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What are the stages of drafts? I'm trying to write my own book but I dont know how to draft properly and I feel like I'm gonna be stuck in a gutter if I don't know

Yesssssssssssssss someone finally asked it!!!

I’ve been waiting for the perfect opportunity to explain this and show everybody my inverted pyramid :D :D :D

I present, The Inverted Pyramid of Revising a Book

Now I’ll explain each section of the inverted pyramid:


  • This should be self-explanatory. You write the first draft. For novels, 75-150,000+ words of the world inside your head.


  • Go back and fix it all up. Did you tell the story you wanted to tell? Did you include scenes and events that add up to the conclusion you present?
  • Are there any unnecessary scenes you could delete, or scenes that are redundant to other scenes? Get rid of them. If this means entire chapters have to go, wave bye-bye.
  • Do your main characters have believable back stories and arcs, and do they act appropriately in character at all times?
  • Is there any point in time when your characters do something that they literally WOULD NOT DO? Change that up.


  • Now pay attention to the deeper aspects of the story. Delve into the world your characters live in. Do they react appropriately? Does any part of society influence them more than others?
  • What does your world look like? Delve into the setting. The cultures, the technology, the history.
  • Work with your secondary characters and how they interact with your main characters. What role do they serve overall? Does the main character’s journey affect them at all, or vice versa?
  • Tighten up plot points. Stay concise if possible.


  • Now that the major parts of your story have been patted down, you can begin focusing on the technical stuff. Start broad.
  • Do you have redundant sentences? Do you start multiple sentences the same way?
  • Throw in short sentences.
  • Drop the pronoun from the beginning of a sentence every now and then.
  • Use commas instead of ‘and’ if you find you use ‘and’ a lot.
  • Does the flow of sentences and paragraphs fit with the tone of the scene?
  • Chop sentences apart. Use quick, sharp words.
  • Or combine sentences and flowery language and soft words.


  • Now that you’ve really patted this thing down, find people willing to read your work (hopefully for free).
  • Ask them to point out inconsistencies. Are they confused by anything?
  • Beta readers can tell you when things are boring or exciting. They’ll laugh. They’ll fangirl. They’ll beg you for more chapters.
  • Your brain is soft from so much revising. Beta readers are fresh, and will pick out things you’ve glossed over from seeing it so many times.
  • Shake things up and host a video chat for you and your betas! It’s a great way to make friends :)


  • NOWWWWW you’ve finished all the major revisions and your story makes sense!!! All that’s left to do is get the broom and sweep it up (or the vacuum cleaner, or generate a black hole from the Large Hadron Collider to suck out all the errors because that’s super-effective**).
  • This is the nitty gritty stuff, and I highly recommend either forcing yourself to read really, really slow, or better yet, read your book out loud, start to finish.
  • You’ll trip up over misplaced commas and periods.
  • You’ll literally hear when a sentence is awkward.
  • Your brain will get confused when there’s a missing word.
  • Fill in the gaps, hammer down the boards, tidy up the place like you’ve got guests coming over.


  • OMG
  • OMG
  • OMG
  • Email the newspaper (I’ve appeared multiple times).
  • Email the local TV station (I’ve appeared on live TV).
  • Email book talk radio shows (I’ve had a Q&A for an hour on live radio).
  • ……..Marketing is hard.

I hope that helps!

N.B. **please do not ask CERN for permission to use the Large Hadron Collider to create black holes that suck out all the errors in your book. You’ll look silly, and you might destroy Earth in the process.

Me regarding love in LWA

So.. anyone remember this? My very succinct review of Episode 10.

Because it is time to talk a bit about this character, Andrew Hanbridge. First things first:

I don’t dislike Andrew

I think he’s a decent character and have gotten better characterization after his first two appearances, but that he was implemented in a bad way and got put in a show where he wasn’t truly needed.

Because that is the thing, Andrew was introduced in the LWA series rather than in the OVAs.

A big appeal of Little Witch Academia’s OVAs for many people (myself included) was the fact that it had an all-girls cast. It is exceedingly rare for an anime to have an all-girls cast and to not be revolving around blatant ‘girly’ themes. Little Witch Academia is not inherently girly, it is just a bunch of teenage girls learning to become witches. By cutting away the boys, the series removed the need to include common teenage girl depiction tropes such as excessive focus on romance, boys, looks etc. Instead the series allows the different girls’ character traits and interests come to the fore.

However, with the introduction of Andrew in the series, Trigger regressed to rely on some of these clichés. In the first episode Andrew appears, all the students go gaga for this stoic, aloof guy solely because he is famous and rumoured to be handsome. So basically all the witch students of Luna Nova (except Lotte, Sucy and Diana) are shown to be gossipy, superficial teenage girls. This portrayal betrays the series earlier depiction of varied and multifaceted girl characters. If a pretty boy is around, then they get reduced to this one-dimensional clichéd stereotype. So the way Andrew was implemented into the series detracts from one of the strong points of the series.

What is Andrew’s role in the series? Reportedly, Trigger wanted him to be Akko’s connection to the ‘muggle’ world, so to speak. But personally, very seldom does he feel like he actually fulfils that purpose.

Instead, it feels like he mostly just behaves like a male ‘Diana’ and made to appear in scenarios where Diana couldn’t perform the same function. Both come from aristocratic families, both are well-spoken and rational-minded, both use careful rational rhetoric to solve problems and both of their character growths’ is because of them continually being amazed and inspired by Akko.

But why? Why would you keep around two characters that are so similar in personality and in character development (at least on paper)?

This is why Andrew being teased as a romantic interest to Akko feels like such a slap in the face to everyone who loved Akko and Diana’s chemistry already back in the OVAs. It makes it seem that Andrew wasn’t introduced despite Diana already existing, but because of it. Like Trigger wanted to cash in on Diana and Akko’s chemistry but turn it into something more ‘acceptable’ for the general audience.

But this is where Trigger confuses the hell out of me. If Andrew is the endgame romantic interest, why isn’t it more clearly established at this point? Why has there been so relatively little time for developing Akko and Andrew together then? Why did Trigger go full speed ahead to develope and show how much Akko and Diana deeply care for eachother rather than with Akko and Andrew instead? Why is there so much focus on and interaction between Akko and Diana in the openings, while Andrew is barely there and doesn’t appear together with Akko?

And to quote from this:

There is only one character holding hands with Akko in the OP. And that character isn’t Andrew.

Because there is one thing that makes me mad, and that is ‘Dianakko’ detractors that refuse to acknowledge Akko and Diana’s deeper connection.

Because the way Akko and Diana have grown so close, despite their differences and initial misunderstandings, shows that there is an unspoken deeper bond between them. Even when they looked down on eachother, they still both show admiration and care for eachother, with neither of them knowing why. There was something that slowly over time drew them closer.

So I must say, as a lesbian, the level of affection displayed by Diana and Akko is to me beyond than ‘just being friends’.

If anyone would carelessly throw themselves into danger to save me like Diana and Akko do for eachother;

if anyone would scream with a desperate worry for me like Diana and Akko do for eachother;

if anyone would keep looking at me with a look full of care and concern like how Akko and Diana look at eachother;

if anyone would tell me to keep trying and chase my dreams, while grabbing my hands and being moved to tears, like how Akko did to Diana;

if anyone would tell me “You continue to astonish me in unexpected ways” while them thinking about every time I’ve amazed and impressed them like Diana did to Akko;

if anyone invited me on a broom like this

or if anyone looked at me like this before replying to my invititation;

if anyone would do such things like these, I would consider them loving me.

However, some people will never accept two girl characters loving each other unless they are being intimately physically affectionate, like kissing eachother. Until they are, it can be handwaved away and be explained that they are just “Gal Pals”, “very good friends” and so on.

If we switched out Diana above for Andrew, so that Akko and Andrew had shared all those interactions, you would definitely see people claiming that they are in love based on those.

This is a double standard that is sadly very real in real life too. Girl-loving girls have to go great lengths for their love to be considered “real” in the eyes of some.

Something that made me feel like I had giant pit in my stomach around the time Episode 10 was released, was how some ‘Ankko’ posts included gifs like these:

What the actual fuck? These moments were somehow considered “sweet Ankko moments” by some fans. One shows Akko being hurt by Andrew, while the other show how Akko very uncomfortably gets forcibly pushed to the wall by a love-drugged Andrew.

Both of these moments made me feel highly uncomfortable and feel genuine distress for Akko in these situations when I watched them. Neither of these abusive moments should be considered sweet or romantic. It is not a good representation of ‘Ankko’ or even Andrew himself alone. And I feel I can’t take any criticism of Dianakko in any serious regard from anyone who did feel these moments were “romantic”.

For me, ‘Dianakko’ is not a case of fanservice, it is a matter of representation.

Either on purpose or by accident, Trigger has managed to write one of the most heartfelt and organic depictions in animation of two girls managing to put aside their vast differences and come to closely understand eachother through what at least I would describe as love. I don’t even ‘need’ A Big Damn Kiss or a dramatic declaration of love. I’d rather want an ending more like the ending of The Legend of Korra, with Akko and Diana leaving together on a broom, to work on a shared future and a shared dream, with room for them growing further closer together and figure out what it means for them. Depictions of girls deeply caring for each other and slowly falling in love are rare outside shows not specifically focusing on girls’ love, thus I feel Diana and Akko are important.

I hope that Trigger soon either finally cements a final pairing and gently lets one part down, or that there will be no confirmed endgame romance. Trigger’s vagueness is just tiring at this point.

So I’m sorry Trigger and Andrew, but I’ve actually had enough of this dude.

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Would you mind doing Reaper, McCree, and the brothers Shimada asking their crush out but they just look sad and say something like "you don't have to pretend to like me" or "don't pretend I'm worth anything" before turning to walk away. (It's up to you if they let the crush walk away or not)Feel free to ignore this.

Ohh Darling that’s so sad! D: Let’s give this a more happy tone <3


“So, what do you say?”, Jesse asked and gave you a demanding look - he was really nervous!
But not as nervous as you! You fumbled at the seams of your shirt and looked down at your feet. 
“No… Thank you.”, you muttered and took a deep breath. “You don’t have to pretend to like me, you know.” Oh great, here are the tears! Right on time!
“Pretending - what now?”, his look became puzzled but then he gave you a wide smile. “That’s bullshit! I like you a lot! Man, I thought that was pretty obvious!”
“So- You really wanna go out with me?”, you digged deeper and he nodded. 
“Of course!”


Genji peeked around the corner, watching you from afar. You had rejected him two times already but he couldn’t help himself. Something was wrong. He saw your unsettled side glance when he asked you out and that bothered him. A lot.
So he bought some flowers - with a small hint from Angela what flowers you might like. Now he was hiding behind the corner, trying to calm his heartbeat. He was so nervous!
“Oh. Hi Genji.”, you said as he finally talked to you a few minutes later. “Flowers, huh?”
“I know you rejected me yesterday. And that day last week.” His voice was not as confident as usual. “But please go out with me!”
Your eses widened a bit and fear prevented you from answering. But you plucked up all your courage and nodded. You were glad he asked a third time, actually He didn’t know you rejected him because you were afraid he wouldn’t like you. Maybe… Maybe he really liked you!
“Um- Okay!”


Hanzo sighed but he didn’t move at all. Your eyes set on the ground you shook with discomfort.
“Please don’t be mad.”, you muttered weakly. “It’s not that I don’t like you… It’s just that I don’t think I’m the one you should ask for a date.”
“Why is that?”, Hanzo asked. 
“I mean… Just look at me.”, you whispered and teared up. “I’m not good enough for you.”
He went silent for a few seconds, then he shook his head and gave you an encouraging smile. 
“I think you’re just perfect the way you are. I don’t want any other person to go out with me.”, he stated and winked at you. “I’ll be picking you up at 7 pm.”


“Oh come on - don’t be so melodramatic!”, Reaper snarled and crossed his arms. “I asked you to go and grab a coffee with me, not to marry me!”
The blush on your face reached your ears and you started mumbling incomprehensible things. He sighed, shook his head and grabbed you by the shoulders. 
“Just say yes.”
“But, Gabriel-”, you insisted. “I just don’t get why you would chose me-”
“Ahh! Shush!”, he stopped your sentence and gave you an annoyed look. “Let’s go.”
“Uh, I- Okay… I guess…”, you whimpered and let him drag you to the coffee shop.

Don't Mess With Pan's Lost Girl P. 6

Warning: SMUT (like omg rated R), violence, cursing

Word count: 2399

A/N: IM BACK BITCHES. Thought I’d write a long smutty one to make up for my absence. Just one crappy day of school and I’ll be back to posting frequently. But yeah that’s all I have to say. So with out further ado… Part 6. Enjoy.

