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Rappaport's law

So, while writing I had this awful idea that I hope someone will disprove.

Rappaport’s law is the law that prevents wizards and No-majs from intermingling. But what if it goes more than that. What if it’s strict enough magical children are removed from their families as soon as they start showing magical abilities. Are their families just obliviated? And those kids that are wisked away from their families. I would like to think magical families take them in, or are there magic orphanages full of these poor babies?

And what if it’s taken another step. What if squibs are taken from their families and abandoned in the no-maj world.

It’s a horrorfying thought that I’m using, but I also hope someone can pull some facts out somewhere and give a happier alternative.

Without giving too much away, I was on the phone with one of our executive producers telling me the obstacles we have to face in order to bring Torchwood back. I don’t like to see things as obstacles because my feeling is that it’s a good show that deserves to come back, and being told that it can’t come back until it’s got approval from certain people involved with Doctor Who… and I don’t understand why one show has to have the approval of another in order to come back. It might change when, um… somebody leaves… and somebody new and wonderful comes in… get what I’m saying?
—  John Barrowman @ HNLCC 2016 [x]