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Tolkien characters as memes
  • Me, an intellectual: Gandalf, Elrond
  • She is beauty, she is grace, she will punch you in the face: Éowyn, Lúthien, Legolas (let's be honest xd)
  • The dress: Galadriel (is she blue and black or is she white and gold?)
  • I came out to have a good time and honestly I'm feeling so attacked right now: Bilbo, Déagol (ha. ha.), Túrin (ha. ha. ha.)
  • *shoving breadsticks into the purse*: Turgon
  • okay... that sounds fake but okay...: Thranduil, Manwë
  • perfect men don't exis-: Aragorn, Éomer, Faramir, literally hALF OF THE CHARACTERS HAVE YOU READ LOTR
  • don't talk to me or my son ever again: um, Fëanor??? and like, all Fëanorians and their sons and the sons of their sons what even is this family???

Antoine Griezmann to GolTV after the match

+ I’m here a bit forced to come, to be honest I don’t want to answer to any question but I have to do it. Football now is like… I don’t care about the result or about how we played, I care about Fernando’s health.

- Sometimes football is irrelevant and this one seems like one of them.
+ Yes, as I said before, I don’t care about the result. You can ask me a thousand questions about the match that I will answer unwillingly. Now let’s see what happens with Fernando, I hope he’s ok and that’s all. I hope he comes back with us soon.

- How was the locker room right now?
+ In silence, nobody wanted to talk. Some were in the shower, others with their heads low for what happened but not for the result.

Reader problems
  • Me analyzing a school book: the mood is sad and there's like some character development I guess in this chapter like line 81

Addicted appreciation week: day one x favorite character

The alien scenario sounds more like a Lily Calloway theory. I understand what Connor is implying. “You think she knows Jonathan’s her fucking father?”
    Lily suddenly appears from the stairs with a big bowl of popcorn, unable to see my clothing from her vantage point. “Are you guys making a Hale family Star Wars alternate universe?” She lowers her voice, mimicking Darth Vader, “Willow, I am your father.”
                                                                 No one laughs.
A popcorn kernel falls out of Lily’s mouth. “Waaaait…this wasn’t a joke?”

I think the biggest issue I have with people vehemently against Ron and Hermione ending up together is that it almost invariably hinges on an unfair bias against Ron. You hear that Ron’s too stupid for her, too immature for her, too abusive for her, too insignificant for her, too cowardly for her, etc etc. Isn’t it weird how you don’t hear it the other way around? Like, you never hear that Hermione was too stuck-up, that she was too petty; that she was too much of a control-freak, or that she could never admit to being wrong. Arguments against the pairing generally hinge on denying Ron Weasley’s merits, and Ron Weasley deserves better than that.

Imagine Dino getting so excited about his first date with you that the other members had to help calm him down.

i don't so small talk.

at all, with anyone.
It seems so trivial, superficial, & a complete waste of precious time.
I don’t care if you’re a complete stranger and I JUST met you. Tell me your hopes & dreams, what motivates you, what keeps you up at night, what insecurities infect your mind, tell me about your beliefs, who you are (who you think you are) not what other people think you are, tell me your most prized memory, your favorite place, major events in your life, tell me of your love, your pain, what makes you tick, tell me your secrets what holds cobwebs in the depths of your mind, tell me what you want from life, your plan, tell me if you think aliens exist or mythical creatures, talk to me about nature, tell me your entire life story, tell me about your strengths & weaknesses & why they are those things, tell me about your childhood, tell me what you keep to yourself, tell me the things you like about yourself & then think and tell me the things you don’t like and then tell me why, tell me what it’s like to live a day in your life, how you think, how you feel, tell me your worst tragedy and your highest success. Tell me you’re lost, you don’t know what the fuck you’re doing in life or he’ll tell me if you do know if you have it all planned. Tell me the lessons you’ve learned so far and how you learned them. Tell me what your morales and principals are, how you grew up., who your best friend is, about your fist love, or current, tell me about the people who aren’t in your life anymore that you miss. Your core values. What you want to change in yourself and in the world. Tell me what you’re truly passionate about so I can see it light up your eyes. Tell me you’ve bent the rules, broken them, tell me you’ve never done anything bad in your life. Tell me you need someone. Tell me little things that make you laugh or smile. Tell me about your role model and why. Tell me your views on the world and people and yourself. Tell me all the things you haven’t even tried to tell yourself, and or just tell me about the stars, science, math. Your religious beliefs. Your obstacles in life, your hard ship. Tell me if you have thoughts of harming yourself, tell me you think you’re crazy, tell me everything that’s eating away at you. (I promise you, you’re not that crazy at all, I’m down right insane, we are all a little nutty.) Tell me your character, how you think people would describe you or explain you to someone else.
Tell me everything.
Tell me anything.

