don't talk to me don't touch me

one time hunk called keith ‘sasuke’ as a joke and keith was like “….who’s sasuke.” and hunk was like “y'know, the naruto character.” keith went “what’s naruto” and hunk was like “??? it’s an anime i love dude you have to watch it it’s great you should watch it” and he went on to describe how great it was, and he was so excited the entire time he was telling keith to watch it and he was so cute

so keith did. all at once. everyone kept telling him “keith… keith u should sleep” but he didn’t. his eyebags had eyebags and he was like “no… hunk loves this… i’m watching it” and he is Fighting to stay awake so he can watch this thing hunk loves and when he finally finishes he goes to hunk and says “sasuke’s pretty cool” and then he Passes the h*ck out but it’s ok cos hunk caught him before he could hurt himself too bad and when he finally wakes up hunk lectures him on the importance of going the gosh darn h*ck to sleep and actually taking care of himself


Oh, whatever you do
Don’t come b a c k for me (x)

it’s 3AM and hunk and keith are sharing a bed

hunk: starts giggling

keith: what’s so funny darlin’

hunk: it’s fucking… walt disney. walt disney was a furry. he was a fucking furry, keith, oh my god. walt disney was a furry.

keith: holy shit.

now they’re both laughing. they’re losing it. everything is good in the world.



Super Angsty Starters
  • "You...did this?"
  • "I can't believe you."
  • "You can hate me, you can dislike me but how can you cheat on me?"
  • "I'm dying..."
  • "She/He still loves you."
  • "I just want to go home..."
  • "You left me..."
  • "I can't forgive you for this anymore."
  • "I'm saying goodbye."
  • "I'm not good enough for you."
  • "This is goodbye."
  • "Was this just a game to you?"
  • "You merely played me like a fool."
  • "Goodbye."
  • "You're pathetic."
  • "Get out of my sight."
  • "You're nothing but a toy in a game of life."
  • "You used me?"
  • "You're so easy to manipulate."
  • "I never loved you."
  • "Don't give me that look."
  • "I can't stand you."
  • " almost lover."
  • "I would have loved you."
  • "Everything fell apart and I can't pick up the pieces anymore."
  • "I think this is where I should say goodbye."
  • "We never had it all."
  • "...Everything hurts."
  • "Go away!"
  • "I don't want to see you anymore!"
  • "Let me go."
  • "To think I almost loved you."
  • "You cheated..?"
  • "You love someone else other than me anyway."
  • "Why do you even bother with me anymore?"
  • "I'm not worth your time."
  • "Get out of here."
  • "Get away from me!"
  • "Don't touch me every again!"
  • "I hate you."
  • "Don't leave me."
  • "Please, I'll do anything!"
  • "Don't go..."
  • "We can talk about this!"
  • "I can't loose you again."
  • "Don't you have more important things to attend to?"

I just imagine,,,Keith slowly falling for hunk because the more he gets to know him, the more he sees how brave and selfless and kind, but also headstrong and sassy and confident in his judgment that Hunk is

Meanwhile Hunk has listened to Lance rant about Keith from the beginning of their “rivalry”, but he always kinda liked Keith because he seemed cool, and anyone who could get his best friend so riled up seems worthy of his attention, so as Hunk gets to know Keith more he realizes that while Keith is pretty cool, and that he’s also a little lost sometimes and he needs his friends to help guide him and show him what a family is like and that he’s not alone anymore, he has people to love and support him. And Hunk realizes he never wants Keith to be alone??? And that he wants him to know that he’s loved and appreciated???

At first Keith is wary because he sees how close Hunk is with Lance and he’s worried that maybe they’re involved, but Pidge assures him that they’re best friends and Keith doesn’t have anything to worry about. And of course when Lance catches wind of Hunk’s crush on Keith, at first he’s mildly offended but he decides to extend an olive branch for the sake of his best friend. So he eases up on Keith and they become bros and suddenly Lance is on a mission to ensure his friend’s happiness. Sometimes he’ll just randomly point things out, like “Hey Keith have you ever noticed how strong Hunk is, yeah he’s super buff who wouldn’t want a piece of that” and both of them are blushing furiously while Hunk tries frantically to get his best friend to please stop.

Eventually Hunk and Keith get around to talking about their feelings for each other, on the way back from a mission together. Keith is suddenly like “I get really worried when you go out on missions without me” because he’s not sure how to vocalize his thoughts and feelings. And it takes a minute for Hunk to understand what Keith is trying to say, but when he does he blushes a little bit but tells him that sometimes he’s worried too!! But that he trusts Keith and everyone else on the team to have each other’s backs, and he tells Keith that he’ll always have his back, no matter what, and Keith smiles so big because he knows what that means!!! And Keith says he feels safe with Hunk too, and he finally gets the words out, “I like you!”, just to be safe, and Hunk is so happy because this wonderful boy likes him back??? And they hold hands when they get back from the mission and Lance starts clapping as they walk out of the hangar together and everyone is cheering for them as they hold hands and smile at each other and it’s just *clenches fist* so good


in peace, may you leave this shore. in love, may you find the next.

