don't talk to me this was precious

I think the biggest issue I have with people vehemently against Ron and Hermione ending up together is that it almost invariably hinges on an unfair bias against Ron. You hear that Ron’s too stupid for her, too immature for her, too abusive for her, too insignificant for her, too cowardly for her, etc etc. Isn’t it weird how you don’t hear it the other way around? Like, you never hear that Hermione was too stuck-up, that she was too petty; that she was too much of a control-freak, or that she could never admit to being wrong. Arguments against the pairing generally hinge on denying Ron Weasley’s merits, and Ron Weasley deserves better than that.


I like doing my scenes with you the most. Do ya? I like doing my scenes with you the most!

Happy New Year, @honeylavendertea!  🌠


☆ Kuroo Tetsurou || Haikyuu!! Season 2
Happy Birthday to my precious dumbass @kurooa! ♡

do you ever just see a ship on your dash and you’re like huh never though of them together like that but then fast forward 10 hours and it’s 4 am and you’re loudly sobbing over fics about them and then bam they’re also suddenly your phone wallpaper like ????? how does this happen exactly science side of tumblr please explain

My Reaction to Matthew’s Epilogue


Just happy tears.

Tears of pure joy from playing this epilogue.

I just-

I love this precious goofball so much.

Thank you Michaela

Thank you Ethan


This cutie is literally the most precious thing! I’ve been subscribed for almost 3 or 4 years now and I can’t get over the fact that he literally risks his life for other people in video games. And his stupid fucking voice has me tripping up and blushing whenever he uses THAT tone.

You know what I’m fucking talking about! When he says something completely innocent but it sounds so dirty in his voice! I’m left wondering how in God’s green Earth can someone so dorky and adorable sound so fucking sexy in 0.01 seconds?

Not to mention he’s so thoughtful, when he’s streaming if chat is in a dark place then he’ll stop and talk about his struggles and encourage others to get help and gets the people to find suicide hotlines for anyone that needs them.

I just think not enough people appreciate Ohm. I love him with my whole heart and I’m honestly glad the bbs fandom sort of unanimously added Ohm to this fandom. He’s the biggest sweetheart on this entire planet. ❤

    T H E unit gives a hushed beeping as he seems to be
on something entirely. O N his gun-arm there
    lies a half-finished flower crown, in his other is a freshly-
flower that he is trying to lace into the other

Real talk

Okay, imagine the bafamily with accents. 

Like, Bruce is pretty much flawless but even he has broad a's 

And Dick has a little bit more of an accent, but it’s tripped with multiple others because of his days at the circus. Like, he rounds his r’s and and sometimes messes up ch for the k sound and lots of other stuff.

Jason is full blown Gotham New Jersey accent. But even he has a Crime Alley accent, which is somewhat Gaelic sounding.

Tim, precious child, isn’t SUPPOSED to have an accent but due to his childhood romping lays it on THICK. It’s even a little nasally for certain words, because that’s how he heard them. 

Barbara pretends not to have one but she does. She does. It’s there and it’s powerful when she’s angry. 

Stephanie just. Just is unashamedly a Gotham girl. She has a similar sound to Jason’s, but it’s broader and and her intonation goes from flat to shrieky in 2 seconds flat.

Cassandra is pretty accent free, but little bits and pieces sneak in and it’s ADORABLE.

Damian, actually, speaks in a near British accent with Middle Eastern undertones. But he’s starting to sound like his dad, and when he’s not paying attention he follows Bruce’s voice pattern and intonation like the TINY BABY HE IS. 

rey things (◕◡◕✿)

because she’s my precious ball of light and smiles

  • rey learning the basics of gardening!!!
  • rey building a makeshift greenhouse in the falcon
  • rey spending so much time caring for her new plants, that she even talks to them and sometimes fall asleep with her hands still buried in soil
  • rey blushing always because she simply hasn’t seen so many cute girls all in one place before
  • rey looking after little ones who wander up to her asking if she’s “the rey” to which she whispers “yes i am, but tell me about you!”
  • rey dragging miscellaneous creatures home until she’s practically running a petting zoo out of the falcon
  • rey trying to put her hair up how leia does because she wants to be fancy too 
  • rey continuing to ignore the existence of forks because everything is and always will be finger food to her
  • rey giving poe little braids in his hair and being delighted to find them still there the next day
  • rey feeding all the terrible food that finn cooks (because he thinks he’s a chef after successfully frying an egg) to the said creatures
  • rey hanging in the x wing hanger pillaging for parts to help fix poe’s (frequently) damaged x wing
  • rey going for jogs in the morning, finn and poe occasionally joining her when they’re not comatose and dead to the world
  • rey sleeping under a mound of blankets because she finally is allowed to indulge herself and she can finally find peace enough to rest her precious head
  • rey sitting outside with leia, as she teaches her all the new stars in the sky

just a little reminder and gift for @naonychan

i love you

we all do

((haha i sooo wanted to draw your ocs but idk if i drew them correctly ;;; i couldn’t do everyone buuuut.. yah. i love EVERY LITTLE ONE OF THEM. precious bbies-))

So months before fates was announced/released I had my heart set on Jakob ((initially)) I was like ye he seems interesting and a cutie. Then, I sat down looked at Marx for a good minute and said “…mmm okay yeah I change my mind.” BUT as I’m playing the game and looking at both characters and support convos I’m having a uh…hard time choosing.

((ps yes this is my kamui, Erina, buuut since it’s a shits and giggles thing I didn’t put her name up there because I was fooling around with it today , plus it was also a test on doing the text generator thingy))

Apropos of general rebellion talk, one of my headcanons for the Inevitable Pearl Uprising goes a bit like this:

Yellow Pearl: [accidentally kickstarts long-brewing social movement while trying to impress her blue girlfriend, Homeworld’s #1 Renegade Fan]

Pearl: …honestly this is very #relatable. Let me help you out.

Blue Pearl: [the tiniest and most precious of smiles]



Let me present you these to babies, @camilleflyingrotten​ babies, my babies, our babies, they’re beautiful, they’re precious, we love them a lot, please don’t hurt them or we’ll fight you, we just. DAH

Serge Garcia, 42, litterature teacher. He is a huge nerd about his job, especially theater. What he likes to do is to impress the students by talking in the most poetic and charming way, but he has no manner whatsoever in private and swears every 5 words. He’s insecure. It makes him feel stronger.

John Bon, 20, is one of his students. He is brillant and very promising, but he keeps skipping classes every now and then. He’s bipolar. Sometimes, in the middle of a lecture, he will fall into his lethargic state, as he calls it. Serge is worried about him.

One day, after class, Serge offers him a ride home.

in today’s the malec kiss™ appreciation: most of the videos and gifs don’t show this part of the kiss but it’s so precious to me. look at magnus. it seems like he smells alec and maybe his perfume. he takes all in. he is in awe of alec. and alec is so relieved and can’t believe himself for kissing magnus. he just showed everyone his true self. he finally accepted himself. that’s amazing. the whole kiss is beyond compare but this part is also quite delicious.