don't truncate me

So my first initial thoughts on this episode is that… I enjoyed it. I thought it was one of those decent number of the week episodes, but at the same time i feel like that’s a problem. It’s almost as if Root’s death was of almost zero presence in the episode besides Shaw, and like… A bit of Finch + The Machine scenes (and yes, okay, i am kinda pissed that they made TM call Root “Samantha Groves” like… c’mon… You could’ve just… sigh…) 
I enjoy the idea of The Machine hiring more people to the cause… But also, they are never going to replace Team Machine. (Also like… Really guys, James Carpinello? that hurts). 

I think… that this episode was lacking in areas, and still gave me no real answer as to why Root had to die… Or why she died off screen alone… or anything of that matter… 

But if this show has done anything right this episode, it’s Sameen Shaw. They’ve treated her grieving with such fucking respect. And while it pisses me off that they’ve killed off everyone Shaw has cared, they’re not handling it like shit. 

I love Root, she was my favourite character, but I also love Shaw. And i’m happy I get to see this character written with respect in terms of her PD, which a lot of shows could easily have just… forgotten, or just generally fucked up. 

All in all, it was an okay episode, but I expected more… especially with three episodes left… and now two.