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Umm… I desperately needed to do something fluffy and cute but I’m really exhausted today so I don’t have the energy to colour this ><”

if anyone’s interested in colouring this, feel free to do so!! All I ask is that you don’t take my signature off the original lineart, and I’d love to see them ^^ please come show me if you do <33


A Night to Remember by KatNikki (7.3k words)

It takes less than five seconds for Harry to appear on the opposite side of Louis, and half the time for Harry to roll up the divider, saying a quick “knock when we get there please” before the driver’s face disappears. Like clockwork, Harry is at Louis’ lips like his body physically wilted when they were apart; Harry’s suckling Louis’ bottom lip, pressing a canine into it every so often as his tongue fully explores every crevice of Louis’ mouth. Teeth collide every once and a while, but expressions of hurt and apology are lost amongst the crescendo of their responding moans. Everything about this moment feels buzzed, as if Harry’s boundless energy is actually transferable like some sort of life source; Louis feels high off of it.

or the one where Louis lets Harry perform next to his idol during the X-Factor Final, and Harry busts a nut in the process. 

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I'm sorry! I didn't read your conditions on reporting your art! I'm so, so sorry! I posted it on my Instagram and credited you, but if you want me to take it off, I will! I'm so sorry once again. ;-;

Hello! As you said, I don’t want my art reposted, so I must ask you to remove it, please. Thank you so much for messaging me, that was nice of you.
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I hate how people put so much pressure on Messi. Like what more do people want and expect from someone who has already given them enough? Unless Messi is scoring a hat trick in every match, it’s like people are never satisfied. Yes, Messi isn’t the same as before but he hasn’t changed all that much neither is he as bad as people are constantly portraying him to be. The injury Messi had to go though was a very, very difficult one and I m not using this as an excuse or anything, it’s the truth. It had a profound effect on him and it has taken him time to recover from it. We might never see the same Messi again but we might see a better one. When he’s not scoring, he’s assisting when he’s not doing that, he’s dribbling past 5 players when he’s not doing that, he’s making an amazing run or giving crazy passses! He never stops, he always does something magical but unless it’s a goal, people rarely care. Critics are always too hard on him. I guess everyone is so used to watching him score a lot of goals all the time, it’s considered unusual when he doesn’t score or that he’s off form or ‘messi’s days are over’. He contributes to the game more than any player I know, what he does is out of this world and we will never see someone like him again. He enjoys this game and is always more worried about winning matches than breaking individual records. I just want to point one thing out to his critics: if this is an off form Messi you’re witnessing, then imagine an on form one.


Okay, so i just know that someone stole my art x, delete my signature and add their own signature on it. I don’t even know who this is (if i know i will ask them to take it off, they should take it off),  idk if it is on tumblr or instagram if you know pls tell me… and  JUST PLEASE, DON’T DO THIS ever again :(( don’t remove my signature i already uploaded it for everyone - for free, and i’m still don’t really mind with ppl reposting or using it even without my permission or no credit to me (which is rude actually). But please don’t don’t ever remove the signature and change it into yours! 


“Credit to the artist”
“Not my art”
“I found this on tumblr/twitter/the Internet”

Are NOT in any way substitutes for crediting, sourcing, or doing the proper thing and asking the artist’s permission.
If anything, that just makes you look like more of a dick.

Don’t repost without permission.

Wanna know what really GRINDS MY GEARS?

When people erase your caption on a post or erases your caption and then put their own caption (especially when they erase your caption, but then put THE EXACT SAME THING YOU SAID AS IF THEY ARE TRYING TO TAKE CREDIT FOR YOUR POST OR SOME SHIT) That shit pisses me off.

P.S. Please don’t erase any of this just to be “funny” or some shit…I feel like I will unfollow (or block) you if you do some annoying shit like that.

  • <b> <b></b> Aires:</b> remember to put others first<p/><b>Taurus:</b> stop letting other people take credit for your jokes<p/><b>Gemini:</b> you can't please everyone, stop trying to<p/><b>Cancer:</b> let go of that grudge, you'll feel the burden lift off your shoulders<p/><b>Leo:</b> let someone else in the spotlight for a change<p/><b>Virgo:</b> stop stressing over things that cant be changed<p/><b>Libra:</b> you don't always have to give people the shirt off your back, your kindness is enough<p/><b>Scorpio:</b> stop lying to yourself<p/><b>Sagittarius:</b> stop making yourself so small<p/><b>Capricorn:</b> sit back for a moment and let yourself breath<p/><b>Aquarius:</b> stop giving advice to people who wont listen<p/><b>Pisces:</b> stop relying on others, learn to motivate yourself<p/><p/>
[Interview] Royal Class Interview (Few parts summarized)
  • 1: Royal Class was initially planned by Taewoon, Chancey The Glow and Minho (Winner) for them to communicate and share the music, give feedback etc. Chancey then invited Roydo to the team. They then invited Sims, Konquest and KittiB To the team.
  • 2: Another crew song will be released soon, but the exact date has not been set.
  • 3: Sims works in perfect harmony with Chancey The Glow (humanely), Roydo (hobby-wise), Taewoon (when drinking), KittiB (when producing music)
  • 4: Taewoon said it's impossible to know if he'll have a collaboration with his brother Zico soon. He also thinks that him and Zico share similar music styles and rap styles.
  • 5: Taewoon claims himself as a nice hyung to Zico. He was just really picky and sensitive in the past (e.g the time when he hit Zico because Zico was eating his chicken). The two got even closer after the show '4 Things' had aired.
  • 6: KittiB was the one to invite Untoucheable & Chancey The Glow invited Phantom's Hanhae to Royal Class' solo concert (141018)
  • 7: Roydo is close to rookie comedian Lee Ho Chan (He's in Utchatsa). He is also friends with Winner's Kang Seung Yoon. He also had singing lessons from Bumkey.
  • 8: Sims keeps in contact with actor Kim Kap Soo. Kim Kap Soo's daughter used to be a trainee in MIB's agency.
  • 9: The current manager of A-Pink used to be a manager of MIB.
  • 10: The name Roydo comes from his English name 'Lloyd'. He wanted to become a world star, and especially Japan so he decided to create the name 'Royd' (replacing the Ll with R). But since Japanese people can't pronounce 'D' properly, he decided to go with 'Roydo'.
  • 11: Chancey The Glow changed his name from Scotch VIP because during his 'Scotch VIP' days, he did lots of experimental music. After noticing that he's changed music style, he decided to refresh everything and start anew with the name 'Chancey The Glow'.
  • 12: Apparently... SIMS like to twerk (for fun) in his underwear (or not) in front of the crew members. KittiB once said that SIMS could probably wear a bra with a A-Cup size.
  • 13: Taewoon sweats a lot. There was this one time when the crew was recording something during the summer. The booth was so hot that Taewoon was recording with his shirt off. And also "His armpits don't sweat a little, they literally flow down a lot" (Chancey The Glow)
  • 14: According to the crew members, Roydo watches a lot of porn.
  • 15: When the members see a pretty girl, they'd usually say "Isn't she so pretty?" but Roydo would say it like as if he's expressing food eg-"Wow~~~~~~~"
  • Translations @ speed-boys
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