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Shawn's Omaha Q&A Breakdown
  • Shawn said he has about 500 unreleased songs in his voice memo. Some of them only have 30 seconds
  • "Who's your favorite member from One Direction?
  • -Niall, I love Niall"
  • Shawn said he saw the tweets from yesterday, and almost responded to two of them before he realized the fans were messing with him
  • Shawn said in the future he would be down to do more collabs with fans! (like the LG contest)
  • "I know you love Harry Potter, so witch character you relate more?
  • -I would like to be as cool as Harry, but I'm more like Ron"
  • Apparently a fan asked Shawn if he could be her sugar daddy
  • Fan : "What's the weirdest or funniest way you have ever been injured?"
  • Shawn : "I broke my wrist on an elliptical"
  • F: "On Teen Wolf they have anchors - people who keep them calm, sane and happy. Do you have your own?"
  • S: "Totally, lots and lots of them"
  • "what's your top 2 meats?" "i hope vegetarians and vegans don't hate me after saying this - just regular old burger meat, ribs are great"
  • “i was just overwhelmed with my career & i wanted to put it into the shoes of the character & not my shoes” Shawn about the inspo of ALTM
  • "90% of artist out there right now are a 100% in control of their career" Shawn talking about his label, Social Media and the music industry
  • "I have no idea what I'll be doing in 10 years, hopefully I'm back here playing a stadium"
  • "Probably go live in Jay-Z and Beyonce's house and like get a lion" - Shawn on what he'd do if he was the last person on earth
  • What she says: I'm fine
  • What she means: You have reached the phone of Gino Fratelli, I'm not here right now. And, uh, if this is Khonjin, hang up. I don't want to talk to you. I- the, the problem is, with you, is -uh- it's words. Words lack the parameters to accurately describe how I feel about you. But maybe this will help; Every night, I have reoccurring dream. It's you, sleeping in your bed. And it's me, with a pair or gardening sheers. And I tear that stupid-ass nose right off your face, and I put it on top of my fireplace. When your dumbass daddy comes over trying to get it back, 43 trucks fall out of the sky and land exactly where he's standing. Killing him instantly. One day, it'll happen.

People lately has been telling me that Yuugi doesn’t top in puzzleshipping. 

I tell them how long it’s been and old that starts to sound like. 

They keep telling me Yuugi doesn’t top. 

And I’m just “?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!”

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oh dear lord yes. liarb fucking changed me,,,, if you had to choose your top three fics, which would you pick? xxx

well first of all, thank you about liarb.  and okay, geez, that is a tough question. i definitely don’t have an official top three, but here are some fics I always come back to and really really super love: 

leave it to the breeze by @hattalove (81k) - this is a gbbo au that i hope most people have already read.  I love so much about it, particularly the sexual tension, but also just the way food and emotions are described.  I’ve reread so many parts of it so often AND listened to the incredible podfic version by @frecklebombfic .    

One For Luck by leavingonatrain (97k) - hahah okay sorry i always rec the same shit, but i just LOVE THIS FIC. it’s a horse jumping au and i’ve said this 80x but it reminds me of jilly cooper in all the best ways.  It’s both funny and a little angsty and totally hot. (incidentally, if you have not yet read the new horse camp au from the summer exchange, please do!!! they both have louis in riding breeches. important! important!) 

little wings on my shoes by @juliusschmidt (39k) - it’s so wonderfully, realistically high school-y.  everyone is so funny in it and they’re all dorks and it’s emotional and i love it.  liam is so liam-y in it, too.  which is the best.  <3 liam <3

I just think all three of these fics have great characterization and really effective emotional content.  

since i’m already talking about fic i just want to also say that right now, basically everything that @horsegirlharry (objectlesson on ao3) writes makes me feel like i’m gonna die.  And okay, i have been saying forever that everyone should read @realname91‘s stuff and I really mean it! particularly Cold and Big Bright World. I don’t think you will regret it!! Especially if you like angst.  ahah like me.  

P.S. I’m going to be sad forever that Butterfly Gun was taken down.  

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I don't mean this as an attack on Colin because I love him but I found his bday tweet to Jen so rude and cold? I'm sure he talked to her personally but I'm also sure Jen also personally wishes him a happy bday but on top of that she still always goes online and says the sweetest things about him. As a CSer who loves their friendship (and nothing more), it's a bit disheartening to see him tweet such an impersonal and bland thing when she always goes out of her way for him. It sucks.

You’re trolling me, right?

Because if this is real then you seriously need to take a step back.

Look, Colin JUST SAID in an interview how uncomfortable it makes him that there are so many fans who blur the lines between fiction and reality. 