Just don’t tell me hey. (Well if you must start with that I suppose I’ll accept that.)
Tell me whatever you want
as simply or as crazy as you’d like.
Ask me anything you’d like to know,
I’ll talk to you about anything.

  • Maggie: Jesus, do you like Daryl? You seem to stare at him a lot and open up to him quite a bit.
  • Jesus: Excuse me? How dare you.
  • Jesus: I am shocked that you would ask such atrocious things.
  • Jesus: I could never. He is one of my best friends.
  • Jesus: Like how could you even think such things?
  • Jesus: I mean yeah, he's really cute and he brings out the best in me but how dare you accuse me of having incredibly strong feelings for Daryl which I obviously don't have.
  • Jesus: Yes, I can open up to him and he doesn't judge me which is a relief but HOW dare you ask me such a ridiculous thing.
  • Jesus: He does make my days brighter just by looking at me but I am appalled that you assume such things.
  • Jesus: I'm going to go talk to Daryl about this accusation. *storms off*
  • Maggie, to herself: I knew it. He totally likes Daryl.
Dear “KuroMahi is pedo” faction

I’m not gonna pick a fight with you. I’m not even gonna talk to you long since I know you have no time to waste on opinions that aren’t yours, but allow me to steal one or two of your precious minutes for a short list on why you might wanna take a chill pill.


(Source: Merriam-Webster) Note: “a prepubescent child.” Mahiru is past that age. Calling Sloth Pair pedo would be a misattribution of that word.

2. “But Kuro is centuries old!” Yeah, and in Servamp the vampires’ mental and physical ages match. See: Subclass kids, Hugh etc. You wouldn’t ship any of them with teen/adult human characters even though they’re way older.

3. “But Kuro looks 18 and Mahiru is only 15!” Mahiru is 16 for the main part of the story, making it a physical age difference of a little over two years. I had age differences like that with some of my classmates in high school. Read: my peers.

4. Not everyone under 18 is automatically a naïve innocent angel and you don’t turn into an evil predator with your 18th birthday. 2-3 year age differences between couples are normal at that age. Kuro might not be really 18, but it’d still be natural for him to be attracted to someone who looks about the same age as he does.

5. “But the power imbalance! Kuro will take advantage of Mahiru!” Have you seen Kuro? As in, seen how he acts? I couldn’t think of anything more OOC.

6. Shipping Sloth Pair ≠ sexualizing Mahiru or the fact that he’s younger. For most people it’s about the emotional bond.

7. “It still seems creepy to me…” And that’s okie dokie! You don’t have to like the pairing or approve of it. You can question our standards all you want. But don’t think you’re a better person just because you call people out on having a higher tolerance for age differences than you do. The world isn’t black and white.

Sincerely, a disgusting and horrible person.


I like doing my scenes with you the most. Do ya? I like doing my scenes with you the most!

Happy New Year, @honeylavendertea!  🌠

unpopular headcanon:

despite all of Baze’s complaining and all of Chirrut’s moxie, Chirrut only initiates about 50% of their adventures.

  • it’s very common to see Chirrut dragging Baze around by the belt because he’s calculated an exciting new way to hurt the imperial base or discovered a distressed citizen in need of guidance.
  • it’s equally common to see Baze dragging Chirrut along by the hand because he can sense a really big weapon or someone in need of an adoptive dad.

even when Baze is 100% responsible for the day’s events, he’ll still shake his head afterwards and say ‘why do i let you talk me into these things’. when they were younger Chirrut used to get indignant about this, but now he finds it adorable.


yeah, i mean i think the sky’s the limit for us as a young group here. i think we all grew a lot here on the ice. you know, we became really close as a group too, and it’s good to have one another. it can be tough as a young guy if you don’t have other young guys to kinda hang out with or just talk about things with. and throughout the year we were luckily able to have that supporting cast with each other.   ——   jackob chychrun on his rookie season and his rookie teammates on the arizona coyotes.

anonymous asked:

