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I don't understand the PR team like I'm trying to make sense of it. Darren and Chris have both said that they were close friends on set etc etc. So doesn't it make it extremely obvious that when glee is over they don't even acknowledge each other's accomplishments. I mean friends would do that. I'm trying to make sense for it I really am...but I mean if Darren is 'happy' then I'm happy.

Ask 2:  There is so much CC proof out there. One of the biggest is definitely the big change in their public relationship. They go from supporting each other and D being C plus one to not even acknowledging each other. How can CC haters ignore the heart eyes at the Trevor project? Also, what about D participating in a walk to end epilepsy? There is just so many instances that point to them being together it’s crazy.


 I grouped these together as they are very similar.

The number one tell that that all is not as sold is the complete lack of interaction between Darren and Chris since Glee ended with the exception of one brief twitter exchange that was meant to rehabilitate Darren after an epic disaster at the Trevor Live Red Carpet the week prior.

The fact is, Fox and Murphy and Team Beard made a decision somewhere in Season 3/Season 4 that Chris and Darren could not be publicly seen together outside of Glee Production. And Post Glee, Team Beard, Darren and Chris, pushed this further and cut off all public contact. I have said before and I stand by this, I do believe Darren and Chris thought this was a way to highlight the obvious. Both gentlemen go out of their way to comment on every other cast member of that show’s latest projects, social media, photos, etc.  They have been seen and spotted with so many of their former caste-mates. But when it comes to each other they, in the words of Chris, only “kind of sort of” stay in touch (kind of sort of, i.e. live together, sleep together, make decisions together, own property together, spend holidays together, own pets together, exactly my definition of “kind of sort of” as well). It makes no logical sense, they are well aware of this, and they wanted us to talk about it. And we do. But sadly, the other side is that there are fans who genuinely believe they hate each other and feed off of this fabricated hatred.

Why did this happen? Fact is, Darren and Chris are pretty obvious when they are together. They  have amazing chemistry and they are not capable of hiding it. And they are crazy in love and they are terrible at hiding that as well.  Chris in general does a better job, but he has his moments as well. So instead of using this as a marketing tool, and it would have been golden, Fox/Murphy/Team Beard repressed it completely as it contradicted the straight Darren narrative. And let’s face it, their limited interactions do contradict straight Darren as there is NO ONE he looks at like he looks at Chris. NO ONE that he reacts to like Chris. And NO TWO WORDS he enjoys saying more than “Chris Colfer.” 

And here are some of my favorite examples that I thought I would share this Monday morning before diving into work:

I mean clearly two people who hate each other and cannot stand breathing the same air:)

Honestly why Fox did not capitalize on this is utterly and completely beyond me. This is a beautiful thing and should never, never have been hidden. And I only hope that someday they are able to be free and open and their feelings.

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Do you have any advice about professional networking for autistic/very introverted/people with social anxiety? I got most of my jobs by means of friends/acquaintances and I know it is important, but I have a hard time keeping in touch with my friends, let alone people I don't really care about. I'm not even sure what kind of advice I'm asking for, it's just something I don't even know where to start...

Sorry it took so long to respond! I asked some of our staff to share their favorite tips. 

What works for me is having a very strong sense of what work I’m currently focusing on, and then picking who I network with based on that. Do they have an interest in my work, or some knowledge or experience related to it? That usually gives me a good excuse to set up a meeting over coffee with them, and it gives them a reason to care about getting to know me. 


I tend to use social media to keep in touch with people - it’s a lot easier for me. Plus most research shows that you’re more likely to get a job through an acquaintance than somebody that you’re close to, so I just stay “in touch” with people by periodically sending them a Tumblr message, commenting on something they’re doing on Facebook, etc. Not sure if there’s a technical term for the occasional “hey, I exist!” but I did get this job via someone I was friends with on Tumblr, so.

Specific things to chat about over coffee are also good things! I mean I mostly do that with professors when I go visit, but oftentimes it’s because I have a specific research question I want their input on, etc.


It’s also totally ok to message someone who you haven’t talked to in a long time, just to touch base on career stuff. A script for a chat message conversation could be something along the lines of:

“Hi ___! I know we haven’t chatted in a while, but I was wondering if you still worked for ______.” Then if the person says yes, you can say “That’s great! How are you liking it?” Talk for at most a couple back-and-forths about the job then say something like “I’ve been looking for jobs in [field], I recently graduated from ____ [or: I am looking into leaving [job]] and was thinking that ___ seemed interesting. Do you know of any openings?” If they say yes then great. If they say no, then just “Ok, thanks. If you do hear of something would you mind forwarding it along?” and continue chit-chatting for a bit to show them you care about them as a person as well. If they’re local you might even want to invite them to coffee sometime and chit-chat. AND THIS IS IMPORTANT: be a connector yourself. If you see someone advertising a position in a field that’s not yours, but know someone else in that field, forward it to them. Help signal boost opportunities. If someone connects you with someone else, you should thank them and also share with them other opportunities that you see that might interest them - even just interesting lectures or events that they might like. Or, at a minimum, just show them that you’re interested in what they do. Not to the extent where you’re sending them a barrage of emails - just about one or two per time that you ask them for advice (unless they specifically ask you to keep sending them stuff). People like helping you if you show them that you care about their career as well. 


