don't think before you ink

Actions speak louder than words.
Why do we say this when often it’s the words that have the most effect on us?
We can get over someone punching us in the face, you have a bruise for a while but it fades and you somehow move on when it goes.
But when someone says something to us that is hurtful, it lasts a lifetime.
The pain caused by simple sentences can never leave, it can eat away at someone, it can send someone insane. Words race round brains and corrupt self image. Someone says something about your appearance and you instantly want to hide away. Someone says something about your personality and you instantly shut everyone out. Someone says something about how you live your life and you instantly don’t want to be around. It’s time we realise that sometimes a word can destroy a person. Think before you speak, you don’t know what battle that person could be fighting.
—  E.T // you don’t know what battles people are fighting