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Okay, well someone’s gonna have to tell me why there wasn’t one, ONE kid in Hogwarts that didnt rock the maurader’s shit in school…. like, I’ve heard of the ‘Bystander effect’ when it comes to bullying, kidnapping, etc etc but there’s no way in hell im supposed to actually believe that severus-poor-as-dirt-half-blood-in-slytherin-snape is the only one in that big ass castle that faught back against that bullying pack of idiots (with a few, imo, weak attempts from lily)…. Hermione -book-worm-Granger literally had enough of his shit and punched Draco IN THE FACE. Pure-blood-my-father-will-hear-about-this-Malfoy got punched by a muggle born witch bc she had enough of his arrogant mess and didnt care about any type of 'Consequnces’ that could arise and took care of business, and NO ONE at Hogwarts had enough of the maruders shit in seven years or was brave enough to stop them?? Nope. Not believing it. I refuse


My name is B a r r y   A l l e n, I am the fastest man alive.
My story’s pretty simple, my whole life I’ve been r u n n i n g.

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O DON'T UNDESTAND THESE SUPERNATURAL THINGS ;-; Can you explain their categories for me ^^

Sure! So it’s a Supernatural AU which just means it’s an alternative world where each of the members are different supernatural creatures! I’ll give you a little rundown on who is what

Mark: Mark is just your average vampire except he prefers to drink chilled blood and doesn’t like killing people - he thinks it’s kind of primitive. He was born as a vampire, and is fairly old for his kind. 

Jaebum: Jaebum is the actual Prince of Hell and is a demon. For reasons that will be explained later, his father sent him to Earth and now he’s stuck living among the mortals and the few other supernatural beings that he knows. 

Jackson: Jackson is an incubus which means that he is a type of demon (different from Jaebum) that uses sex as a sustenance for life. Unfortunately, whenever he has sex with a mortal, some of their life force is drained by him. If only there was a supernatural creature whose life force wouldn’t diminish so easily…*hint* *hint* *wink* *wink 

Jinyoung: Jinyoung is a fallen angel who lost his wings after very disastrous events took place (an event which I shall go into lots of detail later). Basically, his wings were torn out and he fell to the Earth. I can only guess who would be the one to find him… *hint* *hint* *wink* *wink

Youngjae: Youngjae is a werewolf, and he’s actually really quite young in this AU. His family was very tight as a pack, but after some more tragic events (that I will go into in the future) he was lost on his own. I wonder who finds him and takes him in… *hint* *hint* *wink* *wink

BamBam: Bammy is a light fairy that can glow, create light, heal things and has lots of other cute, fairy-like powers. He hates being called cute and yet he can sprinkle golden fairy dust and turn into a small, pixie sized fairy if he wants to.

Yugyeom: Yugyeom is half-giant and is pretty freakin huge. His mom was a giant and his dad was a human, and he was brought up in a pretty normal home. Once he became old enough, he was able to go off on his own, although he’s still very self conscious about his height and size. Good thing a certain golden fairy is always there to cheer him up.

Hope that clears things up! Let me know if you’re still confused anon! 

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hiii i keep seeing soraru,suzumu and other utaites using the siri thing in iphone and i was wondering if you could tell me about it? It's getting lots of retweets and favorites so it must be pretty funny ww (knowing soraru being a huge troll and all)

Soraru: It feels like siri’s voice changed? Hasn’t it become cuter? What’s this!!!! Maybe she’s fallen for me!?!?!?!?

Soraru: …
(Translation of picture: “Do you like me” “I don’t really have any opinion on the matter”)

THE NEXT PART IS A BIT……….i’ll put it under a read more
Also i dont use iPhones so I don’t know what siri’s default messages are in english so yeah i just translated them sorry ;;

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Can you explain why you wanna boycott male authors in general? 'Cause I don't really get the response to the 'not all men' thing. I mean I understand that that's a shitty argument most of the time but it's also kinda the truth? I've seen quite a few male authors criticize Scott B. and defend our point of view on this - so they're not really part of the problem? What good is boycotting them gonna do? I don't wanna start a fight or anything (really) - I just genuinely don't undestand.

Here’s what people don’t seem to get: Publishing is a Business and right now, business people in publishing (I mean the big five) are more concerned in making money than they are in putting out quality content. They will only stand behind certain projects because they know that it will bring in money – which is why so many actors are now suddenly publishing children’s books. It’s why when you see a Stephen King novel his name is twice the size of the title - because they’re not selling you the book, they’re selling you his name.

If it’s my money they’re after, I’m going to put it where my interests lie. But I’m only one person - little old me putting money behind female writers isn’t really going to send a message to the publishers that FEMALE WRITERS MATTER AS MUCH AS THE MALE WRITERS.  But it’s my money and I will do with it as I please.

So really, I’m not boycotting anyone, nor did I call for SB’s boycott. I just want to put my money behind people who I want to support. And I want to support women. And I don’t see why it’s a big deal for me to say that I only want to support women writers.

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LOL I seriously don't undestand how people ship paul/phoebe. Like, he looks so uncomfortable around her as opposed to when he was with torrey lmao I hope he gets tired of her soon oops

I have no idea what youre talking about..

Oh wait…

I can't understand why... Elena is justified by Caroline when she decides to move on and give up on everything in that childish way and when Stefan decides to do the same, in a more adult way, he is treated like shit and called "dick" or coward, especially by her! Leave Stefan Alone, Caroline! After your selfish attitude and lack of empathy I don't think you can be a part of my blog anymore! Yeah, you can stay with Enzo. He can pamper you as much as you like.

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Hi sorry i have the weirdest question for you ever! i'm a woman and being in the larry fandom turned me into a fan of gay porn so i quite enjoy watching gay porn videos. the reason for this ask is something that i'm curious to understand and only a gay man can explain to me? on every gay video i watch the ones who are bottoming never have their dicks hard and i don't undestand why?is it normal? like in my mind both dicks should be hard? sorry you dont have to answer this.

It is essentially a shock reaction. An erect penis is just a blood-filled sack under pressure. Not put one of those things in an ass, and hit a prostate with it, and it produces a shock reaction in the body. The body deals with shock and trauma by rushing blood to the area. Blood is diverted from the penis to the anus and prostate to deal with the natural shock reaction. But once the initial shock wears off, blood returns to where it is needed most in the situation. To be perfectly honest, most bottoms don’t even notice the period when the penis goes soft. Our minds are focused elsewhere.

And Anon, I have yet to find a question I was embarrassed to answer.

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i don't think you undestand,those ghostbusters women did not help any children,far from that. they USED the childre,they wanted more publicity to their movie so they visited those poor children because they knew they would get media coverage! don't you see? they did not helped the children! all that they did was use the children to on tv and on the internet more. that's why it's discussing,the abuse of a child's image to promote a movie.

They were asked to be there. If you think getting visits and attention doesn’t help sick kids you are wrong. Being sick in hospital sucks, it’s even worse to be there as a child. Fuck off with your abuse nonsense.