Think or even have a calendar alert about checking the social media profiles of people who are important in your work and professional network and that you know you need to maintain a connection to. Only do this with profiles they are okay with you having and are ones that they are okay with having connected to their professional life! For example, they are probably okay with you seeing the information they post on facebook if you are mutual friends there. Most of the time people’s LinkedIn profiles are specifically for tracking things professionally, so they are usually a safe bet for things. And always: If someone says they aren’t comfortable with you following them on a specific platform, they are giving you a boundary and you need to respect that. Say thanks for letting you know, and move on.  LinkedIn isn’t the greatest site out there, but what it does allow you to do is to keep track of where someone is working and sometimes what they are working on. So if my friend K. at my state’s UCEDD adds a new title or new project to her LinkedIn, or mentions getting a promotion, I might want to email or message her either congratulating her or asking her if there’s either a site or a flyer out yet about her new project. Not only will this mean that I get new information about what projects are going on right now, but it also lets K. know I care about what she’s doing.  I also have a few key “opinion makers/influencers” whose (publicly connected to their professional life) facebook pages I get alerts for. For example, I get a new notification every time L.C. posts something to his wall. I’ve been able to not only get that information he’s sharing, but I also have opportunities to chime in on a topic relevant to where our work overlaps and to know if he has new developments happening in his professional life. It can also help with the dreaded small talk- if my friend B.M. mentions that his dog got home from the vet hospital and is doing well this week, if I see him at a networking occasion next week and I remember I can ask him how his dog is doing/if the cone of shame is off yet. This is just a secondary help though and isn’t something I always remember. When I do remember, though, I’ve noticed that people end up more willing to have a longer conversation that can morph into being about work. But again, VERY optional and kind of uncomfortable sometimes.  Finally, a non-social media thing: I’m someone who wears makeup. For me the process of putting it on helps me shift into a mode of doing things in a certain way. It creates a line for me so that I know that at the end of the day I can take the makeup off and throw my hair into a bun and I won’t need to be “on” any more. It also can help others think about me differently, which is really really useful, but in this case the more important thing is how it helps me think about myself. It doesn’t make me different inherently, it just gives me different tools and a different setting to use them in.

In action: Our gala is coming up as I write this, and even though some of my every day clothes are typically/technically appropriate, they will not work for me in this setting because to make the transition to dealing with people in person I need that little extra prompt. So think about something you can do or wear to make that distinction clear to you. It might be makeup, it might be wearing a specific tie or repeating something you like that makes you feel more confident about your work in the mirror. It could be having a different category of clothing in your closet that you think of as your “networking” clothes. It isn’t something changing who you are, but you a way to make yourself- or if you  choose to use some visual cultural markers in this process, others- a reminder of why and how you want to deal with this specific challenge.

-S.B. Followers: what are some of your tips for dealing with networking? Is your job one that you need lots of networking for, or only a bare minimum? 
I wasn't hired for this : Harry Styles

A/N: This is for Nayana, I hope you like this my love!

‘Are you ready Nayana? I know they’re just five boys, but they can be a bloody rowdy bunch.’

It was my first day, and Paul had just taken me through the items that the boys would require in the dressing room for every show. I was their new personal assistant, and to be honest, I was absolutely terrified. We were closing in on their dressing room, and I heard them before I could see them. It sounded like they were fighting, or running around like idiots. Paul looked at me, rolling his eyes, making me giggle. He turned the handle to the door and burst in. Tables were turned on their ends, eggs splattered all over them. A woman stood in the corner, terrified of moving, as an egg was hurled at one of the tables. I could see a head peering over a table, and immediately knew it was Zayn. There was no mistaking that quiff. He jumped over the table and ran to get more eggs, but being pelted with a load before he could make it back unscathed. 

Paul marched into the center of the room, and the battle cries died down. All five boys stood up from behind their tables, Harry, Liam and Zayn on one team, and Louis and Niall on the other. They all looked at each other, then to Paul. He stood there with his arms crossed, an angry look painted across his face.

'I want this room cleaned from top to bottom boys. And it had BETTER be spotless.’ They all nodded, a look of worry on their faces. They all turned slowly to see the blonde haired, blue eyed girl who was stood shaking at the door. I don’t know why I was shaking, I wasn’t in trouble. As if remembering that I existed, Paul turned to me and said 'I told you they were a rowdy bunch. Guys, this is Nayana. She is your new personal assistant. And no making her run across town for silly requests, if I find out you’ve mucked her about, there will be hell to pay.’ He walked out of the room, leaving me squirming, five sets of eyes staring at me. The woman in the corner took this as her queue to leave. 

'So, Nayana’ Niall spoke up 'have you had a tour of the stadium?’

Just remember what Paul said, don’t take any shit, and don’t let them get away with anything. 'Don’t think you’re using me to worm your way out of this’ I said, gesturing my hand towards the mess. 'Paul wants it done, so I suggest you do it.’ I sounded a lot more confident than what I was feeling. I turned on my heel to leave, when the boys all chimed in with a collective 'OOOH’.

