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how can people think that nick wrote stay for selena? Don't they love her? She fucking cried because of that song it broke her heart

Sorry for the late reply but I haven’t really been on for the past two days and I wanted to take this ask as a chance to talk about Stay. Really talk about Stay. Actually, about both Nick’s Stay and Miley’s Stay. Yes, people (Nelena stans) think Stay was about her because he first performed it in January 2010 when they were dating again and she was attending that particular concert. And since she cried, every single one of them assumed it was because she got emotional over the song he wrote her. I couldn’t disagree more.

Let’s start with some context. As we all know, Miley and Nick definitely had some kind of reunion in 2009. It started with a hug on stage and the looks at the Golden Globes in January 2009, then lovely pics at the KCA in March, the lunch date in April, Miley’s breakup with Justin Gaston articles in early June, Before the Storm (the tweets about the writing, the live performance in June), the jet ski pics in potato camera quality (to my fellow Larry shippers: Wellington camera level, seriously), Send it on in the summer, Larry King with Joe’s confirmation (’Nobody’s as famous as Miley Cyrus’), then Miley’s enigmatic tweets and pics (which were actually pretty obvious) in August about love and talking to someone on the phone for hours, and missing someone (she was filming The Last Song at the time, so to those who think she was already in love with Liam and those were about him: sorry but no, because he was with her on set, sooo…). Then it basically all stopped and Miley turned up with Liam on the Wonder World Tour and Nick with Selena.

Now, on the WWT DVD, which was filmed in December 2009, at one point Miley sings a couple of verses from her Stay, which was on the Can’t be tamed album that came out about 6 months later, which means she had already written it/she was writing it. Nick first performed Stay live in early January 2010.

Now let’s talk about those lyrics. Nick’s Stay is literally a reply to Miley’s 7 things which the whole world knows it was about Nick.

7 things:

Your hand in mine when we’re intertwined, everything’s alright


Your hand in mine, babe,
Feels right somehow.

7 things:

the previous relationship we shared
It was awesome, but we lost it


We’ve had our past (I know),
let’s leave that behind.
Cause none of it lasts,
All that we have is tonight

7 things:

I probably shouldn’t say this
But at times I get so scared
When I think about the previous
Relationship we shared


I know you’re scared,
But I promise, babe,
I’m not who I was before.
Now the pain is done,
there’s no need to be afraid.
We don’t have time to waste,
Just tell me that you’ll stay.

I mean… yeah.

Besides, considering that he first performed it on January 7th, even though we don’t know when exactly he wrote it, I think it’s safe to say it could easily have been at the end of 2009. So whether it was written to try and prevent their second falling out or as a way to cope with their breakup, I’m quite convinced she had already performed it for Nick before, which makes me believe his Stay is a reply to hers and hers is not about Liam like she tried to convince the general public in those interviews to promote Can’t be Tamed (besides the fact that during the Gypsy Heart Tour she replied ‘it’s not that easy’ to a sign that said ‘if you ask Nick he’ll stay’). Why? Let’s look at Miley’s Stay lyrics for a second, shall we?

Well it’s good to hear your voice
I hope you’re doing fine
And if you ever wonder
I’m lonely here tonight
I’m lost here in this moment
And time keeps slipping by
And if I could have just one wish
I’d have you by my side
Ooh oh, I miss you
Ooh oh, I need you

Doesn’t this remind you of those phone calls and tweets in August? And wouldn’t it fit if they weren’t in a good place/had just broken up and she realized she still wanted to be with him by feeling the same as she did when they were together but physically apart back in August because he was on tour and she was on the set of a movie?

I love you more than I did before
And if today I don’t see your face
Nothing’s changed, no one can take your place
It gets harder, everyday
Say you love me more than you did before
And I’m sorry it’s this way

How could she say that about someone (Liam) she had never been in a relationship before? Someone she was dating for the first time in her life? Right, she couldn’t because it wouldn’t make any sense.

Well I try to live without you

Same thing here: how could she try to live without someone she had never been apart from before?

