don't try to read that stuff omg

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Meihem Anon here-- Just wanted to say I'm actually really happy with how you responded to my earlier question! You were really respectful and that genuinely meant a lot to me since your artwork is one of the things that helped me get deeper into the Overwatch fandom and I'm trying to gain courage to post my shipping art it's just nice to know that there can be acceptance from someone I look up to even if we don't always see eye to eye in shippings! Thank you so much! ;w;/

aw omg hi!! this made me really happy to read omg :’’) i just want everyone to get along!! i hope you can post your stuff without worry, it sucks how awful some people are to others just cause they dont like their ship. like sure there are genuinely awful ones that shouldnt be done but unless its HORRIble like live n let live dang. but you are welcome!! <33