don't trust whitey


Sometimes, I like to give my coworkers life lessons. Just little bit of knowledge to take into the real world once the workday is done. What can I say? I’m a giver. 

A coworker of mine brought in the cutest little stuffed dragon to have on her desk. His name was George. He was so cute, my other coworkers constantly conspired to steal him. 

One day, a coworker took George and put him behind my phone. “I’m hiding him here because she’ll never suspect you” she said. I was on a call, so I couldn’t really do anything about it. Eventually, his owner (coworker one) realized he was gone and immediately suspected the person (coworker two) who put him on my desk.

Coworker one: “Where’s George?”

Coworker two: “Why’re you asking me?”

Coworker one: “Because I know you took him”

Coworker two: “What, is it because I’m Mexican?”

Coworker one: “I’m Mexican too, dummy. And I know you took him”

This went on for about five minutes. I finally got tired of it. I walked over and put George on her desk.

Coworker one: “Mad Dog, it was you?”

Me: “Let this be a lesson. Don’t trust whitey”