don't think niall was expecting that

Niall’s nervous. His hands are a bit shaky and sweaty, which he hides by shoving them into the pocket of his rust-orange jacket, and his insides are an absolute mess.

He wasn’t gonna do this. He wasn’t gonna make it a big thing, him coming to see Harry perform with his little entourage- He wasn’t gonna make Harry worry and fret about Niall being there, about giving Niall and his friends the perks, about making sure that everyone is well taken care of – in fact, he was literally just going to sit up in the nosebleeds and then shoot him a text after to tell him he’s around- Honestly, he was.

And yet here is. Back stage. In the hallway between dressing rooms and loos. His mates are all around, talking to members of Harry’s team, and Lou’s down at the end of the hallway talking to Sarah and fretting over her hair – and it all feels very…surreal. Feels like old times. Feels like he should be getting ready to sling a guitar over his shoulder; like when the light goes on for the stage and the curtain goes down, that he should be going out there with Harry – like he used to.

Except that that’s not what this is. He’s not here to be on stage, he’s here to watch Harry do what he does best and he’s excited. But he’s also nervous; not for Harry, but rather…for himself.

A hand wraps around his wrist, tugs his hand out of his pocket and then pulls him backwards. He glances over his shoulder as he all but stumbles after Harry – knew it was Harry from the minute his fingers touched his pulse – back down the hallway to his dressing room. A quicker glance back over his shoulder in the other direction tells him that nobody notices that he’s just disappeared, and a smirk settles across his lips. (They will, though. They’ll notice – and then they’ll notice that Harry is nowhere to be found either, and they’ll know. They know, but Niall doesn’t care.)

And, well- Now it really does feel surreal, feel like old times. He feels like he’s 19 again. Feels like his heart is going to beat out of his chest.

Harry’s hands are on him the second the lock clicks on the door. He pushes Niall up against the door, one hand on his hip whilst the other clutches at the back of Niall’s neck. He slips one knee between Niall’s thighs, presses the length of his body against Niall’s. And Niall expects a kiss, expects Harry to capture his lips and snog him senseless – but he doesn’t. Instead, he just…stares and gazes. “Hi.”

“Hi,” Niall breathes.

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Niall's vulnerability in his lyrics means more to me bc he doesn't flaunt that side of himself to the world. It's like his deep hidden feelings are a secret we get to share bc of his songs. I don't know if we'll ever know for sure which ones are personal or concepts bc I wouldn't expect him to reveal that fully. Or want him to tbh. But it's like he doesn't make a show of his emotions bc he doesn't make a show of anything. So it's *real* when it happens. Am I making sense at all??

YES, totally making sense. its like we can “see” a part of him that we normally dont? and its very refreshing and very honest and i really think that is who niall is, he lets himself open up in the music, lets the music speak for him in a way. expresses himself through  his lyrics and melodies and that is such an amazing thing to get to experience with him. personal or not, each of his songs tell a story that hes created in his mind, and that itself, is beautiful. 

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Appearing with Stevie Nicks, getting a Rolling Stone cover- those are advantages I'd expect Harry to get because of Irving Azoff. They're going for a whole other level of fame for him and he's on board. The other boys don't need that to be successful. Niall is doing a great job just focusing on the music and engaging fans. I think if bg goes away Louis will be able to do the same. The Azoffs aren't losing me because of Harry's career opportunities. They're losing me because of the cheap /p.1/

/p.2/ tawdry stunts and how they’re blatantly playing people like Tess appearing the day after concert tickets sell out, tweeting a photo of Louis, blind items about Xander and having him show up at concerts, another leak. And I don’t buy arguments that this is needed to end it. They could end it with a lot less. A lot of people will criticize these tactics and then just roll with them but I think an increasing number of us are not rolling with them any longer. I’m not a sheep. Don’t treat me

           /p.3/ like one. You want Harry to bring back classic rock then focus on the music. He’s great live in concerts. Use that not a fake story about him hooking up with a girl to sell his music.     

I agree that the cheap tactics are what is hurting the Solo Harry rollout. It’s not even just that the tactics are cheap, it’s the sheer number of them. It is actually getting embarrassing to watch. It’s like they decided to throw everything against the wall and see what sticks. They didn’t leave much room for damage control when stunts backfire and aren’t reacting well to backlash. It’s all very amateur. I hope they get it figured out soon before too many fans jump ship. This Carolina stunt should be canceled but Jeff is too much of a dumbass to realize that I think. Ego without experience is a very dangerous thing.     


you could take my love back | niall/harry | 28k

“Hi, Harry,” he says softly, reaching out to touch his elbow, but he thinks better of it, lets his arm hover between them instead.

Harry looks over to him, slightly startled, and he studies Niall for a moment. Jaw dropped a bit, and the goat cheese is forgotten in his hands.

He closes his mouth. Then opens it again, then speaks.

“I’m sorry. Who are you?”

Where Harry can’t seem to remember who Niall is, and Niall wants him to; furthermore, another amnesia fic, but not in the way you expect.

a/n: part deux to the kissing prank/youtube drabble

w/c: 1.2k


Niall squints at the number, back hunched over, with his fingers hovering over the keys of his laptop.

“I told you having him would help,” Louis says after a moment, grinning widely as he pokes at Niall’s side.

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Your tags...I KNOW!!! Like wtf? Don't snap at people when that's literally what you said. How else was it supposed to be taken?

I haven’t actually listened to the interview and I’m seeing some people interpreted as a joke and some people just think he used poor phrasing, but regardless, those are his words. It’s perfectly understandable for fans to be confused after being jerked around for over a year when it comes to solo projects and the status of One Direction and their hiatus. I’m not sure what Niall or any of them would expect when we’ve been told that there would be a year-long hiatus, a two-year-long hiatus, an 18-month-long hiatus, no solo music, solo music for Liam, solo music for Niall, maybe solo music for Harry, a reuniting of the band that is merely “not being ruled out” as opposed to being guaranteed, a reuniting of the band that will “definitely” happen, a reuniting of the band that will happen whenever they’re ready, and so on.

I realize they may be in between a rock and a hard place in terms of what they can say about the future of the band, but I think it’s so inappropriate to be rude and snappy to fans who express confusion. Quite frankly, confusion and frustration are perfectly reasonable responses to the very different stories thrown our way from the media and the members of the band.

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I always say to my friend imagine if harry was doing 1% of the things niall has been doing i would understand the ~fear (anger? Petulancia?) Of some larries but he legit don't do it so I'm always ????? At them but oh well

Very true. I think objectively Niall has been doing exactly what I would expect from someone pursuing a solo career. And yet??? No panic. Probably because people are more confident in Niall’s love of 1D than Harry’s (though I do think Niall’s devotion is often overstated. He loves 1D but it’s kind of a Niall trope at this point that isn’t necessarily grounded in reality anymore) 

Perception is a funny thing.