don't take this show away from me please

  • me two weeks ago : oh my god this show is literally the worst thing that has ever been created, end it now, it's ruining my life and it's not even good
  • me now : *crying on the floor* please don't take pll away from me it's all I have, it's a mess but so am I, I need this show to live

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Question, how do you feel about Gabriel as a character? Like do you hate him or have head cannons for him? (I am wondering because I saw the best PTA dad grabriel post just now, and his bitterness was fantastic. I think he functions best as a dad, evil or not.)

Contrary to popular disbelief, I don’t actually dislike Gabriel Agr//este AS A CHARACTER. I think he serves his purpose within the canonical universe as a force that really shaped Adrien into the boy we see today.

He’s certainly not a good person- between the constant criticisms and strict control of who his son sees/what he is allowed to do, Gabriel is 100% an abusive parent, and no amount of “aww, he got Adrien a Christmas gift!!!” or “aww, he allowed Adrien to go to public school!!!” is going to change that. These are the BARE MINIMUM of being even an OKAY parent, things that should have been done always and things he does not deserve praise for. Sure he is making strides towards redemption, and I’m excited to see what future seasons will do to continue this arc, but Gabe is in no way shape or form “redeemed” in my eyes.

I’ll repeat: Gabriel Agr//este is an abusive parent, and no amount of Manly Angst™ (caused by the killing off/disappearance of a female character no less) is ever going to excuse his gross behavior towards his son, but I understand how this serves the plot of Miraculous Ladybug as a whole- especially when it comes to the dichotomy between Adrien and Chat Noir’s behaviors. What bothers me most is fandom treatment of him as a character.

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again: Canon Gabriel is fine, but Fanon Gabriel is unbearable. Honestly, the way people make light of his abusive nature worries me, and no amount of quirky “My husbando is trash and deserves to be beaten up lol!!” posts are gunna excuse the fact radical Gabe stans are over here attacking anyone who unironically hates the child abuser they’ve been making fluffy headcanons and ~cutesy edits~ of.


Like… I get that everyone has favorite character, but if you look at a show like Miraculous and instantly zero in on the shallow, abusive, middle aged white guy as the one you want to “protect” from the big bad fandom… you probably need to re evaluate your idea of what makes a character “good”.

Tldr: Gabriel is a character that serves his purpose, but it’s going to take one hell of a canon redemption arc to wipe away the bitterness I have towards him because of his fans.

Also please have a look at the insane amount of time @tillieke invested in this honeycomb blanket. I don’t really know how to take a photo that shows both its size but also all the little details. But dang, just look at this!!

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How do i explain to my boss that im giggling over giant alien robot bug shenanigans and the idea of 100 froid sized overlords????

( Melly’s Mod Notes: Please show them this abomination of a Photoshop edit I keep spamming at my friend ever since she told me what she thought Whirl’s species was:

Show them this and tell them you’re witnessing art. )

Two Arthur characteristics that really stuck out to me in s5

  • Not once did Arthur have an accused on their knees, nor did he speak to them as though they are below him. He gave them the benefit of the doubt & he did not look down on them. 
  • Though King, & yes the “poetry” scene was constructed for humour, it really shows who Arthur as a King is by his need to explain to Leon what he is doing, despite the fact he is King & he can do whatever he likes without any explanation 

Poor Leatherhead… He has gotten so old, I can only imagine the pain he had to go through those decades in Dimension X. But, at least he’s back on Earth and reunited with the turtles.

And it seems he’ll aid with stopping the invasion of the Krang. Which means he’ll be showing up in more episodes the coming weeks, I think? That’d be much wanted <3

On a side note… I don’t know what it is… I’m not a person who likes to ship characters much, but Donnie and Leatherhead are just too adorable together.

Please, someone take my pencils away from me before I draw a hundred pictures of these two together ;_;

Cards (and How We Play Them) - Chapter 3


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The brunette suppressed a sigh as their lips met again, igniting a fire within her soul and awakening her heart. She wrapped both hands around the blonde’s waist, pulling her as close as she could get her, their fronts now flush against one another.

“God Han.”

