don't understand emotions


I’ll never get over the fact that everything they say is so accurate.


Someone might have already done this, so if they have ignore this. But I felt it was really important to mention:

Please DO NOT change or add to the official genre(s) of Yuri!!! On Ice on Wikipedia or any other site. This is so, so important. I noticed some posts going around with pictures of this happening. I know you’re excited about Victuri becoming canon. Believe me, I’m over the moon, too. But Yuri!!! On Ice is NOT a yaoi, and it is not shounen-ai.

Yaoi is a genre of anime geared toward creating fan service for women. It portrays very heteronormative, and often times unhealthy m/m relationships, not with the purpose of having positive representation, but for the enjoyment of straight women (I mean, lbr, it’s basically fetishization). Dgmw, I’m not necessarily saying yaoi is all bad, I have watched and enjoyed some yaoi in my time. But it is absolutely NOT a genre that matches YOI.

The creators of YOI have not labeled it as anything more than a sports anime for an extremely important reason. And when you label it as a yaoi/shounen-ai, even in jest, you cheapen the beautiful message this show is trying to get across.

This show has literally made history. Japan is still very homophobic, and here we have not a yaoi, but an everyday sport-centered anime portraying a healthy, completely normalized relationship between two men; the way it should be. Not to mention, this show is about so much more… romantic love is only one element among many in YOI.

I’m not super good with expressing things clearly, so if anyone who gets what I’m saying has something helpful to add, it’d be much appreciated.

I’m not saying you can’t joke about it. I mean, ngl I call YOI “Yaoi On Ice” in my head often. But please, don’t attach a genre to this masterpiece of a show that cheapens its worth.

Can I just say how heartwarming it is to see people make posts about being excited for Inuvember?? Like we created Inuvember because we hadn’t heard of an Inuyasha Week and decided that Inuyasha deserved a month and now it’s the third year we’ve done it and people actually??? Look forward to it?? Thank you so much???

I Don’t Understand

Freshuary Day 11: What’s a mother to do with her child?

“I… don’t understand,” Fresh said slowly. “Why… would anyone… be all up and mad at their kid? For something they can’t help?”

Alaina sighed and rubbed her head. How to explain… well. There wasn’t really a way to. She started slowly. “Sometimes… parents say things… they don’t really mean. Or kids hear things out-of-context-”

“Ma. I’ pretty sure I heard it all right. They were fighting over stuff. Saying Deccys at fault,” Fresh said, interrupted. Then his eyes widened and he added, “Sorry ma, didn’t mean to be all rude and interrupt ya, that’s totes not cool.”

“Hrmmm. Just don’t do it again, okay?”

“Right ma,” Fresh replied quickly. 

He paused, waiting to see if Alaina would continued. When she didn’t, he asked, “Ma. I totally get it if ya can’t comment on someone else- if that the case, then I’ll drop it. Wouldn’t want to be all un-cool and pryin and all that jazz. But I- don’t know if ma question is, iz all.”

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If Adrien doesn’t find out Ladybug’s identity before Marinette discovers his,

and then spends some indeterminate amount of time agonizing about how to tell his Lady that he knows her secret,

while accidentally EXPLODING MARINETTE’S MIND with sudden, unexpected attentiveness,

the universe will have personally failed me


Malec Moments - 6/ ∞

                                  Where do we go from here?
How do you fly with no wings?

okay but this shit is still hitting me too hard

last chapter we get this:

and of course it’s amazing because that’s Renji, my once pineapple-headed son, watching his closest most dearest most special person to him get promoted to captain. he’s there, watching her, supporting her, seeing her get her dues and rise to the rank of captain

and he makes that face (the one in my shitty drawn circle). that little smile and he watches her and before BEFORE it was cute BUT NOW


we know that he was watching his wife go be promoted to captain. HE WAS WATCHING HIS WIFE GO AND HE’S SO HAPPY AND PROUD AND IN LOVE and he knows that he’ll never be apart from her again, that they’ve achieved a happiness they probably once never thought possible YET HERE THEY ARE and i thought i was okay


Whatever this is, Kate, I have to try and stop it. Otherwise I’ll never see my family again.
Will you help me? 

Jihoon Calling Mingyu “Minggu”

1) Seventeen Project Ep 2

2) Woozi PD Twitter Update (trans)

3) Seventeen TV (which idk what ep is this)

(will add other if i found any)