If you take a look at Colin’s tweets this is just how he posts.

If you like their friendship so much then realize that Jen and Colin are different people who use social media in different ways.

I’m sorry but this is soooo not a big deal.

  • Hubby: Mami, come watch a movie with me
  • Me: (What I mean) Okay, I just got to the part in my fic where Peeta is about to do really naughty things to Katniss on the kitchen table he didn't even clean the table threw her on top of the pancakes, man and you here talking about "come watch a movie with me" let me tell you about the movie I got in my head right now oh and on top of that I just got a chapter of a fic I have been DYING to read and you trying to get me to watch another wwii movie man I don't care, I don't care, do you see how many fucks i give, let a woman handle her fanfic i have smut to get to villain two chapters of smut
  • Me: (What I actually say) Of course, I'll make the popcorn
  • Yang: We're still dating, right?
  • Blake: It depends.
  • Yang: On what!?
  • Blake: Ditch the ponytail and the jacket and we'll talk about it.
  • Yang: Can I still be top!?
  • Blake: Not with an attitude like that.
  • (Meanwhile behind some bushes)
  • Neptune: I don't think we really want the kind of relationship they have going in over-
  • Sun: : *slaps Neptune* SHUT AND CONDESCEND ME!
Wrestlers that could get it

I’m so drunk. Let’s talk about this. This is most def in order too btw.

1. Dean Ambrose
2. AJ Styles
3. Alexa Bliss
4. Bobby Roode
5. Austin Aries
6. Finn Balor
7. Cody Rhodes
8. Adam Cole
9. Chris Jericho
10. Marty Scurll

Don’t judge. I’m dreaming about all of them right now.


“Four years ago my partner–my friend–was killed, and I took as much revenge as any man could possibly take. It cost me everything I had–what was left of my family–everything.  Somehow I thought it would ease the pain, but it doesn’t.”


“I guess I would say that love, in general, is over the top. I mean, when you’re in love, truly in love, there is nothing else like it. And in that moment, the most random, corny things can come out of your mouth, but that’s just the effect that love has on a person. At least, that’s the effect it’s had on me.” — Zac Efron.

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i love your analysis really you're able to deliver the ideas w/o made me uncomfortable ugh i don't know if it makes sense but it makes me wanna talk to you abt jikook for hours ;~; anw i'm here on a mission. can you please do the analysis of that glorious ot7 pic on jimin's birthday after mubank comeback stage in which jimin was sitting pliantly on top of jungkook's lap. thank you and don't feel pressured to do this, i just love your take on jikook is all ^^

I’m feeling so flattered right now. Thank you hon!!!! I’m glad you enjoy my posts!! You’re not pressuring me or anything so don’t even worry about that!!! 

Okay so first off Jimin’s ot7 birthday photo is most definitley iconic if not for only this one thing. When I first saw this my brain kind of went haywire, I mean Jungkook’s face in particular is just-if you google search smug boyfriend and click on images you’ll find his face plastered repeatedly. (I’m not even going to get into the hand he has on Jimin’s nipple. I’m not) I mean seriously what the fuck, he doesn’t even try to be subtle about it or anything. Meanwhile Jimin just looks so soft and happy sitting on his lap. (When I had first seen the photo I thought Jimin had his arm wrapped around Jungkook’s neck and I was two seconds away from having a melt down but my brain was like “Bitch chill, that’s not his arm it’s Taehyung’s, look at the fabric of the shirts.What is wrong with you?”)

Now one thing a lot of us probably noticed was that Jungkook very much kept his distance from Jimin for a majority of his birthday, (He kept his distance on-camera at least. You and I both know that all Jungkook probably wanted to do was shower him with affection and love but I think they were either told to tone it down or it was a personal decision on their part, I don’t know. You decide.) With that being said during their 21st Century performance, they actually had some sweet and subtle moments that had happened before the performance and that iconic ass photo. I think this was their last performance for that day which honestly explains (for me personally anyway) why they had these little moments (as well as why they basically said fuck it in that ot7 photo lmao) They had kept their distance from each other for once again a majority of the day, and I’m not saying they missed each other but listen they missed each other.

(gif credit)

Here we have our classic “Jimin is my sun and moon, so of course I’m going to orbit around him” Jungkook. The thing about this that gets me though is that he was already standing beside Jimin. This was so unecessary on his part but of course he wanted to be closer to him. (Pay attention to the body language, look at the way Jungkook looks down before moving closer, the way he looks off to the side. He tries not to look at Jimin, tries to look as casual as and inconspicous as possible. Now pay attention to Jimin, you see the way he starts fiddling with his sleeves, the way he immediately picks on them the moment he senses Jungkook getting closer. If you watch the video as soon as Jungkook goes back to his original spot that’s when he stops the motion. I’m low-key starting to think that sleeve playing is a nervous tick of his, I’ll definitley be keeping an eye out for that in the future.)