Part 5:


When we get back to the camp everyone is quite and don’t make eye contact with me or Peter. I assume it’s because Felix had warned the rest of the boys that Peter was ready to unleash his wrath on anyone who does as much as glance in my direction. I look around for Felix and find him sitting at one of the tables, alone, he risks a glance my way and I give him a sympathetic look before Peter continues to drag me to his tree house.
We reach the tree that occupies the house and Peter snaps his fingers making us flash to the middle of his room in a heartbeat. He says nothing as he undresses till he’s fully naked. At first I try to keep my eyes off of him, worried he’s trying to get sexual. But I calm down when he walks to the opposite side of the room to a large oak wardrobe, I watch his back muscles as he digs through looking for new clothes, and allow my eyes to glide down his body. I can tell he’s tense and my first instinct is to rub his back to sooth him but I fight the urge. He turns towards me when he’s found bottoms and smirks when he catches my stare. He walks around the bed towards me, stops half way, puts on the pants, and walks towards me again, until we’re mere centimeters apart. If it weren’t for the height difference our lips would be touching, instead my nose hits his lips as I turn to face the floor.
“You know having second in command isn’t nearly as great as having the one in charge” He says, I can hear the smirk in his voice.
I roll my eyes but keep my head facing the floor, “This again, really?” I ask frustrated with his persistent nagging. He puts a finger under my chin and forces me to look him in the eyes, no matter how bad I want to resist the second my eyes find his I’m hypnotized.
“I’m just saying, I could make yo-”
“Feel so much better. Yes I know we’ve been through this already.” I interrupt. He doesn’t say anything, instead he just caresses my cheek as his eyes trail every inch of my face landing on my lips. I try to keep a emotionless expression as he continues to stare, but his hand moves from my cheek down my neck and over my shoulder. His hand continues to move down as he slowly leans in, his hand finally landing on the small of my back I hold my breath until his lips are on mine. Every ounce of my being is telling me not to react, to not fall in his trap, but my lips move in sync with his and his hand is pushing against the small of my back, bringing me as close to him as physically possible. The kiss starts out slow and intimate but soon my fingers tangle themselves into his hair and so it becomes more rushed and heated. It’s as if we both need each other this very moment or we’ll explode of lust.
He backs me up and my heels hit the bed and we’re falling back on his bed, his lips trail from my lips to my neck sucking harshly and his hands move to take off the bottoms he had just put on, and again he’s fully naked while I’m fully clothed. My body wants him but my mind is screaming to stop. I almost do stop everything but then his hand runs under my shirt and it feels so good and warm over my skin, and suddenly I’m one hundred percent okay with whatever is going to happen next.
He continues to kiss my neck as he pulls my shirt over my head and my pants down my legs, along with my underwear. Once the clothes are discarded his lips move from my neck down my chest, stomach, and stop and my hip bone. He kisses slowly and my fingers in his hair tighten as I let out a low moan. He gently removes my hands from his hair and moves lower and I feel his warm breath fan over me making my fingers clench around the bed sheets. He kisses the inside of my thigh and my hips buck upward, my body craving contact. He does nothing but continues to tease kissing all around where I need him most, but avoiding it completely. Then he stops, leaving me frustrated and panting.
“What the hell!” I say panting, and he smirks down at me.
“You gatta beg for it love.” He says crossing his arms over his chest.
“I’m not going to beg” I growl.
“Then. I’m, not going to give you what you’re craving oh so very badly” he says getting off the bed and reaching for his pants once again.
“No!” I yell, panting still. “Peter. Please.” I say with attitude.
“Please what, princess?” He says dropping the pants and crawling back on the bed.
“Please I want you to… please me.” I say with a roll of my eyes.
“Please you how, you have to be more specific, but please keep up the attitude,” he says while crawling over me so his mouth is right by my ear and I feel his dick press against my stomach, “it’s turning me on” he whispers. I moan and, once again, buck my hips up.
“Please.” I whisper back then pull his hair so his eyes meet mine. “Fuck me.” I saw in a low voice.
Immediately his lips crash onto mine and he sticks himself in without warning causing me to let out a wired loud gasp moan noise. With his elbows holding himself up on either side of my head, and his lips leaving sloppy kisses all over my neck, he grinds his hips faster and faster. With every thrust he gets deeper and deeper. All the while my nails are dragging up and down his toned back with my legs hooked tightly around his waist. Moans fill the room and soon he finds the right spot that causes me to scream curses and moan his name. He slurs dirt things in my ear all while we reach our high I let go first, he quickly pulls out and spills warm sticky cum over my stomach. He kisses me down from my high wrapping his arms around my back and flips us so I’m on top of him.
“I’m not done yet.” He say pulling my legs on either side of his head. Again, I’m panting and then I feel his warm tongue lick over me causing me to lurch forward, my hands holding tightly to the head board holding me steady. As he eats me out I moan his name egging him on and making him add a finger, then two. With both his tongue working and his fingers pumping I reach my second high. He grabs hold of my hip pushing me down to lay on top of him as I catch my breath. Weak and tired I don’t move as he kisses my forehead and brushes his fingers through my hair. And right before I fall asleep I hear him say, “I’ll make you feel this good every night, all you have to do is say you’ll be my Lost Girl.”

The next morning I wake in the bed alone but a idiotic grin on my face. Pan walks into the room then with a plate of food, and an apple in his mouth. He sets the plate on the bed side table and sits on the bed next to me, taking a bite of the apple.
“How do you feel?” He says with a small smile.
“Amazing.” I say still smiling, but then I feel my face fall as I begin to feel the guilt.
“What’s wrong?” He asks, his face falling too.
“I’m a horrible person.” I say sitting up and covering my face.
“How?” He asks, genuinely sounding concerned.
“I was with two guys yesterday.” I say disgusted with myself.
“Do you regret last night?” He asks, sad.
“No, no, no. I just… I’m a slut.” I say ashamed.
“You’re not a slut.” He says now mad, this boy is so bipolar. “Get up and dressed.” He says getting up leaving the plate of food. I do as he says and meet him at the bottom of the tree. He takes my hand and we walk to the camp. He sits me down at one of the tables then walks away without saying anything. Confused I stay sat and don’t follow him, worried I upset him. Then I see Felix walking towards me, about a yard away he stops and scans the camp, for Pan, then continues to walk and sits facing me.
“Wanna meet up again today?” He says, he sounds like an exciting little kid.
“Do you have a death wish?” I ask and it comes out a bit more rude than I mean it to, but he doesn’t seem affected by it.
“Come on Pan won’t do anything” he says with a smirk.
“I don’t think we shou-” I begin but suddenly Felix is pulled from his seat and thrown to the floor. In a flash Pan is on top of him beating him.
“Peter! Stop!” I shout as I try to pull him off and a few lost boys help me. When he’s finally off Felix his knuckles are bloody and Felix is groaning on the ground. Pan is panting he roughly grabs me and pulls me in for a rough kiss. When he pulls away he looks down at Felix, and smirks.
“Lets get something straight lost boys” Pan announces, “No one is to touch Mariana without having this,” he says gesturing towards Felix, “as a consequence.” He says then bends over to help Felix up.
“Go clean yourself up.” He orders him and Felix walks away with his head down, and the other boys clear out as well. Then Pan turns to me, “I thought I told you no conversing with the other lost boys?” He say slightly frustrated.
“Pan.” I say and he lets out a low growl so I huff, “Peter. You can’t expect me to live here with you pretending everything is perfectly fine if you’re going to beat up anyone that so much as looks in my direction.” I say annoyed with his behavior.
“Well they have no reason to be looking at you.” He’s acting like a child.
“Peter, you said it yourself you’ve been stuck on this island for an eternity without any girls. It’s not just you it’s all of the boys. You can’t honestly expect them to all to stay away from me. Not to be conceded but boys tend to all be drawn to a girl, and I just so happen to be the only one here.” I say and he’s not even meeting my eyes anymore and he remains quiet for a moment.
“I just don’t want the only good thing to be taken from me.” He says after finally meeting my gaze then walks into the woods. I sit at the table and run the words he just said through my head over and over.
Only good thing, what? No. I can’t possibly be the “only good thing” in Pan’s life he hated me like two days ago. This boy is so confusing and bipolar and, a psychopath really, but I can’t help but feel drawn towards him. He’s broken, I can tell, he tries to hide it behind all the tough leader crap.
With a huff I stand from the table and walk over to where Felix is sitting holding a went cloth to his face.
“I’m sorry Felix, for I don’t know; leading you on, rejecting you, getting you beat up.” I say sympathetically and he sighs.
“It was a bad idea to get between Pan and a girl. Don’t worry about it I’ll be fine. I was last time.”
Last time?
“I’m sorry.” I say one last time and run into the woods to find Pan. I run until I come to the lake that Felix took me to yesterday, and find Peter leaning against a tree.
“Pan?” I ask in a calm voice hoping to keep him level headed.
“What have I told you about that? It’s Peter.” He says as I walk to stand next to him. I look at his face and see it blank and emotionless.
“When was there a girl here before?” I ask.
“Where did you hear that?” He asks irritated.
“Felix said something about you two fitting over a girl before.” I say and he breathes through his nose.
“It was years ago I don’t know how many, time stands still here. And well I brought her here, she and Felix began a thing, I got jealous, she wanted to leave.” He says through clenched teeth, “I don’t want you to leave me.” He says, hurt.
“I’m not going anywhere seeing as I need permission to leave.” I say and he turns towards me and gives me a half smile. “But honestly why are you so attached all of a sudden? We were at each other’s throats only a few days ago.” I say making him bite his bottom lip.
“I guess I just forgot how great it is to have someone sleep with you. Well not like that… that came out wrong, I-I just meant that…” he stutters over his words making me laugh a little. “What I meant was,” he begins again, “sleeping alone in a pitch black room causes bad dreams.” He says, embarrassed.
“Are you scared of the dark?” I mock.
“No it’s not that it’s more, a-a PTSD kind of thing.” He says facing me completely now his back against the tree, “I feel the loneliness from when I was younger every night. But when there’s someone there with me, I’m not alone.” He says with a small smile.
My heart breaks a little for him and I take a step closer to him then, another and another, until my hands are pressed against his chest and my lips softly brush against his. His eyelids flutter closed and soon he’s pressing his lips gently to mine.

TITLE: I Think I Loaf You 
PAIRING: Connor Murphy/Evan Hansen (with some side Alana Beck/Zoe Murphy)
SUMMARY: Connor tags along to his sister’s wedding cake tasting and happens upon the most awkward, adorable baker in existence.
NOTES: I just really love The Great British Baking Show, and this is what happened. Also, a pretty soft Connor/a little ooc, but he’s also gone through some positive change, so yay? Sorry about the title. You can also read this on Ao3 here.

Connor wasn’t at all sure how he got roped into this shit, but there he was, being dragged along by his sister for a wedding cake tasting. He knew that if this was six years ago she could have held a gun to his head and he still wouldn’t have agreed to come along, but, well, they’d come a long way. Such a long way that he was apparently willing to suffer through all this pre-wedding decision making, and that she actually asked him to in the first place.

Whatever. At least he’d get to eat.

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Kitten - D.S.

Summary: Meeting the love of your life at an animal shelter is not something you would have expected

Requested by anon 

A/N: LOL i have no idea how animal shelters work and I realized that half way through :)

You volunteered at an animal shelter every Friday, preferring to help take care of animals than go out, or stay home all by yourself. You were currently taking care of a baby kitten. 

“Oh I’m sorry!” A random boy bumped into you. “I didn’t see you there!” He exclaimed, his hands going to steady you. 

“It’s alright.” You glanced at what he was wearing, a black long sleeve with a red ‘D’ below the left shoulder and black ripped skinny jeans. 

“I’m guessing the ‘D’ stands for either a brand you love or your name?” You asked, holding up the baby kitten in your hands to point at the letter. 

“Yeah, it actually stands for Daniel. Unless, you know, you want it to stand for something else.” He chuckled awkwardly, rubbing the back of his neck. “That was so bad and weird, I’m so sorry.” He rushed out, blushing. 

You laughed, finding it cute how awkward he was being. “It’s alright, I’m (Y/N).” You smiled at him and he smiled at you. 

“Lovely name for a lovely person.” He grinned at you. He extended his arm, silently asking if he could pet the kitten. 

“Go ahead, but be careful, she bites sometimes.” You slowly moved the kitten towards him, holding her out so he could pet her. 

“Ow!” Daniel pulled his hand back almost immediately. 

“Are you okay!” You quickly put the kitten back in her cage, turning towards Daniel to inspect his wound. 

“I’m fine, just a little scratch. I didn’t expect it, that’s all.” He grinned at you, making you melt. God that smile, it’s so beautiful. I could stare at all day.

“I did warn you.” You teased, walking him towards a the sink so he could wash the scratch. 

“I know, but animals love me! And people too.” He joked, washing his hands and drying them. 

You washed your hands, drying them off before turning towards him. 

“Well, I can’t say I’m surprised.” You blushed when he winked at you, biting your lip. 

“Oh! I almost forgot, do you mind taking a survey?” He asked as he reached for something in his back pocket. 

You felt slightly… offended? You thought he was flirting with you, but it turns out all he wanted was for you to take a survey. 

“Uh, no. Not at all.” You smiled tightly at him. He grinned back at you, opening his phone and handing it to you. 

When you looked down at the phone you saw a the ‘new contact’ screen opened. You glanced at him, seeing him bite his lip. 

With a sudden boost of confidence, you typed in your number and put in a nickname. You handed it back to him, already blushing at the nickname you put. 

“Kitten.” He grinned, sending you another wink, making you blush even harder. 

