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Misha Collins.
Arriving on set in New Westminster, BC.
Thursday, March 2nd, 2017.

{Photos taken by me, please do not repost or use without credit. Thank you! I keep my watermark light so you can enjoy the image, respect is appreciated! <3}

bootsssss  asked:

top 5 pics of kia?

There’s no way to pick just five, but here are some samples of her work.

5. Melty Cat Tree Kia is still deeply hilarious to me. She does this all the time.

4. This is the picture she would use on her pretentious aesthetics photoblog.

3. Kate took this very nice picture of Kia that would also go on said aesthetics photoblog.

2. I love when she flops over and makes weird faces. Just one big pile of floppy floof. Here’s a sample.


[ Photo taken by me / Ponies also drawn by me ]

盤緣馬系列01 最近想拿以前照片來畫,所以可能會有其他張XD


the time the boys didn’t understand the concept of a video



Actually have been hesitating about posting this in Tumblr for weeks now, but…guess why not. Not translating his Q&A though…=_=

And no need for other members, I presume? =_=“

“Who’s More Likely To?: Jack & Wiishu Edition”

First fully attempt at watercolour and turned nice? I think? 

Anyways, @therealjacksepticeye & @wiishu this was an amazing video, hope we can see more videos of you two in the future!


Think about Papyrus and Asriel having a good time like watching stars, taking photos,watering flowers, joking with Sans, being good friends

Requested by @cosmic-liliypie


I’m not ready for this series to be over 😭❤️

Me, at a party, talkin about Star Wars: Yeah so I’m SUPER EXCITED ABOUT THE LAST JEDI TRAILER please TATTOO THE NEW POSTER ON MY FACE I love Rey so much

A dude: You know, you kinda look like Rey… you should totally cosplay her!

Me, changing into my old costume and sewing a new one as we speak: Hold on buddy I’m about to blow your mind


I took a few selfies on my way to @a-random-fandom-friend and @trashlord-watson‘s birthdays yesterday, because the women on the train called me sir and I felt so f*cking great. (despite looking like some 5yo kid)

Even my crutch got its own selfie.