don't try to take this from me

  • Shiro: Take care of your father. Don't give up. We'll see each other again, even if it takes light years.
  • Matt: I love you but why are you like this.
  • Shiro: Excuse me?
  • Matt, being led away by Galra guards: Light years measures distance, not time!
  • Matt, fighting off the guards trying to restrain him: YOU WERE SENT ON AN IMPORTANT SCIENTIFIC RESEARCH MISSION, HOW COULD YOU NOT KNOW THAT?!

I really want to make a compilation set of Adrien almost crying face.

I was just trying to remove the gum, I swear!

Please don’t be angry, Marinette.

I’m really sorry.

Uh-oh. I’m grounded from school because of the gum accident?

Father, you are allowing me to go back to school despite the gum accident?

Still, Marinette still dislike me for the gum accident.

I swear it’s an accident, Nino.




I wasn’t lying about trying to remove the gum from your chair.

I know you may not forgive me, but…

Take my umbrella.

Me: *Gets up from seat and takes deep breath*


How is it possible for your life to both go so right and so wrong all at once?


amelia shepherd + violet turner
     ↳ private practice 6x03 – good grief

Guys, do yourself a favor and listen to The Birdcage from the next room.

I’m serious. It’s one of the greatest movies ever to begin with, but if you JUST listen to it and keep the TV out of sight, you’ll soon realize the other phenomenal take on this story.

The main character, Genie from Aladdin

and his long-time spouse, Timon from The Lion King

(who happen to run a drag club together)

have a son, the recently de-closeted nerd from Will & Grace.

He’s trying to get married to Ally McBeal

but they have a problem: Her dad, General Mandible from Antz

is a narrow-minded asshole and wants to stop her. Luckily her mom, Peg from Edward Scissorhands

wants to meet the family to give them a chance.

In their desperation, Genie calls Martha May Whovier from The Grinch to help him pass as straight.

And from there hilarity ensues. Bonus shenanigans come from Genie and Timon’s housekeeper Hispanic!Bartok, whose accent occasionally dips in and out of half the cast of The Simpsons.

Okay okay I realize you can do this sort of thing with basically any movie out there, but I promise you, The Birdcage is especially good at it. Even one Genie/Timon scene is enough to make the experience worth it. Just try it ONE time, I promise you’ll have a blasty-blast.


The Tuilagi brothers talking about their sister Julie and how fa'afafines are seen by the Samoan culture.

(The audio was screwed up; from the point Manu said “our sister" onward, there was loud humming and I could hear almost nothing… I had to go by guessing and lip-reading, so the text might be a little off. I think that is the essence of what they were saying, though.)

Remember how I said I was a mess last night?

Well someone gave me money for my bird.

hi i just wanna make some points clear:

if you have a crush on someone you barely know please DO NOT
• follow them around / stalk them
• take pictures of them
• tell your life story and expect them to tell theirs
• ask for their phone number even after they say no or give hints that they are not comfortable in doing so
• stare / observe at them for long periods of time
• ask to talk to them in a private place, just the two of you
• try to pull personal information from them
• tell them that you have a crush on them in hope that they will like you back (they probably won’t, because you barely know them)
• make them be afraid to say no to you

thank you for your time.

I slept with a guy last night, and that guy wasn’t you.
That guy cared enough to notice that something was wrong and that I was trying to discard it at the bottom of my glass.
He cared enough to look after me when some other guys were trying to get too close to me.
He cared enough to offer to either walk me home or take me to his place if I was too tired.
He cared enough to give me his coat as I followed him in the pouring rain.
He cared enough to offer to leave me his bed and sleep on the sofa, which I refused.
He cared enough to not put his lips on mine until I said he could.
And I don’t feel the slightest hint of guilt about that.
He’s left purple stains on my neck and shivers down my back, and I wouldn’t be afraid to kiss him in front of you, because, like you said, ‘no strings attached’, right?
—  Last night // Your friend did better than you
allow me the influence

romanceisreal prompted: Mike takes their kid(s?) to a game that Ginny’s pitching and narrates the whole thing for them! 

which, okay. I’m not necessarily huge on kid!fic, but this got to me.

read it on ao3!

“Auntie Ev!” 

Evelyn Sanders had been trying to convince Gabe to put his phone away for two minutes. Marcus, at least, was busy staring at Daniella Arguella in something akin to awe. Not that Dani, as a newly minted college freshman, noticed. 

At the sound of that familiar voice, though, she turned away from her progeny.

Just in time for a a rogue toddler to barrel into her shins. 

“Miss Ruby,” Evelyn greeted with a grin, swooping down to scoop up the four-year-old escape artist. The little girl in her arms giggled, dimples on display. “Where did you come from?”

“My house!” she declared proudly, throwing her arms wide. Even Evelyn’s surly teenage boys had to crack a smile at her exuberance. 

Daniella drifted over, making silly faces to keep Ruby giggling. “Your house? But how did you get here, then?”

“Daddy!” It was both an answer and a greeting.

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I miss Anders, I said. I’ll make a custom Hawke, I said. It’ll be fun, I said.

@losebetter and I nearly suffocated from laughter doing this. MODS - NOT EVEN ONCE.

seriously what is with this idea that you can’t hit someone if they hit you first? what, someone attacks me and I’m supposed to just stand there and take it? because otherwise - what? I’m a bad girl? it’s wrong to defend myself? it’s okay for Captain America to beat up the bad guys, but if I hurt someone while trying to prevent them from hurting me, that’s wrong? if a guy says something inappropriate and I reply and embarrass him and everyone laughs at him, that’s terrible of me? if a stranger comments negatively on my appearance and I say something rude to them in turn, that’s terrible of me?

In that case fine, I’d rather be a bad girl and for my attacker to have the black eye, than to be good and beaten up. They’re the one who deserves it. They didn’t have to attack me or open their mouth. It was their choice. It’s not my problem if their choice had a consequence they didn’t like. They could’ve just left me alone. Besides which, if they get away with it they’ll just keep doing it, to me and to others, and how is that a good thing? FFS.