“Well, I thought you might need a little reminder of today.” You glanced around, spotting the kitten you had earlier running around. “Oh no, not again!” You ran after the kitten, chasing it around the whole shelter. 

Daniel tried to help, but the kitten ended up scratching him again. “Ow, son of a-” He cut himself off, putting pressure on the scratch that ended up going slightly deeper than the last one. 

“I’m so sor- ah!” You yelped in pain when you felt tiny claws on the back of your legs. “Hey you, get over here.” You picked up the kitten, walking over and putting her back in the cage. You made sure to close the cage before walking over to Daniel. “Are you okay?” 

“I’m fine.” He mumbled, checking out the scratch. 

“Here, let me clean you up.” You grabbed his hand and lead him to an office like room. You grabbed his arm, seeing a small amount of blood. “Let me clean you up.” 

You grabbed a small disinfecting wipe, softly wiping the scratch. When you were done, you put small hello kitty band-aids on him. “Sorry, it’s the only ones we have.” You apologize, looking at him to see him already starring at you. 

“What, is there something on my face?” You asked embarrassed, wiping your face. 

Daniel grabbed your arms softly, smiling up at you. “Has anyone ever told you what’s wrong with you?” 

You furrowed your eyebrows confused as to what you did. “No?” 

“Good, because it’s not a damn thing.” He whispered, leaning in to kiss you. 

*1 year later* 

“Babe?” You heard Daniel call out from the living room. 

“In the kitchen!” You called out as you closed the fridge door. You set the cartoon of orange juice on the counter, opening it and then pouring juice into the cup.

“Can you come here for a second?” He called out, making you roll your eyes. 

“I’d rather not. Last time you asked me that I got attacked with silly string.” You yelled back, drinking your juice after. 

“I promise you won’t get attacked.” He poked his head into the kitchen, smiling at you. That same smile I fell in love with one year ago. “By silly string.”

“Daniel…” You warned him, slightly glaring at him. “I don’t know what you’re trying to pull, but remember I will break up with you! Even if it is our one year anniversary!” 

“Please?” He pouted, still not entering the kitchen. 

“Fine.” You sighed, pretending to be annoyed. “But I’m not kidding. I will do it.” You walked over to him, giving him a light kiss.

“I know you will, kitten.” He gave you another soft kiss, and then another one, this one longer. 

Suddenly, you heard a small ‘meow’ coming from behind your boyfriend. 

“What was that?” You asked as you pulled away, checking behind him.

“That, my love, was our baby.” He grinned at you, going over to pick it up. It looked exactly like the kitten that you were holding when you first met Daniel, from the crystal blue eyes, to the light grey hair. “Babe, I want you to meet Aphrodite, Di for short.” 

“Oh my god, Daniel! Where did you get her!” You rushed over to hold her, your heart fluttering at the somewhat familiar scenario. 

“I got her at the animal shelter that you use to volunteer at, the one where we meant.” He softly pats Di on the head, almost getting bit in the process.  

“Yup, just like her mother.” He mutters, hugging you instead.

“What do you mean?” You turn to look at him, a small smile on his lips making you grin. “No! Really!” You giggled, smiling down at the kitten. “But she was adopted?”

“She just had kittens, and the people who adopted her decided to give them to the shelter, since it was how they found her. I went yesterday to adopt a kitten, and when I heard that her kittens were in the shelter, well. I just had to, it was fate.” He kissed your head, trying once again to pet Di but she just wouldn’t let him. 

“I guess she just loves me more.” You teased, sticking your head out at him. 

“Whatever, I still have you.” He leaned down to kiss you, Di scratching him in the process some how. “Ow! That little demon, just like her mother!” He playfully scolded the kitten, only for her to swing her claw at him again.

“I love you.” You smiled up at him, kissing him. He broke away, giving you an Eskimo kiss.

“I love you, too kitten.” 

Why do I only write at 12AM? 

Anyway, I hope you enjoyed this! It’s pure fluff (I hope), and no angst. 

Also, shout out to @impossibly-not a>​ for giving me the idea of the ‘D’ pick up line and encouraging my crazy self to use all 3 pick up lines!!! 

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hi!!! can u give me/us some more details about the boy's house because i feel like we don't get much from isak's pov lol we know the kitchen the living room and even's house but i'm really interested to know just how big/how much more there is in the house! thank you and i love you!

fun facts about the acar/bech næsheim/bakkoush household that isak never ever mentions because he’s either 1) too preoccupied having sex or two) does not know things because he was in that house a total of two times for a year probably before he actually got along with even or three) never had a chance to use/be in that room and so never brings it up in his internal monologue and it’s so sad bc i’ve spent so much time like, designing it in my head lmao

yay for limited pov!

that said, for you curious souls:

  • the living room everyone is using throughout the story, the one that is directly to the right of the entrance, is not their actual TV room. this is their “formal” living room. they set up a television in there because the TV in their actual TV room died on them, and none of them have a) the money to replace it and b) the energy to remove it and deal with all the wirings and shit, so they just brought elias’s old tv that he kept in his closet and set it up there until they can replace the one in their supply room. yousef’s uncle has come over and seen this and his poor house-decorating heart almost gave out, and he offered to replace their TV so long as they got rid of the TV in the formal living room, but they were like, nah, we’ll do it on our own, you’re already renting us your house at a good deal like wtf.
  • the “real” tv room is toward the back end of the house, in front of the kitchen
  • to the left of the entrance you, nestled deeper into a small hallway, you have elias’s bedroom! yes, elias’s room has been downstairs the entire time, and right beside the entrance, so the pretty big window looking out to the porch/driveway outside belongs to elias. it’s the master bedroom, which means he’s got the biggest room, closet, and bathroom, and though he insisted yousef should have it since it was his uncle giving them a deal, yousef admitted that he and even were terrified of being the first ones murdered if an assailant every came into the house, and elias called them ridiculous and stupid but took the room anyway. n*ce cheers for elias
  • they have a covered porch both in their front yard and in their backyard
  • they have a pool. yes,,, before you ask,, isak and even will eventually make out in it, calm down people i know the power this pool gives me
  • they also have a balcony. i know, i know, more power. isak is literally the worst at mentioning anything, but, you know, he doesn’t spend time thinking about their house structure, other than “it’s a big house”. the balcony faces their large backyard.
  • there are two guest bathrooms: one downstairs, that’s only a half bathroom, and one upstairs, that is a full bathroom w/ a tub
  • elias has a small office for himself downstairs; this is because he’s actually the sole editor for a small company trying to make it big on youtube — on-camera hosts that speak both norwegian and english to accommodate to larger audience — and they’re doing well enough so that elias sometimes has to take the job home, and he’s getting paid just as well as yousef and even are (well, even’s income fluctuates, and sometimes he does make less than elias, but it depends on the season)
  • the house actually comes with four bedrooms — they’ve turned the fourth one into a “supply room”, where all three of their boys stuff the things they can’t fit in their room. it’s tight and messy and for the most part remains unvisited lmao
  • yousef and even’s rooms are upstairs. yousef’s is in the front end of the house while even’s is in the back end
  • all three of them have a private bathroom, but only elias has a walk-in closet. yousef and even have a double-door shelved closet
  • they have a built-in bookshelf upstairs, right beside the balcony doors and in front of even’s room. there are more knick-knacks than books in there, though, which yousef’s uncle also despairs of. for his sake, the boys contributed a couple of their books, such as “how children succeed”, “the art of seeing”, “the lion, the witch and the wardrobe”, “harry potter and the order of the phoenix”, and “cut by cut”.
  • despite isak always making it sound kinda dreary and dark (idek why???) the house is actually very bright and happy; the living room/dining room/entrance walls are a nice cream color, while the not-working TV room and the kitchen are a nice, cool brown. they have light hard-wood floors and their door/cabinets/panels are all white and they have a LOT of lights so the house never looks sad, just when the lights are off or what elias likes to call “the mood lighting” is on. yousef’s uncle, the designer and owner, is just a happy dude. he ain’t going around making depressing-ass houses.
  • the living room is open to the upstairs, so it’s got a high ceiling and very high windows and lights — which is why the boys slack off sometimes changing the bulbs that go out, because it’s ridiculously high and they’d need a very long ladder
  • the stairs aren’t straight up, they’re straight up then take a sharp turn to the right. the steps and the railings are also made up of the light hardwood that the floors are made of while the front of the steps and the banisters are painted white

i’ve sketched it out already, to use as reference (even though i hardly need it thanks to isak lol but it’s good to picture it anyway) but eventually i will clean it up and post it for you guys, i love you!!!

Get to Know Jongdae (Chen)

(21 September 1992, Seoul)

  • Let’s start with his ego, the side of him he shows to his co-workers and casual friends - virgo sun
  • it makes him rather down to earth and practical
  • he enjoys thinking things over, analyzing, making plans and tables in his head (probably has countless notebooks)
  • loves talking and working on details
  • easy guy to work with
  • prefers taking care of others and being in charge than to be the “protectee”
  • I’m pretty sure he loves counting and planning his money
  • loves improving himself
  • secretly very critical and perfectionistic
  • kinda selective about who he befriends
  • actually… he probably secretly thinks he’s better than everybody else. It’s very common with virgo people (coming from a Virgo btw. a shameful virgo secret)
  • he said he’s actually the best singer in EXO, several times. I don’t deny it, but if he says such things we can only imagine what goes on in his head…

Originally posted by dragonkick

  • now let’s dive deeper, into his feelings, see what makes him sad and happy, with that cancer moon
  • very nurturing and helping nature
  • great supportive friend
  • feels the best among his friends, loves taking care of them
  • friends brings him comfort and emotional stability and I doubt he could ever lead a “lone wolf” life
  • mood swings, a lot of them (mars is empowering his moon and moon is in his natural sign - cancer, so yeah, even stronger than the usual cancer moon)
  • but not very likely to show his “down and sad” side to others
  • seeks to feel safe (emotionally, romantically, financially, you name it)
  • kind, gentle and considerate bean
  • is very unhappy when doesn’t get what he wants and when he actually does get it, drops it and jumps to other thing (kind of like a little kid)
  • loves showing love to others by straight up giving gifts, making their bed, cooking meals,… (very materialistic, understandable showing of love)
  • loves seeing that he makes a difference in other people’s lives
  • can’t receive straight compliments. Becomes suspicious. Feels like it’s some set up or that something’s actually wrong.
  • Tell him “you look more rested and happier today” or any other case of “ you look less bad than back then…” and he’ll be sooo happy

Originally posted by oh-sehun-please

  • Leo rising gives him warm and energetic (even sort of electric) aura
  • he needs to be the center of attention,
  • has great sense of humor
  • Easy to talk to but hard to befriend. hella sexy imo

Originally posted by amphitritebelle

  • Now, we finally got to his sexy libra mercury brain which is his dominant as well!
  • a real poet’s mind
  • don’t lie, we all LOVE to talk to a libra mercury
  • incredibly social
  • born peacemaker
  • will never impose his opinion on anybody, will ask what you want first
  • but will secretly think that he knows better
  • indecisive when several options present
  • explosion of charm, beauty and art
  • social butterfly
  • has no spine, climbs the social ladder with social skills
  • thus ends up rather underdeveloped inside (as such people don’t stand up for their values)
  • this incredible mind of his + powerful jupiter influence makes him funny and a real prankster
  • he’s the soul of the party and with that leo rising everybody wants to get a peace of his charm
  • I wouldn’t be surprised if in real life he’d be the most charming person out of the group
  • and would put the rest of exo to shame with his charisma (baek and chanyeol who? The two feel more comfortable in front of camera and in the company of their friends. While Jongdae is a social butterfly who loves meeting new people)

Originally posted by everybodyloveschen


  • He doesn’t have a lot of “television star” placements like the others covered so far so that might explain why he doesn’t have as big of a “presence” on screen as the other members
  • Very Cardinal personality, no notable Fixed placements. Basically he’ll constantly try to go against the current ofc in his subtle libra ways. Always up for change.
  • I actually see him having a lot of problems with relationships, probably attracted to older women. And there’s some deep hidden fear and insecurities about relationships. (Saturn & Dark Lilith in 7th house, I assume it’s also related to his childhood trauma, read below)
  • constantly unhappy and problems with the way newly met people see him. Maybe he just sucks at first impressions? Maybe he dislikes the impression he leaves to others? All I know it’s one of his insecurities.
  • He has some aspects that make him rather stubborn and with saturn as one of his dominant planets he respects order and hierarchy. He’s very polite when he needs to be, respects authority and understands it’s importance.
  • for my dirtier readers: he’s most definitely a sub but I’m almost sure he is super into thigh grabbing and has chocking kink. You didn’t hear it from me.

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Sense - Ellessey - Haikyuu!! [Archive of Our Own]
An Archive of Our Own, a project of the Organization for Transformative Works
By Organization for Transformative Works

For KuroDai Week 2017, Day 8: Mythical Creatures/Super Powers

Summary: Daichi has never met another person like him before, someone he doesn’t have to hide his abilities from. But the first day at a new school, surrounded by the same normal faces, he finally meets someone different.

