don't tell me to calm down

My son is autistic and our little rituals together mean SO much to him, so if this hiatus is for real, I know he’s going to wail when I tell him about it.  He loves Legend of Korra, especially this season, and lately he’s been randomly walking around the house saying “LOKIA.  L-O-K-I-A.  That’s an acronym for Legend of Korra is awesome!”  

So yeah, I as an adult, understand why Nick might be doing this, but it still sucks, and it will suck even more if the show is actually cancelled or even *just* put on hold for six months.

Righty-o, story time.

(Even though I doubt you care but I don’t care. Someone might.)
(tl;dr; I’m wondering what’s wrong with liking My Little Pony, because my dad was trying to talk me out of liking it today)

Okay, so I went to dinner with my parents. I ordered some cosplay wigs yesterday, and my dad was asking what cosplays I got them for, since one was blue and one was blonde.
I said that the blue one was for Vinyl Scratch, and that I was going to attach the ears and horn from the inside of the wig.
“Which Homestuck character is that?” my dad asked me (yeah I told him about Homestuck once).
“No dad, it’s My Little Pony. I’m gonna be the DJ,” I replied. I was calm. No hostility in my voice, okay. None.
He sits there for a few minutes, staring at me like I just killed a man right in front of him. Eyes wide with shock, and anger ripping at his face.
“… That’s the fandom with all the bronies, isn’t it? Those pedophiles my age that like My Little Pony? You’d better not let them hit on you, that’s disgusting. It’s even more weird that they LIKE that little girl’s show. Hell, I think it’s weird that YOU like that show.”

Okay whoa. Hold your Ponytas. Just don’t burn yourself.
Let me address something here, before I continue this little back and forth my dad and I were having. Number one; bronies are NOT all pedophiles. “Brony” is a title that is given to anyone that likes My Little Pony, if I’m correct. It doesn’t just refer to people my parent’s age or in their twenties. I’m a brony. My guy friends my age and younger are bronies.
They’re not forty-something or in their twenties, because I’m only sixteen, seventeen in less than two months.
Let me say something else related to fandoms too.
Every fandom can have their group of pedophiles. I’m not saying they do, but there is the potential. There’s the potential for any kind of people in any fandom, don’t single one out. You have to look at ALL of them to do that. And there’s a lot of fandoms.
Secondly, in relation to “not letting them hit on me”, it doesn’t matter! There’s always going to be someone that hits on someone else! They may chat me up because they like my character, or they think I’m pretty or cute or something! It does NOT matter what cosplay I’m in! I got hit on in my Hina cosplay a lot! And in my Spitfire cosplay, too (but I was hit on by people AROUND MY AGE. No one that was a “pedophile”, to use my dad’s terminology, hit on me)!
Hell, I can’t go anywhere NOT in cosplay and not be hit on too! It doesn’t matter if I’m in cosplay or not! Jesus DICK come ON you guys.
And thirdly, for this section, I can like what I want. “Do what makes you happy”, is what I’ve always heard. People want to BE happy, right? Then do the things that MAKE you happy. Don’t bash what I like because YOU think it’s weird. It happens to be very enjoyable to me, and I make friends in the fandom that have been very good to me and I adore talking to and spending time with them.

Okay, back to the conversation, because he brings up other things I want to address.
So he tells me it’s weird, and all that.
I replied with, “I don’t see the problem, dad. Also, ‘brony’ is a term pinned to ALL people that like My Little Pony. I’m a brony. My friends are bronies. I don’t understand where your problem is.”
He continues to argue that “brony” is the term pinned to the “pedophiles” in this fandom. After telling him that he was wrong all eighty times, I finally just looked at him and said, “I could cosplay a Pokémon character and you’d be okay. Why can’t I cosplay a pony?”
He quit talking, and told me to leave the restaurant, so I got my keys and drove home.
But it’s not wrong to like childish things. It’s not wrong to be a brony. It’s not wrong to do whatever makes you happy (within reason, please). It is wrong, however, to tell someone that liking a certain childish thing isn’t okay. Because it is. Do what makes you happy, okay? It’s okay to be a brony. It’s perfectly fine. If anyone tells you otherwise, please, bring this up. Or if it bothers you, please come talk to me. I’d love to help, if some ignorant prick is telling you that it’s not okay. Or give me your address. I’ll come kick them in the face for you.

But yeah. I’m sorry for the rant, I was just really angry about this and thought it should be addressed.

So.  In Throwdown, Quinn tells Sue that the rest of the Cheerleaders aren’t on the field because they can’t be on the team because “they’re not academically eligible. Mr. Schuester flunked them.” (Mind you Brittany was NOT one of the failing cheerios.)

The fucking POINT is that those girls were in jeopardy of failing ONE class and were kicked off the team immediately.  If Brittany were failing anything she would no longer be wearing that uniform.

Don’t just fucking throw it away and make it a joke.