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Rocknaldo was a good episode with an important message.


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I definitely saw it as an allegory for cultural appropriation. Ronaldo sees the gems as ‘other’. He even has the discussion with Steven about how the Crystal Gems aren’t ***really*** ‘Rock People’. (Even after Steven tells him that he finds those words offensive). Even though Steven is a Gem, the Crystal Gems ARE Gems.

Then he goes and tries to become part of the group, become a Gem. Takes on what he THINKS are their characteristics and even goes so far as to begin to tell Steven what is and is not Gem behaviour. Sound familiar? 

Ronaldo is not a good ally, or a good friend. Connie is a wonderful example of both a friend and ally to Steven. She’s part of the Crystal Gems not because she demanded it or asked it but because she’s proven herself as someone who cares about them. She’s someone willing to put herself in vulnerable positions for Steven and Steven feels the same. The fact that Ronaldo says it’s only because she’s Steven’s girlfriend is significant. It shows he has no understanding of the core values of the Gems.

Honestly there’s a lot to unpack in this episode.

I know people are upset because there was a teaser that we’d be meeting a new Gem. That was kinda a shitty move. HOWEVER not every episode can further the grand, overarching plot. Sometimes we need to have other episodes and I think this one was a FANTASTIC one that tackled some serious issues in a way kids can see as approachable.


How many of you actually like Saeyoung/Seven and how many of you are just scared to start discourse because he’s the fandoms pet and you’re scared of getting hate for stating your opinion publicly?

“They Can’t See I’m A Witch”glamour jar.

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Because of recent light and the binding ritual most witches are doing Tr*mp supports are getting very violent towards us witches. Going as far as to threaten to kill us so here’s a glamour to protect you but please do not rely on it allow. If you feel in danger contact the police immediately or federal judge.

What you’ll Need

  • A penny
  • A small container that you can carry on you
  • A small amethyst or rose quartz
  • Sea salt
  • Lavender Oil
  • (optional) Cone shell
  • Vodka (if you have it)
  • Bay Leaf
  • Cinnamon
  • Peppermint Leaves
  • A white and lavender candle
  • The ashes of the sigil pictured below

What To Do

  • Take the penny and put it in the container.
  • Put sea salt in then drip some lavender oil on top.
  • Next, take the Bay Leaf and peppermint leaves, crush them, and put them in the jar on top of the wet salt.
  • Burn the sigil (carefully) and put the ashes in now.
  • Take the cinnamon and add a pinch to the jar.
  • Pour a splash of vodka on top of the contents.
  • Seal the jar with the white wax followed by the lavender wax.
  • Chant “They cannot see I am a witch for their hate blinds them from seeing so.”

The cone shell acts as a charger for cone shells are shells of protection so when you need to recharge your glamour place that cone on top or near it. If you do not have a cone shell leave out in moonlight. Be safe out there.

Studies show that 106 percent of people hate their jobs. Now imagine what everyone else thinks of your job. At least you get paid to do your job, the rest of us get nothing, so when you meet up with someone at a party and your conversation turns to work, you better limit yourself to “I collect roadkill for Arby’s” with no further exposition because that’s all anyone needs to know. Sadly, that’s not all everyone shares.

Every gathering has at least one guy who’s so fascinated by the fact he sells molded carbon toilet seats that he needs to tell you the entire production process, from ass-measuring all the way through turd capacity and urine splash physics. This guy never realizes that each word causes your brain to start desperately trying to master pyrokinesis in an effort to either set him or, as a last ditch effort, yourself on fire as a means of escape

Aside from psychic fire, the only thing that ameliorates a terrible work anecdote is ample amounts of Tom Collins. Once your third sheet is to the wind, you could tolerate even the life story of someone who works in middle management at the DMV.

Most People You Can Handle, These 5 People Are Why You Drink


이게아닌데 - TAEYANG cover by HOYA

Sometimes a little bit of worry makes you see things clearer

This is a piece of fluff with just a pinch of angst, that just appeared on my screen when I was trying to do other stuff. I hope you like it :)

Erik is feeling anxious, there are some communication issues and a happy ending. Featuring Dadneto, Charles, Wanda and Azazel

”Why are you so depressed dad? I thought you would finally be happy now that me and Pietro are in college.” These are first words Wanda says to Erik during their weekly Skype session one November morning. It takes a while that the words register, during which Erik notes how mature his little girl looks and how messy her dorm room is.

“Wanda, what happened to your… wait what? I’m not depressed!” Erik says and cringes when Wanda bursts out laughing.

“Dad, I can see it on your face. Something is wrong. What is it? Is there something going on between you and Charles?”

Erik’s shoulders slump in front of Wanda’s stare. He can’t lie to her nor can he lie to himself.