This will be Daichi’s seventh time as the new kid, so it’s not like it’s something he doesn’t know how to do. It’s all just a matter of blending in, finding the patterns and fitting himself inside them, and that’s something he has years of experience with.

It gets tiring though, following this routine. Leaving when he slips up, because somehow he always does, and starting out again in a different place, with a new set of people who are all the same. The same as the ones at his last school, the same as each other. All of them cut from the same cloth, except for him.

Daichi is different. Daichi can crack the earth with his anger, he can shape the soil without lifting a hand. When he laughs, if he isn’t focusing hard enough on his control, pebbles will rise up and dance with his voice.

Keep reading


She didn’t want to be here.

Fingers reached up to massage her temple, her head pounding like war drums as Nightwing carried on with their weekly briefings. Sum up of their week, current operations in house and in others, various criminals to look out for and possible events to shadow in case something should happen. Cyborg mentioning new tech or new upgrades in their equipment. Changeling sharing an inappropriate and/or ill timed joke. Starfire listening intently with a shocked gasp or two, maybe a hearty Tamaranean “huzzah” of some kind in celebration of good news.

Same song and dance as it was the week before and the week before that and the week before that and for all the weeks to come.

She closed her eyes, willing the literal mind-numbing pain away. A vacation was starting to sound good right about now…

“Last order of business,” Nightwing announced, and those words sounded damn near close to a chorus of angels. She opened her eyes to the screen ahead of her revealing some man’s portrait photo. “John Donoway.”

He looked ordinary enough: plain, Caucasian male, brown hair, blue eyes, straight, white teeth. No distinctive markings or tattoos or piercings. Not even a spark of something malicious in his eyes. Just a smiling, friendly-looking standard white American male that you would expect to find in a Whole Foods grocery line or a country club golf course. Upper middle class ordinary.

If he was on their radar, Raven already knew that he must be the worst of the worst.

“We have reason to believe that this man is part of a very large sex trafficking ring in Jump City.” Called it. “More specifically, one involving children.”

Her eyes narrowed and her hands balled in a fist. Oh, he was that sort of evil.

“The police and the Feds have been after him for years and they haven’t been able to pin him yet. They have now turned to us to, not only get this guy, but to figure out how deep this chain goes and shut it down.”

“So what’s the plan?” Cyborg asked, crossing his arms over his chest.

“Undercover,” Nightwing said, simply. “Deep undercover. We need two operatives to portray a loving, newlywed couple. Move into the neighborhood where he lives, live civilian lives, gather intel, and report back to me. Possible extremely covert side missions but mostly undercover intel.”

“Very well. I shall go!” Starfire volunteered with her usual blast of enthusiasm.

He shook his head. “Sorry, Star. We need people that the public won’t notice. That can blend in people easily. If you were to go undercover, the public will miss you and ask a lot of questions. We don’t need that.”

There’s was a certain type of tone to his voice that was pointed, and Raven did not like which way that tone was pointing. She closed her eyes and rubbed her temples even more.

“Alright, so I’ll go,” Changeling chimed with a shrug. “I’m the entire animal kingdom. I can blend in easily.”

Raven sighed. “You’re green and very outspoken. The public will miss you, and we need someone that can easily be explained away. Someone no one would bat an eyelash at and dare look for.”

He paused. “So… who would that be?”

“Why don’t you ask our fearless leader?” Raven said, turning her attention to the man standing at the front of the room. Her eyebrow perked as she crossed her arms over her chest and leaned back in her chair, an irritated expression gracing her features. “Seems like you know exactly who you want on this mission already.”

He pressed his lips together and nodded solemnly. “I don’t mean it that way but in terms of media popularity-.”

“Understood,” Raven pointedly said. Between her blistering headache and this new assignment, she just needed this meeting to be done and over with.

Some “vacation”…

“And I assume I’m going to be her spouse?” Cyborg chimed.

“No.” The word gave her pause.

A sense of unease emitted from Nightwing. He was hiding something. Something… deep. Something… not good…

Clearing his throat, he turned to the screen as it changed from the photo of the humdrum man to….

What the fuck.

There, on the screen was a picture of a man skull face mask with a red X. No, this has to be a mistake. A glitch in the presentation or something, right?… Right?

“Red-X has been enlisted as the other person for this mission.”


Closing her eyes again, Raven willed her increasing painful headache away as her teammates shouted incredulous remarks to the announcement in protest. She just had to think of the word vacation, didn’t she?

“Dude, why the hell would you put Red-X on this mission? He’s one of the bad guys!”

“His skills to go undercover and investigative technique makes him qualified for the job. No one knows his face, making coming up with a fake ID easy. He knows the business of Wayne Enterprises. And we have the ability to control him,” Nightwing answered. A vague sort of feeling continued to dance around their leader.

There was something else…

“How?” Cyborg asked, “I mean, Raven is tough and all that to keep him in line but I don’t think she’s enough to control him all night and day for who knows how long.”

Nightwing sighed. “I made him an offer. A clean record, if he helps us.”

“WHAT!” her three teammates chimed before blasting off into fits of anger, arguing with their leader’s decision.

Taking a deep breath, Raven opened her eyes to look at him. The way he stood… tall but yet burdened. The vague feeling continued to plague around him as if there was something more. Something deeper. Something that made him hesitate. Something he was trying to hide… What is he hiding? Raven searched and searched until she found her answer.

“You know who he is.” Her words cut through the room, silencing all of her other teammates loud voices with the soft calm of hers. Pressing his lips together, Nightwing looked down at his feet, the weight of his secret finally getting to him. She wasn’t going to let him off so easy though.

“Dick…” she addressed him by his civilian name to capture his attention from off the ground. “Who is he?”

A second slipped by. Two. Three. Four.

“Dick, who-.”

“Jason,” he admitted, lifting his head and steeling himself into the fearless leader persona he normally donned. He cleared his throat. “Jason Todd is Red-X.”

The picture on the screen turned to one of a young once fallen hero in the ever classic Robin costume. The room acted as a vacuum, sucking all the air out and leaving them stripped down and bare. Frozen in time. Frozen in their thoughts. While they barely knew the young boy, his loss was a chord that struck all of them, especially Nightwing.

Raven knew of the countless nights he had spent awake blaming himself. If he could’ve prevented it. Even travelled back to Gotham to fight by his reluctant and grieving former mentor for some time after the incident - something he was never fully keen on doing.

She, on the other hand, had met the boy only a handful of times. For what she could tell of him, he was smart and clever. Knew his way in and out of a situation. He was brave… foolishly so it seemed. Talented, by way of crime fighting. Better than Nightwing at that age back when he was Robin. So good that they were vetting him for candidacy in the Titans program before his untimely death. He was… sensitive… like he was never sure of where he stood or permanent. Like the ground was going to give way beneath him and he was just waiting for it to crack. And angry. He was so, so very angry…

Nightwing’s voice called them out of their thoughts. “I made a deal with him, and we all know he takes deals very seriously.”

“You can’t be serious,” Cyborg responded, breathing back life into the room. “You’re going to give Red-X…”

“I know how this looks.”

“A clean record all because…”

“He is the best person for the job…”

“You found out he’s Jason.”

“He has the skill set that we need…”

“He’s a criminal!”

“If there was another Titan who could do this, I would-.”

“Your judgment is clouded.”

“My judgment is sound. If you would just let me-.”

“No, Night!” Cyborg’s voice raised, slamming his fist down on the table in frustration. “You are talking about giving a known criminal, a notorious high profile thief, who we have fought a multitude of times. Who has worked with some of our worst enemies! He worked with Slade!”

“I know what he’s done, Cyborg! I know him better than anyone in this room!” Nightwing shouted back, “I know who he has worked for since he’s taken on the mantle of Red-X. I know his way of thinking, his way of moving, his skill set, I know him. And more importantly, I know that he’s is the best person for this mission, besides me.”

“Surely that is not the case. Perhaps you have overlooked someone,” Starfire offered. “Perhaps one of the Titan Nomads?”

“Yeah, dude. I mean, I get that he’s kinda your little brother come back to life but that doesn’t, like, erase the years he spent as a criminal,” Changeling added, albeit a bit timid.

Nightwing sighed. “I know it doesn’t erase the years he’s spent as a criminal. I know it doesn’t wash the bad blood between us and him. But trust me, as your leader I did not come to this decision lightly. I looked at everyone we know in the Titans program. Even looked at a few in the Justice League that might be willing to do us a favor. There is no one better suited for the job than him.”

“And what if he decides to go rogue and turn on us?” Cyborg questioned, his guard not giving any slack against the young leader.

“He won’t.”

“But what if?”

“If there’s one thing I know about Red-X, he looks out for number one, always. And if I know one thing about Jason is that he’s still that street kid trying to find his way out of the gutter. He’s not going to pass it up,” Nightwing answered, his voice hard and final. I understand if you don’t like the plan but it’s the only one we’ve got.”

Cyborgs jaw clicked and his eyes narrowed at the man before turning to look at Raven. “You’ve been awfully quiet.”

A second passed before she shrugged her shoulders. “I don’t see a point in fighting this. Nightwing is right. We need someone with his ability and with his mind - his detective skills. He can’t go himself because, as we discussed earlier, the press would notice. Speedy is a close candidate but he also has a bit of an affair with the press as well. All of the nomads may be covert but they don’t play well with others for long periods of time which this mission promises to be. Red-X is the perfect person for the job, and we have the proper amount leverage against him to prevent him from turning on us. It’s a logical choice.”

Cyborg stared at her for a long time, studying her as if she were a book he was trying to decipher through. But she did not budge - did not give one single inch that she thought the plan was flawed and clouded with Nightwing’s guilt and his need to redeem and restore his long lost brother-in-arms back to the right side. No, she couldn’t let them know. His mind was made up, and she had a headache.

“… Very well,” Cyborg resigned with a reluctant nod. “As long as she’s okay with it, I’ll go along. I’ll look at houses nearby. See if I can make the proper adjustments for our needs.”

“Keep me posted. and in that case, meeting adjourned,” said Nightwing, and no words have ever sounded so sweet. “Can I speak with you a moment, Raven?”


“Sure,” she uttered, begrudgingly, setting her files back down on the table as her other teammates cast her looks of sympathy. She rested her elbow on the table and pinched the bridge of her nose again, hoping whatever he had to say wasn’t going to take long. Her bed was calling, after all.

Once everybody left, Raven heard Nightwing sit in the seat beside her, sighing heavily like a deflating balloon. “That went over well.”

“How did you think it was going to go?” She replied.

“Worse,” he chuckled. Raven let a small smile grace her lips before falling under the weight of her headache. “Did you really mean that stuff earlier?”

“About Jason AKA Red-X being the best person suited for the job?” Opening her eyes, Raven rested her face in her hand and gave Nightwing a look that told him just how stupid he actually was.

“I figured…” He laughed again, his voice trailing to some far off place. “You know, I wouldn’t put you on if I thought you couldn’t handle him.”

Raven sat back in her chair with a heavy sigh, nodding her head. “That doesn’t mean I don’t think your judgement isn’t clouded. It’s Jason. I know exactly how torn up you were about his death.”

“I know, I know…” he sighed, his head bowing as his hand came up to rub at his forehead. “Maybe my judgement is clouded… but I need someone who thinks as I do on this mission. And he… as much as I hate to admit it- he’s better than me. And we need that in order to get the truth and get justice for those kids.”

“You fully believe that?”

Letting out another reluctant sigh, he nodded his head. “I fully believe he’s the best person for the job.”

“So be it,” Raven renounced. “But if he pisses me off, I’ll put him right back in the ground.”

Nightwing barked a laugh. “I wouldn’t blame you. He was a pain in the ass then, and he’s a pain in the ass now.”

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Kinda urgent (tho it may not sound it) I'm trans and I watched some videos saying bein trans is a sin. This disturbed me deeply. I'm afraid what if God wants me to stop my transition, or else I won't be able to be with him. If thats what Jesus meant by picking up my cross? I don't want to stop transition at all but I don't want to go against Him either. I'm scared and confused. I don't want to think my gender identity is a temptation from Satan since it's so deeply who I am. (1/2)

(2/2) I feel so distraught and like my world is coming apart. I feel distant from God and fearful of Him rather than knowing His love. I’m scared and I don’t know what to do or how to reconcile my gender identity with Him. It’s making me question my faith, when all I want is to be close to God. I know this may not sound urgent but it’s destroying me inside and I don’t know why. Do you have any thoughts on this whole thing? I’m sorry if this is a bother or not seemingly urgent.

Hi there, anon. I’m sorry those videos shook you so much – I’ve been there. It’s sucks, but it’s okay. You’re okay.

First off, I promise that God loves you so, so deeply. And God made you how you are. Jesus came that we might have fullness of life, not to make us live in fear or so that we might continue to live under the chains of social norms. Because the gender binary is a social norm – and we are called not to conform to the world but to be transformed in Christ.

God does not set ultimatums that force us to chop off pieces of ourselves, or squeeze ourselves into boxes that don’t fit, in order to live with God. This post has a quote from a womanist theologian on how God calls us to wholeness, and what that means for LGBT+ Christians in particular. And here is a post with a string of tweets that show how God loves us as we are – rather than saying, “In order to love you, I must make you into something else,” God says, “I receive you as you are – and I come to help you become your fullest, truest self.”