Nick’s Stay:

Beautiful, one of a kind.
You’re something special babe,
And don’t even realize
That you’re my heart’s desire.

Miley’s Stay:

I never wanna lose you
And if I had to I would choose you
So stay, please always stay
You’re the one that I hold onto
‘Cause my heart would stop without, you
[…] Nothing’s changed, no one can take your place

They were on the same page. For some reason even though things weren’t going so well they still needed each other and wanted to be with one another.

And finally…

Miley’s Stay:

And if you ask me I will stay, I will stay
I’ll always stay

Nick’s Stay:

Just tell me that you’ll stay.

He asked her to stay just like she wanted him to do, and to do that he basically replied to THE Niley breakup song which is 7 things. The one where she put all her anger and any type of feeling about her heartbreak.

Now, to (finally) get to the point: Selena is not stupid, she never was. She was just a bit naive maybe, but not stupid. When she heard that song all the pieces of the puzzle fit and she realized Nick was just using her once again to fill the void inside of him left by the breakup with Miley. She realized that just like in 2008 he wasn’t really into her, but just trying to cope with Miley’s absence, once again. She realized he probably wouldn’t ever feel the same way she felt about him, and love her as much as he loved Miley. And that, OF COURSE, broke her heart. That’s why she was crying. And that’s why by February 2010 we had articles about Nick and Selena’s breakup. The second and last breakup.

This turned out even longer than I expected it to be and I’m pretty sure you anon were not expecting such a long-ass answer either but I had been keeping this to myself for way too long and this message was the perfect one to let it all out, so thank you (and congrats to you if you got to the end of this. And to everyone else who stumbled across this post and did the same).

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You can't seriously be saying that hadine is PR. There's barely any publicity of it outside of the fandom and shitty websites like sugarscape. If hasn't been picked up by any major gossip network. So how can it be gaining publicity?!?! If It was for publicity they would make it much more obvious. Be realistic here

I’ll ignore your rude tone, because honestly I AM pretty confused about what’s going on with Hadine. On the one hand, it does look like a stunt:

  • Pap pics in NYC that definitely seemed to be set up
  • Paps waiting behind Craig’s that caught Harry putting balloons in a car (also looked like a set up, especially since Stalker Sarah was there as well)
  • Eating at Cafe Habana, which is a celebrity hotspot. Taking lots of surprisingly high quality fan pics while there
  • Eating at Nobu, which I think is very predictable and makes it likely that fans will find him, and taking fan pics while there

I think that if he wanted to hang out with Nadine without the fandom and the public finding out, he probably could. Then again, even if it weren’t a stunt, he might not care about the fandom and the public knowing that he’s hanging out with Nadine, either because (1) she’s his friend, or at least a friend of his friends, and there’s no reason to hide that, or (2) he’s actually dating her, and there’s no reason to hide that either.

The other thing to consider is why anyone thinks they are dating. There has honestly been no evidence of that at all. Every time we have seen them together, they are also with other friends (usually Jeff and Glenne, although there were others along last night). We have never seen them engaging in romantic behaviour, such as holding hands, etc. Everything we have seen is consistent with a platonic friendship, and/or being part of the same group of friends. If people choose to believe they are dating, that’s completely fine, but it must be recognized that such an assumption has not been confirmed verbally, in writing, or through body language.

The apparently platonic nature of their friendship and the general lack of pap pics and media attention is what made me doubt that there was a stunt going on at all, but I’m having a hard time getting past the paps in NYC and LA, and also Stalker Sarah knowing their whereabouts. Those three things really do make me think that it’s a stunt of some kind. Maybe they are just trying something more low-key? If so, it could be so that it’s more believable (definitely working on people like you) or possibly so as not to interfere with the seeding that already took place. I can’t even begin to guess, as I don’t have any read on what’s going on bts right now.

Anyway, to your point about PR. I don’t think I ever said it was for PR? I’m pretty sure I just said I thought it was actually a stunt. Specifically, a stunt for the fandom to reassert Harry’s straightness for the fans who felt threatened by the seeding that took place in November and December. If it never hits the gossip rags (*crosses fingers*), it’s not PR for Harry, but with a fanbase of several million in the perfect target market for Victoria’s Secret, I would say that it’s still PR for Nadine and VS.

