don't tell me that show isn't gay

  • What you say: "Ship Johnlock if you want, but don't interpret the show your way just because you want your ship to be canon. Don't make the show something it isn't just because you want it to be gay."
  • What you're really saying: "I don't care if you like the idea of Johnlock, but ship it far from me and as quietly as possible. Go ahead and play pretend, but if you actually believe you're going to see people like yourself on television you can just stop right there. That is absolutely ridiculous. You better stop treating this show as if it's gay because it isn't. Your interpretation and vocalization is such a threat to me, I must tell you how awful you are. You being excited, thinking you're actually going to see yourself on television is laughable and downright wrong. You're delusional. Stop interpreting the characters as if they have anything in common with you. No one is like you."