don't stop the music video

I am honestly living for interactions between dodie and Phil 💛


Added gag gem of Chantal Janzen’s last performance (dutch production) you might have missed so I translated this bit for y’all to enjoy! (x)


Don’t Stop Me Now - Tina Turner Soul Style Queen Cover ft. Melinda Doolittle


Curren$y - She Don’t Stop (Official Video) (New)


Game of Thrones 90s HBO Intro

I was just talking to my sister about My Little Pony and I meant to say “Diamond Tiara” but I accidentally said “Yellow Diamond” instead, and… That would be a very different situation for the Cutie Mark Crusaders, wouldn’t it


Queen - Don’t Stop Me Now (1978)

I meant for this to be a really short post, then tangents happened lol whoops.

I’m so used to most of my friends either not knowing the music I listen to, or it not being something they really listen to, that I never have people to talk about artists I like. 

So it’s nice to have H be obsessed with Coldplay (and the reason I finally started listening to them a few months ago) so for once I have someone to discuss some music with. We had a small convo last night about the new EP. I also get excited about music I like. It’s fun to have someone else who does almost as much as me.

Usually it’s me silently being excited about the new music from an artist none of my friends know/listen to. Even if it’s only with Coldplay music, this is nice lol

Don’t be surprised if I start posting more about music I love (I may not, but just in case). I get so excited with songs I love, but I got so used to thinking I had to always be calm and not be openly enthusiastic about stuff that I just never do. But I’m realizing it’s okay to hear a new song or watch a new show and just flip shit because it’s so good. Emotions are okay to have.

so yeah. if you’re someone who likes reading my little posts, you might see music-fangirl Lee more lol. (or just me getting over-excited about things in general. I’m like a child sometimes)

Oh Wonder’s album & Coldplay’s EP are gonna be all i listen to for a while. No regrets