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Hey, everyone! I recently hit 100 followers! I’ve had this blog since January and even though I had a rough start and I wanted to leave a few times, I’m very glad I pushed through. I wanted to save a follow forever for another milestone and just do a drabble game for this one but there are so many amazing blogs a wanted to thank. I really appreciate every single one of you guys. This blog has been a safe haven for me, and I can’t imagine how my life would be without it. I’ve felt much more loved on this blog in the short time I’ve had it than on my previous blog, which I had for 2 and half years before I left. Even though this blog may be considered ‘small’ to some people (not that it matters to me), I still feel as if I genuinely matter to all of you, and I can’t thank you enough. I will never be able to fully express my gratitude. I really do care about all of you. All the users that show up under my followers are my friends, and I care about each one of you so much. Thank you all so much for all that you’ve done for me. I’m beyond grateful.

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        I love playing Lisa and I love playing young!Lisa but at times it feels hard to get interactions going on this blog. I’m thankful for the memes and threads I do get, but usually the memes are sent by the same people. Or the same Lens that seem to come and go. I dunno. I wish I could hold someone’s attention for more than a few weeks. I feel this on most of my blogs. That I’m there to be an interaction when all your other rp partners aren’t online. When you need some plot fulfilled or whatever.

      I just want someone who’ll stick around ya know? I’m not saying we gotta be bffs but just like not disappear on me? I’d like someone to plot some threads out with. I’d also really love a Roscoe, but I don’t think that’s gonna happen. Not even like to ship, just for them to hang out and be bros and horrify Len.

Why Erekuri?

Edit: As of chapter 70, fandom has been trying to push the use of Erehisu. Please tag any posts accordingly.

Why do we call it Erekuri?

Yes, I know it’s because we like to take Japanese ship names, but I am not talking about that.

While many other ships involving Krista use Krista in them (aka, all of them), this ship is a bit different. This ship didn’t even gain a noticeable following until the most recent chapters, where we got this exchange:

He literally says that he didn’t like Krista, but that he does like Historia. Yet we call the ship erekuri? That seems a bit… wrong, honestly. Unless you are actually shipping them as a dysfunctional/hate ship. In which case, Erekuri suits just fine.

But couldn’t we choose something better?

Not all ship names in the fandom follow the Japanese naming theme, as can be seen with some of the biggest ship names. Eremin, Jeanmarco, Jearmin (basically anything with Armin), Levihan (as opposed to ones that use riva) and many others use unique ship names.

We also have the advantage of currently being an extremely small ship, allowing for us to influence its name easily.


Erestoria was popularized by this text from textsfromtitanfood. It has over 1,000 notes on it, which is already way bigger than our current fandom, and thus may be more recognizable to others. Plus, it’s straight-forward.

There’s also the possibility of creating a new one.

Like Histeren (Historia + Eren). It sounds like hysterical, which is very fitting for both of their characters.

AHAHA…!  ”Krista?!”  I quit being Krista.  She’s nowhere to be found now. (translation found here)

Or we could do others, like Historen, or Erenoria, or seriously anything else.

I’m not trying to force a change or anything, I’m just saying we could easily control it if we wanted to.

Rucas Shippers:


I have mad respect for Rucas shippers.You guys believe in love at first sight,and being with your first love forever.That is rad as fuck.