don't talk to me about this scene ok

ok but can we talk a bit about this scene.

How Alec is just patiently waiting for Magnus to finish his workout. And probably is checking Magnus out the whole time.(who wouldn’t let’s be honest)

And there is no way Magnus doesn’t now Alec is behind him. So he’s definitely showing of. And then he’s finishing and thinking to himself let’s see how Alec will react when i trow my magic at him. And of course Alec is able to doge it perfectly (because he’s a Shadowhunter) and he doesn’t seem all that fazed by having magic thrown at him.

and see how the magic ball doesn’t even continue going straight after Alec moves out off the way. It does a little loop and hits the lamp to the right of Alec. That means Magnus never had the intention of hitting him in the first place.


#tfw your fave talks about one of your other faves #and you just die #rip me

ok everyone always talks about stucky and that one scene from lilo and stitch where lilo makes a diagram with stitch’s “badness” level (see below), headcanoning steve doing something like that for bucky when he’s transitioning back to bucky from the winter soldier

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but like IMAGINE CLINTASHA imagine clint bringing nat into shield after he was supposed to kill her but didn’t and coulson and fury are just like whatever, she’s your problem now, make sure she doesn’t murDER ALL OF US IN OUR SLEEP and so clint makes this badness level diagram for natasha and just yeah

Daroline is the one ship in TVD that I will never be able to put up with.

Because this…

Will never be OK. 

This is still possibly the most disturbing scene I can think of in TVD. 

And the characters have never been shown to talk about it- so the idea that they’d get into a relationship makes me want to throw up. 

So, the real Kosh shows his colors at last, huh? You angry now? Angry enough to kill me, because that’s the only way I’m leaving, unless your people get off their encounter-suited butts and do something. I’ve got nothing to lose. My own government wants to kill me, and if we lose this war I’m just as dead. Our only chance is to get the other races on board for this fight and right now you are the key to doing that.

ok but can we talk about this line please (and the rest of the scene after it)

can we talk about how defeated he sounds because it upsets me greatly

when barry allen cries:
  • me: oh no, no, no, no, don't cry; you precious creature, you deserve to be happy, don't cry :(
  • me, at the same time: but ok, keep crying because Grant's acting gets even more beautiful when he cries.

fucking hell i had the worst yet best yet worst dream ever. it was basically the same 10x22 ending scene except when dean was about to stab cas, cas grabbed his wrist and said “If there’s anything worth dying for, this is it.”

dean dropped the blade right the fuck away. there were fucking tears in his eyes and he collapsed to the fucking floor i am SHAKING holy hell how could this HAPPEN to me i made my mistakeS

Ok, I’m going to do the thing and make some commentary on MMFD for my own sanity because my dash is kind of killing me inside…

I love this show. I have for a long time, but here’s my problem with series 3: 

At the end of series 3 Rae is literally jettisoning herself from all the relationships that helped her establish a healthy and stable life over the past two years. This mixed with the entire heavy handed message of self-reliance really is the antithesis of the show to me. Self-reliance is important, but in balance with healthy, supportive relationships. THAT’s what she’s been navigating for the first two series!

In the scene with Chloe before the leaver’s ball when she talks about how the gang will try to stay in touch but inevitably it will end…NOPE. Let me tell you something - friendships end, that’s reality; people loose touch, that’s reality; phases of life pull people apart, that’s reality; but, proactively deciding that you’re going to loose touch with people in tandem with her behavior over the course of the three episodes is actually pretty troubling. This sentiment was echoed in her “farewell” scene with Finn too. And the line where she leaves the door open that they might be together someday is just shitty - do you know how horrible it is saying that to someone who still wants to be in a relationship with you? Please don’t do that to people, it’s selfish and keeps them hanging on in an unfair way. This isn’t about defending Finn, it’s about her pattern of behavior in the last 3 episodes that is just mind-boggling and not what set this show apart as truly being something special. Rae has erratic behavior swings throughout the episodes that are pretty unexplainable (in terms of why she’s going from one extreme to another), one minute going into a new therapists office and demanding medication then days later going in and saying she’s absolutely fine and ready to move on. Um, any therapist worth their salt would actually be more concerned about a client in a situation like that. If someone comes in and starts acting unexplainably better they are typically at a higher risk of suicide than when they are at their lowest point asking for help. I’m all for representing a relapse, but do it well - actually do it in a way that perpetuates the true essence of what the show set out to be.

Then there’s everything with Kester. Please, please listen to me - a therapist should never end their relationship with a client that way. It’s unethical. At the very least the hospital would have contacted Rae to advise her Kester would no longer be employed there - she’s a patient of the hospital, NOT Kester’s alone. Plus the whole backstory they gave of his dismissal was laughable at best and nonsensical at worst. I’m not just saying this from an opinion perspective, I’m trained in the field and I know if I had a colleague who did that I would report them. What breaks my heart most about what they did is E4 turned what was one of the best examples of productive, healthy therapy in entertainment and essentially tried to undo it. A therapist should never lie to you about ending therapy or the status of their job. I genuinely don’t think Kester (as he had been established) would have acted that way either. It was so out of who he was written to be that it genuinely disoriented me in every episode. And suddenly the two of them are meeting in car parks and he’s giving her half-ass advice rather than legitimate counseling? The best part of ep3 was when they basically did a montage of previous counseling sessions from series 1 and 2.

All of the characters voices were off. The humor was off. The music was off. Creep for the final song? I’m still trying to even wrap my head around that. The content of the end scene was great, but it didn’t make amends for the bizarre 3 hours that came before it. 

If you connected with series 3 - I think that’s great. If you took something meaningful from it - good on you. My concern is that these episodes would undo the power of what Bidwell did originally manage to create (faults and all) by misrepresenting recovery, therapy, and sustaining relationships. 

Ok I’m a little bit tired of that joke of Carlos only develop in the movie was going from fearing dog to love the living shit of them, which is very much true BUT have you forgot the scene when he stands up against his mother? the woman who he is literally too afraid of that he would do anything she demands him to do? Are we forgetting that he fucking sTOPPED MAL WHEN SHE WAS ABOUT TO CAST A SPELL ON HER MOTHER, MALEFICENT, MISTRESS OF THE EVIL AND ALL THAT? are we forgetting that at the beginning of the movie he would HIDE behind anyone whenever Maleficent would approach to him at least slightly?

And what do we have at the end of the movie? a more confident Carlos, who stands up for his friends even if he is scare, a Carlos who, yes, he might still have his traumas and paranoias, but that now thank to his friends have the strength that he needed to overcome those demons (Cruella, Maleficent, his fear of dogs) so yeah, don’t tell me that he didn’t get a development just because it wasn’t as noticeable as the rest of the characters.