The funny thing about this fake sub is that it’s probably not even that off base to what actually happened on this day like ya’ll have already seen the birthday photo. Come the fuck on. Although we don’t hear what’s being said, (Don’t know if that’s a tragedy or a blessing) It doesn’t even matter because look at the way Jimin lovingly looks at him, the way he smiles when Jungkook is finished talking. It’s so soooooft and gentle and he unconsiously steps towards him soon after and gOd, it’s intimate. It’s so intimate and I use that word a lot when it comes to these two but honestly look at this, look at the way Jungkook shyly averts his gaze, the way he can’t look Jimin in the eye. Look at the way his smile grows as soon as Jimin smiles. HE’S NOT EVEN LOOKING AT HIM DIRECTLY BUT HE’S STILL PAYING ATTENTION TO HIM. IT’S THE SAME AS THE GIF ABOVE WHERE JIMIN ISN’T EVEN LOOKING AT JUNGKOOK BUT HE CAN STILL SENSE HIM COMING CLOSER LIKE THEY’RE BOTH SO ATTUNED TO EACH OTHER. THEY LITERALLY JUST ORBIT AROUND EACH OTHER. IT’S RIDICULOUS. *Bonus: Look at the way they’re mirroring their arms and hands. Kill me.*

(FYI: these next two moments happen after the performance.) Here we have another case of the classic “I’ll do anything to make Jimin laugh and smile because nothing gives me greater joy than Jimin’s laugh or smile” Jungkook. To make it even more obvious he looks right at Jimin as soon as he’s done the dance move, like it’s so clear that the purpose of this was just so that he could make him laugh. (Honestly find yourself a significant other who would willingly embarrass themselves for the sake of your happiness.)

I love this because they’re gazing at each other but then it’s this quick realization of “Oh shit, we’re in public.” Look at the way they both touch their noses afterwards, the way Jungkook tries to play it cool by dancing. (also I see the lip licking, Jimin. You ain’t slick.) My favorite part about this though is the way Jin looks so awkward in the back like as soon as he sees them staring at each other he looks away. I can hear the eternal monologue from here “They’re fucking doing it again. Honestly why do Namjoon and I even bother with these two.”

WELL, I’M DONE RAMBLING.Thank you again for the kind words!!! Your message made me smile! I hope this is what you wanted.

Friendly reminder that Due South is a show that existed and not only has one of my top otps, but it’s just a damn good show that no one talks about on here but really should. You can watch every one for free right here on youtube from the beginning because even if one half of my otp doesn’t appear until the third season, you don’t. skip. Vecchio.

