don't talk to me don't touch me


ben wyatt in every episode: 3x02 Flu Season
“Leslie, I promise you I won’t half-ass this, okay? Now get some rest.“

I feel so sick.
So disgusted.
So disgusting.
I feel depressed.
I feel anxious.
I feel self conscious.
I feel stupid.
I feel boring.
I feel not good enough.
I feel alone.
And the one that should make me feel the opposite is the one causing this. And I can’t even get myself to talk to him about it because I’m pretty sure it’s partly my own fault.
Everything feels so fucked up.

Something about me makes you upset.
I don’t know if it’s that we don’t talk anymore or if it’s because you forgot what it was like to touch me, or if it’s because you think I’m the worst human being on the planet. I just don’t know. In the corner of my eye, I saw you looking at me intensely. I tried to speak but you looked at me like I had just punched you in the stomach. Maybe that’s just how you feel when I talk to you. I don’t know if you’re lying to yourself. I don’t know if you wish I would come back… However, I do know that when you look away I look at you too sometimes. I just like to remember how things were. Maybe you do too. I don’t know if you hate me now or maybe you just hate that I don’t reach out anymore. I don’t know what we are or where we are going. I know that you’re not over us though. If you were, you wouldn’t cringe whenever I’m around and they say her name. You’re absolutely pathetic. However, I’m not really one to talk.
—  I don’t know but I think you’re full of shit

Today I burned incense. And I’ve known, that your touch is made of smoke.

[ Please, don’t remove this caption.]

person : jongin stares at everyone like that. not only kyungsoo. nothing special between them. 

/echoing/ nothing special between them /echoing/

me : 


excuse me

i mean, yeah

there is absolutely nothing special between them


nah son this is just 2 friends took selca together


their cheeks were touching, but god of course no, absolutely nothing between them ! this is just “how friends take selca”. nothing special between them. nothing. 


nu uh, there is nothing between them. just hyung and dongsaeng. no, not boyfriends hubby and waifu


just caressing a friend’s neck, 


friends–dongsaeng and hyung, nothing more

more touching, still nothing special between them tho.

no jongin did not just smirk. jongin did not enjoy this more than a dongsaeng should. 

nope. this is not “when bae fixing my scarf moment”. not at all. 




yep, jongin just wanted to feel how soft his hyung-but-nothing-more-than-friend’s lips


just friend giving semi-strip-tease-dance. totally platonic.


nope. still platonic.


he did not checking his hyung’s little butts at the mirror. no-pe.

still not checking his ass.


this is how 2 people who have nothing going on between them and purely in very platonic-friend-relationship should whisper to each other

jongin’s nose definitely didn’t touch kyungsoo’s earlobe, what are we witnessing here right now is just a cute relationship antics between hyung and dongsaeng.


yeah i also sometimes want to bite and nibble my friends’ neck when i whispering to them in public. we all do this to our friends right? 


naahhh they did not almost kiss when jongin turned around chanyeol was indeed being creepy tho


no kyungsoo’s lips didn’t touch jongin’s ears.


yupp, jongin always stares at people–at anyone–at all members like that , not exclusively only to kyungsoo, nope, not at all. yes yixing was the one who held the mic and did the talking here and kyungsoo’s little mumble apparently was more important to jongin here but of course it proves nothing. 

we are just a bunch of crazy people who believe in fairy tale a lil bit too much.


“jongin is often get caught staring at kyungsoo like that in interviews bc kyungsoo is talking. he stares at any other members like that too bc he wants them to feel that they’re being heard and not being ignored. he treats kyungsoo the same like he treats other member" 

they weren’t at the interview and soo bb wasn’t talking and jongin still stared at him


how about this?

kyungsoo’s mouth didn’t move in this gif

so did in this one

his mouth moved but it was bc he was eating?


yeah soo was talking in this gif but why jongin eyeing him like a piece of candy?

yeah, just normal-platonic stares between "friends”.


“jongin treats exo members the same like he does to kyungsoo.”

um yeah, i can see it very clearly.


“they are just doing fanservice”

-during rehearsal- 


-in airport [russia]-


-inside a building with no fans around-

look at kyungsoo’s hand caressing jongin’s arm









how can he be jealous if there’s nothing between them. not even a slight attraction. yeah they’re dating might seem a lil bit impossible and just a fantasy for delulu shippers like me  bc scandal is a big no no in idol’s world but how about attraction towards each other? is it possible…?

…. NO WAY ! oppas ain’t gay ! every idols are condemned to be straight as poles in the strip clubs in this earth. there is no gay people–let alone gay idols in south korea. hell nawww. 

they must had planned this whole jealousy thingy thoroughly before, jongin’s acting skill is really gooooood for faking his jealousy tho! omo it looooks so reaaaall. SO. FCKIN. REAL.



/soo removes chen’s hand/


/jongin latches his hand on soo’s thigh/


/looks at jongdae with a smug face; my waifu only wants me/

but hey, this is just platonic. i also rub my friends thigh especially during ceremonial award. who doesn’t do this? i mean come on

/oops! they did it again/


this is not a “manhandling my waifu” moment


not. gay. at. all


kyungsoo and sojin have almost-similar-outfits-look-like-couple-outfits and everybody loses their minds

jongin and kyungsoo have the exact-matching-outfits, often caught staring at each others, talking/whispering too close like they wanna eat each other faces or almost licking each other earlobes still people say

“omg kaisoo shippers are cray cray why you guys ship them so hard? you’re gonna get hurt later, they are clearly just friends in the most platonic way. you guys are disgusting why you ship them like that ew i only ship them like brothers not romantic way, i hate shipping ppl in that way, it’s disgusting eww”


i am not forcing you to ship them too, idgaf about that. you can ship or don’t ship anyone you want go ahead

it’s just you non-shippers loovvveeeee~ to burst our-shippers-bubble-of-happiness. 

just why? can’t i ship happily here? can’t you let us ship whoever we want? if you don’t like the pairing don’t bother look at them let alone trashing them + their shippers







how can you still expect us not to ship them? JUST. HOW.

-end- i am sorry for not feeling sorry for this long post.

Ok I’m a little bit tired of that joke of Carlos only develop in the movie was going from fearing dog to love the living shit of them, which is very much true BUT have you forgot the scene when he stands up against his mother? the woman who he is literally too afraid of that he would do anything she demands him to do? Are we forgetting that he fucking sTOPPED MAL WHEN SHE WAS ABOUT TO CAST A SPELL ON HER MOTHER, MALEFICENT, MISTRESS OF THE EVIL AND ALL THAT? are we forgetting that at the beginning of the movie he would HIDE behind anyone whenever Maleficent would approach to him at least slightly?

And what do we have at the end of the movie? a more confident Carlos, who stands up for his friends even if he is scare, a Carlos who, yes, he might still have his traumas and paranoias, but that now thank to his friends have the strength that he needed to overcome those demons (Cruella, Maleficent, his fear of dogs) so yeah, don’t tell me that he didn’t get a development just because it wasn’t as noticeable as the rest of the characters.