don't talk to me on a plane


get to know me[2/?] actors: kit harington

Put me on a plane and I’ll cry at anything. I’ll cry at The Avengers for fuck’s sake. It’s something about altitude makes me weepy.

So hurrah! Three years on and it’s easier to walk up the stairs, fit into a plane seat and find clothes that don’t have to be adjusted by my mum! I have by no means a perfect body but it is, thankfully, somewhat healthier and fitter. It was a tough realisation in which I essentially had to change my priorities completely and it left me with a lot of confusion about myself… what I like doing, ideas for future plans etc BUT looking at this now I can tell you it’s been worth every
“no thank you” and bead of sweat, and it will never stop being
a challenge and that’s okay. 

So make 2017 all that you want it to be, for the sake of your health, both mental and physical. Don’t feel guilty about taking time on yourself; self care is important. And celebrate every victory great or small!

Still here, still living. Life is good.


Stanley: “Good riddance! Hope I never meet that person!”

“Not even in my dreams! -Bastard demon comes to me and calls them-self a ‘Dreamweaver’I’m the best Dreamweaver known in the Astral Plane!!

“Well, I’m actually a Dreamwalker… Since I can manipulate other people’s dreams and even conjure them.. Pretty much the same thing..”

“Ahem.. Anyway, onto the game now! No interruptions this time!”


~*Got a Question?*~

i actually really like drawing at 3am its all dark and calm and quiet and solitary so you can really get into the emotional aspect and its cold so i have my snuggly blanket around me and my music 10/10 would recommend

I’m starting to understand how the universe talks