With all of the above information – that God comes to affirm our fullest selves – we do need to take the concept of carrying the cross into account as well. Luckily, Austen Hartke’s Transgender and Christian series has a video on how being trans is not “Our Cross to Bear.” (If you have trouble hearing videos, let me know and I’ll write out a synopsis of the video for you tomorrow!)

His videos “Self Denial or Abundant Life?” and “Abundant Life AND Self Denial?” are also ones that would help you understand how God calls us to abundance that includes transitioning. (Again, let me know if you need a textual summary of the vids.)

Jesus assures us that we can know sin by its fruit, and we can know goodness by its fruit. So let’s look at the fruits of trying to live as cis when we aren’t, versus the fruits of embracing being trans.

Common fruits of living as cis when we aren’t: depression and anxiety from dysphoria; feelings of isolation from other humans and from yourself; feelings of anger, often against God, and thus a lack of strong relationship with God

Common fruits of embracing being trans: gender euphoria!; renewed energy and feelings of joy and thanksgiving that we can use to serve and connect with others as well as to praise God; deeper understandings of ourselves and new experiences that may shape who we are and give us wisdom; a connection to a marginalized community that helps us develop empathy we can use to serve others.

(Some Austen Hartke vids related to these ideas of good fruit: x, x). 

Embracing being trans bears good fruit, while trying to repress it (as well as transphobia) tends to bear harmful fruit. For more on the idea of good fruit, see this tag. Satan is not “making” you trans, because if that were the case, it would not bear good fruit.

God delights in diversity, anon. We are all made so uniquely, with different gifts to offer. I believe being trans is a part of that – we have a unique perspective to offer others – a unique view on our bodies, our minds and spirits, on the gender binary and harmfulness of gender roles, and more. 

Another video to help calm your worries about physically transitioning, this video by Austen is helpful too. 

Here’s a prayer on transitioning that also might help.

For more resources, including responses to common arguments against trans/LGBT people using Scripture, see the “But what does the Bible say?” and the trans section of our resources page

I’m going to post now so you’ll have this; I might add to it tomorrow so keep a lookout for updates. Take a look at the links, and take a moment for some self care. Then, if you have more questions, you are welcome to ask them here! We are here for you anon; you are not alone. <3

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You remember how mick says he and len don't have heart to hearts? Well do you think they did when they younger and as they got older it changed? Under what circumstances do you think they would have a heart to heart?

So I know this isn’t what you’re aiming for…. but this is where I had to take it. #sorrynotsorry

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School starts in a couple of hours, but I was inspired and I had to write something for this extremely creative piece by @hadesafterdark!

Jumin x MC

I don’t know how to categorize dis XD

Word Count: 1177

I wanted to surprise him, to be totally spontaneous and unexpected…and this was the best way to go about it.

I nervously fiddled with the ends of a new silky lingerie Jumin had bought me and stared up at the clock on the wall.

Be patient. Don’t be nervous.

I sprawled out onto his bed, closed my eyes, and tried to calm my breathing.

You can do this. Sensual. Be Sensual.

I stood up and noticed that I had forgotten to pin on the fluffy cat tail and matching cat ears I had purchased some time back, without Jumin’s knowledge. I grabbed them and moved to the bathroom to adjust it properly.

Then I heard the front door open.

“Darling, I’m home.”

BAM! I slammed the bathroom door and pressed my body against it firmly.

What time was it again? He was home early, too early, oh my god.

“H-Hi, Jumin!”

“Are you all right, love?”


Damn it. Too loud.

“Are you sure?”


Damn it!

“I-I’ll be right out!” I moved away from the door and stared at myself in the mirror.

It’s not too late. You can take this all off and take a bath. You can forget you ever tried to attempt this.

I moved to take the lingerie off.

“How was your day, darling?”

His voice made me jump. “F-Fine! How was yours?”

“I met with a new partner today. Pleasant man. He gave me a bottle of Chateau Mouton Rothschild 2010 from Pauillac, Bordeaux, France. I’d like to drink some with you.”


“…Do you have a stomach ache, darling?”

Yes. “No!”

“All right. Take your time.”

I straightened the lingerie as best as I could, examining both the front and the back.

Okay…here we go.

I opened the bathroom door and saw him standing there, organizing papers into folders.

“Welcome home, Jumin.”

He looked up at me…and his eyebrows rose in surprise. His mouth slightly fell open, and his folders fell from his hands and onto his desk. I gulped softly and slowly began to make my way towards him.

Carefully…even steps…you can do this…

“…Darling, you…you…” Jumin cleared his throat and adjusted his tie. “…you look exquisite.”

“I was hoping you’d think so…” I smiled goofily. “Now come here…let me welcome you properly.”

Without any hesitation, he made his way towards me and wrapped his long arms around my waist. His nose nuzzled up against mine and our lips collided sloppily, our eagerness for one another more than obvious. His hands traveled from my waist to my butt, and as he squeezed, I let out a surprised hiccup.

“I’m sorry—”

“Don’t be. Keep going.” My lips smashed into his again and I wrapped my arms around the back of his neck.


“Mm…” he began to suck at the base of my neck.

“Jumin, my…my lingerie…”

His lips continued working their way down. “Mm…?”

“My lingerie is fa…fall…it’s falling off…”

Jumin pulled back and I hastily adjusted the bust. “Okay!” I placed my hands on his cheeks and we continued kissing. I grabbed his lower back and pulled him closer to me, just as he had always done when he was kissing me. My hands trailed up his back, my nails digging into his striped shirt. He lifted me up, and I entangled my fingers in his raven black hair.

“I want you, right here, right now, Jumin.”


An opening. I wrapped my legs around his waist and pulled his hair from behind, forcing him to look up at me. His eyes were clouded with desire and confusion, just like mine were.

“You heard me. Don’t pretend you didn’t.” I pushed my lips against his neck this time and sucked, just like he had.

“Ah, ouch.” he hissed.

“Oh my god, I’m sorry ” I pulled back and released his hair. “Are you all right, I didn’t mean to hurt you!”

His eyes widened a bit further. “MC—”

“Damn, blasted…” I moved to re-adjusted the bust of the lingerie and glanced at him. “…could you put me down really quick?”

He smirked and gently set me down. I fixed the bust and I turned back towards him, pinning him up against a wall. “Okay!”

He smiled and covered his mouth to hide it as best as he could. I smiled back at him and moved his hand away from his face. “You think this is funny?”

“Ehm…no.” he bit his lower lip. I pulled him down by his tie and kissed him again, pressing my body against his, running my hands all through his chest, his abs, and his hips…

And I felt my lingerie slipping off me again.

“Son of a…” I pulled back and adjusted myself, again. I heard him giggling softly, and soon enough, I started giggling as well.

“Stupid piece of…!” I rested my head against Jumin’s chest and let out an embarrassed groan.

“Let me help.” Jumin spun me around and hooked his thumb onto the suspender belt. My back was against the wall now…but I could still work with this. I began to unfasten his tie and undo the buttons on his dress shirt, and as soon as I was done, his lips hungrily greeted mine again. I bit his lower lip, moved my knee up, and a pained hiss escaped his lips.



“Jumin, are you okay?”

He flashed me a pained smile. “I’m fine.”

“…Oh my god, no you aren’t!” I tried to move him onto the couch, but he stood his ground and placed his hand up against the wall. His thumb was still hooked under my suspender belt, and a light blush graced his cheeks.

“What the hell am I doing!” I rested my head against the wall and started laughing, laughing at myself, at the lingerie, even at him for allowing me to try taking control and failing.

Failing miserably.

Tears began to roll down my eyes from laughing so hard, and my knees started feeling like jelly. Jumin graciously held me up, and I was totally unaware at how he gazed down at me, beaming at the clumsy oaf that he fell for.

Eventually, I wiped away the tears from my eyes and cleared my throat, a few giggles still escaping me. Jumin carefully brushed the hair out of my face and stroked my cheek tenderly.

“I love you.”

“Ha…haha! I love you, Jumin!” I moved to kiss him again, gently this time.

But he wasn’t having any of it. He squeezed my hip and pinned his body against mine. His kiss was a bit more aggressive now, way more powerful than before…

…Uh oh…

I felt my lingerie slipping again and I turned my head to break the kiss off. “Ju-Jumin, my lingerie—”

“It’s falling again?” his voice was deep, deeper than I had ever heard. His eyes met with mine and a sly smile glided across his face. “Don’t worry about it. It’s coming off anyway.”

My eyes shot open and I gave him the same sly smile. “Yes, Mr. Han.”

Underneath Your Clothes

This is my first time posting fan fiction. Please, don’t hate on me too hard. I’m well aware that this fic is absolute garbage.

Word Count: 3.4k

Castiel x Reader

Warning: Angst, smut, and fluff, aspects of bdsm, some drinking

Reader is a half immortal celestial being / half human hybrid thing

Reader and companion fell through a portal into SPN!Universe and they are hunting an escaped creature from their world. They run into the Winchesters and Castiel during a battle (which I have not included because it’s just shit) and the boys and Castiel agree to help the reader and companion track down the creature. Reader has otherworldly healing powers, has ‘light magick’ abilities, ‘soul energy’ all that nonsense. So, after your companion makes you a potion to heal you after the battle, Castiel and Dean show up to the apartment the reader is staying at.

  A knock was heard at the door and you went to open it. Dean was standing on the other side of the threshold. “Well, hey, you’re alright.”
  You nodded, “Yeah, are you here for your angel friend?”
  Dean peered into the apartment, “Well, he flew here and I drove.” He then made eye contact with Leda, “I think we found a lead.”
  “A what?” You asked as Leda took the papers out of Dean’s hand.
  “Found more bodies across the city, eyes missing, and black blood,” He said.
  “Fantastic, let’s go,” Leda said, as she left the apartment. Castiel followed and so did you. But when you tried to pass through the doorway, you ran into a barrier of light. You hammered at it but it just rippled against your touch.
  “What? Hey!” You growled at them.
  Dean and Castiel turned around. Castiel spoke, “What’s happening?”
“You can’t leave me here while you go hunting!” You spat, speaking only to Leda.
  Leda spun to face you, “You lost and incredible amount of light energy yesterday. That potion will take an entire day to heal you. I will not risk your humanity for the sake of your tracking skills. I can handle this without you.”
  You shot her a death glare, “Leda, I will not turn off my humanity switch after seeing a few dead bodies.”
  Leda’s long white locks draped over her shoulders and when she shook her head, her hair rippled. “You are under my protection. I can’t have you turning off your emotions when you’re this vulnerable.”
  “Leda, please,” You begged.
  “What did you do to her?” Dean asked, curiously.
  “The bitch spelled the apartment so I can’t leave!” You exclaimed. You banged a couple more times on the barrier. You didn’t want to be alone. New world and all alone? No thanks. These were the only people you’d met so far. Please don’t leave me alone.
  You saw Castiel’s eyes soften which made you think that he’d heard your silent prayer again. Leda put her hand on Dean’s shoulder and he eventually turned away and followed her down the hall. Castiel broke your eye contact and followed them. Your breath hitched in your throat as you stared after them. You stepped back and slammed the door shut with a brutal swing.

