feeling uncomfortable sometimes; i feel like that whenever i get rly depressed/anxious and it makes it hard for me to talk or interact wtih ppl much >< i’ve thought abt making another blog that’s just for fun, but that’s how /this/ one started originally, so… there’s probably not really much point, lol

Well, this blog will help me to separate things =/ It’s been hell to find some posts I made like… 2 years ago? because of all the stuff I reblogged… My RAM would crush before getting that far in my “published” post (you know, in your settings) cause I made private a few posts and wouldn’t appear in my archive so… yeah, that’s why I’ve been spamming this last week in this blog xD I had to delete many things to be able to reach my own posts…. *sigh*

And yeah, I turned them into private ‘cause I became aware of all the exposure I had done about myself =/ There were things that back then at the moment I didn’t think wouldn’t hurt me… but becoming concious about all the people watching me made me feel anxious. I know nobody can get access to my private accounts nor they are going to come to my house or things like those, but still… I don’t know, there was also that reposting thing bugging me, but hopefully I won’t have those kind of problems (like back then) in the future. So I’m more calm about it now. 

Also, you know, there are things that people don’t want to know. That they think is worthless/pityful/whatever and what I wrote rewarded me with many people unfollowing me. Just because it was a different user name, so yeah, they don’t gaf and that’s exactly why I changed it to post what I wanted to say in that moment.

I feel better now, and hopefully it’ll be that way for a little longer than usually xD But this blog will be reserved to only reblog stuff I like and for people to reach me would I change my mind in the future and change my main url again xDUu