don't try to convince my otherwise

okay I’m basically crazy about eyugho’s powerpuff/powerpunk and rowdyruff/rowdyright redesigns!!! you made me ship these redheads so bad UGH thank you for my new chest pains

and I imagine the dialogue of this picture going something like:

“Hey, whatcha readin leader chick?”

“Uh- does personal space ring a bell to you? And it’s called a ‘book’, if you’ve ever bothered to read one.”

“Who’s the bad guy? Is he winning? Have you read the sex scenes yet?”

“PLEASE, some public decency Beserk!”

“I love it when you talk clean to me~”


The fact that all this Stydia shit is fan service is such a no brainer.

Like maybe, in the beginning, Stydia shippers had an argument.

But seriously? Now? Now there’s absolutely no way in hell anyone can try to prove that Stydia isn’t fan service.

There’s wayyyyyyy too much Teen Wolf s6 news coming out and every single one of them HAS to do with Stydia.

Why? Because Jeff knew that that’s how he’d keep half the fandom awake and excited. Because he knew that if there was all this Stalia or Marrish, he’d be attacked and harassed by dramatic Stydia shippers just like Shelley and Ryan were.

I mean, why else base the LAST season of a show about a teen wolf— hence the title TEEN WOLF— on a ship that had so much time to develop but hardly got anywhere because they weren’t meant to be endgame since the beginning?

Stydia is fan service.

End of discussion.

I have this scenario all worked out in my head.

Harry and Fionn are both new to the film world, and fairly close in age, so they bond immediately on set. Fionn looks up to Harry, because Harry started his career so young, and has been so successful. Harry gives Fionn advice about life, Hollywood, girls, etc. Harry never had a little brother. He was the baby in his family and the baby of the band. Harry finally has a little brother.