  Seven hours into your isolation, you had exhausted your movie collection, a couple video games and you were working on a very old bottle of whiskey. You plugged your phone into the stereo and blasted Daddy Yankee’s song Limbo. You grabbed the half empty bottle of alcohol in your hand and started to dance. You were still quite pissed at the fact that your traveling companion had placed you under house arrest but the whiskey was drowning out your sorrows. Two raps were heard at the door that you managed to hear through the loud music. You took a swig before you shouted, “Whatever you’re selling, I’m not interested!”
  You continued to wiggle to the music until five more raps at the door were heard. You grumbled and walked to the door wrenching it open. Castiel stood by himself in the doorway. You preceded to shut the door on him, but he caught it. You marvelled at his ability to pass through the barrier, “Wait, wait. I wanted to apologize.”
  You tilted your head to the side in fake disbelief, “What? For ditching me? Oh, don’t worry about that. It’s not like I’m used to it or anything.”
  Castiel continued to stare at you, his hand still on the door. You opened it and pressed your palm against the barrier, which was still there. You took a deep breath and spun back around. You took a deep sip of the whiskey as Castiel entered the apartment and shut the door behind him, locking it. You narrowed your eyes at the action. You swayed on spot, taking another drink. Castiel looked to the kitchen where he spotted three empty Smirnoff Twisted bottles on the counter. His gaze shifted back to the bottle that was in your hand, “Humans don’t have a very high alcohol tolerance.”
  You raised the bottle to him as if to cheers him, “Only half human, babe. Got immortal light in my body. Higher threshold for pain, heightened senses, higher alcohol tolerance.”
  He watched you as you continued to dance to the Spanish music. You drank again, still completely in control of your balance which boosted your confidence. “I am sorry for leaving you earlier, especially after I heard your prayer. That was….unkind of me.”
  You stopped dancing and turned to face him. You raised an eyebrow, “Huh. Strange how here angels feel remorse, and guilt. It’s almost like you have a heart.”
  You walked over to him and got right up in his face, for the second time of you knowing him. “There are angels in your world?”
  “Of course there are, they’re everywhere,” You said as you rolled your eyes. “Major buzzkills. No fun at all, well a select few are. I mean the ones I know do have fun, but that’s only because when I’m close to them, they feel more human.”
  “Why?” He breathed, obviously not bothered by your proximity.
  You placed you hand on his chest and revelled at the feeling of his light energy. “I don’t know. Gift from the Goddess, I assume. I could not tell you why, but it happens. I don’t know about here but our angels are very strict, and law abiding, and boring. Except the fallen. Now, those feather-brains know how to party!”
  You stepped back and took another two gulps of your drink. His brow furrowed again, “The fallen?”
  “Yeah, the angels who wanted to live on earth with humans. They didn’t want to follow the rules, so they left. Lost their white wings though, which kind of sucks I guess. But still very pretty. Do you dance?”
  Castiel continued to gaze at you, questions flooding his eyes. He shook his head, “No, I do not dance.”
  “Do you know how to dance?” You asked approaching him again, slower this time.
  “No,” He said.
  “Have a drink,” You offered. Castiel took the bottle from your hand and held it to his lips. He took several gulps while he kept his eyes locked with yours. He lowered it and placed it on the tiny table beside the couch. “Feel better?” You asked.
  His chest rose and fell with every breath he took. “Why do I feel this way around you? I’ve been human before. I know what it feels like, but you make me feel very connected to the earth.”
  You shrugged, trying not to feel anything towards him. “You don’t have to be here. You’re still an immortal angel. You’re just able to feel a little deeper than usual. I understand if you don’t want to stay. Nobody does.”
  “Does everyone feel this way towards you?” He asked, stepping towards you.
  You nodded, “Everyone, every creature feels drawn to me. Sam and Dean felt drawn to me too but humans don’t feel it as strong as Celestials, like you. No doubt it’s overpowering your senses. And that’s why you almost stayed today. You have a lot of self-control, colour me impressed.”
  “Why are you so sarcastic?” He queried.
  “Why do you think, Castiel? I’m an empath. I get to feel what everyone else feels. I am good for only one thing, to hunt and kill the bad guys. That’s how everyone sees me, so that’s what I do. And I block out the pain with sarcasm and humour, and booze. Sue me!”
  You reached for the whiskey again but he caught your arm, “I think you’ve had enough.”
  “Why are you even here, Castiel? Why do you want to be around me? I am a destructive force of nature. I am unrelenting and unforgiving. I have darkness in me.”
  “You have a lot of rage,” He said, a small smile rising on his lips.
  You gave him a look but then burst out laughing, so much you couldn’t contain it, and you hid your face in your hands. “I’m sorry. I get mean when I’m trapped in a box. I don’t do well in isolation.”
  “I don’t think anyone does,” He said. He reached for the bottle and took another drink.
“Hey!” You exclaimed, reaching for the bottle. He held you back effortlessly, like you were a very small bunny and he was a lion. “Dude, sharing is caring!”
  A huge smile erupted on his face which made your stomach flutter, “Come on, you can do better than that.”
  You debated your current position. Instead of fighting him, you turned around, wrapped your hand around his neck and danced against him. You heard him set the bottle down and he backed up into the wall as you moved against his body. You could hear his breath quicken was surprised to feel his hands on your hips. You spun and took his hands in yours and lead him to the middle of the living room. You put your hands on his hips and swayed them in time with your own. You wrapped your arms around his neck and smiled widely when his hands returned to your waist. You even felt one venture to your behind as he pulled you closer to his body.
  “See? I knew you could dance,” You said in his ear.
  “Mmm,” He moaned into yours. It took you by surprise when he spun you around and slammed you into the wall. The music pounded as he stared down at you, an eyebrow raised. Fuck, he was beautiful. You averted your eyes and stared at what might be beneath his clothes. He lifted your chin and closed your proximity by meeting your lips with his own. An electric shock of pleasure shot through you and you kissed back with heat and hunger. He hoisted you up and you wrapped your legs around his waist as he flooded your neck with kisses.
  “Fuck, Castiel,” You moaned against him.
  He laughed, “I do like it when you say my name.”
  You brought your lips to his ear, “It will sound even better when I scream it.”
That was clearly all he could handle. After a shiver rocked his body, he took you to your bedroom. He set you down on your feet and you proceeded to shed him of his clothing. Coat, jacket and tie were on the floor. You ripped open his shirt and ran your fingers over his chiseled chest. You’re a gift. You silently prayed to him.
  His smile made you melt, “You don’t have to do that. I’m right here.”
  “Ah, but you see, this is just pure evil. I can pray dirty things to you whenever I want.” You smiled as you undid his belt.
  He took off your shirt and gazed down at you, “That is quite cruel of you.”
  “Hey, if you’re going to sin, you might as well go all out,” You said, taking off your pants and tossing them to the side. He let his pants drop to his feet to reveal his erection, confined by the fabric of his boxers. You were wearing a black bra and underwear, just plain and nothing special, but that didn’t stop his eyes from lighting up at the sight.
  He approached you but you spun him around and pushed him onto the bed. He propped himself up on his elbows as he stared up at you. You got on top of him and rolled your hips against his sex. His head fell back and he gripped the sheets in his fists. You bent down and kissed his chest repeatedly while you worked him up. “Now, from what I’ve seen, you’re quite the obedient angel. Always do what you’re told.”
  Castiel looked up at you, licking his lips. “Not always.”
  “Oh really? Because you look quite submissive from this angle,” You said as you took off your bra and tossed it away. Your breasts fell onto your chest and the hunger in his eyes arose. “Or am I wrong?”
  He grabbed onto your hips and flipped the both of you so that he was on top. His mouth was on your breast as his tongue flicked your nipple and he began to suck. His free hand had your other breast in a firm grasp. You moaned loudly, thankful that Leda wasn’t here. How awkward would that be? You laced your fingers through his messy raven hair, but he grabbed your hands and held them above your head. He snapped his fingers and your wrists locked above your head, as if some unseen force was keeping them there. You raised an eyebrow at him, Kinky motherfucker, aren’t you?
  His lips met yours in response before leaving a trail of kisses down your chest and stomach until he got to your underwear line. You sucked in a deep breath when you felt his fingers tugging at the soft fabric until it was gone. You lay there helplessly, your core pulsating at an alarming rate. His mouth reached your sex and he ran his tongue up your slit gently, causing you to buck your hips into his face. “Patience, love.”
  You struggled against your invisible bonds and sucked in air as you felt him spread your legs. He kissed each inner thigh until he reached your sex again and brushed his lips against it softly. You groaned against him and felt his laughter vibrate through your body. You couldn’t help but release the feathery nuisance that kept clawing at you. “Dammit. These are so annoying.”
  Castiel looked up at the sight. The huge black wings protruded from your back and draped over the bed and onto the floor. Your chest rose and fell and you looked down at him, feeling embarrassed. His hands were on your face, making you look into his icy blue eyes, “Hey, they are beautiful. You’re beautiful.”
  “Can I see yours?” You asked timidly.
  He frowned, “They aren’t intact and not as full as yours.”
  “Why not?” You asked, genuinely concerned.
  “I…I fell. My wings are damaged,” He said. He released your hands and they flew to his face.
  “Please, let me see,” You coerced.
  He sighed and within moments our could see his own black wings, only they were beaten to a pulp, with many feathers missing. He hung his head in defeat. “It’s pathetic.”
  You lifted his head, “I can help.”
  He looked at you questioningly. You opened your mouth and released an orb of pure light. It floated between the both of you and Castiel stared at it curiously. “What is that?”
  “Light magick, from my world. I have an unlimited supply. I can share. A little pulse like this won’t hurt me to lose if it means you are better. Open.”
He did so and the small orb entered his mouth. Within seconds it plowed through him, filling his entire essence making an intense bright light shine in the room, so bright even you had to look away. Castiel cried out, but you kept ahold of him. When the light faded, you looked back to him. He was shaking and sweating. You took his face in your hands and kissed his quivering lips. That’s when you noticed, his wings were full and were extended the length of the room. They were still black but at least now they looked healthy. You were shocked at his response, “Fuck.”
  “How do you feel?” You asked, a hand trailing down to his erection.
  “Well, I…” He looked down, getting distracted by your wandering hand, “Well, that’s not fair.”
  He worked his way down again to your clit and licked and kissed and sucked as if his life depended on it. “Ugh, Cas!”
  Sad enough to say, it didn’t take much to get you off and it had been a while. You tried your hardest to hold back but you felt waves of pleasure threatening your control. Dammit, don’t cum yet.
  He slipped a finger into your heat and you grabbed onto his head tightly. You rolled your hips again into his mouth. “You’re about to explode, aren’t you?”
  “Ah! Yes! Fuck, I want to cum so bad,” You cried out to him.
  “How bad do you want it?” He asked, now pumping two fingers into you.
  Your eyes rolled back into your head, “Castiel, please.”
  He moaned at the mention of his name, “Cum for me, Y/N. Scream my name like I know you want to.”
  You immediately let go, and raised your voice as loud as you could muster, “Yes! Oh, Castiel, yes! Ughh!”
  You felt him lap up your nectar which made you shiver with delight. As you rode the last waves of your orgasm, you failed to notice that Castiel had removed his boxers. He was eyeing you and out of embarrassment you curled your wings up over your face, hiding in the feathers. You could hear him laughing and he peeled your wings back, and removed your hands from your face. “I want you to be mine. I want your orgasms to be mine. When you cum by your own hands, I want you to say my name. Clear?”
  You nodded, “Yes, Sir.”
He growled at the sound of the word, as if it sent pure lust and pleasure through him. He smiled down at you, “Good girl.”
“Please, Cas. I want you inside of me. Please.”
“So desperate, aren’t we?” He gazed down at your form, placing his thumb on your clit and slowly rubbing in small circles.
“Fucking hell, Cas. Stop teasing me!” You grumbled. “If you keep going that way, you’re going to regret it.”
  That peaked his interest, “Oh?”
  You gently grabbed onto his balls and rolled him over where he lay, wincing in defeat. You kissed down his chest until your lips found his erection. You ran your tongue up his length and swirled it at the tip, licking up the small trace of pre-cum leaking there. A heavy moan from the angel encouraged you to continue and you began to take him inside of your mouth. You pumped your hands up and down while you worked on the tip, bobbing your head. “Ugh, Y/N.”
  You took your lips away which elicited a small whimper from the angel. You lifted your leg over him and slowly lowered yourself onto his sex. His head shot up and he stared at you as you rode him slowly. His fingers dug deep into the flesh of your hips and you could see the intensity in his eyes that he wanted you with every fibre of his being. You clawed at his chest, drawing blood and watched in awe as the wounds slowly closed up. He arched his back and matched your thrusts with his. You ran your hand through your hair before leaning down and sucking on his bottom lip. He moaned against you and flipped you over, pounding harder into you now that he was on top. He towered over you, with his hands on your hips as he completely buried himself in you. You reached for him and was surprised when he laced his fingers with yours and held your hand above your head. He was breathing heavily into your ear so you took the opportunity to bother him. “Castiel?”
  He groaned, “Yes?”
  You giggled, “Are you going to cum for me?”
  You flexed your muscles around him and he pushed further into you than you thought possible in response. He didn’t answer though. So, you fisted your hand in his hair and yanked his head to the side. He made a sound out of pleasure, “Ah, yes. Yes, I’m going to cum.”
  You encased him in your wings and kept flexing, feeling your second orgasm as it slammed into you. In turn, you felt him empty himself inside of you and he let out a cry as he thrust into you half a dozen times. A shudder passed through him and he collapsed on top of you. He nuzzled his face in your chest which elicited a chuckle from you. His wings draped over you both, like a black feathery blanket. You stroked his wing with your free hand, seeing as the other was still stuck in his grasp.
  “Was…that alright?” The angel asked, murmuring into your chest.
  You laughed, “You’re a god among men, Castiel.”
  You felt him smile against your skin, “Well, I wouldn’t go that far.”
  You squeezed his hand, “I would. You’re the best I’ve ever had. So much passion behind such a serious facade.”

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Hi! I've read your summary of Levihan fanfic recommendations and I've noticed that you are fond of the concept "pretend lovers". I'd love to read your version of pretend lovers, if you don't mind. (or post your Levihan art if a story is too much.) Thanks :D

*Casually inserts self in a cameo in my own fics* Can you spot me? XD

Anyways, college will start tomorrow and I’m so anxious! But for the mean time, your wish is my command ;)

P.S. I stan Coldplay 

Impress (LeviHan - Pretend Lovers)

Theme: Pretend Relationship

Rating: PG

Warning: Curse Words

send your requests/anons here x.

For the thirty-sixth time around, he turned around to face her and gave her a big fat “NO”. His face was already evidently annoyed, and a frown was already forming on her lips after so much persuasion, only to face rejection.

“Oh come on Levi! I know you also want to go to that concert! You can have the other ticket! I’m not even interested in that band!” she pleaded, but it only made him groan. He’s been hearing the same statement for the past four hours and she was still at it. Admittedly, yes, the offer is tempting, but its her purpose he questions.

“I’m not helping you get tickets for your boyfriend four eyes” he hissed. Yes, she wanted those tickets for someone else, not herself.