We talked a while agoooo but you probably don't remember me but still I'M HERE FOR my one and only OTP AKA JIKOOK ... lol DO YOU HAVE ANY FIC RECOMMENDATIONS??? 💕Ily

Anonymous said: What are you favorite jikook fanfic? Im trying to find a good one 😭

I’m probably not the best person to be asking this cause I haven’t really been reading jikook fics lately :/ nothing has rly piqued my interest so this little list is going to be lame sorry 😖

How an Aerial Cartwheel Can Change Everything by whenIseeUsmile

A world for two by Huilen

once upon a timeshare by namakemono

formal absences of precious things by pettey

What the Fans Want by Shealezz

you’re ripped at every edge (but you’re a masterpiece) by kafeuka 

Thirst by pinkmonnie

The Bet by jonghyunslisterine

Four Words After Sex by jonghyunslisterine

why I like your sign (use rising too)
  • <p> <b>Aries:</b> You are fun to be around. Though, sometimes you get mad at me and say rude things and I don't like that. Though, you are one of the most fun/adventurous kind of people i know (besides sag) I would want to be best friends with you. (p.s. you're hot af)<p/><b>Taurus:</b> You are one of the funniest people I know. You aren't afraid to be made fun of or make fun of other people. You are a refreshing person to be around, and you don't pressure me to be someone else. I love you guys.<p/><b>Gemini:</b> You guys talk a lot, but it's always so fun to listen to. Whether you're ranting, babbling, or just having a plain conversation, you never cease to entertain me. You always say something hilarious and make me laugh constantly. You have the best people skills out of all the signs and I love you to death. You're so precious and make a wonderful friend.<p/><b>Cancer:</b> You are literally too sweet. People say you guys cry all the time, but you are just a little sensitive, and there's nothing wrong with that. You have a tendency to bounce back--which is great. You are never hung up on anything for too long (contrary to popular belief a.k.a. from my experience with you.) In certain cancers, I've noticed you don't get hurt super easily, but when something hits you, it hits you hard.<p/><b>Leo:</b> You guys are jokers and I love to be around you. You don't take things too seriously. I can make fun of you, and you won't care; you'll just make fun of me back. You're a quality friend and great company.<p/><b>Virgo:</b> You are so great to talk to. The way you see the world is perfect. You are a mix of philosophy, logic, and fun. You are trustworthy and (in my opinion) never judegmental (at least not out loud.) Sometimes you get a little bored of everything, but you just make a really bad joke to liven it up a little.<p/><b>Libra:</b> You all are kind of quiet. You want to fit in, but remember it's okay to be a little awkward and weird. Some other Libras are just loud and don't care who they are--which is one of many great traits of your sign. You get along with almost everyone. (except for those who like to tip the scale with drama.) You have such a beautiful view of life and you can see the good in everyone.<p/><b>Scorpio:</b> I like that you can get a little crazy. You are an attractive person inside and out. You have this thing about you that no matter how hard they try, no one can hate you. They can say they hate you, but they don't truly hate you. At first, you act all sweet and nice, but then when someone gets to know you, there's a whole other side to you (which is super fun to get to know.)<p/><b>Sagittarius:</b> You make the best puns. People are always saying you don't care, and it's definitely true! You are opinionated and blunt. You share your opinions in a matter that everyone can accept. Though, sometimes you are too blunt for your own good. You like to cover your bluntness with a joke, and sometimes it doesn't work. You don't take shit from anyone and that's great. You are one of the funniest signs and I love to be around you.<p/><b>Capricorn:</b> You are so smart, but so down-to-earth. You teach me new things without making me feel stupid. You are always there for me when I need you, and you're sometimes the most awkward person ever, but it's hilarious. You don't get enough credit as a person.<p/><b>Aquarius:</b> You have good intentions, but they don't always pull through. Not a lot hurts you, which can be good and bad. Well, it seems like not a lot hurts you. It's fun to mess around with you, because you take it so well. You like to fight fire with fire and if someone does get to you, you won't take it. You'll fight back and protect yourself. The way you present yourself is attractive and your personality is magnetic. I like you a lot. (you're hot af too)<p/><b>Pisces:</b> You're so kind. You seem to always have your head in the clouds and you seem to always be looking at tomorrow. Though it is fun to dream with you, try to live in the present a little. You are so in touch with your emotions and other people's emotions as well. You seem to be able to connect with everyone on a personal level. You can comfort anyone and do it well. You are a great friend, especially in a personal crisis.<p/></p>