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Air Supply {Sentence Starters}
  • "I know you hurt too, but what else can we do?"
  • "It's nice to get away from all the noise back home."
  • "Let's take a chance. At least we'll learn a lesson."
  • "Won't you please, please take me home?"
  • "I don't believe you, I don't believe the things you say."
  • "We shouldn't stay this long together."
  • "Will you show me how to be close to you?"
  • "I don't want to hear it. I just couldn't bear it."
  • "I'm alive and that's what's important to me."
  • "There has to be a place for you and me."
  • "Sit down with me and we can talk about it peacefully."
  • "I've been learning so long, about the things you do."
  • "I want you to come back and carry me home."
  • "Never thought that I... that I would need you."
  • "I've told you there's nothing I can do."
  • "I don't need someone to tell me you'll get along."
  • "You know, you really should believe in something."
  • "I'm all out of love, I'm so lost without you."
  • "I believe there's still much to believe in."
  • "I'm giving you just one more chance."
  • "I can't be too late to say that I was so wrong."
  • "I've spoken my mind. There's nothing left for me to say."
  • "I know there's no one else who needs you more than me."
  • "Please love me or I'll be gone."
  • "Don't waste time with all your thinking."
  • "You deserve to have so much more."
  • "If something's not right, then tell me I'm wrong."
  • "They don't know what I go through when I'm alone."
  • "These arms would be happy to hold you again."

As a non-European, I can understand that some folks may not like it that Americans enjoy Eurovision, but I’m going to ask for a favor. Please don’t shit on people for liking it, if they aren’t from Europe. Believe it or not, we show our support by watching the program and cheering with people about it. I remember once that I was very excited about it and someone dampened it for me, and it sucked because I was enjoying the event yet it was so easy to take away the fun. Please don’t be that asshole and let people enjoy the show.

Why I might be the worst SPN fan right now ( or my rambling Sam thoughts)

I feel a bit adrift when it comes to what I want for Sam and from Sam this season. 

Seeing Sam at a laptop nose to the grindstone over research, does nothing for me, in regards to the MOC story line, because I don’t really feel that it’s something he can do anything about.

The closer he gets to it the worse I feel about Sam being martyred into him taking it on, or Sam doing something rash and taking it on,  and I wouldn’t want to see that because I don’t want Sam to be anything else on the show. I am “Sammed” out when it comes to Sam being something else. I don’t care if Jared is the man of many faces I just want to see one, Sam’s.

Then there is the emotional angle about Sam being given the emotional POV for the show during this time, and I have to say that I don’t want my relationship with SPN changed in that way. Dean being the emotional POV is my dealer of choice, and I love what we get from Jensen as an actor through this POV,  to change that and give those things to Sam and Jared would be jarring, and the relationship I have with the show would change. I don’t know if I would feel the same about the show to have a shift like this in the way the story is told. 

I also am not sure I want to dive deeper into what Sam did while looking for Dean, mostly because they gave us such a lack luster tease of nothingness that anything they might show us would just piss me off. Not only because of what Sam didn’t do the first time around, but I don’t think that Sam could do anything outside of murdering a preschool full of kids, that would make anyone believe he is a monster. They have done such a great job of not getting Sam’s hands dirty and writing him as such a saintly forgiving character that to try and monsterize him is sort of laughable at this point. So to me that is an avenue wrought with try too hard for nothing. 

So see I’m adrift

And, I have nothing, and that just makes me feel sick to my stomach a bit because I used to want things for Sam and I wanted more from the character, but I just think the corner they backed him into make wanting things for and from him hard. Mostly because of all the things that have been left unsaid between Sam and Dean. 

Like I feel there is a huge, massive gulf between them that doesn’t even have anything to do with Dean becoming a demon  or Dean dealing with the mark, and things really need to be cleared up on both sides of the fence. There are things that Sam should be saying and things that Dean should be saying that they just aren’t. 

I wonder all the time why they didn’t let Sam answer demon!dean’s question of “what do you care” because part of me thinks that the answer could have opened them up for a real discussion later. Dean remembers the things he did, while being a demon, things that he’s embarrassed about, but what if one good thing could have been a take away from that? What if they let that question be answered and it freed them a bit. 

I am so frustrated, because I feel like I am lacking interest in a huge part of a show that I love.