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yall: god i cant believe rick said reyna is straight! lebian reyna 5ever!! what a bigoted writer

literally what rick said: 

yall: he didnt even ask ACTUAL wlw how they see it

literally rick:

(and btw i’ve SEEN yall complain about this stereotype as well)

yall: doesn’t he realize lesbians can date men and still be lesbians?!?!


yall: rick didnt even apologize for it and he did the classic “it’s your fault you’re upset lol”

what rick actually said:

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Don't you hate it when Cami won't shut up about a bunch of hand picked, obscure comments rushing her to make glitchtale?

Lol I wish those were handpicked! You can go yourself to my latest video and start reading the newest comment and easily notice I don’t “handpick them”

I don’t want anyone’s pity, I was just venting out. And I’ll do it as many times a day as I feel like doing it.

If you don’t want my problems in your dashboard or if you don’t care about me as a person, unfollow me and feel free to stand next to the people from the youtube comments I get everyday, they have the same ammount of empathy as you.

I forgot that you could die too.

I took for granted how in my every memory, sweet or bitter, a piece of you was there. Looking back at it, there’s still so much I wanted to do with you.

I never got to trace the outlines of your face while you slept.

I never got to let my hand brush against yours when we were among our friends and were too shy to hold hands.

I never got to whisper all the things you meant to me. To whisper to you all the plans I had made up for us in my head.

I never got to love you long enough. Why couldn’t it have been a little longer? Why couldn’t you have died a day later? No, just a second more. Maybe then I could have done it all.

Just maybe I would have pressed my forehead against yours and we would have lived another small infinity.

But I forgot. I forgot you could die too and now I’m not sure how to tell my heart to stop beating in sync with a heart that’s no longer beating.
—  Yuuki after Kaname died

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It's bothering me how upset I feel about i feel about mikeys new video😒 I know they didn't mean any harm, I'm just really disappointed in them all. I don't even know why I'm coming to you on this but I needed to let it out xxx

See okay I must have an unpopular opinion because I literally don’t care. Like obviously to each their own and I see why people are upset/offended, but I don’t care at all. I don’t love the trend but, the way I see it (and a lot of other YouTubers have said the same), people are getting mad about smash or pass but no one said anything about fuck marry kill where you’re literally choosing to kill someone lol. Like, I play games like smash or pass and fuck marry kill with my friends ALL THE TIME. Whether it’s about boys from school or YouTubers or other celebs, we play it all the time. The only difference is these are three hot, single boys on YouTube and me and my friends are just 19 year old girls sitting in my basement eating ice cream and talking about boys.

And I see a lot of people saying “their main audience is young girls” and you know we say that about TONS of YouTubers but when they look at their own analytics, that’s not true. Most viewers are 18+. And anyway, they started YouTube to put out what they wanted to do. They’re not responsible for making PG content if that’s not what they want to put out. It’s like when Louise started talking about sex and hook ups and relationships. She acknowledges that she has younger viewers but she’s still going to talk about what she wants to talk about, because it’s her channel and that’s why she made it.

So I totally get why people are upset. I 100% get it, but personally it doesn’t bother me. They are 20 something year old boys who are talking and acting like 20 something year old boys do. Maybe it’s derogatory. Maybe they shouldn’t put it online, but there are a lot worse things on the internet and to get mad or upset or hurt about this seems… I don’t know. I don’t know. Like I said I understand why some people are upset about it, but you have to understand that you subscribed to horny bachelors and you’re going to get content that reflects that. I saw some people unsubscribe from Mikey in the comments and that’s insane to me. If that’s what’s making you unsubscribe, damn. Maybe you shouldn’t have subscribed to the buttercreams in the first place. They’re not angels. They’re 20 year old boys doing and talking about things that 20 year old boys do.

Sorry. I respect your feelings and everyone else’s, but to see people getting genuinely upset about it and unsubscribing to Mikey or yelling at him in the comments makes me wonder if people are just becoming overly sensitive about certain things.

Smash or pass: all of the buttercreams?

IM SMASHING EVERY SINGLE ONE. THEY’RE HOT AS FUCK. See? I’ve objectified them and I put it on the Internet. We all do it. They’re humans, not reincarnations of Jesus.

also a lil psa for everyone following me
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any and all gift art no matter the “quality” is very much appreciated (and if u say you’re bad at art i’mma give u a stern look for putting yourself down)

i love u and as long as you’re having a good time so am i

If you ever feel the need to send me long winded unsolicited anons telling me all the explicit details of your tragic past that have led you to dislike characters and media i openly express a positive interest in and imply that your personal experiences should for some reason dictate how i choose to enjoy entertainment, consider:


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What's with the alcoholism post? You also don't seem to be enjoying reyes week between your posts today and the deleted ones last night.