Smutty Starter Sentences pt. 2
  • I want you to count out every strike while I spank you
  • Go on, lick my cum off the floor
  • Don't talk, just spread your fucking legs
  • You're such a pretty little slut for me, aren't you? So desperate.
  • I'll have to gag you if you don't keep it down.... or do you want them to hear?
  • Do you like touching the bruises I leave on your skin?
  • Come sit on my lap like a good pet.
  • Don't ask questions, just bend over the table and hold on.
  • I want to hear you call me Daddy/Mommy
  • My cum's dripping out, let me push it back in you.
  • Lift up your skirt and show me that tight ass of yours.
  • Crawl under the table and put your mouth to use, that's your dessert tonight.
  • I think we should make a tape so I can show everyone what a good whore you are.
  • Answer the phone, I'll keep fucking you.
  • Your naught pussy's so wet already, maybe I should spank it.
  • Did you wear the plug to keep yourself loose for me?
  • Get on your hands and knees and crawl to me.
  • What a greedy little hole you have, it's sucking my fingers right in.
  • I'm going to tie you up so you can't move and you won't be able to stop me from doing whatever I want.
  • You're always prettiest with my cum dripping off you.
  • I don't care if people are around, open up your shirt and let me see your tits
  • I'm your Master/Mistress and you're going to do whatever I say if you know what's good for you.
  • Be a good pet tonight and you can sleep in my bed instead of on the floor.
  • Stick out your ass more, everyone knows it's your most attractive feature.
  • Make yourself useful and play with Daddy's cock/Mommy's pussy
  • What's wrong, are your little nipples sore? Too bad, I'm going to keep playing with them.
  • Nothing to say? What's wrong, did I finally fuck your brains out?
Royalty Starters
  • "Watch where you're going, peasant!"
  • "Royal? Sure, you're a royal pain in the ass!"
  • "Don't you know who you're talking to?"
  • "Wow, it's uncanny. You really look exactly like the prince/princess."
  • "You're my new servant?"
  • "You know, I could use a new servant."
  • "How dare you touch me!"
  • "I don't think the people like me."
  • "I believe there have been attempts on my life. I'm hiring you to protect me."
  • "What do you mean you're not my real guardsman?"
  • "Peasant life must be so dull!"
  • "I'm sorry, miss priss. I was just trying to save your skin!"
  • "You want me to wear that? It's ghastly!"
  • "Have you ever even left the castle?"
  • "It's lonely being a leader, you know. You're my only real friend."
  • "Father wants me to marry a snobbish nobleman/noblewoman. I won't go through with it!"
  • "That was my favorite ball gown!"
  • "What do you mean you don't own silk clothing?"
  • "How do you people live like this!?"

Why I love Yoo Youngjae

Why do I love him? How do I even start? I love his voice, it’s so unique and soothing, it’s like dark chocolate for your ears. I love his warmth and his compassion, how he was voted the most caring member by the others and how he always takes care of them in his own little ways. I love his bond with his members. I love his talent. I love how when he laughs really hard, he hits anyone who sits next to him, I love his whole hearted and genuine and loud laughs, his screaming and his meme faces. I love his squishy apple cheeks that appear anytime he smiles that amazingly blinding smile of his. I love his beautiful eyes that you can get lost in. I love the mole on his neck and his collarbones. I love his fluffy hair and his cute boop nose. I love how he’s sassy and cocky in one moment but can be very sensitive and emotional in the next. I love his genuine passion and commitment for music and B.A.P, I love his love for babyz. I love his bare face, I love his lips, I love his smile, I love when he’s drowning in sweaters, I love his aesthetic Insta and self-proclaimed inability to take Selfies (honestly though all of his Selfies are beautiful?? How??). I love his dedication and his weird ass hairstyles during their debut. I love how every jae Stan knows not to trust him whenever he teases something (like dying his hair) and that he can be a little shit and a little tease but also one of the most emotional and empathical people I’ve ever seen. I love everything about him, his personality, his looks, his voice, his loudness, his emotions and just Youngjae in general.

Upset RP Starters
  • "Don't even touch me."
  • "I can't believe you!"
  • "If you don't shut up, I swear I'm going to punch you."
  • "Argh! Could you be any more annoying!?"
  • "What's my problem? What's YOUR problem?"
  • "Why would you do that!?"
  • "That was humiliating! How could you do that to me?"
  • "GET. OUT."
  • "No! I'm not talking to you!"
  • "That was not helping! You KNEW that was not helping!"
  • "Seriously, leave me alone!"
  • "Did I say you could touch that? NO. But you just had to touch it anyway!"
  • "Oh, that is so like you!"
  • "TRAITOR!"
  • "You know what you are? You're a monster!"
  • "I can't believe I ever trusted you!"
  • "Why? Just, why?"