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Too many selfies, don't you think? I understand the self love, which is nice and much needed every once in a while, but this is grotesque.

Grotesque! How heart-warming! Okay but REAL talk, this is kind of my blog and it is not really run to amuse and please the people following it, you know? My blog is for my choices, expressions, ideas and ultimately my face if I decide that I want it on here! So here’s a little thing my grandma told me the other day: there’s two little spirits within you, one is the mean spirit and one is the kind one, and the more you feed one kind of spirit, the more it comes to surface! You have fed the mean spirit so much that it has come to surface, and I am so sorry that has happened :-( you seem to be angry at things that have nothing to do with you, just to come on anon and tell me that my blog is grotesque because of my face all over it :-( go make a smoothie and listen to some Stevie Wonder! It’ll make your life feel sunnier maybe!

Whenever Apollo and Pearls are cleaning the office they have a playlist to dance to
  • Pearls: Mr.Apollo, I thought you didn't like loud music?
  • Apollo: oh, no. This stuff is pretty good! It's Prosecutor Gavin's loud music I hate.
  • Pearls: Oh..
  • Klavier, somewhere in the distance: *crying* S-screw you, Herr Forehead

You’re all going to think I’m exaggerating but just hearing Aaron Tveit singing in any of Les Mis is enough to make me cry. Literal tears have rolled down my face as soon as Enj’s part in One Day More starts, I swear to god I’m that extra. I keep thinking I’m over it but then ABC Cafe plays and I’m crying and I can’t help it

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Fic Title: Darcy's Axe to Grind

“Do not touch the exhibits” was something that Darcy had jokingly printed on one of her t-shirts. Sadly, it was not something that she took to heart. A roatrip through Europe with Thor, Jane and Bruce and a round of truth-or-dare in a museum ended with Darcy touching one really pretty looking battle axe. And with said axe refusing to let go of Darcy.

After a a panicked Darcy, a disappointed Steve and some really angry german Guards Darcy is whisked away to Asgard by an uneasy Thor. It is Lady Sif who finds the solution - Forseti’s Axe has chosen Darcy, and it will not let go until a wrong is righted by her. And, you know, it might not actually be that bad, right? Because truth be told, there are some shenanigans that Darcy would totally like to take care of.

So Darcy sets out to reunite the Avengers.

(Forseti’s Axe is an actual thing in Norse Mythology you guys, totally look it up!)

12x13 Picspam Review (ish)

I could almost immediately tell that I was (unfortunately) going to have to watch this episode again because I kept spacing out. And on the rewatch for this picspam, I continued spacing out. So I dunno how much more I actually caught on the second round.

So. This isn’t up to my usual snuff. It’s also far more negative than I’d like. It’s also much shorter than usual. It’s also got lots of rambling about other shit because I had no attention span.

But there IS Dean’s face. Also, The Face™.

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The One About the Trick-or-Treating Incident

So after accidentally sleeping for three hours in the middle of the afternoon I woke up with the most random childhood memories.

I don’t know what made me remember this, but during the early 90s, I lived on a street full of mostly retired people and one gay couple. My siblings and I were the only children on the street and we were taught to be very polite to our neighbors. You know what that means?
Well on that street it ended up meaning that every Halloween all those retired folk would give the bubblegum and the jolly ranchers and the tootsie rolls to the kids from other streets, but they always had a special bag set aside just for my siblings and I that was like the really good chocolate.

Now, I say the retired folk set aside candy for us. The gay couple across the street probably did too, but I was always too scared to go to their house. See, they went all out with their decorations. It was brilliant in retrospect. But this one time when I was like five, they had this seven foot high animatronic ghost thing by the door – don’t ask me where they got it – and I thought it was just a prop until I got up there and it moved.

I ran screaming back down the driveway and into my own yard. My mom had to go and get my candy. And after that I was convinced that the animatronic ghost was always there in that house, waiting. Didn’t matter that my folks were like “Aw, no honey, they didn’t mean to scare you, it was just pretend!” Or “Sweetie it’s Christmas, they’re not going to have the ghost up, can you take them gingerbread please?”

I knew it was there, and it was going to get me eventually.

Cut to some six years later, when I was eleven and I finally managed to make it to their front door. I can’t remember if I was trick-or-treating or bringing them homemade cinnamon raisin bread (That’s a thing my family does. Cinnamon raisin bread for all the neighbors every Christmas and New Years) but I seem to recall thinking “Huh. They look pretty normal to me. No ghosts anywhere.”

Apparently somehow my five year old brain had decided that they must’ve had that animatronic ghost in the house year round, Nightmare Before Christmas style.

Then I moved to SC and there are a handful of neighbors with even creepier decorations and I still couldn’t trick or treat there because that would mean I’d have to look at them.

In hindsight, the animatronic ghost was probably pretty funny. I wonder what they did with it?