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MBTI types when they're with someone they hate/dislike
  • ESFP: They sense the whole room's vibe go down. Being the fun loving people they are, they ignore the person giving bad vibes and try to get the mood up by suggesting a game, challenge, etc. They hate to dwell on the negative
  • ISFP: They distance themselves as physically possible from the person and look for comfort from friends. Like the ESFP they don't like to dwell on the negative and prefer to look on to their close friends to bring up their spirits
  • ESTP: Tries to avoid the person but is tempted to do a prank or joke on them for fun. They obviously don't mean physical harm, but just a fun opportunity for them
  • ISTP: Has their "introvert mode on" at max. They are very snappy if the person talks to them and doesn't really consider their feelings when replying. They prefer to escape the situation to save their sanity
  • ESFJ: Being the kind hearted soul they are, they try to treat them like any other person. However whether they like it or not, they low-key give passive aggressive comments disguised with a "caring and happy" expression
  • ISFJ: Much like ESFJ except less noticeably passive aggressive. They actually may trick the person into thinking they're okay with them, but then ISFJ blows up to their close friends when they leave
  • ESTJ: Tries not to let their personal dislike to the person get to them, but it low-key does. They are more picky, impatient and dry when watching the person do something. Constant questioning them why they did what they did and how they SHOULD'VE done it. Actually they'll probably kick them out for being "irritating" or "slowing others down"
  • ISTJ: Pretty low-key about their distaste for the person. They silently criticize and judge what the person does but doesn't let them know. They believe heavily in karma and they are most likely to wait for the opportunity to screw with them at the right time
  • ENFP: Their happy-go-lucky mood is instantly dropped. They wish to not confront or come in contact with the person and may hide within their friends. They will try to keep up their normal behaviour but those close to them will notice their change in mood.
  • INFP: They may physically act very uncomfortable but will try and keep it together. They may be silent, almost as if they were daydreaming or trying to get their mind on to something else. As natural kind-hearted people, they wouldn't want to do anything to that person and will try to be civil with the person if confronted.
  • ENTP: They'd probably to just ignore that person's existence. They believe they don't need that kind of person near them and will do everything they can to just shut them away from their line of sight. Out of sight, out of mind.
  • INTP: you can tell by their unfiltered facial expressions they don't agree with that person being there. Depending on the level of hatred, they will either try to low-key troll them or just full on ignore them. They don't have much empathy left for that person so whatever they do, they won't regret.
  • ENFJ: Truthly ENFJs can be very vicious and might want to get back at the person. Of course they'd adhere to social rules and somehow turn the situation on to the person. It's easy for ENFJ to manipulate and sweet talk others into their side.
  • INFJ: More uncomfortable than usual around that particular person. They may want to immediately escape to be alone and calm down their thoughts. Then later go on a long rant to their friends about all the "stupid and dumb" things that person did and how it relates to them being a bad person
  • ENTJ: even with their scary reputation, they are probably more likely than ESTJ to avoid prejudice. They definitely will be a lot pickier and impatient, but will evaluate the person's actions and work objectively. Obviously they will be very high-key frustrated but will overall try to not let it get the best of them
  • INTJ: They will either go full "annoying nerd" mode or "don't breathe the same air as me" mode. They will continuously try to correct the person, trying to make them feel stupid or get annoyed by jusy their presence. They may not try to come after them but it will be clear when they would wish that person wasn't there.

Today I wish for the power to just…. beam what I know about Solas into the brains of everybody who’s been reblogging my meta adding poorly researched comments

Like, you gotta go back on your own time and listen to everything he ever said and only THEN reblog me with your “well, actually” solas thoughts, with annotations, because I don’t have time to correct these misunderstandings!!!! He talks for hours and hours and hours, sometimes very interesting stuff that couldn’t ever unlock in your personal playthrough! He’s a dynamic, mutable character who changes his entire worldview depending on what you do!!! Embrace how cool that is! Don’t simplify cool complicated stuff!

Collar x Malice Fanbook profiles (part 1)

I intended to do this for a while and I thought it was a promise I couldn’t keep, but turned out I was super free today so I did some brain exercises. 

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anonymous asked:

I found out I was ace/aro about a year ago (22yrs old) and after I did research, I decided to get b/c. I don't need it, my periods are always short and forgettable. So why did I decide to get them. Bcause I'm terrified that I'll mention my orientation offhandedly and that person will make it their mission to 'fix' me. How fucked up is that? I'm on a med I don't need because some asshole might try to 'correct' me and I'll end up pregnant. Aces/aros aren't discriminated against my ass.

So this happened
  • Brother: *bursts into room*
  • Me:
  • Brother: *looks at poster covered door*
  • Me:
  • Brother: *points at each person and calls gay*
  • Me: *pterodactyl noises*
  • Brother:
  • Me: you're correct

whomever keeps trying to convince me that marian is the best high school can stop because 1) you’re wrong and 2) the only good thing about it is the lesbians. that’s it. don’t know how many you have but there have to be some and like all of the all-girls schools, that’s the only thing that matters.

this is … wow

get down from that high horse of yours before you hurt yourself

do you really think i give a tit about what you think?! 

Heartbreak Encounter

(A/n): I was out driving earlier and this popped into mind, so I don’t really know what it is, as per usual. I’m aworking on the blurb based oneshot, but it’s taking its time, so I decided to post this in the meanwhile. Also I’m kinda (really) nervous about what you guys think of this so yeah. Sunday thoughts usually end up like this, so enjoy.

Word count: 955

You were out driving a late night in november, the rain hitting the windshield as you occassionally took left and right turns and drove further and further away from your apartment. There was no specific reason for you driving that far in the late hours of the day, you just needed to clear your head.

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did you know that madelezabeth is an extremely racist and ableist transmisogynist that doesn’t even bother to apologize for the shit she’s caused?? and if she does “apologize”, she does it in such a passive aggressive way that just makes it obvious she’s not really sorry for what she did? i don’t understand why there are so many people who admire her and defend her. this awful behavior shouldn’t be admired. she doesn’t need people to defend her. she is an adult. she has to learn to face the consequences of her actions and stop being so immature. she’s known to ignore people who call her out and point out the mistakes she made and later on say “oh no god forbid I HAVE AN OPINION. PEOPLE ON THIS WEBSITE CAN’T HANDLE A JOKE. Y'ALL MUST BE SUPER FUN AT PARTIES.”. you can have your opinions. you can make jokes. but most of your “opinions” and “jokes” are highly offensive and you need to put a stop to them. it’s pretty pathetic that an adult can’t distinguish what is right and what is wrong and needs to be explained the same crap over and over but to no avail because they’re as stubborn as a mule. think about what you’re doing wrong. actually listen to people who are calling you out and ask what you did wrong instead of throwing a temper tantrum or saying “HATERS GONNA HATE!!! LOL” ( you are an adult and you still do shit like that. WOW. ) apologize for your mistakes and actually mean it instead of easily throwing the word “sorry” at anyone who comes to complain in your ask box and then doing the same bullshit again. LEARN FROM YOUR PAST MISTAKES. GROW THE HELL UP. 

if you decide to ignore or defend her problematic behavior, then i’m sorry. i’ll just have to assume you’re just  as gross as she is. have a nice day.