don't stop 'till you get enough

Michael Jackson dancing to “Don’t Stop ‘til You Get Enough” | He dances, pulls up his pants leg to show off his socks, and the crowd.loses.their shit. RAW GOAT MATERIAL 🐐🔥💎🔥

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comic-jess-dubs-deactivated2017  asked:

How would UT,UF Sans and US Pap react to a reader who thought HP meant "Hug Points" and thought the skelly's was so low because they don't get enough hugs. Then proceed to cuddle them and tell them they won't stop till it fills up? Kinda wordy sorry

Omg that’s so adorable!!!! - Mod Sync

Undertale Sans

He almost wants to laugh. Because how did you even come to such an innocent and simple conclusion? He might try and explain HP, but in the end he let’s it be. Who was he to deny continuous cuddles? And who knows… Maybe the continued affection and reassurance really will help his HP.

Underfell Sans

It’s a little hard not to come to that conclusion with affection starved Edgy McMyChemicalRomance over here. Expect cherry faced skeletons and an explanation of what HP is until it’s drilled into your head. No touching in public and especially not when Papyrus is around. However, once you two are alone, he’ll mutter out a question of if you’re still willing to cuddle with him anyways. Please love this sweaty bag of bones.

Underswap Papyrus

He does give a little chuckle at your conclusion. Wow is that actually kinda cute of you. He probably won’t explain HP to you, might even play along, cuz hey, free cuddles all the time. Just what the doctor ordered.




Rare audio of Michael Jackson singing “Don’t stop till you get enough ” LIVE. Singing in perfect falsetto for an entire song live while dancing around on stage is no easy task. Michael Jackson in his prime was untouchable.



Joseph Kun - Don’t Stop Till You Get Enough/Billie Jean -
Live Sinergia ICESI 2016

jessequicx  asked:

On of my favorite parts about Diana/Wonder Woman showing up is that Batman and Superman don't stop to question whether she should be there. A first they're like "who are you, where did you come from", kind of, but they're never like "you should get to safety". In fact Diana is the one on offense the whole time. B and S are just defending themselves most of the fight, whereas Wondy is flying at Doomsday and hacking him with her sword. I love WW in BvS and will defend her till my dying breath.

There is not a word that appropriately describes her in that fight scene. Like badass doesn’t sounds badass enough. When she walks into a room, she owns the room. When she walks onto a battlefield, she owns the battlefield.