  • What I Say: I'm fine
  • What I Mean: Why aren't Gfriend getting the recognition they deserve? They have the all time record for an idol song charting on Melon (Over a year top 50). They got 27 (and counting!) music show wins in a year, an all time record for a girl group. My girls slaying left and right and all people talk about are their visuals or facial expressions. smh.
  • me, buying clothes: i'm not sure if i should buy this's way out of my budget...i don't think i really want it...
  • also me, looking at stationery: wow!!! specially imported pens from japan with shipping that costs more than my entire house ??? yes please!! sign me the FUCK up 👌👀👌👀👌👀👌👀👌👀 good shit go౦ԁ sHit👌 thats ✔ some good👌👌shit right👌👌th 👌 ere👌👌👌 right✔there ✔✔if i do ƽaү so my self 💯 i say so 💯 thats what im talking about right there right there (chorus: ʳᶦᵍʰᵗ ᵗʰᵉʳᵉ) mMMMMᎷМ💯 👌👌 👌НO0ОଠOOOOOОଠଠOoooᵒᵒᵒᵒᵒᵒᵒᵒᵒ👌 👌👌 👌 💯 👌 👀 👀 👀 👌👌Good shit
Moftiss on John and Sherlock's relationship... how anyone can think Johnlock will never be canon is beyond me.
  • SM: In a proper act of genius, [Arthur Conan Doyle] allows one in the whole sixty-story canon, he allows one moment of genuine affection between Sherlock Holmes and Doctor Watson. You always know it's there. There's just one moment in The Three Garridebs -
  • MG: "If you've hurt my Watson..."
  • SM: -yes, "if you've hurt my Watson." And that's it, and I think arguably, and we would argue quite strongly, that, er, that under the surface that, y'know, the detective story is merely the surface; it's the story of the greatest friendship ever-
  • MG: Absolutely.
  • SM: -but because it's a male friendship it is simply never talked about, they don't talk, they don't say 'well, I think we've become friends, now how do you feel about me?', never, they never do that -
  • MG: They don't need to.
  • SM: No...
  • [pause, in which they both consider how long they have been suffering in Johnlock Hell for]
  • SM: A-and that's... I find that the joy in writing this [BBC Sherlock] is writing that friendship, it's, you know, it's subtext but it's really, it's right at the top layer of the subtext, it's just about those two men and the fact they adore each other.
Signs Back at School
  • Aries: Why am I even here? Can I be rich already. I hate all the courses I took, they're so boring. Well, time to meet more friends.
  • Taurus: I better study harder this year and beat all these people who think they're better than me. Of course I won't show I'm a nerd, but I'm actually studying real hard.
  • Gemini: To go or not to go? I need something epic to wear on the first day..and something equally as good the other days. Who knows who I'll meet, I want to be friends with you all! But of course, still do well in school.
  • Cancer: Well here goes another year of school. I don't know how I should feel, same old same old. I better have the courage to meet more people..and hopefully date someone I like.
  • Leo: I'm so nervous but excited! What if they don't like me? What if i can't meet new friends? I need all my books/supplies and know where all my classes are so I don't look like a newb.
  • Virgo: Well time to shine at what I'm good at: getting good grades. As much as I hate studying, I have to go and get my education.
  • Libra: When will this end? This teacher has been talking for hours and it's only been 10 minutes. Well time to skip class again and go shopping and relax.
  • Scorpio: Omg these people are so annoying, can they shut up already. And why won't they talk to me, I'm not that bad! I actually have a lot I wish I can tell someone about. Also, I'm paying no attention to class right now because it's not interesting. I don't know why I'm here.
  • Sagittarius: What am I doing with my life? I want to succeed in all these classes, but why am I taking random classes? Ugh, I need to figure my life out before I graduate.
  • Capricorn: No one can beat my marks. Schools what I'm best at. I may not come on top, but at least I pay attention and try.
  • Aquarius: Damnnit, I'm late to class again. Whatever, now I can ask someone beside me what I missed and hopefully they can let me see their notes and we can talk later and become friends.
  • Pisces: *daydreams* I already know this, I'll just do the readings after class. In fact, I don't really need to be here, but I'll stay anyways so i won't interrupt...unless someone else leaves class too.

Steggy AU →  Dance Off

Steve and Peggy never got their dance. When Peggy had “died” it was a shock to Steve to find that she was exactly as he remembered. The government faked her to death so that she could start over. With the times having changed, Natasha insisted on their dance being a dance off. After the dance off, Peggy called Steve a liar about not knowing how to dance.

I challenge you to a dance off
Hands off, no trash talk, no back walk
On the black top, just me, you, that’s all
No cat calls, no tag teams, no mascots
Right now, dance off

H2O: Just Add Water {Sentence Starters}
  • "So have you decided what time for the party tonight?"
  • "Just because I've got these powers doesn't mean I'm amazing."
  • "So, we're floating, it's not like we're sinking."
  • "Lighten up, he doesn't suspect a thing."
  • "Why is everything sweet and nice all the time?"
  • "That doesn't mean we're married, does it?"
  • "Hey, I don't frolic. I glide."
  • "Maybe she/he doesn't like you. Did you think about that?"
  • "Anything I can do to get under his skin can't be a bad thing, can it?"
  • "What makes you think there's anything wrong?"
  • "I am not some lackey, I am not some all purpose-servant."
  • "Whatever happens, we're in this together."
  • "I'd change my name and go to the country, but that's just me."
  • "I don't care about you frolicking with the dolphins."
  • "I know how much you like it. Here."
  • "At least try and pretend you're having fun."
  • "She hangs round with you, so her standards must be pretty low."
  • "Don't you remember what it was like to be a kid?"
  • "Why would _____ want to waste her/his breath talking to you?"
  • "So that's the thanks I get? I gotta say it hurts, it hurts right here."
  • "Maybe you could try showing a little trust!"
  • "You were meant to stay up top and throw down a rope or something."
  • "I don't interfere with your lives, so stay out of mine."
  • "You're self-centered, you're vain, you're disgustingly rich."
  • "Friends don't give each other ultimatums."
  • "If anything happens to him, it'll be your fault!"
  • "I'm on a hunt and if I find what I'm looking for, I'll rewrite the history books."
  • "Stay right were you are. We don't want to have to hurt you."
  • "Where would you hide if you were a little kid?"
  • "AH! Why are my pants on fire?!"
  • "I tend to see the glass as being half full, you tend to see the glass as being something to hit people with!"
  • "Sick people make me feel- well, sick.