“He’s not even my boyfriend!” she countered “Well, yet. He promised me he’ll give me a chance if I manage to get him tickets. You know I’ve already spent my allowance money on my experiments, so this is the last resort I have”

His eyebrows furrowed. She’s worth more than a concert pass. Whoever the douche was, he sure didn’t know how brilliant and amazing the woman was, despite her frequent freaky behavior.

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nariyuki-narihira-deactivated20  asked:

How about Suga, Oikawa and Akaashi deciding to take pole dance classes?

Oh god. This just reeks of disaster.

“You guys will be disappointed to know that my crossdressing plan failed,” Akaashi said, stretching his arms behind his back.

“Ehhh?” Sugawara bent over and touched his toes. “But you looked so hot! How did Bokuto not want to fuck you?”

“A crime,” Oikawa clicked his tongue, twisting his torso.

“Well, he was already pretty drunk when I appeared at his apartment,” Akaashi explained. “So he thought I was a secret evil twin there to steal him away from me and kept pushing me away and screaming, no! I’m in love with your brother! I’ll never let you come between us!”

“Okay, that’s kind of cute though,” Sugawara admitted, straightening and leaning back.

“Well,” Oikawa patted Akaashi’s shoulder. “That’s why we are here.” 


The three turned towards the sound. The room of women in exercise wear stared at them, including the instructor, who crossed her arms over her chest and glared at them.

“Are you done with your discussion?” she asked. “Can we get to the lesson now?”

“Sorry,” Sugawara waved a hand. “Continue.”

Oikawa looked around and spotted Kenma sitting against the wall, playing his 3DS. 

“Alright, everybody go ahead and take your places next to your poles,” the instructor clapped her hands and stood beside the silver pole at the front of the room.

Oikawa stomped over to Kenma and grabbed his ankle. He dragged him across the floor to the others as Sugawara grabbed his pole and swung around it, humming a slow tune.

“We’re not getting on the poles yet,” the instructor scolded.

“Sorry,” Sugawara released it and clasped his hands in front of him.

“Now,” she rubbed her palms together. “First let’s talk safety…”

She started her spiel and Oikawa wrestled the 3DS from Kenma’s hands. Once he had it, he stomped to the wall and stowed it away in their things and then returned. Akaashi listened intently to the instructor, scribbling notes down in a small notebook, while Sugawara resisted the urge to grab the pole again.

“I had a pole set up in my room last week,” Oikawa whispered, one arm around Kenma’s shoulders as he shifted closer to the other two, ignoring the directions to stand beside his pole.

“No way!” Sugawara moved closer. “How is it?”

“Iwa-chan got really drunk and was playing with it the other night,” Oikawa smirked. “Can you guess how that turned out?”

“If it’s Iwaizumi-san,” Akaashi said, cocking his head to the side. “I’m guessing he’s already a natural at it.”

“Bingo. Talk about hot.”

“Can I leave?” Kenma asked dully.

“No!” all three snapped.

AHEM,” the instructor drew their attention.

They murmured apologies and she went back to her explanation of safely climbing the pole.

“Iwa-chan’s upper body strength is godly,” Oikawa went on after a few seconds. “He watched two YouTube videos and instantly started doing all these tricks. Mmmmmm… But I won’t lose to him.”

“Bokuto-san has good upper body strength,” Akaashi said. “Did I tell you I had another dream the other day where-”

“Oh god, please spare us,” Kenma groaned.

“Yeah, now isn’t the time, Akaashi,” Sugawara said. “Later.”

“Yeah, later,” Oikawa agreed.

Kenma groaned again.

“I’m going to ask Daichi to install a pole in the bar,” Sugawara said. “Then we can have stripper nights.”

“Because the bar isn’t gay enough the way it is,” Kenma muttered.

“Alright, does anyone have any questions?” the instructor interrupted their discussion.

“Fuck, I didn’t hear a word of that,” Sugawara mumbled. “Akaashi, raise your hand and ask her to repeat the entire thing.”

Akaashi started to lift his hand but Oikawa pushed it back down.

“We’ll wing it,” he hissed.

“I want to go home,” Kenma whined.

“Shut up and join our adorable, endearing shenanigans,” Sugawara scolded.

“Okay, so let’s take our positions and start with the most basic move!” the instructor called out. “We’re going to do the Fireman!”

“I would love to do a fireman, actually,” Oikawa said with a smirk.

“Ayyyy,” Sugawara finger gunned at him.

“Bokuto-san would look so hot in a fireman’s uniform,” Akaashi’s eyes glazed over.

“I had a dream that Daichi was a stripper dressed as a fireman and I made him save my cat from a tree,” Sugawara said. “Ohhh I wonder if Daichi would be good on the pole…”

The instructor started explaining the basic form, lifting up on her toes and gripping her pole with her dominant hand. She delved into a deeper description of weight distribution and something called a “baseball grip” but the group in the back wasn’t paying any attention.

Kenma tried to slink back to where Oikawa had stashed his 3DS, but Sugawara caught him this time, dragging him back to his pole.

“C’mon, Kenma,” he said. “Don’t you want to see Kuroo weep the biggest, gayest tears in the world?”

Kenma stared at him silently for a moment. He turned to the pole and hummed, “That does sound entertaining…”

“That’s the spirit!”

“Alright!” the instructor clapped. “Let’s all try to give a little twirl, shall we?”

“Finally!” Sugawara jumped up to his pole.

“Three, two, one, go!” Oikawa grabbed his pole and swung around it sloppily.

Akaashi timidly imitated the instructor’s movements and Kenma reluctantly did the same.

Sugawara whooped and twirled around the pole with vigor, kicking his leg out last minute and connecting with Oikawa’s ass.

“Ow! You fuckin’ Jackass. You did that on purpose!”

“No, they just put the poles too close together,” Sugawara wrapped his legs around the pole and clung to it like a koala high off of the floor, smirking at him smugly.

Oikawa imitated his position and glared at him.

“Race to the top?” Sugawara suggested, cocking an eyebrow.

“You’re on, Shitbag.”

“Ready, set, go,” Akaashi said and the two started clambering clumsily up their poles.

“Gentlemen! Gentlemen!” the instructor clapped her hands. “What are you doing?”

Oikawa and Sugawara paused and then scooted around to the back of their poles to face the front of the room.

“Upper body training?” Sugawara offered.

“So sorry,” Oikawa slid down to the floor again.

“Please don’t cause any more trouble for me,” the instructor crossed her arms over her chest. “If you do, I’ll have to ask you to leave.”

Sugawara dropped to his feet and they mumbled out a soft, “Yes Ma’am.”

“Alright,” the instructor lowered her arms. “So does everyone have a feel for how to start up your spin?”

The class called out their agreement and Sugawara turned to the others.

“I don’t,” he admitted in a low voice.

“Me either,” Oikawa confirmed.

“It’s because you were too busy fighting,” Kenma muttered. “Stop fuckin’ around. It’s embarrassing.”

“More embarrassing than taking a pole dancing class with a bunch of women?” Sugawara smirked.


Sugawara frowned.

“Okay, let’s try to do the Fireman then!” the instructor took her pole in one hand. “Now that you know how to gain momentum and swing around the pole, let’s add in the other motions!”

She demonstrated the move and everyone watched.

“I can do that,” Oikawa decided. “Easy.”

“Prove it,” Sugawara narrowed his eyes.

“Okay,” Oikawa gripped his pole and took three steps around it, “One, two, three, fireman!” he sloppily copied the motion, legs flailing momentarily before drawing in to the proper form.

“You look like a spider,” Sugawara pressed a hand to his lips, sputtering.

“Shut up! You try it!”

“One, two, three,” Akaashi twirled around the pole, bringing his legs in in a more graceful manner than Oikawa.

“See! Akaashi’s better than you!”

“Shut up!”

Kenma let out a loud sigh, “I’m tired. Can I go home?”


Sugawara looked out across the room as the other students did their best to imitate the instructor’s movements as she walked among them, offering advice.

“This is lame,” he said, turning back to the others. “We don’t need this basic training stuff. Let’s skip to the advanced moves.”

“This is going to end well,” Kenma said dully.

“It will!” Sugawara grabbed the pole and then whipped around it.

“Wait for me!” Oikawa did the same, legs kicking out, nearly connecting with Sugawara’s as he came spinning around the pole.

“Watch it, Fucker!” Sugawara kicked his ankle.

“Ow! You nutsack!”

Akaashi repeated the Fireman, counting softly under his breath.

Sugawara climbed higher up on the pole and whipped his legs up, arm muscles bulging at the effort.

“Watch, Oikawa, I’m gonna do an upside down move.”

“You’re going to break your neck,” Oikawa chuckled maniacally. “Do it.”

Sugawara locked his ankles around the pole, stretching his body out along the length shakily, spreading his arms out.

“Ha… ha… see? I did it!”

“Lame. You’re not even moving. That’s not impressive.”

“Fuck off.”

“Watch this,” Oikawa ran around his pole three times, gaining momentum before grabbing on and swinging out wildly.

“That’s the most ungraceful thing I’ve seen in my life!” Sugawara cackled. “My dick is so soft looking at you right now.”

“Suck my ass, Suga-chan!”

Sugawara gripped the pole behind his back and released his ankle hold and flipped over. His legs came down at the same time Oikawa was spinning in his direction and he kicked him mercilessly in the face. Oikawa’s grip on the pole failed and he crashed to the floor. Sugawara’s head, as he flipped downwards, connected with the pole and he released it, collapsing in a heap next to Oikawa.

They groaned and clutched at their skulls, writhing on the floor.

“You fucking Bastard,” Oikawa clawed his way over to Sugawara and instantly sat on his chest, slapping him back and forth across the face as Sugawara laughed loudly.

Akaashi continued to practice the fireman and Kenma let out a deep sigh and slumped over to their belongings, grabbing his 3DS and powering it up as he sat against the wall.

The instructor walked up to the others and glared down at them, arms crossed over her chest.


Oikawa paused in slapping Sugawara and they looked up at her.

“Ah… it was an a-accident,” Sugawara said, cheeks flushed from Oikawa’s strikes.

Oikawa gulped, “We didn’t mean it…”


“Aw damn.”

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anonymous asked:

Ah okay, Jeremy x fem!reader (smut if you don't mind) where the reader is chubby and is having self esteem issues and Jeremy figures out how to help possibly? I've just been insecure lately but I love j doolz so 👉🏻😎👉🏻 if you're cool writing this

A/N - Here you go, sweetheart - and don’t worry, I’m always cool with writing JDoolz :P I’m pretty sure everyone on the damn planet has to deal with body image issues sometimes, which blows, but I hope this little fic makes you smile at the very least!

Pairing - Jeremy x Reader

Warnings - Swearing, sex

Word Count - 1, 778

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‘Take a Breath- Part 2′ Drake x MC fan fiction

Thank you to everyone that read part 1! I love reading fan fiction, I love that someone has created something with characters you love, and filled the ‘moments in between’. So this is attempt number 2 for me at fan fiction. Just FYI, I’m VERY new to this, and spend most my real life in a toddler-induced sleep deprived state, so there’s plenty of typos etc.

Parts 1 and 2 were written as I personally felt that after the scene in the Beaumont study and the interaction between Drake and MC at the coronation ball, SOMETHING must have been happening!?! There is so many things that they needed to acknowledge, both together and mentally. So this is my take on how things went down. It’s a bit angsty but how can it not be? As much as the last chapter of TRR annoyed me, at least we can hopefully have a guilt free option in Drake in book 2.  I hope you enjoy.

Rating: M

I don’t own the characters, but I wish I owned Drake



Tears cling to her lashes, and I can hear her sharp intake of breath as she processes my declaration that yes, that night where we gave into the passion, and pressed as close as we could clothed, meant everything. And nothing. As she exhales, I see the moment she registers that nothing can change, and her eyes harden with resignation.
I raise my hand, and gently wipe the tears away with my thumbs and pull her close, saying a silent goodbye in my head. My chin rests on her hair, my stubble teasing it into an even more untameable mess. Her theatrics from flinging herself on the bed earlier have loosened her signature front plait, and I find myself absentmindedly combing my fingers through the ends. The light scent of her shampoo teases my senses and I know that saying goodbye to her will stay with me forever, never knowing what could, and should be.
‘It’s not enough, is it Drake?’ she sighs. She knows there’s no response either of us will like so I just pull her closer, keeping silent, savouring the feel of her delicate frame enveloped in mine. It’s cruel that she fits so perfectly, our bodies moulding to accommodate the other so naturally.
'I messed up bad tonight, I can’t think how to fix this’. I feel the tell tale signs of sobs beginning to quake her shoulder until she suddenly jerks away, straightens up and wipes her face carelessly on the back of her hand. The tears held back make her eyes glitter, and I feel like I can actually hear, not just feel, the snap as a piece of me breaks away and attaches itself to her, to Riley forever. She’s never looked more beautiful, in grief she’s utterly heart-breaking, hair astray and her minimal makeup washed clean from her face.
'I know that you think this can never happen between us, and I know why, but I need you to understand one thing.’ She looks to me, waiting for my permission for her to continue. I nod, there’s not a lot more I can bring myself to do at this point.
'After the meteor shower, I knew. I knew that Liam would never have the effect that you do on me.’ She takes another breath, calming the tears that are threatening to leak, and I’m helpless to do anything but wait for her to regain her composure, both willing her to stop, yet needing her to finish.


