don't tell me you didn't have a crush on him

Meeting your family with Exo M
  • In which Exo M finally meets your family, yep, your mom your dad your relatives....everyone! Including your over protective muscular cousins.
  • Kris: /nervously sweats/ babe your cousin's like two of me ...width wise o_o
  • Tao: /looks down at feet/ -- /avoids eye contact with cousins/ ...if they kill me i love you okay
  • Chen: /your cousin pops out of no where when he's walking down the halls of your house/ lol no bish not now /pushes hand away and keeps on walking down the halls/
  • Xiumin: Hi, I'm Xiumin. /cousins bow down to him/ Damn right you're all gonna call me senpai.
  • Lay: (Cousins: "Yeah if you fuck with her you fuck with us, don't hurt her") oh my god do you guys work out oh it's so cool you're so muscular and stuff and what are you talking about? Fucking with her? Are you guys suggesting an orgy becaus- oh...oh he's talking about hurting heart break...oh. Um, well, lol dis is awkward
  • Luhan: /turns to you/ i think your cousin may have a crush on me,...didn't you tell him im a dude?