don't touch each other

#i just love this moment right here #the pure happiness radiating from both of them #’do you want to get out of here’ and an emphatic ‘yes’ #alec’s slowly spreading grin #magnus’s smitten face and the embodiment of heart-eyes #the way they circle in each other’s gravity #it’s a fleeting moment but it feels like everything


With all these attacks you shouldn’t be out on your own.
—  Well, I’m not on my own, I’m here with you, High Warlock of Brooklyn.

I bet I’m not the only one, right ? ;)


Oh, whatever you do
Don’t come b a c k for me (x)

But look closely here…

I just realized his eyes were open!

Until that last moment when his lips completely close around hers, his eyes were open a crack and on her.

And when their lips lock, his lashes fall down, squeeze tight, and he gives in completely. 

He was watching her up until the last second, while her eyes were closed… exactly like their first kiss 

where he opened his eyes first and just memorized her face while she memorized the kiss, until that last second.

The fucking parallels between 3x01 and 4x01 - his eyes were open before and after. 

I’m not okay.


[#I.M] Handsome person, the sleepy person who also appears to be cool, the person with a good personality, a person who is great in many ways, just a cool person, today a lot of people are gonna greet you hyung, but I’ll also greet you. I love you. #0115HyungwonDay

[#HYUNGWON] My dongsaeng who I love, adore, am sorry towards and am thankful towards Changkyun-ah. My expression is clumsy and I’m not good with words but I’m always thankful. I’m thankful that you’re our team’s maknae. Happy birthday and you’ve worked well today. I like you #TheOneWhoActsLikeHeIsNotCuteButIsCuteDuringTimesLikeThese #YourCharm #0126IM데이 

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GREETINGS! I was thinking about the ask below, about the whole Alec lying to Magnus. You mentioned that maybe the argument may carry into 218, which makes sense. Because aren't Magnus and Luke at the Seelie court again? It def could be damage control. Who knows, but I do concur that this could carry over. And they're grown men, in a serious relationship. And no relationship is perfect. Arguments happen and resolving them can bring them even closer I think. I CANT WAIT THOUGH. \_(ツ)_/¯

They are indeed at the Seelie Court again and also I feel like the stills with Magnus and Alec feel…tense? Serious? This whole thing with the soul sword goes beyond their relationship; it could shatter the already fragile alliance that’s holding the Shadow World together, so I hope we see this played out in full. The synopsis for 2x19 says that the Downworlders will come together to make a surprising decision, so I wonder if by the end of 2x18, the Downworld may choose to forsake the Shadowhunters – including Magnus – but that something will happen in 2x19 that changes their minds. (I think I know what that something is but I won’t get into it bc I’m not sure haha but it does have to do with City of Glass and the Alliance rune.)

Anyway, I agree that we’ll see Magnus and Alec even closer by the end of it. I love watching them navigate their relationship while being on opposing ends of the political spectrum, like it’s just really important to have an lgbt+ relationship where the tension isn’t from drama that reduces our relationships to being all about our sexual orientation (i.e. one partner being unhappy about the other being in the closet) but because of this war they’re both caught up in and because they’re both leaders responsible for making tough calls while trying to maintain a healthy, respectful relationship. Having Alec run the Institute while they’re still in the learning stages of their relationship is easily one of the best calls the show has made.

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kepcobi in desperate touch :)

now or never kiss before kepler gets sent out on a month-long, super dangerous mission, y/n?


GPF 2016 Victory Ceremony: gentleman!Scott lifting Tessa down from the podium

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I hope when they went home, Alec ran Magnus that hot bath he needed.

You can bet on it, Anon. And afterwards they cuddled in bed, legs entwined and holding each other’s hands, somehow not willing to close their eyes even though they both are exhausted but they just can’t stop looking into each other’s eyes, knowing that they found each other again, that the other is right here, in this bed, listening to the other’s breathing and heartbeat. Until sleep finally welcomes them.