'I nearly left that night, but I stayed, I had a plan!’ I laugh bitterly, not finding the situation or the naivety of my past self remotely humorous.
'I’ve distanced myself from Liam ever since, hoping that he will choose another, and we would be free to explore what we are. I didn’t see any other way you would consider us an option’. It made sense to me at the time. If I didn’t actively compete, how could he possibly pick me over the others?
I’ve maintained eye contact with Drake the entirety of my little speech, knowing this is goodbye, but needing him to know that I chose him. Needing him to know that it’s all been for him, and that until my ridiculous stunt at the spa, I was never playing games, that maybe even my plan would have worked. His face has softened, his mouth agape, the usual walls in place having slipped as he processes my words, my declaration. All of a sudden, he closes the gap between us, cradling the back of my neck in one hand as he lowers his mouth to hover just in front of mine, and I place my palms on his broad, defined chest, anticipating his next move. It’s intoxicating, like standing at the edge of a cliff, knowing how close you are to the next step being your last.
'Tanner, what are you doing to me?’ he mutters, prolonging the moment. Impatient I make the choice, and the rest of the journey to his lips, myself. We start slow, exploring each others mouths gently, teasing, tasting, savoring each kiss like it’s the last. My hands roam his chest, his back, his arms, god his arms, their definition alone inflaming my desire further. He is much more hesitant, sticking to my hips, playing it safe, holding back, always cautious, afraid I’m more breakable than I actually am. I bite his lower lip, needing more and I feel him thrust into me in response. He groans, and my body arches into his with a cry, attuned to his wants. We’re no longer thinking, just being, as if its only us in the world.
He picks me up, and I wrap my legs around his back, pushing his hardness closer, aching at how ready he is for me.
'Tanner! You need to slow down.’ his eyes are closed, and I cant help but push myself against him again, eliciting a throaty rumble from him.
He lowers me down, and I’m vaguely aware I’m perched on the antique dressing table, not caring as trinkets hit the floor in a domino fashion. He trails kisses down my neck, and finally, finally one of his hands makes its way up to my breast, under my dress, massaging firmly until he pinches one of my nipples. Pleasure rips through me as I hiss, my hips buck, and legs widen, giving him unspoken permission to move closer, my body completely under his control. I’m delirious, I’m panting, and internally begging him to continue. We’re still fully clothed, and I’ve never been this turned on in my life. I start to tug at his waistband, undoing his belt, wanting so much more with every touch, and I start to lower his trousers. Then he abruptly stops kissing me, and steps away.
'What the hell Drake?’ I’m breathless with pure need, for him, all of him, mind body and soul.
'I can’t Riley, I want to, I mean, fuck, I want to. Do you even know what this is doing to me right now? To stop, well now’. I see him adjust himself in his trousers and I let out a frustrated squeak.
'Talk about blue balls!’ I mutter.
'Liam could still pick you Riley! Hell, I think he will, I mean, you spent tonight with him!’. His voice breaks, and he begins pacing, looking everywhere but me. I’m regretting smashing the only bottle of whiskey, knowing that I could definitely do with one after his speedy change of heart and the reminder that more than one set of lips have been on mine tonight. The moment our connection was broken, the uncertainties of the situation came rushing back into the room to play.
'What do I do then Drake? Do you want me to marry him? End us? Or be my dirty little secret?’ his face pales, sickened with the idea of being unfaithful behind Liam’s back. I have to admit, I’d only thrown it in to try and reiterate the gravity of the situation if I married his best friend. Any moral compass I thought I possessed was obliterated around Drake.


My stomach clenches at the thought of being 'the other man’ and betraying Liam like that. There is literally no outcome in which we can be together without destroying Liam. Urghh, I feel utterly disgusted with myself and I resume my pacing, knowing there’s only one outcome I can live with, and therefore I force myself to say what needs to be said, finally pausing to look at her directly so she believes me.
'I care for you Tanner, but this has got too messy. I don’t want what you want, I don’t want marriage, to settle down, I don’t want you like that.’ I almost choke on the lie and I see her reel in shock and disbelief.
'Listen, about what’s just happened, I’m attracted to you and we have a similar background, but that’s all, it’s not worth breaking hearts over. That’s why I stopped…that. You’re in deeper than me, I don’t want to use you.’

That’s not why I stopped at all, I broke our encounter before I fell for her any harder than I have, because with Riley, a taste would never be enough. My body and my actions were beginning to betray me. I held back because I would have ended up making love to her, and I’m not sure I understood the difference between that and sex until we nearly took that step. I also know if we had crossed that line, I’d never be able to let her go, ever. I need her to believe my lies, I’ve hardened my gaze, dug out the scowl, and put the walls back up, because her continuing as Liam’s suitor is the only way we have any chance of getting out of this mess hurting the minimal amount of people.
'I don't…I don’t believe you Drake’ she stutters, and the resolve I’m holding on to is wavering as her gaze attempts to penetrate my armour.I look away.
'What you should believe is that Liam loves you far more than I ever could, and he want’s to give you the world. Going to the coronation and carrying on as normal is the only option’. She turns her back to me, and picks out some nightwear from the dresser, studiously ignoring me for several minutes, until she begins to head to the bathroom.
'It’s been a long night Drake, maybe you should just leave now.’ I nod stiffly, and make my way to the door. Every step away from her is agonizing. All I want to do is hold her, touch her, mark every inch of her as mine. I want to memorize every freckle, caress every smile with my lips, I want to call her mine.  

Wings, Cars and Angels Don't Mix

Title: Wings, Cars and Angels Don’t Mix
Fandom: Supernatural
Characters: Sam, Dean, Castiel
Summary: Ticklish!Cas; Castiel is curious about the impala but a slight accident strikes. Sam and Dean become curious about the angels manifested wings.

Original Prompt: You know what you haven’t done yet? Wing tickles ;) Maybe Dean and Sam are teaching Cas about fixing cars and Cas is under Baby on his back, looking at the underside while they explain stuff, then Cas gets stuck and in a state of panic his wings appear (I don’t know how wings work lol) and Sam and Dean are super fascinated by them and start looking and poking at them, and discover how ticklish they are? And Cas can’t do anything because he doesn’t want to hurt Sam or Dean, or Baby!


There were many things in humanity that amused Castiel. Watching bees, watching the clouds and wondering about home. Watching the Winchesters, however, became a favorite of his. Those two brothers truly cared about no one else but each other. That was pure love he had only seen in one being. It amazed Castiel how close they were, how they could have conversations without talking, trading looks and reassuring squeezes on the shoulder or neck. The inadvertent I love you’s matched with an action. It was fascinating.

Currently, the Winchester brothers were at Bobby Singer’s place, Dean working on the Impala and Sam annoying his brother with teasing jabs and comments. The boys were acting like children. At one snooty comment, Dean grabbed one of the hoses and started spraying Sam, the youngest Winchester sputtering and laughing.

It made Castiel happy to see them so joyful after everything that’s happened, how easily they fell into place with each other. Sam, now sopping wet, pulled Dean into a big hug, making the older Winchester brother shriek in protest. It was amusing and Castiel felt honored that he could see them like this.

“You’re such a little bitch,” Dean groaned, ruffling Sam’s hair, making it stick in multiple directions.

“I’ve learned from you, jerk!” Sam answered, face split into a wide grin. Dean huffed fondly and turned to their angel friend.

“Hey Cas, get your feathered butt over here!”

Sam squeaked and ducked to the other side of the impala. Dean laughed openly at his brothers fear and motioned for Castiel to stand next to him.

“Since Sammy over here doesn’t seem to want to help me, I’m gonna need you too,” He already had a booster on the front wheels so it lifted lightly off the ground. “Besides, you never know when you’re gonna need these expert skills.“

“Expert?” Sam asked teasingly. Dean narrowed his eyes at his brother and crossed his arms.

“Keep talking like that, little brother and I’ll have to come shut you up,” Dean wiggles his fingers tauntingly at Sam. The kid burst into giggles like he actually was getting tickled. It amazed Cas how ticklish he was. Dean snorted and shook his head in disbelief before turning to Castiel. “Anyway, come on. I want you working on her underbelly.”

Castiel followed Dean to the floor, peeking under the lift. Sam was looking at them from the other side, eyes grazing over the impala’s figure.

“Okay, Cas. You’re gonna lean back on this,” He gave a small shove to a board on wheels to the angel who rolled it back curiously. Sam laughed as Dean rolled it back to Castiel. “And then you’re gonna roll under the car. You’ll be fine,” he reassured at the slight look of alarm Cas showed. “We will be here to help you.”

Cas nodded because, in all honesty, he trusted the Winchester’s with his life. That didn’t mean he wasn’t nervous though. Castiel let Dean lay him on his back and he hesitantly pushed himself under the car. He gave himself another push, only for his foot hit hit one of the lifts, making it fall askew. The car rumbled, lowering a bit i top of Cas. The angel could hear Dean curse and Sam’s cry of surprise, large hands gripping the rim of the car to keep it from falling any further. Cas felt the breath leave him at the thought of being trapped and frantically started squirming.

“Cas, calm down dude, we got you!” Sam tried reassuring as he pushed the car more firmly on the lift.

Castiel wanted to feel reassured but felt too confined. In his panic, he could feel his wings burst out, instinctively wanting to save him. He could hear the Winchester shout in surprise at the sight as his wings fluttered frantically to escape. Suddenly, a hand grabbed his wing, gently but firm, and carded long fingers through them, soothing the ruffles. Castiel could feel his breathing start slowing down as the initial panic began to fade.

Sam continued his soft ministrations, gently picking the feathers and maneuvering them back into place. He curiously slid his fingers through the oily wings, gawking at how beautiful they were. The wings were huge, one being as big as Sam at his full height; they were just like a ravens wings with purples, greens and blues mixed with the black ebony. Sam slid his fingers deeper through the piles of feathers till he reached the bone, running his nails over the muscle curiously. He didn’t expect to get slapped in the face by one while Cas cackled underneath the car.

“Are these seriously fucking angel wings?” Dean gaped, hands also exploring the long expanse. Castiel let out another shriek as Dean hit a sensitive place on the underbelly of his wings.

“P-Plehehease refrahahain from t-tohohohouching my wihihings!” Castiel begged, giggles pouring out of his mouth from the different touches. The Winchesters were so different with their movements. Dean had callouses all along his hands, they were rough but warm and soft at the same time. He was more grabby grabby and more bold when clutching feathers and exploring the bone structures.

Sam, on the other hand, was more gentle, hesitant. Like he was inspecting every feather. His long fingers caressed the skin underneath, creating massive tingly feelings all along his muscles. Sam’s hands also had a rough touch but were more feminine in a way as they slid effortlessly through his wings span.

One thing they had in common: both tickles like crazy.

Castiel bursts out into loud laughter as the finger progresses, both brothers adding another set of hands and continuing their ministrations.

“Plehehease! D-Dohohon’t tohohouch my wihihings!”

“Why? They are so freaking cool!” Dean praised, a smirk in his voice. The bastard knew what he was doing. It only made Cas laugh harder.

“Yeah, you never show your wings,” Sam whined, scratching purposely on a slick tops making the angel howl.


“You thought we would tickle them?”


“No, we totally would,” Dean assured, reaching under as far as he could to tickle near the angel’s shoulders. “But that fact that you knew that proves that your officially one of us!”

Despite the tickling torture, what Dean said made him feel warm inside out. Well, until Sam decided to speak.

“Dean, you know that thing you always do to me?”

“Which thing, Sammy?”

“You know…the thing,” Sam blushed, hating that his brother was able to multitask.

“You mean the thing you always beg for me to do?” Dean teased, scribbling along the colorful feathers. Sam made a whining sound, confirming Dean’s suspicions. “Why?”

“Think it would work on wings?”

“NOHOHOHO!” Cas cried out, now trying harder to escape. He knew exactly what Sam was talking about. He’s seen Dean take Sam apart with them and Cas knew he would die if he received a dreaded raspberry on his sensitive wings.

“I don’t know,” Dean hummed, pausing his tickling. “But I guess we can always find out!”

Before Castiel could even think to form a protest, Dean leant down and blew a huge raspberry on the center of Castiel’s wings. Castiel let out a loud scream before disappearing completely only to reappear by Bobby’s porch, leaning against the wooden railings with huge panting breaths. Sam blinked in surprise before letting shocked laughter. Dean was chuckling deeply, eyes swimming with amusement.

"Do not do that again,” Cas spoke firmly though there was a hint of playfulness that dulled the order.


“Because you do not, how do you say, dish out what you cannot receive,” Castiel smirked, blue eyes glinting. Seconds later both Winchesters were crying with laughter and Castiel felt like he finally found his place.


A/N: OMG I FINISHED IT!! It took forever and I only finished it because I was waiting for my flight. Thank you for the prompt anon and thank you for being so patient with meee! I hope to be able to get up an running again soon! Tell me what you think!