LOL call me out why don’t you nonny.

Like, at the risk of getting unfollowed and possibly provoking ire from a general corner of the Reyes fandom: no, I am not enjoying this Appreciation Week. So get ready for this big word vomit of a vague post.

There are posts that are referring to alcoholism as cute and sexy, which imo is just really insensitive and romanticizing an addiction many struggle with. It’s one thing to portray him (whether by fanfiction or fanart) enjoying his favorite bottle of whiskey or relaxing with a drink. It’s wholly another to do that and THEN label it in the cutest terms possible as alcoholism. The last part is an entirely added step that didn’t have to be there.

I also don’t mean to generalize, because a lot of great fanart and fanficlets are being written for this week. However, I am just kind of done with Reyes as the scary Latino lover who lets their lily white Ryder enjoy what it’s like being “dark.” 

There’s a history of this trope being used; there’s a history of literary examples of Latino characters allowing for white protagonists to explore a darker side to them in completely romanticized terms. It’s a history of white people writing people of color as an intrinsically other and morally compromised without any exploration of systemic issues, of social strictures that place them in such positions, etc.

To clarify, I do think Reyes is a morally complicated character who sees contrivance and murder as necessary. Yes, even the collective has a torture chamber, but these are standard espionage practices done by any military or militarized faction. To ascribe these actions to one individual as a symptom of how inherently “dark” he is makes me wonder whether people have ever heard of Machiavellian politics, and whether they understand these political intrigues occur as part of the US capitalist imperialist machine to begin with (and NOT with sadistic spicy Latino lovers).

Don’t even get me started on the shipping wars with bierasure, in which one side makes really misogynistic statements using the pretext of criticizing bierasure (as if bisexuality means only ONE gender can fit the bill and receipts need to be pulled to prove one’s bisexuality). 

By the way, for all this talk about racism when people were being critical about Andromeda, I see none of you ever supporting Ryders of color or Ryders made by writers of color. There is even much fewer people respecting Latino culture that goes behind a character like Reyes. 

And it’s funny how selective some of my followers get. They have no problem liking and reblogging things I post that let them enjoy this vision of Reyes undisturbed, but the moment I call out problematic fandom participation, these posts get (WEIRDLY) ignored. 

So at the risk of being that blog that calls people out for problematic bullshit and getting unfollowed for it, here’s the fucking tea. 

Things to know about Killing Stalking

To every story, there are both pros and cons. A story like Killing stalking is no different. Now, Killing Stalking wasn’t a story that I was going to get into, honestly. There were so many bad things that I had heard about it, and so I was shying away from it. However. Today I took the time to sit down and read it, and now I’m here to share my thoughts in an analysis- type thing. Now, of course take my words with a grain of salt, because I’m obviously not the author, so I don’t know the exact details of everything. If you want to continue reading though, everything will be under the cut!

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the anon who asked about alec safe blogs here, i do follow the both of you, but i've seen abusive and white savior thrown around quite a lot these past hours, not only on swancy's blog. quite a handful of bloggers are out for alec's head bc he is apparently going to be a "white savior" by saving izzy from drugs and abusive :/ it really bothers me, makes me feel very anxious

oh fuck seriously? i was gonna make a post about all this white saviour nonsense because i think it’s nonsense when it comes to clary and there’s at least a small if stupid argument to be made when it comes to clary being a white saviour (emphasis on the stupid). (now im gonna have to make that post sigh)

this is pretty fucking ridiculous tbh??? do people not………know…..anything…..anymore…………? i could try to make an argument but i just…it’s too dumb. it’s too dumb. it’s just.. i’ve reached the critical mass. i am incapable of arguing anymore

i know @mathewsdadario @lightwoodxalec @alexandargideonlightwood @jaceslewis @alecblushed @alecsplushpillow @harry-daddario (but you already follow her), @harry-shum @sfjessii @malecisright @jaceslewis @magnusizzy @malecshappiness @mundanelion are all blogs i trust! when it comes alec negativity, i tend to just unfollow the fuck out of that immediately because i don’t trust people who don’t like alec tbh 

and pls pls @ my followers like this post if you are alec-positive (lol) so this anon (and me too at this point tbh) can find you!