This post is so rambling and useless, I apologise. I’m just confused.

here goes my Kris-seeing-story!

so, me and my friends were trying to find Wufan last week on tuesday i think and we didn’t succeed so we decided to go yesterday again because we kinda knew the location where they should be filming. we went there and waited for few hours when two men from the (czech) staff came and we like talked little bit and one of them told us that they won’t be filming where we were but he told us where they were so we went there directly, duh~ it was unbelievable because when we got off of the bus there really was cameras and people and all of that, they really were there! we waited again, for like an hour and half i think and then hE CAME OUT FROM THE BUILDING i was like shaking and i had to be really strong so i won’t run to him and scream because seriously, he is beautiful. he is so beautiful you have no idea. he looks completely different in person than on photos, you can see about 5% of his beauty on pictures. he is really not tall (at all, only a bit taller than me) and he is also very dark :3 i made a video when he was out but i decided not to publish it, i made a gif tho ^^

he is like “next” to the pink lady hehe also my phone sucks and so does the quality AND HE LOOKS JUST SO GOOD OH MY GOD when he went back in i seriously repeated “oh my god he is so beautiful” for about 10 minutes, i was just so shocked??? because he is stunning, he is so gorgeous okay and well he looked at me and i swear when he looked into my eyes (for like a second) i felt my heart skipped a beat because i just sigh he is precious

well he went back in and so we waited some more when his makeup artist came to us and he asked us not to take pictures so we said ok and i asked him if we could get a sign but he apologised and said that Wufan is tired after the filming so we didn’t get any sign :( bUT WE SAW HIM SO WHO CARES~~ we didn’t take pics or anything so he went out again and they went to their cars and we waved at him and he waved back at us ^^

i’m really full of feels he is so beautiful and he looks healthy and happy and i hope he is and we really didn’t like bother him or attacked his privacy or anything~

and also the stuff, both chinese and czech, is really nice and kind like a lot of them just came to us and talked with us and they were so kind really they didn’t like tell us to leave or anything, i suppose they saw we stayed calm as much as we could so they were okay with us ^^

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There have been some reports of Harry being seen at Shamrock tattoo parlor and then Nadine posts a pic of her new tattoo that same day and follows Shamrock. Yet if it weren't for one dude on Twitter seeing him there we never would have known he was there. I believe in Larry but if the point of these stunts is PR, how come Harry and Nadine have been in LA all week hanging out and we have no pap shots of it? They're so low profile? Hope my English is okay, sorry.

Hi! I’m going to casually link you to this previous post of mine where I talk about how stressing over uncertain stuff is bad for you. Look, don’t let rumours get to you and never ever trust random “reports” unless you have solid proof or it completely fits their actual behaviour/actions. You don’t need to worry about her at all, she’s not the new beard, she hasn’t been treated as such and if it was PR we would know about it. Where did she follow Shamrock? On IG? Because I checked her Twitter and she doesn’t follow them. Harry hasn’t been hanging out with her in LA this week (maybe he has because she’s a friend, who knows) because he has most likely been with Louis this whole time, you can’t trust random reports but you can mostly trust patterns. Every time we suspect Louis might be in LA Harry disappears completely, we have zero proof that Louis is in the UK and what makes more sense, your scenario or mine?

Now let’s say she’s the new beard and that information was planted for people to freak out over, it wouldn’t matter either. Harry and Louis are together, they’re in love and they probably have spent some nice quality time in LA these last few days (even if they haven’t, the rest of it still stands). They’re MIA, they don’t have to do actual stunts and they’re “free” (not really but you know) to do their own stuff so who cares if people on the Internet are talking about Harry and some girl, it doesn’t change the fact that they’re happy and enjoying some well-deserved free time. Harry and this woman have been seen hanging out just once and we only got a handful of articles about it, they haven’t been linked since then but you know what the media is talking about? Harry being gay, so really, who cares about some girl when you have journalists taking a photoshoped picture and going wild with it :)