don't talk to me i can't draw

Hanamaki wearing a seijou colored skirt, wearing Oikawa’s captain jersey, Matsukawa’s jacket, and Iwaizumi’s beanie is an image in my head that, if I could draw, I would draw it.

Indefinite hiatus


So I heard people talk about a gem au and decided to pick out my gems for the Paladins. I’m still developing my version of this au so bare with me. I honestly wouldn’t mind people using these gems as long as they can give me some kind of credit, and because I highlighted some info of the gems that reminded me each Paladin, I don’t want others to steal my ideas for the reason why I chose their gems and claim it as there’s. Please, I really put a lot of research into the gems and I don’t want someone to just straight up take them. But if you use the highlighted stuff for reference then that’s fine by me. So in the meantime, I will be working on the au and upload future posts of each gem, why I chose their specific gems, their relationships with each other, their enemies, other characters, and fusions.

You are not entitled to fanfic updates

I don’t want to see anyone bitching that @zenwisterias / @taylordraws  hasn’t posted the next chapter of Heartstrings yet.

The story was originally going to stop at chapter 8 when we were talking about the plot, and because of jerks who were hassling her for how popular the story was (which was stressing her out) - she was gunna wrap it up and you wouldn’t have had anymore.

She decided to write more FOR FUN and because her nice fans were so awesome. Any chapter you get from chapter 9 on is a favor she’s doing you, not something you are owed.  Taylor’s REAL LIFE remains more important. She has a job now that she desperately needed and needs to keep, and she has commissions and original stories and other things she wants to work on. What YOU want her to work on does not matter unless she asks for your preference. 

DO NOT message an author/artist with rude “encouragement” to work on the story you like - it makes you an asshat and it REDUCES motivation to do the thing because who wants to make assholes happy? Fuck off and wait. There are plenty of other fanfics to read in the meantime. 

You want to ENCOURAGE an author to work on a story? Send them messages about how much you liked it, your favorite bit, or draw fan art of the story. But know that doing one of those things does not ENTITLE you to it. They could never update it again and you would not have been wronged, because it is a free thing that they are GIVING to you.

Same goes for @miraculer / @caprette and her fic Boutique, which she has clearly said she has lost motivation for and will probably not be continuing. Sometimes that happens. Deal. You aren’t entitled to shit. If you want new content that badly GO WRITE OR DRAW SOME. If you can’t do that, sit the fuck down and be patient.

kinda wanna watch 5 straight hours of sailor moon

do you ever just think about all the people you’ve talked to who have said they’d never be able to do art, but if they learned and practiced and worked at that they could have an awesome diverse art style?

or beginner artists that are just learning?  they get themselves down because they think their art is bad.  but if they practiced??? it could be so great??

practice. it’s worth it.  i promise you will get there.  you could have a great art style.