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Today I wish for the power to just…. beam what I know about Solas into the brains of everybody who’s been reblogging my meta adding poorly researched comments

Like, you gotta go back on your own time and listen to everything he ever said and only THEN reblog me with your “well, actually” solas thoughts, with annotations, because I don’t have time to correct these misunderstandings!!!! He talks for hours and hours and hours, sometimes very interesting stuff that couldn’t ever unlock in your personal playthrough! He’s a dynamic, mutable character who changes his entire worldview depending on what you do!!! Embrace how cool that is! Don’t simplify cool complicated stuff!


I think a lot about the assertion that a REAL, WORKING member of the Sultansworn is held to a much higher caliber than other guards in Ul'dah because there’s a point in the Hildibrand quests where they’ve ended up hiring Some Chucklefuck you met earlier and not only does he have the fancy white tunic, he’s literally guarding something super important.

And between that and the GSM shenanigans I like to think they pay less than the Flames or Blades or even Stone Torches and Papashan’s just out there scraping the fucking barrel for anyone who’s honest enough to do the damn job without running after more coin a week later.

anonymous asked:

Why do Americans think they're the center of an entire universe? Yes, white German woman or Chinese girl can wear hoops. Yes, white man in Hungary can wear 'dreadlocks'. They're not offending anyone. Our reality and approach is different. Stop forcing American point of view on everyone, people.

If you read that post at all you’d understand that white people physically cannot wear dreadlocks because our hair doesn’t work like that. Those are hair mats, which are messy, damaging, and often can’t even be washed. It’s not a natural, healthy hairstyle. White people cannot have actual dreadlocks because of the nature of our hair.

And I’m obviously no authority on the subject, but if people are getting offended by it… then clearly it IS offending someone.

So this happened
  • Brother: *bursts into room*
  • Me:
  • Brother: *looks at poster covered door*
  • Me:
  • Brother: *points at each person and calls gay*
  • Me: *pterodactyl noises*
  • Brother:
  • Me: you're correct
Who should you fight?: nmtd/lolilo edition
  • Beatrice Duke: Do not fight Beatrice. She will make you wish you were never born.
  • Hero Duke: WHY WOULD YOU WANT TO FIGHT HER? Why?! Did no one hug you as a child? If you fight her you're literally evoking the wrath of Beadick. and Leo. and pretty much 90% of her friends and family. Do not fight this absolute cinnamon roll.
  • Meg Winter: Getting her to fight you is so easy. Just call her Margaret.
  • Benedick Hobbes: You should fight him. You'd probably get a high five from Beatrice. You might also get to have tea with Benedick and listen to him talk about birds after that.
  • Freddie Kingston: I don't know man, she signed the lease. And she has a grandma that can help her to sue you.
  • Balthazar Jones: I do not understand why would you want to fight this ukelele playing, full of sunshine child. He is sad enough as it is. And his sister is kinda scary when you piss her off.
  • Peter Donaldson: Yeah, maybe he does deserve it after the events of Hero's birthday BUT why would you fight him? Look at him and how sad he is. Get him a beer or something. That might work out better in your favour.
  • Claudio: FIGHT HIM!!! He is fragile and you will win.
  • Dogberry and Verges: There was one time where they held two people in their basement. Think about that before you decide to fight them.
  • The Candle Wasters: DO NOT FIGHT THEM. They have the power to crush your soul and make you cry over a short 3 minute video. They will hurt you and they will love it. DO NOT FIGHT THEM.
  • Kitso Harper: Every time someone tries to fight this angel, a puppy dies. Do you really want that to happen?

this is … wow

get down from that high horse of yours before you hurt yourself

do you really think i give a tit about what you think?! 

Heartbreak Encounter

(A/n): I was out driving earlier and this popped into mind, so I don’t really know what it is, as per usual. I’m aworking on the blurb based oneshot, but it’s taking its time, so I decided to post this in the meanwhile. Also I’m kinda (really) nervous about what you guys think of this so yeah. Sunday thoughts usually end up like this, so enjoy.

Word count: 955

You were out driving a late night in november, the rain hitting the windshield as you occassionally took left and right turns and drove further and further away from your apartment. There was no specific reason for you driving that far in the late hours of the day, you just needed to clear your head.

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did you know that madelezabeth is an extremely racist and ableist transmisogynist that doesn’t even bother to apologize for the shit she’s caused?? and if she does “apologize”, she does it in such a passive aggressive way that just makes it obvious she’s not really sorry for what she did? i don’t understand why there are so many people who admire her and defend her. this awful behavior shouldn’t be admired. she doesn’t need people to defend her. she is an adult. she has to learn to face the consequences of her actions and stop being so immature. she’s known to ignore people who call her out and point out the mistakes she made and later on say “oh no god forbid I HAVE AN OPINION. PEOPLE ON THIS WEBSITE CAN’T HANDLE A JOKE. Y'ALL MUST BE SUPER FUN AT PARTIES.”. you can have your opinions. you can make jokes. but most of your “opinions” and “jokes” are highly offensive and you need to put a stop to them. it’s pretty pathetic that an adult can’t distinguish what is right and what is wrong and needs to be explained the same crap over and over but to no avail because they’re as stubborn as a mule. think about what you’re doing wrong. actually listen to people who are calling you out and ask what you did wrong instead of throwing a temper tantrum or saying “HATERS GONNA HATE!!! LOL” ( you are an adult and you still do shit like that. WOW. ) apologize for your mistakes and actually mean it instead of easily throwing the word “sorry” at anyone who comes to complain in your ask box and then doing the same bullshit again. LEARN FROM YOUR PAST MISTAKES. GROW THE HELL UP. 

if you decide to ignore or defend her problematic behavior, then i’m sorry. i’ll just have to assume you’re just  as gross as she is. have a nice day.