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can you do a post or smtg about minghao and what you think of his place in the group? bc here's the thing, when 1st joined the 17 fandom I thought that minghao was often a little drawn back and that nobody seemed to pay him much attention. in ep 4 (I think) of seventeen project he's chosen last when they did the team for basketball and it made me a little sad. Idk I feel like except for jeonghan, jun and dk, the others don't seem really close to him? I want to know what you think of all this :)

*runs up on stage, grabs mic from fandom* Okay imma let you finish but lemme tell you about my boy Minghao. He deserves so much more love than he gets.

When I first joined the fandom, I absolutely loved Minghao. He’s cute and he’s sweet and he’s hardworking. But as I got deeper and deeper into the fandom, I realized I knew maybe two Minghao stans and that was it. I couldn’t understand why.

I think it’s easy to miss Minghao sometimes. Because he was one of the last that joined (the last?), he doesn’t have many relationships and things are still a little awkward with him sometimes. His bond isn’t as strong as Coups and Woozi, because he hasn’t been around nearly as long. He’s quiet and gentle and behind bright personalities like DK and Hoshi or strong personalities like Woozi and s. Coups or even behind Jun and Wonwoo, the other “quiet” ones, he doesn’t seem to stand out much. But I really think he’s very important to the group.

What you can see from Minghao is three things. The first one I want to talk about is curiosity. I think Minghao is naturally curious about things, and with being in a new place with things he doesn’t know, it’s naturally come more and more to light. In interviews, when he doesn’t understand something, he immediately starts trying to. He looks for people to help explain it to him, and pays 100% attention to their explanations. He wants to know everything he can, including words that are simple like “dragonfly”. 

What also springs from this is the second thing. How hardworking he is. Honestly, I think he’s one of the hardest workers in Seventeen, even if it doesn’t show. He keeps up his bboying practice even when he’s very busy and he works very, very hard at Korean and understanding all he can. In China, he was a dancer. The kind that performances and does competitions. The kind that practices for hours because they like it. Here, he seems quiet and in the background, but he still works himself as much as he can to catch up and be the absolute best he can be. If you think about how long everyone’s trained and how long he’s trained, it’s amazing to see how good he is. Because he works hard.

The last thing I want to bring up about Minghao is kindness. Because Minghao is always watching, listening, and wanting to learn about the things and people around him, he’s always noticing small things that maybe other people don’t. Like when Coups got out of the water and Minghao went over to talk to him, or when in interviews he encourages the fans to take care of themselves and assures them he’s taking very good care of himself so they shouldn’t be burdened. Minghao is very kind. And this has nothing to do with his “cute” image either. People associate kindness and gentleness as a feminine trait, and it makes Minghao look even shier. But in reality, he really is hardworking and tough, but he pays attention to everyone around him and makes sure they’re alright as well.

Specifically in performance unit, I think Minghao is probably, for lack of a better word, the glue. Dino is the passion and Hoshi is the raw ability and Jun is the subtle ace, but Minghao I think is the one that makes sure that they all take breaks, that the actual practice gets done, and that all the energy is channeled in the right places. Dino will offer ideas and Jun is perfectly willing to carry things out, but Minghao will ask Hoshi about the ideas he has. Ask him to expound and ask him to walk through it. This is actually really helpful to Hoshi because it helps him solidify ideas and get new ones, talk through the ideas to see how they actually sound and if they’re at all practical.

So really, Minghao does a lot for the whole of Seventeen as well as his individual unit, and he needs to be appreciated for that. So love my China line child.