don't trust the b in the apartment 23

Don't trust the B in apartment 23 au

•Damen gets a job transfer and needs a place to live

•he ends up choosing to become Laurent’s roommate because compared to other offers, he seemed so sweet and genuine

•Laurent just wanted the security rent/ down payment to buy some of the new fashion accessories and bags from fave designers and shit

•he didn’t think Damen would last more than three days when he would realize how much of a bitch he actually was

•Damen actually gets back at Laurent for stealing his money and using it for material items by selling Laurent’s furniture

•Laurent is super impressed that Damen isn’t totally a pushover. It’s the start of something close to friendship, tho laurent would never say that

•When Damen’s fiancé, Jokaste, comes to visit with his brother, Kastor, Laurent and Jord are immediately like “lmao they’re totally banging each other"

•When Laurent sees how in love and caring for Jokaste Damen is, he starts to feel bad (if not a little jealous)

•Laurent makes it a mission to help Damen see that Jokaste and Kastor are having an affair when Damen won’t listen *cough*trust*cough* Laurent

•Well Laurent was right and with Laurent’s (unknowing) help, he catches Jokaste and Kastor

•Damen is now newly single, jobless, living in Laurent’s apartment

•And that’s when it hits Laurent

•Damen is single, beautiful, and spending all his time at their apartment.

•Laurent realizes he needs to help Damen get a job and get out before they become /actual/ friends, or god help him, something more…