'She’s a feisty one she is’ said Harry, winking at me.

'Come on, get to work, I’ll fetch you all some rubber gloves and a cloth’ I said turning and walking out of the door, hiding the blush that was creeping across my face.


*Two weeks later*

'Alright guys! That was a brilliant show! Do you need anything?’

'No Nayana, we’re good thanks sweetheart’ said Louis. I’d grown close to the boys these last two weeks. It felt like we had known each other forever. Especially me and Harry. I’d found him lingering around, after the others had left, asking me rather personal questions. Did I have a boyfriend, was I a virgin, etc etc. And he always sat next to me, and touched my arm or leg at any opportunity. I’d been around enough guys to know that he was interested in me. But I certainly wasn’t brave enough to make a move. He was Harry freaking Styles! Do you know how many girls would love to kill me? 'Come on lads, it’s time for GTA!’ Louis cried! The boys all ran off and I started to walk to the bus I would be staying in tonight.

'Nayana, wait up’ Harry said, jogging to my side. 'Can I chill with you? I don’t fancy running over any old ladies tonight’ he smiled.

'Yeah of course, I’ll only be watching some shitty movie, but sure!’ we walked back to the bus in silence, admiring the bit of the night sky we could see on the way. After clambering on, I realised that Lou wasn’t here. She must still be backstage, probably hiding from the boys. Harry settled himself on the sofa, as I plodded around the little kitchen area. 'Do you want a drink?’

'Uh, no thanks. Actually there’s something I want to talk to you about Nayana. Come and sit yourself next to me.’ He patted the seat next to him, and looked me up and down. I hesitated, not really knowing what to do. I moved towards him slowly, and sat next to him. He stroked my thigh with his hand as he spoke to me. 'So you know I like you right?’ I nodded, and tucked some hair behind my ear. I didn’t really know how to reply in a situation like this. 'And you like me too?’ I nodded again. He shuffled himself, turning towards me.

'Do you know how many nights I have laid awake in my bunk, dreaming of you? Wishing that you were with me? Wishing that I could feel your soft warm skin under my hands? Wishing that it was your hand stroking me, and not my own.’ I blushed at his admission. 'Baby, if you blush at my thoughts, I wonder what you’d do if they became a reality’ he said, kissing me deeply, invading my mouth. I sat there paralysed, not daring to move or respond. He pulled away, searching my face for a clue as what to do. 'If you don’t want me to I won’t’ he said. I stood up and walked to the door of the bus, locking it.

'I don’t want anyone to walk in on us.’ I retorted, confidence looming it’s head from depths I didn’t know were there. I walked over him, pulling my shirt over my head and discarding it on the floor, then moving to the zip on my skirt,and letting that pool at my feet and stepping out of it. I stood there, in my blue underwear set, and let him drink in the sight of me. His mouth fell open as he scanned my body.

'Oh baby, so much better than what I ever imagined. Come here, sit on my lap, facing me.’ I kicked my shoes off, as he undressed himself in record time, and straddled his lap, perching my ass on his knees. He cupped me, and moved me closer, so his bulging erection was pressed to my wet pussy. 'Blue is your colour, but I want to feel what’s underneath’ he said, slipping his hand into my panties, and running his fingers over me. His touch was as light as a feather, driving me crazy. I needed him to press harder, so I moved myself as close to his hand, pushing myself into his hand. 

'So eager Nayana, so desperate for me. Do you want me in you now?’

'Yes Harry, I want you in me now. Just do it, don’t waste time.’ My words awoke some carnal beast inside of him, as he growled and wrenched my panties to the side. He slipped himself out of his boxers, and lined himself up with me, thrusting upwards. He stilled allowing me to get comfortable, and started to pound. His animalistic growls echoed in my ear, which turned me on even more. To say he’d just performed a two hour show, the stamina he had behind his thrusts was incredible. 'Ohh fuck Harry, yes, right there. Keep, doing th-ahh, yes!’

'Come on Princess, I want to hear how good I make you feel. Tell me, tell everybody who is making you feel so good.’ He roared. I buried my head into his neck, biting down onto his skin. Every time he thrust in to me, he hit all the places that no man ever had before. I moaned out his name, and he gripped my hips tighter. I felt him harden inside, and then shoot his load into me. It was warm, and he slowed down his thrusts, realising I still hadn’t cum. He moved his thumb to my clit and rubbed hard, still thrusting into me. The contrast between the fast work of his fingers and the slow movements of his thrusts was an exquisite feeling, bring me to my downfall. I felt like I was on fire, my body jerking as he hit my spot over and over again, helping me through the body shattering orgasm. I panted and slumped over his shoulder.

'Wow, I’ve never had that reaction before’ he chuckled. We sat there like that for a couple of minutes, not saying anything. He stroked my spine lightly and I pulled back to look at him.

'I don’t think I was hired for this.’ He burst out into laughter making me giggle, then brought my lips close to his.

'You were hired to keep us happy Nayana, and you’ve certainly made me happy tonight.’ He retorted, kissing me deeply, and hardening inside me once more.